AN: No this isn't going to be a mindless Naruto hates Konoha and destroys it for treating him badly as a child fic. Just thought I'd clear that up.

"Haha, thanks for the meal old man!" Naruto gave a mock salute to the man at the ramen bar and slung his heavy pack over his shoulders.

Making his way out of the gate Naruto turned and started walking east. It seemed as good a direction as any.

"Hehe, I wonder how much I kick everyone's butt back in Konoha with my new jutsu's"

Letting the image of him slamming a Rasengen in Sasuke's face linger on his mind longer then was probably healthy Naruto molded chakra into his feet and took off at a run.

There was only so much he could do while wandering between towns. Learning from his scroll was all well and good but nothing made up for combat experience. Not to mention that his taijutsu was pitiful. To try and make up for this Naruto constantly worked at his speed hoping that if he was fast enough he could make room and destroy his opponents with his powerful jutsu.

The weights he had on would need to be upped in the near future, he didn't even feel them anymore. The blonde knew he was a lot stronger and faster than before but he had nothing to really apply it to. Sloppy Konoha Academy taijutsu wasn't exactly awe inspiring no matter how physically strong he was.

His rudimentary academy technique didn't give much to help him create his own style, mainly because he had no idea what a good style consisted of.

Settling for his powerful ninjutsu would have to do for now, but Naruto knew he needed to advance in all forms of combat if he ever wanted to become truly great.

Naruto continued at a fast pace eastwards for the next 5 days, stopping only to sleep and eat. The terrain was completely different then what it was just 3 days ago. So was the temperature. It wasn't unduly cold but it was enough to make Naruto wish he knew a Katon jutsu.

Shivering slightly the A Class Missing-nin of Konoha spread his sleeping bag out underneath a particularly large tree and climbed in, pulling the bags sides in close for warmth. Confident that the rustic alarms he set up would alert him of anyone coming in the dark, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"There he is, it has to be him"

"What are the chances we'd find him while out on a mission"

"Imagine the reward"

Naruto's eyes fluttered open to the sound of voices, he quickly sprung up and tried to divest himself of the sleeping bag he was tightly wrapped up in.

The next thing he saw was a rapidly approaching sandal. With an awful lot of force behind it.

Feeling his feet leave the ground Naruto slipped out of the bag moments before he hit the ground in an akward roll.

"What the hell" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs. 25 feet away there were four Konoha Ninja, all with weapons in hand and self satisfied smirks on their face.

"50 000 Ryo for an academy student, can't say I've ever felt luckier"

Naruto vaguely recognized the speaker as a jonin who came into Academy a few times. Dropping into a low crouch Naruto stared at the assembled ninja.

"Why are you attacking me!" Naruto shouted, feigning ignorance "50 000 Ryo what are you talking about!"

"Didn't you know? Uzumaki Naruto, A Class Nuke-nin" The same somewhat familiar jonin replied.

One of the others sneered and spoke up.

"You don't stand a chance boy, the three of us" He said gesturing at the two men to his right side "Are chunnin and my big friend here is a jonin"

"He is right Naruto-kun, please come back peacefully" The smallest chunnin said, in a low, pleasant voice.

Once he had thought about his predicament after he reached Lightning country Naruto had done some research into what happens to Missing-nin. A-Class were to be killed on sight. There should be no option of coming back peacefully.

Perhaps the Hokage had something to do with this.

There was also no option of fighting these men and winning, the only advantage he had over them was that he could run away longer then they could chase him.

"I can't do that," Naruto said, playing for time "My sensei will be back soon and I promised I'd wait for him"

The jonin snorted, "Yeah right, who'd teach a demon brat like you"

Naruto unleashed a violent amount of chakra outward buying him a few precious seconds to jump into the trees and get a head start on his would be assailants. He was just damn happy he didn't sleep with his weights on.

As soon as the Konoha shinobi regained their bearings they took to the trees, just barely catching sight of Naruto before he vanished from site.

"Moves fast for an Academy Student" The jonin said between jumps

He got no reply, his partners apparently to focussed on catching their meal ticket.

