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"Touch Iruka-sensei again, and I'll kill you" Naruto said, his voice seeping deadly intentions, the Forbidden Scroll still strapped to his back.

"Do you know the power that the scroll on your back holds? It contains the secrets of the Kages of the greatest Shinobi nation ever." Mizuki said, "In fact it's rumoured that even the Yondaime's legendary Flying Thunder God technique is contained in that scroll.

Naruto trembled at the power the scroll on his back could give anyone with the ability to learn it's secrets. Could he? Could Mizuki? Dispelling the thought from his mind he crossed his fingers and said in a low voice Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

Hundreds of distinctive pops were heard throughout the forest as a seemingly endless army of clones appeared in the forest.

Without so much as a word spoken the clones descended upon Mizuki and attacked with a sloppy form of academy taijutsu. Numbers prevailed as Mizuki was quickly overwhelmed and beaten to unconsciousness by the time the Hokage and a legion of ANBU arrived.

In the chaos Naruto's clones provided, no one noticed one of the' clones' slipping off out of the forest and towards the border between Fire and Wave country.

Two Days Later

Naruto felt the clone dissipate and a rush of information that accompanied it made him lose his balance for a moment. Before slipping off he had poured most of the rest of his impressive chakra reserves into one more highly condensed clone. That should buy him enough time to give himself and the Forbidden Scroll a reasonable head start and a chance to find a place to hide and begin studying the powerful techniques.

Little did Naruto know that lady luck was apparently smiling on him as the disappearance of the most powerful scroll in Fire Country and perhaps the world was pushed to the side from the information Ibiki coerced out of the former Konoha ninja, Mizuki. War was on the minds of the council, and even the peace loving Sandaime Hokage could not deny that the newly formed Oto village had stepped over the line in their quest for power. For such a young nation to take such a risk against them was disconcerting to say the least. Sarutobi was just happy they could crush this potential threat before it became a formidable enemy. Assuming it already wasn't.

Konoha was calling for blood. And the Village Hidden in the Leaves did not become the most powerful of all five of the great Shinobi nations by allowing others to try and steal their secrets without coming down like the fist of an angry god on the miscreants that had the gall to challenge them.

War was on the horizon, and the venerable Hokage doubted anything could stop it from coming short of another Bijuu attack.

Two Weeks Later

When one can learn a B-ranked Kinjutsu in less than an hour they are considered a shinobi genius. When one can learn 3 of the 14 Kinjutsu contained within the Forbidden Scroll of Seals they are considered a progidy.

Naruto wouldn't go as far to call himself either, but he couldn't help but be happy with his progress, he found he had a much easier time learning jutsu that required no control, just massive amounts of chakra. Unfortunately for him, that consisted of only 3 of the 14 Kinjutsu on the scroll. One of them being a modification on the Kage Bunshin which caused the clones to violently explode. The implications of performing that technique with 500 clones excited Naruto greatly.

The other jutsu was the Chakra Kanazuchi(Chakra Hammer) which allowed Naruto sling chakra around like a corporal hammer, causing huge amounts of damage to the surrounding area, but also placed a large strain on Naruto's body. It was a double edged blade, but the Blonde shinobi felt that it was considerably sharper on one side.

The young demon container had no such luck with any of the other techniques listed in the scroll, and didn't even bother looking at the section that contained the forbidden seals, not knowing the tiniest bit about sealing.

Sighing as he looked out of the cave that he had been inhabiting for the last two weeks he wondered what he should do now. He knew he needed help if he wanted to learn anything else but had no where to go. He had no desire to return to the Village that the demon inside of him had done his best to destroy. A village where he was even unhappier than he was living in a cave. Not to mention he doubted he would be welcomed back with open arms, he was rather surprised he hadn't been apprehended by Hunter-nin yet.

Back In Konoha

Hokage-Sama we still have had no success in locating Uzumaki-san. The aging Hokage closed his eyes and let out a slow breath. How had the Academy student avoided detection for so long? It didn't make any sense.

"Where have you been searching?" He asked

"The area within 50 miles of Konoha. He wasn't even a Genin so I don't believe he could have gone farther then that.

