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Robin and the gang had run all the way from town back to school. Having just climbed through Djac's window the gang collapsed on the beds and chairs, panting. Robin helped the Nightwatchman down from the window and turned to his gang.

'Well, that was fun' Alan joked.

'Guy's psycho' Will agreed.

'All that running and fighting for what?' Much aimed his question at Robin but the added 'no offence' to the Nightwatchman.

'Oh thanks Much' the Nightwatchman laughed. The whole gang stopped panting and looked at the hooded person. The voice was that of a girl, a familiar girl…

'Marian?!' they all asked in unison.

Robin and Marian laughed as she took off her mask.

'That's Nightwatchman to you' she smiled.

'Oh my god!' Djac looked utterly confused. 'Has it been you this whole time?' Marian nodded. 'And you didn't tell me?' she threw a pillow at her friend.

'Sorry' Marian looked sincere.

'Oi' Alan, lying on the floor, propped himself up on his elbow. 'If we didn't know and Djac didn't know, how'd you find out?' he asked Robin.

'Magic' Robin grinned.

'Yeah but-' Alan wanted more.

'Enough' John interrupted him. 'Were all safe… that's enough…. for now'

'Thankyou John' Marian smiled. 'I'm going to change before anyone else finds out my little secret.' All of the gang begun firing Robin questions and laughter.

Smiling, Marian started for the bathroom door but collapsed after taking only a few steps. Her side felt like it has just burst open. With all of the adrenaline and danger, she hadn't noticed the dark, warm liquid weeping from her side.

The gang had stopped all of a sudden. Robin looked at them, confused, and then he heard her voice. Soft, quiet and scared.



'Are you sure you don't want me to stay?' Will looked as tired as he did concerned.

'Yeah' Djac bit her bottom lip, fighting off sleep herself. 'I think its best if you go, I won't be long… we should a really get some sleep'. Will nodded, happily agreeing to go off to bed, especially with the promise that Djac would soon be joining him. Not that he would try anything – he was far too tired. But still, knowing that Djac would be near him again soothed his drowsy mind.

Djac watched Will walk off down the hall and let out a sigh. After closing the door of her room, she lent heavily on it, watching the scene in front of her.

Robin looked like hell, he had been up all night, not even contemplating sleep. He had his back up against Marian's bed, knees close to his chest, eyes not focusing on anything particular.

Marian was lying on her bed, in a deep sleep, due to sleeping pills given to help her deal with the pain. She was wearing her Nightwatchman suit with her hair tumbling gracefully over her shoulders. Djac smiled. For the first time in months, she looked like the real Marian – a contradiction. Marian was painfully beautiful, and ladylike and sweet. But she was also fierce, strong and brave. Djac noticed that one of Marian's hands had fallen and was resting on Robin's shoulder.

Returning her attention to Robin, Djac realized he was now watching her.

'Are you ok?' She asked quietly, still leaning on the door.

'Yeah' he lied.

'She's going to be fine…' Djac knew this was true, the wound hadn't been deep, but she was still concerned.

'You should get some sleep' Robin watched his friend closely. Her dark skin was bold in comparison to her sleepy white eyes. Her clothes were worn and scrunched but she still looked in control.

'No its ok' Djac forced herself to suppress the yawn rising in her lungs.

'Djac really…" Robin tried to convince her to go. 'You need to rest after what happened… you were so good. I'm glad you were here but you'll be of no further use if you fall asleep on top of your patient.'

Djac nodded, seeing reason and giving up.

'I'll be just down the hall if you need me' She opened the door.

'Right' Robin watched her. 'You'll be down the hall, in Will's room, if I need you'. He grinned while Djac blushed and hurried from the room.

Finally, he was alone with Marian, even if she was asleep.

For some time, Robin sat there, listening to here soft breathing. After a while, he got up, determined to make himself useful. First he cleaned up the mess from last night – bloody cloths, needles, bandages and of course – Marian's disinfectant. Marian had been brave, barely complaining while Djac had cleaned the wound. Though when she stuck in the needle for stitches, screams filled the room, causing Robin to wince. After that, Marian had been quiet. Every once in a while, she would go through a wave of pain, though she didn't let the gang know – squeezing Robin's hand was all she could manage. Robin had wanted to take her to the hospital, but Marian had talked him out of it. She was still in her Nightwatchman outfit and even if she changed, they would have to explain why the daughter of Lord Edward had a knife wound at three in the morning. So Djac, who had first aid training, volunteered to stitch up their friend. She had done a good job too, and administered sleeping pills to ease Marian off into a restful sleep.

After clearing away a few other things, Robin wandered around Marian's room. He touched her hairbrush - her constant accessory, her books - she had always loved history, her photos- she would constantly cover textbooks with them…

Marian murmured in her sleep, sending Robin instantly to her bedside.

'Marian?' he whispered. 'Can you hear me?' she had been sleeping for hours. He wanted her to wake up, to say she was feeling better, he wanted her to open her eyes.

'Robin' she murmured, obvious she was still sleeping. 'Guy's coming, he's gonna get me'

'No he's not' Robin assured her, resting his arm on hers. She struggled, as if fighting of Gisborne in her dreams. 'No one is going to harm you Maid Marian' he rolled into bed beside her, holding her closely. 'Not while I'm here, I'll protect you'.

Marian smiled sweetly in her sleep. She could feel Robin's familiar warm, hear his comforting voice fighting away her nightmares. She was safe now, away from Guy, away from Vaisley - she was with Robin and would be for a along time. She knew she would soon have to return to the realm of the awake, but for now, she enjoyed her sweet dreams, and Robins touch.