A huge explosion came from the forest floor and the Konoha ninja pulled up on the next branch. A giant two headed snake towered over the squad.

"Kukuku, it's ok Naruto-kun, I'll protect you!"

The pale man's tongue shot out of his mouth at breakneck speed, a blade gleaming on the end.

Naruto abruptly stopped upon hearing the explosion and looked back just in time to see one of his attackers get pierced through the chest with a sword.

Not that that was what caught his attention, the massive two headed snake with a man standing on each head was what dominated his thoughts.

Not daring to get any closer Naruto was content to watch from a distance, going so far as to back up a few trees, but not so far that he couldn't see what was going on.

As suddenly as it started, it was over. The man with the seemingly endless tongue and his accomplice jumped off the snake as it crashed forward, decimating the trees the Konoha-nin were standing on.

"Come Naruto-kun, we have much to discuss" The long haired man called out before jumping back into a tree, his white haired accomplice not far behind.

When the jinchuuriki didn't move the snake user sighed "Kabuto-kun, go get him"

"Hai, Orochimaru-sama"

Slowly approaching his target, Kabuto spoke "We aren't here to hurt you Naruto-kun. Please come speak with us"

Naruto, who still hadn't moved an inch contemplated his option, on one hand he had no idea who these men were nor how they knew him. On the other they had just saved him and took out a jonin and three chunnin with no apparent effort.

Naruto decided not to push his luck and cautiously approached his saviours. "How do you know me?"

"Orochimaru-sama will explain everything" The boy, apparently named Kabuto responded.

Naruto looked between the two, clearly asking for answers and was about to speak up again before he was silenced by a gesture from Kabuto.

Orochimaru merely pulled out a small book from his satchel and opened it to the last page.

Uzumaki Naruto

A-Ranked Missing Nin


Unkown – Never Graduated Konoha Ninja Academy


Can use the Chakra Kanazuchi and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu


50 000 Ryo

Is only to be pursued by Konoha – Pursuit by non-Konoha ninja is to be considered an act of war on the village.

He had expected this, but that didn't make actually seeing it any easier.

"So that's why you saved me, you wanted the bounty for yourself"

"Not at all Naruto-kun" The snake like looking ninja gestured behind him, pointing towards the four Konoha shinobi, each one pinned to a tree with a small blade. Naruto had never even seen him move.

Naruto paled and instinctively took several steps backwards. "Why did you kill them!" He shouted.

"Please, Naruto-kun, there is no need for shouting" Orochimaru gently chided, not answering his question

"Why did you help me then?" Naruto asked, this time in a much lower voice, trying to channel as much chakra as he could into the tree he was standing on.

"You have something I want"

"No!" Naruto shouted "Never, I won't give it to you!"

Orochimaru stared back at Naruto, apparently unconcerned by Naruto's outburst. "I don't want anything you have Naruto-kun, I want you"

The blonde shuddered dramatically and was about to respond loudly when he was interrupted by Kabuto "He didn't mean it like that, he wants you to join his village."

Naruto looked back at them suspiciously, "What kind of village would seek out a missing-nin from Konoha and risk taking them in"

"One that is not the least bit concerned with what Konoha does in return. One that seeks out Nuke-nin that have been wronged by their former village and offers them sanctuary in it's walls whether they wish to join or they just wish for a place to lay low" Orochimaru responded.

Now that sounded tempting, Naruto had to stop himself from immediately accepting. It would not do to rush in to things "Why would you do that"

Orochimaru didn't miss a beat "Because I was wronged by my village and cast aside like nothing. I know the pain of being betrayed by that which you swore to protect. And if the shinobi staying behind my walls wish to help out every once in a while, or even join my village who am I to complain?"

Orochimaru knew that no one would believe he did it solely out of the good of his heart, and would refuse if he said it was solely for personal gain. This was a game he had played many times before.

"I know all about you Naruto-kun" The Kage of an unknown village continued "Demon container for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, fled Konoha upon finding out. Upon realizing you had been lied to your entire life by the man you considered a grandfather"

Orochimaru didn't mention that he knew exactly what it was Naruto refused to give to him. That could come after he had the jinchuuriki safely under his control. He dared not mark him with his Heaven's Curse Seal as he had know how idea how it would react with the Kyuubi.