"That would explain it then, the boy has unnatural stamina and could be a country away by now. I want you to expand your search all over Fire Country, leave no rock unturned. I want him back alive and unharmed. If he comes back dead I will hand out punishment personally." The Hokage leaked killing intent into his words. Letting the ANBU captain know that he was very serious in his orders.

"Hai Hokage-sama" The Anbu said before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

'What have you done, Naruto-kun' the third Hokage thought.

"You all fail!" Kakashi said. "You have no hope of becoming ninja, quit now and save Konoha and yourselves the trouble"

"WHAT" Sakura screamed. No way, Sasuke-kun would never forgive her.

"I'll give you one more chance to get the bells from me," passing the two bento boxes to Sai and Sasuke he finished "Don't give any to Sakura or you'll automatically fail.

With that the Copy Ninja disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving the Genin hopefuls to eat by themselves.

Pushing the lunch box to Sakura, Sasuke said "Here, eat, we'll all need our strength if we want any chance to get those bells"

Sakura was shocked "What, you heard Kakashi-sensei, he said" She never got to finish as Sai interrupted, "He's long gone, Sasuke is right"

Hesitantly Sakura started eating. In a swirl of leaves an enraged Kakashi appeared and screamed "You all!" before pausing and finishing in a much quieter, sweeter voice "pass".

All three Genin were dumbfounded, what, but he had said. Their thoughts were interrupted by Kakashi starting to speak.

"Those that abandon their mission are trash, those that abandon their comrades are worse then trash." Gesturing towards the Memorial Stone he continued "That's the memorial for Konoha's greatest hero's. The brave ninja who died in the line of duty. All of my best friends names' are on that stone" He finished quietly.

"Meet here at 8 tomorrow for out first mission" And with that he was gone in a swirl of leaves. Leaving the Genin to their own devices.

"So...Sasuke-kun would you like to go on a date with me?" Sakura asked the aloof Uchiha.

"No," He replied before turning and walking away.

"Why would he go out with you when that Yamanaka girl is so much better looking?" Sai asked the pink haired Kunoichi.

Screaming she launched herself at the ink user leaving Sasuke to look on from a distance thinking 'Oh well, it could be worse, I could have the dobe on my team'.

Little did he know that the 'dobe' in question was currently engaged in a fight for his life a country away. Or what he thought was a fight for his life.

"Chakra Kanazuchi" (Chakra Hammer) Naruto called out, swinging his arms like a hammer, bringing the massive chakra hammer crashing down into the ground. The two Hunter-nin just barely jumping to the side as the ground they previously stood on cracked from the massive blow.

Being caught in the narrow cave with the destructive blonde was not a place any body wished to be in. Especially when they were unable to fight back. "Uzumaki-san, the Hokage has ordered us to bring you back to Konoha. Please don't make this difficult," One of the masked Shinobi said.

Naruto let out a growl that shouldn't have been able to come out of his human voice box. "Then why" He asked, his voice growing in volume "Did he send Hunter-nin!" He yelled, the whisker marks on his cheeks growing more pronounced as he swung his hands like a baseball bat slinging the destructive chakra into the two Konoha ninja with much more force then before.

Watching with no small amount of satisfaction as the two would be escorts were slammed into the wall of the cave with back-breaking force Naruto prepared to follow up his attack before he noticed that neither of the Ninja so much as stirred.

Shrugging he stepped over to the fallen ninja and stripped them of everything he deemed useful.

Looks like it was time to leave Fire Country.

Sarutobi let out a small sigh. It was rather hard to wage war on a village that you didn't know the location of. And he wouldn't know for at least another week when the ANBU squad assigned to scout it out came back. Assuming they found anything to scout out at all.

Letting his thoughts wander to the blonde demon container he couldn't help but bristle with fear at how much danger he put himself in by carrying and learning the techniques of the scroll. If he let that scroll fall into any hands but his own he would have to kill him himself. And the old Hokage didn't know if he could bring himself to do it.

The blonde had shown that he could take care of himself if the broken Hunter-nin that stumbled back into Konoha after encountering him were anything to go by. The fact that he had learned another jutsu from the scroll so easily startled the 'Professor' but he didn't think that his wayward charge would have such an easy time with the other jutsu on the scroll.

