Based off yet another dream. I'm sorry if something doesn't make sense. It was written at 11pm with Nightwish music on...

InuYasha is copyrighted Rumiko Takahashi. My dream is copyright me (?).

"Kagura…" The kaze youkai's name awoke her.

Red eyes creaked open and fixed on a young girl with white hair, pale skin and black eyes.

"Kanna? What do you want?" Kagura asked her sister.

"Naraku… wants you…"

Kagura groaned. "What does that bastard want now?"

"I… do not know…" Kanna replied.

The mu-youkai turned, walking back into the shadows of the corridor. Kagura sighed, and followed her sister to wherever Naraku was currently hiding.

The white haired girl lead her younger sister down a multitude of corridors (the castle was surprisingly large) until they reached a room near the back wall. Three of the room's doors were of rice paper, the fourth of stone.

It was lit from the inside by candles, which were the sole point of light in the shadowy castle.

"Ah, Kagura," came Naraku's deep voice from the room. The doors seemed to open of their own accord, although Kagura knew Naraku was controlling them with his youki.

She entered the room, feeling the rough mat beneath her feet. The room was empty save for two pots at the back and four candles, one in each corner. Had it been a castle that had NOT fallen to a half-demon wearing a baboon pelt, the window would have added more light to the room. But because this castle HAD fallen, it was dark with shouki.

Naraku looked at his 'daughter'. "Kagura, I want you to give me the feather from Kagome's arrow."

Kagura was confused. The feather from Kagome's arrow? What the hell? Why the hell would Naraku think she had something like that? Why would she have something like that in the first place.

"Wha- what are you talking about?" she stammered, confused.

Naraku smirked, his red eyes glowing malevolently in the half-light. "Come, come, my dear, you know what I am talking about."

"Well, I don't!" she shot back.

Naraku's smirked widened. "Oh? Do you not?"

The kaze youkai glared at her master. "How about you frikkin' explain!" she yelled.

Naraku took a step forward. "Kagome's feather, the one in your hair," he informed his unwilling servant.

He reached for it, meaning to rip it out of her hair. The dark haired woman, immediately reached to the feather and took it out of the ornament that kept it in place. Instinctively, her youki flowed into it, wanting to enlarge it. She held her power back and pulled the feather to her chest, right over where her heart should have been.

She sank to her knees, just as she had the night Naraku had taken hold of her heart. Stumbling, she managed to stand. She backed up, away from Naraku, until she was against, the wall of stone. The scene reminded her eerily of the night she had lost her heart, her freedom.

He reached towards the feather…

…And it all flickered into blackness.


Kagura's eyes flew open. She gave a small start as she realised that what had just transpired had been a dream.

Breathing deeply, attempting to calm herself, she reached to her feather and, like in her dream, held it to her chest. Stopping the youki, she released her breath, and laid back.

Closing her eyes, she murmured to a passing breeze, "I will not let him have this feather, my last bit of freedom… Even if it costs me my life, I will be free!"

For I am the wind, the free wind…
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