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Disturbing Enigma

Part 5/5

The next morning, after they showered and cleaned up, Padme made breakfast for everyone, as they entered the last two hours of their journey back to Coruscant. Now, she had Anakin sitting on the med table, shirtless, while she removed the bacta patches. She was relieved to see that the puncture wounds had closed.

"The wounds closed just fine and there's no infection so far. I want to keep an eye on them though," she told him.

"I'm sure I'll be fine. After all, I have the prettiest nurse in the galaxy," he replied.

"Are you trying to charm me, Master Jedi?" she teased.

"Of course. Is it working?" he asked.

"Maybe," she answered cryptically. He hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

"Then I better keep at it., so I can win you over, milady," he said.

"And however do you plan to do that, Master Jedi?" she asked. His hot gaze captured her, as he drew her lips to his. She felt herself go limp in his arms, as her knees weakened under his searing passion.

"Anakin..." she whispered briefly, before his lips crashed against hers again. Their kisses were feverish, as she delved her fingers into his hair.

"So, how am I doing?" he teased, as he broke the kiss.

"Very well. So well in fact that I expect you to fulfill all my needs tonight at home...after the kids are in bed. I expect you to have your way with me, handsome Jedi," she said seductively. He smirked and kissed her again.

"Then I'll see to it that you're not disappointed," he replied.

"Mmm...I don't even think that's remotely possible," she stated, as she traced the lines on his bare chest. He stepped down off the med table and now gazed down at her, drinking in her alluring beauty. He surprised her by lifting her up and setting her down on the med table.

"Now...you're the patient," he said, as his lips descended on her neck, gently nibbling just below her ear. She giggled and wrapped her legs around his waist, as his hands grasped her hips.

"So...you're a healer now?" she teased. He smirked.

"I'm anything you want me to be," he replied, a sexy edge in his voice that drove her wild.

"Well then, Healer Skywalker, what's the diagnosis?" she asked, playing along.

"Well, I've concluded that you're perfectly healthy. But I'm afraid your incredible beauty has gone and bewitched me, for you hold my very heart in your hands. I've declared that you are but an angel bound in human form and that it is my duty to protect and love you always. Of course, under Healer/Patient confidentiality rules, we can keep the truth about you...just between us," he whispered the last three words, as their lips crashed together, passion surging between them.

"I've also concluded that your beautiful, sexy body tempts me like nothing ever has. But the results of this test require...a full body examination," he said, wriggling his eyebrows playfully. Padme giggled, as their lips met again and hands roamed purposefully.

"Ani...we can't now..." Padme said, as he reached for the zipper on her dress.

"Why not?" he questioned, as his lips nipped at her jugular.

"Because...anyone could walk in. What if Jayden comes looking for us?" she asked. He sighed.

"Fine, but you have an appointment with me tonight," he said, pointing his finger at her.

"Oh...I wouldn't miss it for anything in the galaxy," she replied playfully, as she caught his finger in her mouth and gently sucked on it in a seductive manner. He groaned with need in response.

"You are a naughty star nymph," he scolded.

"I thought I was an angel," she replied, as she sat back, striking a sexy pose.

"You are. A star nymph is simply an angel that is a mischievous little temptress that causes a man to lose all control," he said, with a pout. She smirked and pulled him into a fiery kiss.

"I very much promise to make it up to you, my handsome protector. As I told you before, tonight, you shall have your way with me," she replied sultrily.

"You're right, I will. I always get my revenge, you know," he said, as helped her down off the table. Their lips met again, passion still burning between them.

"I know...and I'm very much looking forward to all the things I know you want to do to me," she said seductively again. He gasped, as she playfully pinched his rear, before sauntering to the door.

"I'll get you for that too," he called, as he watched her perfect hips sway in a hypnotizing rhythm.

"You better," she called. He followed her out into the cabin area and back to their bedroom. Together, they checked on Jayden, who was in his room, playing with some toys. Anakin decided this would be a good time to talk to him and Padme sensed that.

"I'm going to get our things packed up," she said, as she kissed his cheek and left father and son alone.