Despite his doubts he had learned not to under-estimate the young, soon to be missing-nin of Konoha. After seeing what two months had done for the ninja of Konoha who were preparing for war he could only wonder what it could for a ninja with a demon in his navel and everything to lose.

Usually people start with tree walking before moving on to the much harder water walking when working on chakra control.

Unfortunately for Uzumaki Naruto, he did not know this. So when he saw a ninja walking on water two weeks ago he had thrown himself into learning how to do it. Even going so far as to removing his beloved Hitai-ate and playing the amazed academy student to ask said ninja how he did it.

Suffice to say the brief explanation did very little for him but he felt he was starting to get it. Couple his slowly growing chakra control with his new Kinjutsu Naruto was feeling slightly more confident in his abilities then before.

Though only slightly. He needed a sensei and he knew it.

That wasn't happening and he knew it.

Naruto looked out over the vast lake he was currently halfway submerged and slowly sinking into and decided as soon as he mastered this technique he was moving on. Water did not suit him and Wave country seemed be in even worse shape than himself.

Channeling Chakra into every pore of his body, ignoring the biting pain he released a torrent of wind imbued chakra and spun on the spot creating a rather large water tornado that took off across the top of the lake Naruto couldn't help but smirk in satisfaction. Despite feeling like he had stabbed a thousand needles into his body every time he used that jutsu he couldn't help but appreciate the destruction it could cause.

Slowly drawing himself out of the water with his hands softly glowing blue and pushing against the surface Naruto headed towards shore to dry off before heading back to his hotel.

Being a ninja had it's perks. Being able to beat people up and take their money being one of them. At first the young blonde refused to do it, resigning himself to sleeping in the forest or in caves. Slowly but surely the need for food and a roof over his head conquered his morals. But he still only mugged people that he believed had money to spare.

The fact that they carried more money might have had something to do with this as well.

More money in Wave country being about as much as a beggar in Fire Country. But the money went farther here as well. Thankfully there was a rather noticeable lack of law enforcement here. Having those around could really cut the time he spent in the almost Anarchistic country down.

Kakashi stared down at the newest entry in Konoha's Bingo Book in disbelief.

Uzumaki Naruto

A-Ranked Missing Nin


Unkown – Never Graduated Konoha Ninja Academy


Can use the Chakra Kanazuchi and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu


50 000 Ryo

Is only to be pursued by Konoha – Pursuit by non-Konoha ninja is to be considered an act of war on the village.

Kakashi wasn't surprised by the lack of information, one did not go putting S class secrets in the Bingo Book and didn't advertise that the Forbidden Scroll was in the hands of an academy student.

He just hoped his Sensei's legacy would be alright.

He just hoped Iruka found him first.

"Hokage-sama, we couldn't locate the village of Oto" The Cat Masked ANBU knew this information was not what the Hokage wanted to hear. But it was the truth, they could not find so much as a hint as to the location of the Village Hidden in Sound.

"That is troubling...You and your squad have 3 days off before I want you to go back and continue searching."

Steeling his gaze on the ANBU he finished "I need not remind you how serious this mission is"

Paling dramatically the ANBU member was glad to have his features hidden behind a mask. "Hai, Hokage-sama"

"So this is Lightning Country, huh? I expected more...lightning" Naruto said to no one but himself.

"I wonder how far away a town is" Naruto asked the air, not expecting an answer.

"About 4 hours north"

Naruto spun around upon hearing the voice, his hands already flashing through the hand seals for Chakra KanazuchiWhich had quickly become his favourite jutsu.

"I'm not a threat" The man said, slowly backing up.

Taking in the rather unassuming man's features Naruto answered quickly "Then how the fuck did you sneak up on me"

"I didn't sneak..I walked up to you and you didn't notice" The man said.

"Ahh...well that's rather embarrassing" Naruto replied rubbing the back of his head.

"You're a shinobi, I take it?"

"Uh, sort of..."

Without another word the man gestured for Naruto to follow him and walked off at a fairly brisk pace.

After a moment Naruto followed him, catching up quickly.

The rest of the trip passed in relative silence until Naruto saw the village ahead.

"There it is!" He yelled, jumping up and pointing to it.

