Jane, Kate, and Sarah all sat on Sarah's bed, catching up on each of their respective vacations. Currently Sarah was describing her and Caleb's trip to his ancestor's estate in England to Kate who was listening intently, while brushing her hair.

"Its really pretty," Sarah enthused, "and I know its cliché but when we went horseback riding together, I didn't want to be any other place."

"Aw, Caleb's sweet," Kate remarked, smiling. "Pogue and I -."

"So, yeah, I'm dating Reid and Tyler," Jane suddenly declared in the midst of the girls' conversation. Sarah froze and Kate dropped her brush. It hit the floor with a harsh clunk that no one acknowledged.

"What?" both girls yelled, one in astonishment, the other in amazement. Sarah looked positively gleeful.

Jane gave a nervous shrug that came out as more of a twitch.

"Lucky," stated Sarah with relish, plopping down onto her stomach next to the confessing girl.

Kate gave Jane a serious look as she sat down on her own bed after picking up her brush. "Do they know?"

Jane scoffed. "Duh, come on, they're my best friends. I wouldn't do that to them." She blew her bangs out of her face. "It actually is kind of hard to understand." She paused. "They're dating, too."

Sarah gaped. "So, you are in an open relationship with each of them?"

Jane scratched her head. "Not really, no. They're only allowed to date one other person."

Sarah tilted her head in confusion. Kate was strangely quiet.

"Each other," Jane admitted.

Sarah squealed. "Cute!" Inwardly she was wondering if she could get a couple shots of the boys doing the nasty – she could make so much money selling the footage to fans willing to imagine the boys either as Harry and Draco or Angel and Spike (1).

Jane exhaled in relief. "So, you don't think its weird?"

Sarah shook her head. "Yeah, its weird, ('But great!' her inner fangirl screeched) but it makes so much sense."

Jane looked at the silent third of their party. "Kate, do you think its wrong?"

Kate gave her a small smile that sent bells ringing in Jane's head. The younger girl ignored them just as she had ignored them whenever Reid and Tyler had smiled at her. "It really isn't," said Kate in an unusually serious voice. "Good for you. I understand completely."

Jane gave her a grateful smile as she began to talk excitedly to Sarah.

Neither girl noticed their once again silent compatriot forlornly eyeing one of her old photos: Jane was nestled as per usual between Reid and Tyler. Kate was, of course, willingly under Pogue's arm.

Her eyes lingered over what was usually looked over in the photo: Her arms were also wrapped casually but securely around Caleb's torso, his hand pressing possessively onto the small of her back. Imperceptibly, Caleb and Pogue were turned towards each other, grinning, an eternal tableaux.

"I bet Caleb's not the jealous type," Kate had said months ago with a slight pout. Underneath the tone of annoyance and petulance was a hint of wistfulness, before she turned over and closed her eyes and dreamed of what almost was.

End Epilogue.

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A/N: No one can ever be surprised as I was when I realized what I had typed. But after I thought about it for a while it totally made sense. Kate could've suggested Caleb instead of Reid to Sarah not only because she knew the blonde was enamored with Jane, but also because she felt badly for him being alone. Why would she feel badly, you ask? Because she chose Pogue over Caleb! And, when you think about it, Sarah and Kate seem so similar in the movie and, hopefully, in this fic, so Kate probably instinctively knew that Sarah and Caleb would be good together because of this reason. Also, when Caleb tries to prevent Pogue from going after Chase, Pogue yells, "We're talking about Kate!" as if that's a perfectly good reason that Caleb would understand. It's not that much of a stretch. If you hate the implied (almost) romance, just pretend that this epilogue never happened. But I'm pretty sure if you enjoyed this fic, you probably would enjoy this epilogue.

I'm also writing a prequel for this fic if anyone's interested. Detailing Jane, Tyler, and Reid's blossoming feelings, Kate, Caleb, and Pogue's ignored ones, and Ashley and Tyler's doomed romance. Anyways, its called 'Chemicals React' and I posted a very short first chapter already. :)

(1) Harry and Draco belong to J.K. Rowling and Angel and Spike belong to Joss Whedon, god bless the two of them.