"Hi daddy," Jayden chirped.

"Hi Jay. Come up here and sit with me for a minute," Anakin said, as he sat down on the bed. His son gladly came to him and Anakin lifted him onto his knee. Jayden clutched his toy star fighter and Anakin smiled at him.

"What kind of ship is that?" he asked.

"It's a Nabooan Star Fighter, Class A, Royal Guard," Jayden recited. Anakin chuckled.

"A chip off the old block, I'd say," Anakin told him.

"Daddy, have you ever flown one like this?" Jayden asked.

"A few times," Anakin replied.

"There's a lot of these at the palace on Naboo, isn't there?" he asked.

"That's right, very good. You're getting to be a big boy and I'm really proud of you," Anakin said.

"You are?" he asked. Anakin nodded.

"You were such a big boy for mommy and you were strong for her when I couldn't be there," Anakin said.

"But I was really scared," Jayden replied.

"I know and it's okay to be scared. You can be scared and still be strong at the same time. I get scared too," Anakin said.

"You do?" Jayden asked in disbelief. Anakin nodded.

"When you and mommy were kidnaped, I was really scared. But I stayed strong, so I could find you both," Anakin explained. Jayden nodded.

"Daddy...something happened when the bad man had mommy and me," Jayden said.

"Can you tell daddy about it?" Anakin asked. Jayden nodded.

"The bad man said he'd leave me alone if mommy did what he wanted. He hit mommy and pushed her. He was really mean and I... think he was going to do something really bad to mommy. She was really scared and she was crying," Jayden explained.

"What happened then?" Anakin asked, wishing he could have killed Pestage himself.

"I didn't want him to hurt mommy anymore. I talked to the Force like I learned and told the Force that the bad man was hurting my mommy and it stopped the bad man for me!" Jayden said in amazement. Anakin smiled.

"I'm very proud of you too. It's good that when you and mommy were in trouble, you called on the Force for guidance and help. It will always answer your call when you're in trouble. But you must make sure you never abuse the power of the Force," Anakin explained. Jayden's eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you mean, daddy?" he asked.

"Well, you must always use the Force for good and to help people. The bad people use it for bad things and to hurt people," Anakin explained.

"I don't want to use it for bad things. How do I know the difference, daddy?" he asked. Anakin ruffled his hair.

"It's actually very simple, son. When you call on the Force to aide you, make sure it is love that is in your heart. Always let love banish away hate and anger. When I came for you and mommy, I was really angry that the bad people wanted to hurt you. But instead of fighting with anger, I let my love for you and your mother overrule my anger," he explained.

"Then you beat the bad people, right?" Jayden asked. Anakin nodded.

"That's right. Love is very powerful, despite what the bad people think," Anakin said.

"So, I just have to think about people I love?" he asked. Anakin nodded again.

"Yes, think about your brother and sisters. And even me and Mommy too or your grandparents," Anakin suggested.

"Can I think of Natalie too?" he asked. Anakin chuckled.

"You really are a chip off the old block. But yes, you can think of Natalie too. Love will always conquer all, even in the darkest of times," Anakin said, as he let him down.

"Hi Mommy!" Jayden called, as she entered.

"Hi sweetie. Grandpa says we'll be landing soon. Why don't you go out and let him strap you in. Mommy and Daddy will be there in a minute," she said. Jayden scampered off, as Padme approached her husband. He pulled her down across his lap and kissed her softly.

"I did a little eavesdropping there at the end and heard what you told him. Thank you," she said.

"He's going to be fine, angel," he assured her.

"I know, because he has such a wonderful father," she replied.

"He has a pretty amazing mother too," he added, as he kissed her passionately. Together, they joined everyone else in the cabin and prepared to drop out of hyperspace, before beginning the descent into Galactic City on Coruscant...

As the ramp dropped, the Skywalker children waited impatiently with their aunt, three grandmothers, and two cousins.

