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Tamaki - Afraid of what?

K&T - ... not this again...

Haruhi - What again?

K&T - You guys coming out here and being all mean to me.. D:

Kyoya - We are just asking questions... It's not like we asked you to write these stupid fanfics..

Mori - Yeah..

K&T - ... Sure, whatever. I'm just going to type. Ok?

Hunny - Type type!

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"Heh heh... So beautiful... I can't believe I'm in the same school.. I'm such a lucky man." The dark figure said as he looked up at the corkboard with many pictures. On all of them, the wall tacks were organized by the best pictures.

Blue - Best

Red - Better

Green - Good

"So... pretty..." he muttered again as his hand started to stroke the figure in all of the photos. His breath got faster then it developed into a mad laugh. "MORI! YOU'LL BE MINE!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. "I'm going to kill that annoying brat called Hunny... then me and Mori will be mine." he laughed again then turned quickly. His eyes looked at the desk in the room and rushed to it. Slowly, he wrote so it wouldn't be noticable that he was trembling with excitement. Finishing, he picked it up and read it to himself then grinned. "Perfect... Tomorrow.." he muttered as he turned off his lamp.


"Mori!" yelled the short host who was pouncing to the much taller male.

Reaching his shoulders, Mori grabbed Hunny's legs and started to walk towards the 3rd Music Room with the little one humming and waving to the passer bys.

Opening the door, they revealed the two twins laughing at the second year King who was in the corner, in his normal sulking stance. "Ha Ha! You lose!" the two said in unison.

Mori raised a brow and walked over to the sighing Haruhi who was on the couch, waiting for her costumers. Sitting, Mori put Hunny down and looked at Haruhi and awaited an answer, hoping she would read his mind so he wouldn't have to talk much.

"Oh hello Mori.. Hunny. He asked if I would wear a grass skirt with a cocounut bra..." she said glaring at the mocked King. "I said no of course." Haruhi sighed again as she placed her elbow on the arm and put her cheek in her palm. Nodding, the tall male grabbed Hunny and placed him on his shoulders again then walked over to the sulking second year. Looking down at him, the brown head looked as emotionless as before. "Eh... Mori?" the blond head muttered, a bit scared at the moment.

"Pervert." he said finally and kicked Tamaki in the shin then walked away with his back to the wailing King. Closing Mori's ears, Hunny giggled as he looked back at Tamaki who was limping dramatically over to Haruhi who pretended to ignore him. "Haruhi! Your father is hurt! I leave my money and home if I die from infection or if I have a fatal wound from Mori!" he yelped then fell over. Haruhi shook her head and stood up, while walking over the finally quiet Tamaki. "Haruhi..." the second year groaned then sighed as he plopped himself on the couch. Suddenly the twins were at his ears with a grin, "What do you two want now...?" whimpered the purple eyed boy. "We have a game.." they snickered. "D'accord?" Tamaki said in french. Whispering in the King's ear, a slight grin crept onto his lips but he jumped up, "NON!" he yelled then ran away but before he got to the door and the twins to start running, everyone heard a noise.


"What the--" said the King.

"Huh?" said the twins in unison.

"Hmm?" said Hunny and Haruhi.

Kyoya looked up from his computer who was ignoring everyone with business.

"..." Mori said.


"Who is there?!" Tamaki said and looked around. Suddenly a hand reached from behind the curtain and turned the knob, "HEY!!" the twins yelled and Mori started for the figure. The hand twitched then a dark figure ran out the barely open door and disappeared within the throng of people who wondered the halls. "Damn it.." the twins muttered as they poked their head out of the door, "That person is gone!" Hunny said as he too poked his head out. "Hmmm, This must be a job for det--" "LOOK!" Haruhi and rushed over to the slip of paper that laid on the ground. "It's a note... addressed to.." she started then looked at Mori with shock, "Mori."

Everyone frozen and turned their head to the tall host who looked even more surprised then the lot of them. "What?" Tamaki said and walked over to Haruhi and grabbed the note then sighed, "She's right... Should I read it?" he asked looking at everyone. Suddenly, Kyoya stepped forward and took the note calmly and scanned it with his eyes first then handed it to Mori himself. Reading it quietly, there suddenly came a faint blush overcoming his cheeks until Hunny snatched it then giggled. "Mori has a secret admirer!" "What?!" said the twins and grabbed the note. Kyoya walked to the door and peered out of it, "Looking at the door and the person's hand... I like it was a male who was fairly short.. or just small to get out of that small door way. Hmmm..." he muttered. Tamaki smiled and patted Mori's shoulder, "The club will be closed until we find Mori's stalker/admirer!"

"RIGHT!" said the twins, Hunny, and Haruhi. Only Kyoya and Mori remained quiet since Mori was in a shocked state and Kyoya thought he was too cool for school 8D

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