As much as he loved to experiment Orochimaru knew there were some things best left unknown. Whether his curse seal would react violently with the most powerful demon in existence and potentially release it from its prison was one of those things.

"How did you learn all this! Have you been stalking me!" Naruto shouted, his previous thoughts of a new home all but banished from his head when he heard the words 'Demon Container' uttered.

"I have eyes everywhere, Naruto-kun" Was the only answer he received from the snake like man, "Now, will you come with us?"

Not believing himself to have much of a choice in the matter Naruto slowly nodded "Just to stay there for a while though. I don't know if I ever want to join another village"

Orochimaru merely nodded, a smirk creeping its way across his face.

Naruto jumped back down to the forest floor and headed back to his equipment and picked up his bag and scroll. After strapping his weights back on he nodded towards his new host "I'm ready to go"

"Excellent," Orochimaru replied, taking to the trees and waiting for his newest acquisition to follow before heading east at a leisurely pace.

"So," Naruto asked "What's the name of this village?"

"Otogakure, The Village Hidden in the Sound" The Otokage said before continuing "Tell me, Naruto-kun, what techniques do you know?"

"I would say you're as fast as Rock Lee now, Sasuke" Kakashi told the raven haired avenger, a hint of pride in his voice.

"Heh, the teme shouldn't have been broadcasting his abilities to me to copy with the Sharingan" Sasuke replied.

"It is not proper to copy fellow Konoha-nin's techniques normally, Sasuke, remember this" Kakashi said.

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei, I didn't know that before," Sasuke replied before grasping his right wrist with his left hand. "But it is fortunate I did this time, I need to be that fast to effectively use the Chidori"

Lightning crackled around Sasuke's hand and he looked to Kakashi before running directly at a large boulder and stuffing his hand straight into it. The Chidori went through the rock like a hot knife through butter, the solid surface providing no resistance to the watered down version of the Raikiri, which is rumoured to be able to cut through lightning.

"Very good, what we need to work on now is your chakra capacity, I'd say your limit is two Chidori's a day" Kakashi said.

"Lets get to work then, I have just over a week" Sasuke said, still marvelling at the power of his new jutsu.

"Come down the mountain with me Sasuke, we'll be scaling back up with hand" With that Kakashi dropped over the edge of the cliff, his hands glowed blue as he easily grabbed onto a rut.

Sasuke was not far behind, slowing his decent by sliding chakra covered hands down the rock face before grabbing hold of a small ledge. Now they just had to do this another hundred or so times and they'd reach the bottom. Going down was the easy part.

Sasuke wasn't deterred in the slightest, willing to do whatever it took to achieve power. Blind ambition did have its perks.

This seemingly rigorous exercise was almost like a vacation to Kakashi who had been training with Gai for the past two months. War is hell, Kakashi was willing to go to any extremes to achieve peace. Especially if it meant not having to train with Maito Gai again.


Sakura dropped low to the ground before coming up with a hard right uppercut. Her opponent skilfully dodged and lashed out with a quick jab. Letting the punch catch her in the shoulder she rolled with the momentum and came around with a back heel kick.

Her sparring partner easily caught her foot and whipped it hard to the right sending the pink haired kunoichi into a hard spin. Gathering her bearing she dropped in to a low stance and stared at her opponent, eyes narrowing she charged forward again and feinted a right hook. Her opponent reacted to the fake and Sakura let a triumphant smirk cross her features as she lashed out with a quick straight left.

The blow never landed as the Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha reacted impossibly fast and slammed his foot into her ribs picking her up off her feet and sending her several feet through the air.

"Excellent Sakura-chan! You almost had me there!" Maito Gai shouted exuberantly.

This was far from the truth and Sakura knew it. Ridiculous as he may be, Maito Gai was a taijutsu master plain and simple. Sakura doubted there was any better in Konoha including the Hokage.

Still, she appreciated the praise nonetheless.

