Okes! I know it's been a day but whatever! I'm really like writing this one and I've gotten such a great audience that I'm going to treat them to the second chapter! So enjoy!


"Damn it... I only got two pictures.. all bad!" the man said as he threw the pictures to the floor then stared at them longingly. Kneeling and picking them up, "None of these pictures are bad, I'm sorry." he said to the pictures and stuck them up with a white tack. "There has to be a way to get photos without the Club to know." he thought then sighed as he flopped his body of the board, "I swear, you'll be mine." he mutteed then started to grin when an idea popped into his head. Turning his head, he looked at the camera that sat on the desk and quickly grabbed it.


"Haruhi! Why won't you wear the outfit?!" wailed the blond second year who was on his knees begging.

"No! I'm done with wearing stupid things... even if it is cool.." she twitched as he rubbed the material with his thumb and pointer finger. "Hmm.." she muttered then sighed.

Suddenly the twins were latched to the manakin with a grin on both of their faces as they watched the girl admire the quality of the detective outfit, hat and pipe included. "Ahh.. To watch a commoner admire something that is more wealthy then herself." Hikaru sighed and Kaoru laid his head on his brother's shoulder. "No that's not very nice Hikaru.. You might as well call me a commoner since I admire this as well. It has your graceful handwork all over it." the younger twin muttered with a faint blush. "Kaoru.. I'm sorry, forgive my cruel words.." he whispered and embraced his brother tightly. "Oh, Hikaru." the whimpering twin said as his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, Haruhi just watched them and shook her head, "You know the club is closed, you don't have to do that.." she snapped which broke apart the two with a shrug.

"Might as well Practice!" "And who said we don't enjoy it?!" Hikaru said as he grabbed his younger brother and pulled up his leg that rested on his thigh and his lips came close to his blushing brother's neck. "H-hikaru...!" Kaoru spat out as Hikaru grinned and let go. "Ah come on, you know you like it." he winked then linked their arms.

Behind the blushing Haruhi was Tamaki with his mouth open and Hunny giggling on Mori's back, "Twincest Twincest!" the third year pointed out and Mori shook his head. "Hunny!!" Tamaki yelled then fainted dramatically. Suddenly, the King was under a blanket with his teddy bear with a thermoniter in his mouth. "My daughter is being exposed to.. to.. to such explicit things!!" he whimpered and pulled the covers over his head.

"It's not like I'm not used to it.." she said with a pause and looked away, "You &$&."

Gasping, Tamaki came from under the sea of blankets and pointed to Haruhi then to Kyoya who was at his computer as always, "MOTHER! Did you hear what she said?!" he freaked out then twitched when Kyoya gave him the Shadow King glare. Whimpering, the King slowly went back into his covers and started to tremble for effect. "You ok Kyoya?" Haruhi said when she walked over then blinked when she looked at the computer screen. "it's a.. Mori.. fansite... but it's not fangirl ran." At the top of the website it read The Man's Man Website with a picture of Mori none of the Host Club members have ever seen before. Mori followed the twins and Hunny towards the computer and twitched. There were pictures of Mori in Kendo.. but in the locker room (half naked) and some with Hunny's body was cut out except his legs.

"Look! I'm right there!" Hunny annouced but everyone knew.

"What the heck is this?" Haruhi asked then looked at the furious vice president. "It.. has more hits then the Host Club website." Kyoya said calmly was he was shaking in anger. So in the matter of a split second, everyone was about 20 feet away from him. Kyoya didn't look like a happy camper at this point, everyone could feel like… the hate vibes. "Alright."

The sound of the Shadow Kings voice made everyone take another step back, even Tamaki could feel the vibes from under the blanket..

"We are going to find that man… and kill him." He growled as he shut down his laptop.

"Uhhh… Kyoya? That's a bit extreme don't you think?"

Sighing, Kyoya pushed up his glass then nodded, "Yes, but he is stealing our spot light. If this continues… then we'd have to shut down the Host Club." He said bluntly and everyone gasped except Mori who was twitched at this point. "And this will all me Mori's fault." The second year said and pointed at the tall host.

"I know.." Mori muttered and nodded as he started for the door. Everyone was silent as they watched the emotionless fighting machine walk out the door and closing the door behind him.

"We got to help Mori!" Hunny pointed out and ran after his cousin.

"Right! To the drawing board!" Tamaki said once he was standing with his teddy bear in his hands. The twins nodded and grabbed Haruhi. After the three came Tamaki and Kyoya who looked at each other worriedly. All they have built might be torn down by a fanboy.

"Disgraceful." They both said in unison.