"Mommy! Daddy!" they called, as their parents came down the ramp with Jayden. Anakin and Padme knelt down and opened their arms, as they hugged and kissed each of their beautiful children. The four women could wait no longer either, as they convened around Padme and Jayden, relieved that they were safe. After a few moments together, they decided the children would go home along with Shmi, Elana, Jobal, and Sola, while the rest of them would be along later. There was much to discuss with the Council and it could wait no longer.

"Good to see you well it is, Padme. Trust I do that you and young Jayden were unharmed," Yoda said.

"Yes Master Yoda, thank you," she replied, as she sat down next to her husband.

"And Knight Keto returned to us at last you have. Unharmed you and your youngling are?" Yoda asked. She nodded.

"Yes Master. And...it's good to be home," Serra said.

"He's beautiful. May I?" Aayla asked. Serra nodded and placed him in her arms and Kit peered down at the baby. Anakin suppressed a chuckled, as Yoda hopped onto Mace's shoulder to peer down at the baby as well.

"Mmm...strong in the Force, he is," Yoda mentioned.

"What did you name him?" Kit asked.

"Marcus. Marcus Cin Olin," Serra said, looking at her former Master warmly.

"Hmm...a wedding we will have, yes?" Yoda asked. Ferus and Serra blushed.

"Yes Master...I've asked Serra to marry me," Ferus answered.

"And married you will be. But now, much to discuss we have, I believe," Yoda said. All present nodded and sat down. Cin Dralig was happy to hold little sleeping Marcus. Qui-Gon produced the diary he had swiped on Mustafar and handed it to his father.

"So, this is the diary," Mace said.

"Yes, the diary of Master Sifo-Dyas," Dooku replied, as he opened it. They all watched, as a perplexed look washed over his face.

"There are several entries in basic, but most of it is in a language I do not recognize," Dooku said. Yoda hobbled over to where his old padawan sat.

"Master...do you recognize this language?" he asked. Yoda studied it for several moments.

"No...unfamiliar to me it is. Very possible that it is a language much older than even me. Some symbols, however, are reminiscent of symbols used in the ancient Sith language. Derived from this, the Sith language could be," Yoda said.

"Here's the last entry he made. Perhaps this will tell us something," Dooku said, as he began reading the last entry.

Entry four-hundred and sixty three:

This may very well be my last entry, as my time nears. Master Sidious' Clone army has been commissioned and Kamino was erased from the archives on my last visit to the Temple. One may ask why I have betrayed my Jedi brethren, but unfortunately, things are much bigger than just the Jedi or the Sith. I allied myself with the Sith Master in order to realize the dreams of my people. It was not until the age of thirty-seven that I discovered my true heritage, believing up until then, I was just an orphan with no real roots. It was not until then that I discovered a people that had existed for centuries with the technologies to do things that were unimaginable. Living out far beyond the outer rim in wild space, they were never discovered...until recently. They are responsible for most of the galaxies technological marvels. They gave the Kaminoans the knowledge of Cloning. They gave the Corellians and the Nubians the knowledge of making ships and weapons. The Neimodian droids are just a primitive prototype of the technology these unknown people possess. They are human and they live among the rest of the galaxy's people, save for those who remain on their isolated home world. I visited there and learned of my roots. I gave Sidious the means to help bring about a new order. Democracy is a disease, yet the Jedi cannot see it. My people, a race so advanced and intelligent, deserve to rule the galaxy. I once thought my old friend Yan would join me, but alas, democracy's mantra has infected him too. I never intended to allow Sidious to gain complete control. I wanted him to help establish my people's dynasty and then usurp him. But I am afraid he is on to me and my dreams will have to be realized by another. I have spent the last few weeks hiding the keys to finding my home world. The contents of this diary, encoded in my people's ancient language, which is all but dead, is the only way to find the clues. Scant few are even able to translate the glyphs and the secrets will remained forever unlocked, unless they can be translated. Those of my race, whom Sidious has control of, are not located on the home world. They work for him, but shall never tell of the home world that Sidious has no knowledge of. If the wrong person were to find the technology that exists on my home world, the galaxy would be at this individual's mercy. Sidious will use my people to create his weapons...but in the end, it may not be enough to stamp out the dying Republic, which is like an insect that refuses to perish. One day, my people will rise and destroy the Sith and the Jedi alike, for their abuse of the Force's powers cannot be tolerated any longer. Dooku believes that grandson of his is the Force's All Mighty Chosen One, though he hasn't said so out loud, I know he believes this. Whether or not that's true, not even he will stand in the way of my people when they rise to their destiny. There are less than a thousand left of my race, and even less still living on the home world. The Jedi believe that I perished weeks ago aboard a transport, but I knew Sidious had placed a hit on me. My work is done and Maul is closing in one me. I will die today, but the secrets of the galaxy's greatest treasures will remain here forever, at the bottom of Naboo's ocean, for Jedi nor Sith are worthy of possessing these secrets.