The man looked slightly put off by his rather excited display and merely grunted.

"I'm leaving now, I have things to do and I'm sure you do too"

"I do, thanks for the guide," Naruto said, genuine appreciation in his voice "I never did get your name?"

"Ishiko Narti" He replied, not asking Naruto's name in return.

Shrugging it off, Naruto molded chakra to his feet and took off at an impressive pace towards the rather large village. His life as a wanderer just beginning.

Naruto had spent the last two months in this village and had grown quite fond of it. The people were friendly, the shop keepers sold him ninjutsu scrolls if he slipped them a little extra ryo under the table.

That might have had more to do with his infatuation with the place then people. Just a little though.

Despite his best efforts the Nuke-nin couldn't get anyone to sell him scrolls containing actual jutsu, it was quite obvious that he wasn't a native shinobi. But he did manage to get his hands on a few useful things. Mainly the three scrolls he had laid out on the forest floor in front of him labelled Chakra Molding for Beginners, Chakra Control for Intermediates and Advanced Chakra Manipulation.

Not the be all end all texts on chakra control by any means, but they gave detailed instructions on how to mold chakra to different parts of your body as well as exercises to increase control.

The last and by far the most interesting scroll detailed how to manipulate chakra so it can be used in jutsu. It also mentioned something called Element Manipulation but didn't go any farther into the subject.

While his loyal Kage Bunshin read the scrolls Naruto and 25 other clones were walking up and down trees on their hands. While he could create over 800 clones he couldn't create over 25 that could mold chakra well enough to be of use.

Still, getting 25 times the work done had done wonders for his control.

"I'm not getting anywhere on the katon jutsu so I think I'm going to skip over elemental jutsu for now seeing as how I learned the only wind one on the scroll"

The original Naruto hopped off the tree, gesturing for his clones to continue while he pulled the scroll of his back and unfurled it across the ground.

Katon: Fenikkusu Shinkou (Phoenix Rising) looked interesting but pushing superheated air through his lungs just didn't sound appealing no matter how much chakra he reinforced them with.


One of the Yondaimes personal techniques is a devastating close combat jutsu that can be used to drive straight through opponents.

A swirling orb of raging chakra contained only with precision chakra control it is said to be one of the hardest techniques to learn taking the Legendary SanninJiraiya an entire year.

Step 1:

Fill water balloons and place one on the palm of your hand. Swirl chakra in two directions until there is enough movement to burst the balloon.

"Doesn't sound to hard"

With that Naruto rolled the scroll back up and headed into town, leaving his clones to continue working in his absence.

After getting the balloons and paying the shopkeeper Naruto headed back out to the forest to continue his training.

Two months and still no sign of the ever elusive Oto village or the never elusive Naruto. The Sandaime doubted he would be found until he wanted to be now, they couldn't afford to put him in the international bingo book and he didn't have the man power necessary to launch a full scale search over the elemental nations.

At least that's what he told himself, if it were anyone else making the decision the man power might suddenly be available. Then again if it were someone else they might not be telling the council they had five pairs of Hunter-nins constantly searching for him while in reality there was only one. One Hunter-nin by the name of Umino Iruka.

He would damn himself to the depths of hell before he allowed a council of bitter fools make him break his promise to the fourth. He couldn't blame Naruto for his decision and was just glad that he had the scroll. The world was a hard place for an academy student and this way he could learn his fathers techniques.

He would damn himself to the depths of hell before he allowed the Village hero's only son be killed because a council of bitter fools couldn't see past the demon fox. It broke his heart to do anything but what's best for his village, but after hearing about Naruto's feral features from the only Hunter-nin to have seen the blonde he feared the seal may be slipping.

He didn't want an angry Jinchuuriki ripping his valuable assassin squads apart. No, he'd much rather have an angry Jinchuuriki as far away as possible. Even if it was Naruto.

The Yondaime's legacy could wait, he had more pressing matters to attend to. Such as the Chunnin exams that were to be held in Konoha in two weeks time.

