by Gunman

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Summery: An experiment transforms Shinji into an energy being, teleporting him around the world and merging him with the body of a deceased Autobot named Jazz.


Chapter 1

The New Autobot

"Are you sure about this, Ritsuko?" Captain Misato Katsuragi asked, worry in her voice.

"For the last time, Misato, stop worrying!" Doctor Ritsuko Akagi said.

"You've hooked up Shinji and Unit 01 to a nuclear reactor, how can I not worry?"

"And I have both you and Shinji to thank for that."

Two days ago the gigantic robotic machine called JetAlone, which was intended to replace the Evangelions, went rogue and started walking towards the city of Old Tokyo with its nuclear reactor peaking. It was stopped by Shinji and Unit 01 physically restraining the robot while Misato crawled into the robot itself and shut down it's core.

While the project was deemed a failure, it was also handed over to NERV to use as they saw fit. And right now, Ritsuko was using it in an experiment to gain Unit 01 an advantage.

"This is still ridiculous! I thought you said that these nuclear reactors were dangerous." Misato said.

"A mobile, land-based nuclear weapon pitted against an Angel is ridiculous. However, it's possible it could be a short-cut to creating an S2 Engine for the Eva's." Ritsuko said.

"That's fine, but why does Shinji have to be inside Unit 01 when you're doing it?"

"To make sure the energy flow system is compatible with both the pilot and the Eva. Don't worry, Misato, I'm not flooding the LCL with a full amount of nuclear energy all at once."

"Yeah, why bother blowing all of us up when you can slowly kill us with nuclear radiation?"

Ritsuko ignored her friend and proceeded with the experiment that had been approved by the Commander.

However, within a few seconds, a problem started.

"Sempai! The power flow! It's increasing!" Maya Ibuki shouted.

"What?" Ritsuko gasped.

"What's wrong?" Misato asked.

"The Eva's drawing power from the JetAlone reactor! We can't stop it!" Shigeru Aoba shouted.

"Shut The System Down!" Misato ordered.

"We Can't!" Makoto Hyuga shouted.


The energy flowed into the Eva and bombarded Shinji with massive amounts of energy, altered by the Eva and the LCL in order not to kill him. However it altered Shinji's own biology, transforming him into energy and linking up with the wireless communication system that NERV possessed.

Everything happened so fast that Shinji was gone before they knew what happened.

"What? Where? Where Is He? WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!" Misato shouted.

"I... I don't know." Ritsuko gasped.


Halfway across the world, a strange bolt of energy flew through the air as if drawn to something and crashed down into a hilltop over looking Tranquility Lake. Traveling through both dirt and metal, the energy bolt surged and merged with a new body, sparking to life in a way that could never have been conceived.

Especially by the boy pilot.

"What... what is this? Where am I?" Shinji said aloud.

He looked around and quickly noticed something else.

"Why is it so dark in here? And why does my voice sound different?"

He decided to think about his voice later as he had a more immediate problem.

"I need a light."

Suddenly, two beams of lights sprang out of nowhere.

"What the... where... alright Shinji calm down." he said, looking around to notice that the light was coming from his chest, and that he was in some kind of metal box. "Oh, this is not good. I've got to get out of here."

His arms reached up and pressed against what he figured was the roof of the box. He pushed on it for several minutes, tapping it with his fists, wondering if he was wearing some kind of metal tipped gloves as he kept hearing metal tapping against metal. He couldn't see what was on his hands. Heck, he could barely feel them.

I don't know where I am... But... I... Have... To... Get OUT! He mentally screamed as he pushed with all his might.

Within a few seconds, the roof of the box exploded up into the air, shining bright sunlight into the small box.

Shinji scrambled to get out, looking around and noticed that he was nowhere in Tokyo-3 or Japan. The entire area looked like a large hill with a few trees he didn't recognize, and nothing else around. He looked over at the lid of the large metal box he had been previously lying in, noticing a strange metal face in the center of the lid. He didn't notice that a small metal device on the box he had got out of was blinking.

"That doesn't help. But what am..." it was then that Shinji paused and looked down... at a body that was not his.

For one thing, he was farther up from the ground than he should have been, his skinny legs had now become thick metal with what looked like wheels attached to them, and his hands appeared to have lost two digits. In their place were what looked like four-prong claws in a kind of X-shape.

"What is... where did... why am I... where did... What The Hell Is Going On?" he shouted.

The stress and unfamiliar situation was too much for the boy, causing him to pass out.


Twenty miles away, a quartet of vehicles were speeding towards their friend's resting place.

Said vehicles included a red and blue Peterbilt 379 big rig truck, a yellow Chevy Camero Concept, a black GMC TopKick C4500 truck, and a red and green medical H2 Hummer.

