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Chapter 4: Popcorn

Bobby felt …………at ease for the first time in a long time. Alex had wiggled and squirmed until she was finally comfortable curled on the couch like a cat with her head resting on Bobby's leg. It had taken Bobby a minute to relax once Alex found her spot. Because he had no other place to rest is arm (or so he told himself), his hand ended up on her shoulder. As he relaxed, so did his hand. He gently trailed his fingers up and down her arm. Alex wished she could make time stop for she knew, once the movie was over, Bobby would stand to leave, perhaps pause for a moment like he sometimes did before saying goodbye, but, in the end, he would leave………….and that would be that, except that her heart would break a little more.

"Not this time"

"11:25," Bobby answered.


"You asked for the time."

"Right," Alex responded. She hadn't realized her thoughts had escaped.

"Are you getting tired? Ready for me to go?"

"The movie's not over. You want some popcorn?"


Alex stretched and headed for the kitchen. Bobby stood too to work a few kinks out of his back. "Well worth it," he thought. He could still feel the warmth where her head had rested on his leg.

Alex returned with the popcorn. They once again sat next to each other in the middle of the couch. As Alex reached for the remote, Bobby surprised the both of them. "Are you gonna' go out with Peter?"

Alex stopped, mid reach, and nearly dropped the bowl of popcorn on the floor. She looked at Bobby and started to speak.

"That is what he was doing, isn't it? …………when I interrupted today. He was asking you out?"

Again Alex started to speak.

"I'm sorry I interrupted…………it's just………I wasn't thinking…………I just... I knewthat's what he was doing……….and, I don't know……….I just…………Are you?"

Alex waited a moment, not sure if he was going to let her speak this time or not. "Am I what, Bobby?" She asked in earnest, gently encouraging him to continue.

"Are you gonna' go out with Peter?"

"I haven't been out with a nice man in a very long time, Bobby."

His brow furrowed ever so slightly. She was up to something.

"It would be fun to get out of this house. To get dressed up and go someplace new, someplace nice where I could eat, drink, and dance." She paused. "I bet Peter doesn't even dance." She was careful to sound over the top disappointed.

Bobby smiled. "I dance."

"Do you now?"

He nodded slowly. "I also know the manager at Senecios. He owes me a favor."

Alex lifted one eyebrow and slowly pulled a piece of popcorn into her mouth.

"I would probably have to wear something short and black to a place like that, huh?"

Bobby felt himself heating up as she popped another piece of popcorn in her mouth. He would never look at popcorn in the same way again.

"So, you think you could get us a reservation for tomorrow night?"

"I think so," Bobby said with confidence and pulled out his cell phone to call information. He stood while he waited to be connected to Senecios. He started to pace out of habit. Alex listened as he made reservations for two for tomorrow night, 6:30p.m., by the fountain.

Alex got up from the couch and walked toward the kitchen with the popcorn. She stopped in front of Bobby. "You made the reservations?"

"Yes, mam"

"Good." She rocked up on her toes toward him and flashed him a sly grin. "I'll go call Peter and let him know we're on for tomorrow night." Before she could even land back on her heels, Bobby caught her by the waste and sent the popcorn flying.

"Like hell you will."

Her laugh was stifled by his lips. Hands now free of the popcorn bowl, they met behind his neck. They melted into each other, each kiss more frantic than the one before. Six years of unrequited passion came pouring out of Bobby. Alex felt the rush of emotion and was overcome. She was surprised when Bobby abruptly pulled away.

"What's wrong?"

Bobby shook his head.

"If you apologize to me Bobby, I swear, I'll kick you're a…"

"Alex!" He cut her off before she could finish.

Confused, Alex snapped "What?"

Bobby pointed over her shoulder. "We have company."

Alex turned to see Natty rubbing his eyes in the doorway.

"Oh, hey Buddy. You OK?" Alex turned to face the little boy.

"I heard a crash."

"Oooh, I'm sorry little man." Alex walked over and knelt in front of him. "I dropped the popcorn bowl. I didn't mean to wake you up."

"Can I watch some more Scooby Doo with you and Uncle Bobby?"

"Yeah, I think that sounds good. You two sit and I'll get it started."

In a replay of earlier events, Bobby and Natty snuggled in the chair while Alex changed out the movies. She looked over her shoulder at the two boys who held her heart. "My boys," she thought and settled into the couch, content ………finally content.


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