"I'm sponsoring the three of you for the Chunnin Exams"

Staring at Kakashi in disbelief Sakura managed to stutter out "But, do you think we're ready. I mean it's only been 4 months and"

"Of course we're ready, Sasuke and I can more then make up for our pink haired handi-cap"

Snorting, Kakashi nodded and said "Be there at 9AM tomorrow"

"WHAT" Sakura exploded "He only gave us a days notice!"

"Quiet down Pinky, we'll be fine" Said before jumping into a tree and taking off.

Sasuke only nodded and walked away, his mind going a mile a minute.

'Finally I can test myself against other strong shinobi. Speaking of other shinobi, I wonder how the dobe is doing'

Sasuke couldn't blame him for leaving the village, he had considered it himself many times. Only the chance to learn more about his Sharangin from Kakashi kept him behind the walls of Konoha.

These thoughts were not shared by the rest of the proclaimed 'Rookie Nine', who's reaction upon hearing of his 'betrayal' ranged from anger, on Kiba's part. To stuttering on Hinata's. Come to think of it, they didn't really react differently to that then they did anything else, Shikamaru deemed it to troublesome to worry about.

Still, Sasuke couldn't help but wonder how strong he had gotten without the village to hold him down. 'What am I thinking, that dobe couldn't get stronger. Probably dead already'

Letting out an a pained sigh Naruto looked down at his scorched hand. One thing the famed Forbidden Scroll of Seals didn't mention when it explained the first step in the Rasengen was how much it hurt to channel that much chakra through the tenketsu in your hand. Naruto had half a mind to add it.

Everytime he tried for the past two weeks, the balloon exploded alright, but somehow he didn't think it was because of his prowess with the technique.

Not once had the balloon lasted long enough for him to begin swirling chakra in one direction, much less two. Apparently all his work on chakra control hadn't paid off.

Back to the drawing board. Climbing trees, walking on water, walking of kunai knives he could do. His control was good, so Naruto had no idea why he couldn't do this technique.

Putting the bare minimum amount of chakra into the balloon and swirling it in one direction Naruto gave a satisfied grin as 10 other copies of himself did the same thing. Baby steps, he would have this done by the end of the month.

He promised himself he would and he never went back on his word.

That's his nindo.

There are those who thrive on violence, live to fight. Then there are those who wish only for peace. Uchiha Sasuke was of the former. This year's Chunnin Exam was proving to be one of the most successful for Konoha in the history of the exam. Each shinobi participating was in the accelerated war time training program, preparing for the inevitable assault on Oto.

So when the single team for Oto attacked Team 7, Sakura and Sai weren't unduly worried about fighting two on three.

"Give us the Uchiha and we'll let you live" A heavy wrapped, stocky Sound ninja said. His voice leaving nothing about his intentions to the imagination.

"I'm afraid we can't do that. Under any other circumstances I'd be glad to give you the faggot just so I don't have to deal with his brooding but you've really caught me at a bad time" Pulling the large scroll from his back as he said this Sai snapped it open in front of him.

Sakura dropped into a low ready position, kunai in hand, a steely determination flashing in her eyes.

She had grown up a lot in the troubled times Konoha was facing, taking her training more seriously then her crush. She hadn't completely divested herself of her old peppy personality but she was no longer the useless walking textbook she once was.

Without a word the bandaged ninja sprung forward, swinging his arm in front of him. Sakura felt a heavy impact on her chest and slid back a few feet.

Noticing the metal attachment on his arm she spoke up "Sai, he channels his attacks through the metal grate. Even a miss is a hit"

His normal sarcastic personality gone, Sai flipped a brush out of his pouch and dashed twelve lines across his scroll.

Channelling chakra through the paper 12 inky black bars shot out from the paper

"Zankuuha" (Air Slicing Blast)

A large gust of wind shot out from the taller Sound nins hands, blowing the rods off course.

"Going to beat me up with your paintings, Ha!"

"Zankuuha" He called out once more, swinging his arms out to his sides.

Sai jumped back and dropped to the ground, letting the deadly blast of air fly over him before adding the finishing touches to his painting and channelling chakra through them once more.

6 Giant inky black wolves jumped from his paper and lunger towards the sound nin. Two of them latched on to the Sound Kunoichi and the other four were circling the other two assailants.

Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Spinning Wind)A blur of green smashed into the bandaged Sound shinobi and lifted him off his feet.