"So, our suspicions were correct. He did erase Kamino from the Archives," Mace said.

"And he was responsible for commissioning the Clone Army," Kit added.

"It appears so. He was in league with Sidious for his own selfish purposes. Millions of lives hung in the balance, but it seems he did not care who was hurt," Dooku said, rather bitterly.

"Wait...I don't understand. He keeps ranting about his people. What people? Who are they?" Obi-Wan asked.

"I'm sure these glyphs can answer that, but I doubt there is anyone here in the Temple that can translate them, especially if Master Yoda can't," Dooku said.

"He keeps talking about a superior race of humans with superior technology," Anakin said, looking at all of them.

"The androids. There has to be a connection. No people that we now of have the technology to build anything more sophisticated than a droid," Anakin said. None of them liked where this was going at all.

"Anakin is right. It's too coincidental," Dooku stated.

"Master Yoda, we've always been told that the Sith believe that any race other than humans are inferior and unclean," Anakin said.

"Right you are, Anakin. This mantra, the Sith do believe," Yoda replied.

"What if this race of people are simply where the Sith originated from? They create cold, ruthless machines in the image of humans. So far, all the androids have looked human. Why haven't they modeled them after a different species? It's because they're human and seek to create a super race in their image. Why should we believe that these people are any different than the Sith? What if they are just as bad...or worse," Anakin suggested.

"But if they are worse, then why haven't they attacked themselves or tried to take over the galaxy?" Obi-Wan wondered. Anakin and Padme looked at each other.

"Because they're the brains of the operation," Padme suggested.

"Padme could be right. What if they are physically weaker or have very little Force control? But from what we've seen, they have vast intelligence and they are brilliant engineers. So, they create beings that will fight for them, yet do not have the ability to turn on them and are completely loyal," Anakin said.

"The person they call the Master said she was going to take the diary with her. These people that the diary talks about could be willingly working for the Sith, or at least their leaders could be," Padme added.

"The design we found in Tarkin's office could be something of their's and if so, we must be prepared for the possibility that it is a weapon," Qui-Gon said.

"Yes...a weapon meant for destruction and annihilation," Dooku added.

"Find these clues, we must, if to understand more we are," Yoda said.

"But Master, how do we find these clues? We don't even know what we're looking for, much less where to begin," Obi-Wan said.

"Become clearer over time, this mystery may," Yoda concluded. The Council Room door slid open and Threepio trotted in, followed by Artoo.

"Master Ani, Mistress Shmi said that you needed my assistance," Threepio said. Yan handed the diary to Anakin.

"Yes Threepio, we're hoping you can translate this ancient language for us," Anakin said, as he handed the diary to the droid.

"Oh dear...much of it is washed out, Master Ani," Threepio fretted.

"We know, but see what you can do," Anakin replied. Artoo clicked and beeped rudely.

"Yes, make yourself useful for once,"

"You only wish you were half as useful as I, you little bucket of bolts," Threepio retorted, as he continued examining the book.

"I'm terribly sorry, Master Ani, but this language does not register in any of my data banks. While I am fluent in over six million forms of communication, this is not one," Threepio answered.

"You mean out of six million languages, this isn't one of them?" Anakin asked in disbelief.

"I'm afraid not," Threepio responded.