"Combine your blooming taijutsu skills with your budding genjutsu skills and you truly are a spending ninja Sakura-chan!" Her newest sensei gave her his patented 'good guy pose'.

"Now, I must go run 50 laps around Konoha on my hands!" He shouted, flipping into a handstand and taking off at a pace that could be considered fast for anyone else on their feet.

"Bye, Gai-sensei" Sakura muttered.

Orichimaru gestured widely to the high wooden gate they were rapidly approaching "Welcome to Otagakure, Naruto-kun"

Naruto stared appreciatively at the village walls, they were black as night and had to have been at least 30 feet high. They wouldn't be visible at night and Naruto almost missed them in the low evening light.

Orochimaru and Kabuto strode purposefully towards the guards and said something to them in a low tone. Nodding quickly the guard gave the signal to the men working the gate.

"Come, Naruto-kun, we will find you a place to stay." Orichimaru said.

Naruto ran forward and caught up quickly. Glancing around the village the blonde took in the village where he would be staying. There were shops and stalls lining the streets and the streets were still quite busy despite the late hour.

Off aways in the distance there were towering buildings with many windows that were what Naruto guessed to be apartment buildings. Getting a better look at the stores Naruto noticed that the majority of them sold ninja equipment. Most of the people milling about the streets were armed and walked with an air of confidence that most of the shinobi of Konoha emanated.

"Are there any villagers in the village?" Naruto asked.

"Very few, only enough to keep things running smoothly, and most of those were shinobi at one time or another" Orichimaru answered.

A small smile played across Naruto's features, the shinobi had always treated him a lot better in Konoha than the villagers, "So just like, shopkeepers and maintenance workers and stuff then?"

Orochimaru nodded "Yes, but like I said, everyone in this village has had some sort of formal training, it is the best defence any village can have"

Naruto smiled in appreciation, "Konoha should do that"

"Kukuku, Konoha is blinded by peace," Orochimaru said.

"Does that mean I will get training?" Naruto asked.

Orochimaru smirked, "Yes, Naruto-kun, in fact I will supervise some of your training myself."

Naruto grinned, "When do we start?"

"Such enthusiasm, meet me at the gate at 6 tomorrow morning" Orochimaru said as they entered a large building.

The receptionist immediately straightened upon seeing the Otokage and plastered a large smile across his face "Otokage-sama how may I help you"

If there was one thing the rogue Sannin loved, it was people pandering to his large ego "I was hoping you'd have a room for young Naruto-kun here," He asked.

"Of course Otokage-same, I'll tend to it myself!" The receptionist said quickly, the large smile never leaving his face.

Naruto was perplexed, how did he manage to talk with his mouth stretched like that. Deciding to wonder about another day Naruto thanked his new trainer and followed the receptionist up the stairs.

"Are you sure it is wise to train him Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked as they left the hotel.

Visibly tensing Orochimaru stopped before answering "If I didn't think it wise, Kabuto-kun, I would not be doing it, would I"

"Sorry, Orochimaru-sama, I don't know what came over me" Kabuto said.

"While you are very useful you are not irreplaceable. You would do well to remember that" Orochimaru said, venom lacing his voice.

Kabuto knew this wasn't true, medics of his calibre were not common. He only knew of one person who was more talented and that was Orochimaru's old teammate and fellow Sannin, The Slug Princess Tsunade. The chances of her joining Orochimaru were non-existent. Still, the young medic knew not to push his luck.

"Hai, I am sorry"

Naruto jumped out of bed as soon as his alarm went off, eager to begin his training. He had already told Orochimaru about all of his techniques besides Rasengen, deciding it best to have at least one ace in the hole just in case. Having slept in his clothes Naruto just had to strap his equipment on before rushing down the stairs.

When he was back in the lobby he headed over to the receptionists desk to inquire about getting something to eat.

"Is there anywhere close by that serves good breakfast?"

The receptionist looked up from her desk, recognition dawning on her face as he saw who had spoken to him.

"You're the kid Otokage-sama brought in last night, right?"

It was a different person than last night and Naruto wondered how they knew him.

"Umm, yeah."

She gave a pretty smile and a light, tinkling laugh.

