Kagome's P.O.V.

Kagome looked at all the pictures of her and InuYasha on her wall.

'Will I ever be able to get over him?' she thought


She took her cell phone out of her pocket and looked to see who was calling. Sango.

"Hey Sango," said Kagome

"hey, how's it going with you and InuYasha? You guys going to the end of the year dance together?" asked Sango

"no, he cheated on me, with my twin," said kagome sadly

"Kikyo?!?!?!?"Said surprised Sango


"kagome, can I call you back? Because im going to have to talk with some mutt who cheated on his girlfriend," said Sango

"Sango N--" but Sango had already hung up.

"Damn," Kagome said to herself

Sango's P.O.V.

Knock. Knock. (Sango was already at Inuyasha's door.)Izioy, Inuyasha's mother answered the door.

"Oh, hi Sango, what do you need?" she asked

"could I please talk to InuYasha?" Sango asked

"Hold on," said Izioy, then called,"INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"yes mother?" yelled InuYasha from upstairs.

"You have a pretty girl waiting at the door to talk to you!!" Izioy yelled back

"im not that pretty," said Sango, blushing. Izioy smiled a farewell.

Songo turned and face the house across from Inuyasha's. Then strong arms wrapped around Sango's waist and lips touched the back of her neck.

"Hello Kikyo," said InuYasha

A very hard and strong fist hit Inuyasha's nose. InuYasha stumbled back, letting go of Sango's waist and before he could call her Kikyo again, Sango turned and faced him. Inuyasha's face turned white.

"Know I really know you cheated on Kagome." said Sango, pissed off now.

"Please don't tell Kagome," pleaded InuYasha.

"Oh she already knows. She saw you and Kikyo kissing behind the bleachers during gym on Friday." Sango hissed. If you could make another shade of white, it was Inuyasha's face. (You could actually see through it!!)

"Whats going on?" asked Sesshomaru walking up the driveway.

"InuYasha cheated on Kagome, with Kikyo." said Sango. Glaring at InuYasha. Sesshomaru walked up to Inuyasha (eyes blood red) and punched him square in the face. Inuyasha fell back and hit the ground hard. Sango's mouth fell open.

'Even though Sesshomaru is Kagome's best friend, he should be Kagome's boyfriend,' thought Sango. She looked around for Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru had disappeared.

END OF CHAPTER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!