"Thanks Threepio. You and Artoo can wait by the speeder for us," Anakin said, as the droids turned toward the door. Artoo clicked and beeped rudely, emitting an electronic chuckle.

"I am not useless, you rude little scrap pile!" Threepio argued. Artoo blew an electronic raspberry.

"Oh switch off!" Threepio said crossly.

"What were you thinking when you built him?" Obi-Wan asked. Anakin shrugged.

"I was a kid. I didn't know he was going to turn out to be a spineless chatterbox," Anakin retorted.

"Anakin, did any of you discover the identity of this mysterious Master?" Aayla asked.

"No...we couldn't even tell if it was a man or woman. They were using a device to garble their voice and wore a cowl," Anakin replied.

"She also hit us with black Force lightning," Obi-Wan said.

"Black Force lightning?" Kit asked in confusion.

"Yes, and it was much more powerful than blue Force lightning," Anakin replied.

"More to discuss, I sense, hmmm?" Yoda questioned.

"Yes Master and I believe it has to do with Jayden, am I correct?" Dooku asked. Anakin and Padme nodded, as they sat back down.

"Something happened while Jayden and I were being held captive by Admiral Pestage," Padme began.

"Pestage. That sounds familiar," Mace said.

"It should. Sate Pestage served under Tarkin's command for years," Qui-Gon informed him. Anakin squeezed his wife's shoulder and urged her to continue.

"Pestage wanted to take a sample of Jayden's blood to have it analyzed for midichlorians. I begged him not to, but he took the sample anyway," Padme said, pausing to take a deep breath.

"After he had the sample, he attacked me. He said he wouldn't hurt Jayden if he...got what he wanted from me. I called out to Jayden to stay where he was when Pestage shoved me down onto the couch. And just when I was sure I was about to be raped, Pestage was hit with a very large marble table," Padme said.

"You got there in time then?" Aayla asked Anakin.

"I wasn't the one that killed Pestage with the table," Anakin stated.

"But...that means...oh Force," Obi-Wan said in amazement.

"Jayden lifted that table," Anakin told them.

"Sweet Force..." Kit said.

"Do they know or suspect?" Dooku asked.

"Pestage's subordinates automatically assumed that I killed him and I let them keep right on thinking that," Anakin replied.

"Then this information goes no further. As far as everyone else is concerned, Anakin killed Pestage. Jayden and the rest of the children must be protected at all costs, especially since we know they wanted a blood sample. This means they suspect that the children could have potential like their father," Qui-Gon said.

"I took the sample from Pestage after he was killed and destroyed it," Padme assured them.

"I talked to Jayden too and I think his memory of the event may fad over time. He told me he asked the Force to help save his mommy from the bad man. He doesn't understand the extremities of what he did yet and Padme and I don't want him to until he's old enough. I got to grow up without that burden and I want all of our children too as well," Anakin said.

"Agreed. This matter does not leave this room. I will begin searching my connections and see if I can find anyone with any knowledge in ancient languages who would be willing to come examine the diary. We will keep it locked up here in the Council Room. Anakin can bring Artoo in the morning to start copying the information into his data banks," Dooku said. Everyone present nodded in agreement.

"Then this meeting is dismissed," Mace announced.

Anakin and Padme arrived home to their penthouse apartment in Republica 500. Shmi had brought the children home for them. She kissed Anakin and Padme goodbye and left when Qui-Gon came by to pick her up. Shmi had been kind enough to start dinner for them and Padme put the casserole in the oven, before going to join her family in the living area. She smiled, as she watched her children sit with their father. They, like her, adored him. Luke saw her and scampered to her, throwing his little arms around her in a hug. Padme knelt down and hugged him tightly and kissed his hair.

"I missed you mommy. I was really worried," Luke said, a frown on his cherub face.

"I missed you too baby. And you don't have to worry now. Daddy rescued Jayden and I and we're fine. Daddy will never let anyone hurt us," she promised him. They heard the girls and Jayden begin to laugh and squeal, as Anakin launched into a tickling tirade. Padme and Luke smiled at each other.

