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a long, long time ago

h o l d i n g peace

This was truly ironic, even more so compared to the ever clichéd books she read and loved so much. She knew she was a princess, just like the ones in the books, and a princess was supposed to end up with the prince. Her prince was the Beast. Not him, not him with his angelic blue eyes and gravity-defying hair.

Her mind forced her to believe that this was the last chapter of her story, the final ending where she would end up happily ever after with the Beast. Belle had thought, Belle had believed it to be so. It was all so picture perfect, it all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Until he came along, that was.

He just had to step into her story, tearing up the pages and rip out the intricate web that was her life. He had to go and turn it upside down and sideways. He had to come and destroy the very concept of a princess ever getting the prince she had thought she deserved. It was entirely his fault, but she never blamed him.

Belle knew she couldn't have him, though. He had his own story, his own princess. She knew, she heard. He had sat alone in her library that day he had come to make sure everything was in order, murmuring whispers about someone named 'Rye-Coo', mentioning this girl called Kari, or was it Kayla? Belle didn't hear, nor did she recall.

The Keyblade master whispered in hushed tones, looking intently at the blank space beside him, saying things like how much he wanted to go home or that he missed the girl he was talking about, whatever her name was. He was talking to the space as if it was human, and she wondered if he had gone mad saving the world.

Still, Belle was curious, as always. Walking towards him with her hands tightly clasped in front of her, it was there for a split second, and she saw it. A boy just like the Keyblade master, blonder, maybe, and two pairs of the same sky blue eyes flitted up and rested on her. Then the shade, she supposed that was what it was, disappeared. It was gone, vanished.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her? It was there a minute ago. Then again, maybe they were since it had been a blank space right before. "Belle," his expression softened immediately, acknowledging her presence. He smiled; shifting around a bit so there would be space beside him for her to sit.

The princess sat down, a small, content smile on her face as she spoke, "Sora."

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someone should sue disney for making little girls believe
that everything ends in 'happily ever after'.
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Every single one of the friends he had met on his travels with Donald and Goofy were invited to their wedding, him and hers. It hurt, really, watching the stunningly beautiful seventh Princess of Heart walk down the sandy aisle where her prince was waiting for her with open arms. She was the very body of innocence in her white summer dress. Snow White had made that, Belle recalled.

On her pretty little head was a shell, which Ariel's sisters had spent hours upon hours trying to find the right one. Aurora's woodland animals pranced beside her, making the bride laugh. Alice skipped in front of her, throwing white petals onto the ground. Tinkerbell whizzed around, leaving a trail of golden pixie dust behind her, giggling that fairy laugh of hers with the bride.

For a moment, Sora turned around to whisper something to the King, whom shrugged and spoke words of reassurance, and as far as anyone could tell, it was because the groom was nervous.

So perfect, so perfect, Belle felt like bursting into tears. She knew she couldn't as well break the story that lay out oh-so-perfectly in front of her. That would just be too selfish, and a princess wasn't supposed to be selfish, that wouldn't be right. It was then she noticed a person lurking in the shadows, bearing the same sad eyes she did.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace," King Mickey squeaked joyously, smiling at the bride and groom, whom both looked dazzling compared to everyone else. Belle noticed the shadow with sad eyes open his mouth, to close it again.

With a flash of bright turquoise and a lock of silver hair, the shadow was gone. "You may kiss the bride," the mouse squeaked again, but Belle saw none of that. She followed the shadow as everyone stood up at once to congratulate the newlyweds.

"Wait!" The shadow spun around, and she saw fear in those turquoise eyes. They feared, and wanted to cry.

Not all pretty stories have to have pretty endings.

footnotes: bah. remake of an older fic i did, DiSNEY ENDiNG. i looked at the reviews and decided that a riku/belle hook-up was in order, as suggested by pixie paramount.

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