(Who could have done this?) Ratchet, the H2 Hummer asked.

(I don't know, but if it's the Decepticons, I'm gonna bury THEM!) Ironhide, the TopKick said.

(Calm down, Ironhide! We haven't heard one word from the Decepticons for nearly a year.) Optimus Prime, the Peterbilt 379 said.

(Well, if it's not them, maybe the humans?) Ironhide asked.

(But why would they do that? They are our allies.) Bumblebee, the Camero said.

(Whoever's behind this, we'll deal with them.) Optimus promised.

(I just hope Jazz is alright.) Ratchet said.

"They seem to be in an awful rush!" Mikaela Banes said as she hung on inside the Camero.

"I've never seen them get like this before." Sam Witwicky replied as he tightened his belt.

"Did they say what the problem was?" the attractive, almost super model-like, brunette asked.

"All Bumblebee said it had to do with Jazz." the athletic and slightly geeky young man replied.

"But.. Jazz is dead. Isn't he?" she asked.

Within a few minutes, the four vehicles arrived at the hilltop, Sam and Mikaela getting out of the yellow Camero as the quartet of machines suddenly transformed, shifting and altering their bodies into giant, mechanical, humanoid forms.

"Over there!" Ironhide shouted.

The Autobots and their human allies quickly rushed over to where the buried metal coffin of their former First Lieutenant Jazz laid buried in the ground. The coffin was empty and the lid was lying on the ground next to it. And several yards away from the coffin, under a nearby tree, lying flat on his back, was Jazz.

"JAZZ!" they all shouted.

The Autobots raced over to their fallen comrade.

"What happened?" Bumblebee asked, staring at his resting friend.

"How did he get out?" Ironhide asked.

"It does not appear that anyone else has been here... but us." Optimus said, looking over the area.

"Then how did he get out?" Mikaela asked.

"By himself?" Sam offered.

"What?" Ironhide asked.

"Impossible!" Ratchet stated.

"Maybe." Prime mused.

"WHAT?" the others gasped.

Prime walked over to the coffin lid and lifted it up, the underside showing where two objects, which looked like Jazz's own hands, had been pushing against it.

The Autobots and humans gasped as they realized that what Prime had said was true.

"So... Jazz is alive?" Ironhide asked.

"One way to find out." Ratchet said as he charged up his medical laser before aiming it at Jazz and fired, sending a burst of energy surging through him.

The shot jolted the silver Autobot from his unconscious state and into a sitting up position.

"AH! THAT HURT!" the silver robot shouted.

"He's alive!" Ironhide shouted.

"By Primus!" Ratchet gasped.

"But... how?" Bumblebee asked.

"One way to find out." Sam said as he stepped up to the still sitting robot.

Shinji looked down at the human male that had walked up to him, backing away slightly.

"Whoa, whoa. It's okay, Jazz. You're alright." the boy said quickly, trying to calm the obviously excited robot.

"Jazz? Who's Jazz?" Shinji asked.

The Autobots looked at each other in confusion as Optimus Prime stepped forward.

"Jazz, what's wrong?" the towering Prime asked.

"And what happened? How are you alive?" Ratchet asked.

"You call this alive? Who are you?" the sixteen foot silver robot asked.

"I am Optimus Prime." the thirty-foot robot said. He turned to introduce the others. "This is Ratchet, our medical officer. Ironhide, our weapons specialist. Bumblebee, intelligence and recon. And this is Sam and Mikaela, our human allies."

Shinji looked over from the green and red robot, to the black and silver robot, to the yellow and black robot, to the two humans who were a lot smaller than himself now.

"And you're Jazz, Prime's first lieutenant." Ironhide said to Shinji.

"What... who... I don't... Uhhhhhhh..." he said right before he fainted onto his back.

"Well... he certainly doesn't act like Jazz." Ironhide said.


After waking him back up, Prime started questioning his first lieutenant while Ratchet went over the diagnostics of the silver Autobot.

"I'm... a robot?" Shinji asked, sitting on the ground still looking at his opening and closing hand.

"Yes." Prime said, not realizing that his voice was different. "Do you have a name?"

"Shinji. Shinji Ikari... from Tokyo-3." he said.

Mikaela and Sam looked at each other.

Prime looked over at Ironhide and Bumblebee before turning to Ratchet.

"Ratchet, what's your analysis?" Prime asked.

"All his systems are functioning perfectly... but the energy signature is different." the Autobot medic said.

"Different? How?" the leader asked.

"Here, let me show you." the Autobot medic said as he punched the console on his arm.