"Niisan said you would be coming by, there is a hotel restaurant just to your left,"

Naruto smiled and thanked her, thinking it odd that such a secluded village would have a hotel. He would ask someone about it later. For now, breakfast was the only thing on his mind.

After getting a quick breakfast and ran off towards the village gate, not wanting to be late. He was surprised to see Orichimaru already there, waiting for him.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun, you are early"

Naruto stopped in front of the Snake Sannin, happy to hear he wasn't late.

"So are you Orichamru-sensei!"

A small frown played across the Otokage's lips. He desperately hoped this student turned about better than his last.

He gestured for the jinchuuriki to follow him and walked off at a casual pace.

"From what you have told me you already have a strong base in Ninjutsu but I know nothing of your other skills.

From the tone of his voice it was quite obvious that this man couldn't stand knowing nothing about anything, even something he couldn't possibly know about like Naruto's skill set.

Naruto put a hand behind his head and looked slightly embarrassed.

"Well, I know a bit of the taijutsu they taught in academy"

Orchimaru shook his head slightly; from his experience in academy the so called style they taught was more just learning how to throw a punch and kick properly then anything resembling an actual style.

"I will teach you my own style then, the academy teaches nothing but the basics"

Naruto's eyebrows shot up and he stared at his sensei, mouth gaping.

"You were a Konoha ninja?"

The legendary ninja paused for a few moments before answering.

"Kukuku, yes, a rather well known actually. Tell me, have you heard of the Legendary Sannin?"

Naruto shook his head, the title didn't ring any bells. He shrugged his shoulders and thought back to the Academy. He hadn't paid a huge amount of attention and recalling anything but what the subjects were was proving to be difficult.

"No, I haven't"

A rather ugly looked crossed Orichamaru's face, as if he had expected the young blonde to know all about them. Perhaps the subject of the trio had become taboo after he was exiled and the other two left the village to live their lives as wanderers. He run his tongue along his lips and continued walking for quite some time before giving his student an answer.

"Our legacy seems to have faded in recent times. We were students of the Sandaime Hokage and each of us were considered to be Kage level by the time we were 20 years old. I was the frontrunner for the position of the Yondaime but it was stolen from me by that fool Jiraiya's student"

He finished his explanation with such venom in his voice that Naruto was afraid to ask anything else about it. As much as he wanted to know about Hokage-jiji he didn't think it best to press his sensei on the matter.

While the blonde harboured some rather angry feelings towards the Sandaime he couldn't hate him. He didn't believe that he would hide all that from him without a reason. He didn't leave Konoha out of anger towards the Hokage but out of temptation and anger towards the village as a whole.

When they reached a training area that didn't look much different from the ones in Konoha but with less trees they stopped.

Orochimaru looked towards his newest project and beckoned for him to attack.

"Come at me with everything. I must gauge your skill,"

Naruto put the large scroll on his back down with his bag and dropped to a ready position momentarily before launching towards the Sannin and throwing a wild punch.

He stumbled forward as his blow was easily dodged. Turning he rushed forwards again and attempted the same thing with similar results.

"Kukuku, you are fast, Naruto-kun, this is good."

Orochimaru chuckled inwardly, while training a genin was going to be a headache it would be more than worth it to secure the Nine Tails power. Once he had the jinchuuriki's own skill and chakra up to a point where he would have some semblance of control over the ever grateful boy he would begin teaching him to draw on the Kyuubi's power and control it.

It wasn't something he had prior experience with but he had a fairly solid idea of what he needed to do. Holding Konoha's dirty little secret within his grasp was satisfying, more so then he thought it would be. Revenge really is a dish best served cold. He had waited 15 years for this but now the cards were all stacked against Konoha.

"Umm, sensei?" Naruto said "You ok there?"

Orochimaru snapped out of his silent revelry and looked down towards his newest weapon who had an eager look on his face.

Drifting off slightly once more upon seeing the miniature Yondaime lookalike Orochimaru's mouth spread into a large smirk.

Destroying Konoha with the Yondaimes legacy by his side, in their greatest bloodline's last loyal members body.

Could life be any more beautiful?