Marian walked to bus stop slowly, savouring the moment. She was heading off for another year of boarding school and wouldn't be home for a few months.

She loved her home and her father - they had a large house and her father was an important Politian. But while at home, she could never be herself.

At school, she didn't have to be 'proper', she could just muck around with her friends. Still, she was going to miss Knighton.

Marian suppressed a yawn as she got to the stop. She hadn't gotten much sleep as two boys had come to her house last night. When her father told them to leave, they claimed to be old friends of her's. When they refused to leave, she had come out and told them to back off. They both seemed so familiar that she wished she had asked them who they were. Probably just thieves, she reasoned.

Her friends were all waiting for her – Will, Djac, Allan, Eve and John. They all greeted each other warmly and waited for the bus. When it arrived, everyone was pushing to shove their bags on the bus before running to take their seats.

Marian sighed. She didn't bother pushing and just waiting on the street for everyone to load up his or her luggage. She hurled on her bags and was about to jump on the bus.

'Marian' she heard a voice call. Turning around, she could feel her anger rising. It was Robin Locksley. They had been friends all of her life and about a year ago, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. That was until he decided that school wasn't good enough and he left to 'see the world'.

Needless to say when he left, she had not been on speaking terms with him.

Robin grinned at his old sweetheart. She hadn't changed but she looked different – older and more confident.

'How are you? I've thought of you' he smiled.

'Robin' Much said running up beside him, puffing. 'Why did you run off like tha-'. He stopped when he saw Marian. That's why.

Marian was fighting back the urge to slap Robin for being so handsome and cute and confident. How can he still be so… so... arggh!

'Ah Marian' Guy said coming from behind her. 'Would you give me the pleasure of your company?'

Guy was a boy who had come just a few weeks after Robin left. Marian didn't like him but he obviously loved her. He was always talking to her and eyeing her up and down. He made her nervous and sick but still anything was better than Robin. She smiled at him and he led her to the bus, leaving Robin and Much behind.

Once on the bus, Marian looked out the window to watch her old friends chuck their bag under and climb aboard. Luckily Eve had saved her a seat, so she didn't have to sit with Guy.

'Hey was that who I think it is?' John asked loudly.

'I'm not being funny, but is that Robin and Much?' Alan joined in. the entire gang had now spotted them.

'Hey there's a seat over here' Will motioned to the seat behind Marian and Eve.

The next two hours, the gang all asked questions about Robin and Much's travels. Much had gone with his best friend around the world and was enjoying all the attention. Robin answered all of his friend's questions but couldn't keep his eyes off Marian. She wasn't talking like the rest of them; instead she had an I-pod out and was listening to music. He wanted so badly to talk to her, to see her smile at him, to hear that she missed him.

Don't kid yourself, he said in his head. She was really mad when he left and never responded to his e-mails. But Robin couldn't help but wonder if she still felt the same way he did about her.

Just when he was about to tap her on the shoulder, the bus pulled into the school car park and everyone begun filing out.

Robin had been too busy admiring Marian to notice that during the entire bus trip, he was been watched by Guy's jealous eyes.

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