A three-dimensional image sprang up from his wrist. The image itself looked like a high wavy yellowish energy line that seemed to hold a constant motion.

"This is a typical Autobot energy signature. Myself, Prime, anyone given life by the All-Spark. Like a human DNA pattern it is different from others, but still has the same basic wave structure."

Everyone nodded.

"This... is his." Ratchet said, changing the image.

The image changed from a high wavy yellow line to a narrower wavy bluish-green line.

The group stared at the line, noting the obvious differences. It was Sam who spoke.

"So... he's not from your world." the boy asked.

"Is he... from ours?" Mikaela asked the longshot question.

"It's possible." Ratchet said.

"Possible?" Ironhide huffed.

"Nothing like this has ever happened before, Ironhide. Only the All-Spark had the power to revive our race. Even if we were destroyed in battle."

"But Jazz was destroyed, same as the All-Spark." Bumblebee stated.

"Yeah, but you managed to repair his body before you buried him. And you still have that piece of the All-Spark. So... wait. Shinji?" Sam said, turning to the silver robot.

"Yes?" the new robot asked.

"Do you remember what you were before you found yourself here? Do you remember what you were?" the boy asked.

"I was human... I think." he said, staring at his hands as he opened and closed them.

"Well keep thinking. Do you remember what you were doing before... this?" Mikaela asked.

"I... I was doing some kind of experiment for my Eva."

"Eva? What's that?" the girl asked.

"It's a giant robot that I pilot."

The group looked at Shinji in confusion.

"You pilot a giant robot?" Sam asked.

"Yes." he said, turning back to his opening and closing hands. How am I supposed to cook with these? He wondered. Can I even get into the apartment with this body?

The group took to talking to each other while Prime hooked himself into the Internet, scanning.

"What did you pilot this robot against?" Mikaela asked.

"Giant creatures called Angels." Shinji said.

"Angels?" Sam asked, asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why they called them that."

"Does this robot look like us?" Ironhide asked.

"No. It's bigger." Shinji said.

"Bigger? How much bigger?" Sam asked.

"Uh... I guess about 40 meters." he said, shrugging his metallic shoulders.

Everyone's eyes widened at that.

"Sam!" Mikaela whispered to her boyfriend.

"Yeah?" the boy asked.

"Do you think he's kidding?" she asked. "I mean... a forty-meter robot? You'd think we'd hear something about that."

"Yeah... but then again the government managed to keep the All-Spark and Megatron hidden for nearly a century." Sam argued.

Mikaela nodded at that as she turned to Shinji. "Shinji, do you remember how old you were? Are you? Were you a boy? Do you have a family? Someone we can call?" Mikaela asked the boy.

"I... I'm 14... I am a boy... I was human." Shinji said, still staring at his hands.

The group looked at Shinji, wondering if he wasn't losing it. They weren't experts but a fourteen year old human boy unexpectedly becoming an Autobot was just beyond anything they could imagine. And Sam watched a lot of television when he was younger.

"A human boy... somehow became a giant robot. How?" Sam wondered.

"There's a possibility that this experiment he told us about somehow transformed him into energy. Equivalent to turning living matter into an energy form." Ratchet exclaimed.

"To match the spark of an Autobot?" Ironhide asked.

"And merged with Jazz's body of all things." Bumblebee said.

"I'm not liking where this is going." Sam said.

"Optimus?" Ratchet asked their leader.

"I've been scanning the World Wide Web. Everything that he's telling us is classified top secret by the UN. However, there is a website based out of Tokyo-3 that confirms what he's saying." Prime said.

"A website?" Ironhide asked.

"Must be Kensuke's." Shinji said.

"Kensuke?" Sam asked.

"He's this military otaku in my class who's obsessed with Eva." Shinji explained.

"What's an 'otaku'?" Ironhide asked, turning to Bumblebee. "Is that like a chihuahua?"

Bumblebee shrugged his shoulders as Mikaela spoke up.

"What about your family?" Mikaela asked Shinji.

"I don't have a family. I have a guardian. Misato." Shinji said.

"Do you remember her phone number, email address? Something we can use to contact her?"

"I do remember them."

"Alright! That's something. So maybe if we call her we can get to the bottom of this." Sam said.

"But Sam, if he's right, and he is from Tokyo-3, that means Japan, and... we'll I'm kinda light on cash for a plane ticket, not to mention cargo fees." Mikaela said.

Sam looked at Mikaela, then to Jazz, and then to Optimus Prime. He turned back to Mikaela.

"I think I know someone who can help." Sam said.


(Three Days Later, Washington D.C., The Pentagon)

A trio of unlikely people stood in the ultra secure underground garage of the Pentagon. They were an unlikely group mostly because of their attire.