"Let's get daddy," she told him. He smiled, as they bounded to the couch and joined in. Anakin laughed as Padme and Luke began tickling him, quickly allowing the other kids to join in too. They ended up in a huge pile on the floor, laughing and playing.

"Daddy, do you have to go away on another mission soon?" Leia asked.

"Nope, no more off planet missions for a while. In fact, mommy and daddy both have the next week off, since the Senate is in recess, so we're going to spend the whole week together," he announced.

"Yay!" the children cheered. Padme heard the timer ding on the oven in the kitchen.

"Sounds like dinner is ready. Go on and wash up," Padme said, as the children scrambled up.

"Help your brother and sisters, you two," Padme told their oldest twins. Anakin wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lips tenderly.

"I love you," he told her.

"And I love you," she replied, as they headed to the dining area, where Threepio had already set the table and brought dinner out. Together as a family, they sat down to eat. They spent the rest of evening sitting with their children, who were watching a children's holovid. While their attention was on the Holoscreen, none of the children strayed far from their parents and the entire family cuddled on the large sofa. Kimberly was the first to fall asleep against her father's chest, quickly followed by both Jayden and Jenna. Anakin carried the girls and put them both in their beds, while Padme put Jayden in his. They each kissed their three youngest and tucked them in. Next, they ushered a sleepy Luke and Leia off to bed. They tucked the twins in and kissed them. Their mother's soothing voice and their father's protective presence quickly lulled them to sleep. Anakin and Padme entered their bedroom for the night and began to ready for bed themselves, changing into their sleep clothes and brushing their teeth. Anakin watched his wife, clad in a short, creamy white negligee, made of soft, silky shimmer silk, brush out her long chocolate curls. The thin straps dangled on the edge of her shoulders and the collar dipped low in v, barely concealing her supple bosom. Her shapely legs were on display as well, enticing him even further. The soft, romantic glow only illuminated her beauty and he descended upon her. She turned to him and became captive under his passionate gaze. Her hairbrush fell from her hand, as his lips were crushed by his. She squeaked, as he lifted her onto the vanity, pressing her back against the mirror, as he claimed her mouth in a series of feverish kisses. He broke the kiss and they gazed at each other, as they panted air into their lungs. Padme closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side, as his lips tackled the slender column of flesh. Her hands slid sensually along his chest, marveling at his hard, toned physique, as he sucked at her pulse point. She trapped his hips between her knees and hooked her legs around his waist. He lifted her up and they gazed at each other with smoldering passion, as he carried her to their large bed. He laid her down on the pillow and they came together, as passion and love swallowed them into a world of ecstasy...

A week later...

The Jedi Temple Gardens was beautifully decorated and those in attendance for the event sat in rows of chairs. The Council members were gladly taking turns holding baby Marcus, as Jocasta Nu stood at the altar. Ferus stood there before her, as nervous as could be, in his formal Jedi robes. Anakin patted his shoulder, as he stood next to him, also in his formal robes.

"Yes, it's normal to be this nervous," Anakin told him, answering his thoughts. Anakin looked up and smiled, as his wife walked slowly down the aisle with flowers in hand. She was dressed in a beautiful yellow matron of honor gown and her hair was back in a low bun, with a matching floral clip adorning it. She took her place and smiled at her three oldest children, who sat with their grandparents. They all watched the precious sight, as Jayden and Jenna trotted down the aisle. Jayden carried a pillow with the rings, as his twin sister dropped flower petals along the aisle. The soft music intensified and the audience stood, as Serra entered on Cin Dralig's arm in a brilliant white dress. Ferus' breath was taken away, as she seemed to float toward him. When she arrived, Cin relinquished her hand and they turned to Jocasta Nu. There, among family and friends, Serra and Ferus were married, as Coruscant's sun sat low in the horizon. They recited their own vows and the Council blessed their union.

"What our great Force has brought together, let no one destroy. By the power granted to me by the All Mighty Force, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," she announced. Ferus and Serra's lips met in a tender kiss, as their friends applauded. The power of love had once again proved that it was more powerful than evil...

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