"Lee?" Sakura asked, visibly shocked.

"Hai, Sakura-chan, I told you I would protect you with my life," Lee winked at her and blurred towards the heavily covered boy once more. Konoha Gouriki Senpuu (Leaf Herculean Whirlwind)

The Sound ninja was picked up off his feet again and flew hard into a tree. Lee was about to move forward and finish the fight when everyone in clearing froze.

A violent, disgusting chakra was felt behind them and they all looked back to Sasuke on his feet, angry markings covering his entire body.

He slowly stalked towards the attacking Sound team "This was your last mistake"

"Looks like Orochimaru got to you before we did! Why would he do that?" The mummified ninja asked, in shock and fear.

"It doesn't matter why" Sasuke blurred forward and planted a kunai between the Zankuuha users shoulder blades. Not stopping he continued towards the boy who seemed to be the leader and slammed his foot hard into his sternum.

Getting the idea Sai ordered all six of his wolves to maul the Kunoichi.

Not giving the fallen boy time to get up Sasuke dashed forward, kunai in hand and lunged towards his target. Having no time to get up the boy threw his hands up in front of him throwing as much sound as he could towards Sasuke out of his arm grate.

Powering through the blow Sasuke slammed his foot into the fallen boys face, an audible crack was heard as his head smashed against the tree trunk.

Lashing out with his kunai it easily tore through the bandaging on the other nin and cut deep into his throat.

Sasuke looked over to Sai and saw that his wolves had easily taken care of the remain attacker he nodded at him and looked through their things for a scroll.

"Heaven" Sasuke said, "Do we still have our Earth scroll?"

Drawing the scroll out of her bag Sakura nodded, still in shock at what the two boys had done.

"You killed them all"

"We're shinobi, Sakura" was all the explanation she got from Sasuke, who's violent markings were starting to disappear.

"What is that on your skin, Sasuke" Sai asked him.

Giving him a pointed look Sasuke answered "Power"

"Rasengen" Naruto cried out, slamming the swirling orb of chakra into a tree.

It left a deep spiralling groove in the tree but Naruto was fairly sure that wasn't the desired affect.

One thing that left him puzzled about this jutsu was that the others he learned besides Kage Bunshin either hurt or put a large strain on his body.

This technique didn't really seem like a Kinjutsu, but he supposed the Yondaime could put whatever the hell he wanted on the scroll.

He had increased the amount of Kage Bunshin he could train with to 75 and had half working with him on the Rasengen and the other half working on Konoha Kurogane Ha (Iron Leaves)

That technique caused surrounding grass and leaves to become as hard as steel and as sharp as a katana but was labelled a Kinjutsu because they had to be drawn into the user and charged with chakra before they could be used as projectiles. The potential for eviscerating yourself was quite high but the potential for the jutsu was amazing.

It was invented by the first Hokage who combined it with his wood element techniques. Naruto couldn't use the wood element but that didn't make the jutsu any less useful.

It was quite difficult to use though, it required an amazing amount of manipulation on the area around you. Because it affected the surrounding area it required huge amounts of chakra to be spread across the ground or into the leaves before you could even begin to manipulate the chakra into turning the environment into a deadly weapon.

Despite the good progress he was making on both that jutsu and the Rasengen Naruto knew he needed to move on soon. He would move out at the end of the month, or when he mastered the Rasengen, which ever came first.

Not that there was any question as to what was going to come first.

He had all three steps down but couldn't keep it together long enough for it to be effective, he lost his concentration as soon as he went to strike with the jutsu.

Naruto knew he was missing something,it would have been nice if he could see the jutsu being performed.

If he could hold it together with both hands when attacking with it it would be much easier to perform but if he put his hand over top of it he have to go through his hand before it could go through his enemy.

It was all a matter of concentration. Naruto steeled himself and formed the Rasengen once again. His mind totally devoted to the task at hand. At that moment nothing else mattered but mastering this jutsu.

"Rasengen" He called out, driving his hand through the tree halfway before he lost control of the swirling orb once more.

"That's way better!" He called out, celebrating his achievement. "Now I just have to keep it going until I can drill completely through"

It was going to be a long night.