The oldest among them was a Caucasian male with graying hair, dressed in a pin-stripe suit with a red tie and polished shoes. Standing next to him was an attractive blond-haired young woman in a stylish brown leather jacket over a pink cardigan sweater and beige skirt. Next to her stood a husky African-American man wearing a football jersey and cargo pants with hiking boots on his feet.

"Did they say exactly what they wanted to meet for?" the older man, Defense Secretary John Keller, asked the woman.

"All they said was that it had to do with the Autobots." the blond woman, communications expert and systems analyst Maggie Madsen, said.

"That's reason enough." John said.

Suddenly the garage doors opened up as a large red and blue Peterbilt rolled in, followed by a yellow Camero, a black TopKick, a green/red Hummer, and a silver Pontiac Solstice GXP.

"And here they are." Maggie said.

"Wait a minute. Didn't one of them get killed or something?" African-American computer hacker Glen Whitmann asked.

"You're right. The silver one." Maggie said.

"Then who's that?" Keller asked.

The Autobots lined up, and both Sam and Mikaela stepped out of the Camero. Once they were out, all the vehicles transformed before the assembled people.

Secretary Keller stepped forward. "Optimus Prime. It's good to see you again."

"I'm sorry it always has to be under unusual circumstances." the Autobot leader said.

"And what circumstances are they this time? Not the Decepticons I hope." the older man said.

"My first lieutenant." Prime said as everyone turned to Jazz/Shinji. The robot in question just looking at them, then waved his hand.

"Hi." the silver robot said.

"Uh... Optimus? Correct me if I'm wrong but... didn't he die?" Maggie asked.

"You're not wrong. Jazz was killed by Megatron during our battle a year ago." Prime explained.

"Then how is he alive?" Keller asked, stepping closer to the silver Autobot. Then a thought dawned. "Did you bring him back to life with the All-Spark?"

"No. The All-Spark was destroyed, along with Megatron. Only a small fragment remains. However it is not strong enough to bring any machine to life, let alone revive a deceased Autobot."

"Then how is he alive?" Maggie asked, stepping closer to the silver Autobot.

"We think it has something to do with a secret organization called NERV in Japan." Mikaela said.

"NERV?" Keller said, his face becoming slightly worried.

"Yes." Optimus said, turning to Jazz. "Tell them your name."

"My name is Shinji Ikari, Third Child of NERV." he replied.

"What? That's impossible!" Glen exclaimed.

"Why?" Maggie asked the hacker.

"Because Shinji Ikari is a fourteen year old Japanese boy, a HUMAN fourteen year old Japanese boy who pilots a giant robot called an Evangelion. How the hell did he get inside your dead buddy?" Glen asked.

"We don't know." Sam replied.

"And just how do you know so much about this boy?" Keller asked Glen.

Glen smiled at the Secretary of Defense. "Internet?"

Keller shook his head at that. Hackers, he thought.

"This does present a unique situation." Ratchet said.

"How so?" Keller asked.

"According to Shinji, his organization was performing some kind of experiment at their base in Tokyo-3." Optimus said.

"An experiment that we believe ultimately turned a human being into an energy form similar to our own." Ratchet explained.

"And the next thing he knows he's walking around inside Jazz's body. And he's not piloting it. He is it!" Sam added.

Keller looked pensive.

"Sir? Is something wrong?" Maggie asked, noticing the intense look the man possessed.

"NERV has been the subject of some rather intense debate in the UN." Keller explained. "A lot of suspicious activities and not a lot of explanation."

"Well, that seems to be the place to start." Sam said.

"If this secret organization has discovered a means to turn human beings into energy that can take over the bodies of Autobots..." Ratchet started to say.

"They could do the same with the Decepticons!" Ironhide stated.

"You mean those bodies that were dropped into the Laurentian Abyss?" Maggie asked.

"You mean... Megatron, all of them?" Keller asked.

"Not good! Not good!" Glen rambled, running his hands through his hair.

"We have to get to Tokyo-3 and fast." Mikaela said.

"Fine. But if we're going, we're going with back-up." Keller said as he dug out his phone.


Author's Notes:

When I first started writing this story, I was originally going to use Transformers Cybertron, Robots In Disguise. But it started getting a little... confusing. So I rewrote it using the Transformers Movie (2007) The part of the movie I didn't like was Jazz dying. Therefore, taking a suggestion from another author (Transfiguration by Shinji Ikari01), I decided to transform Shinji into energy and end up being the new spark of Jazz.

After all the Transformers/Evangelion crossovers that have appeared, I really hope this makes it into the 'Original' file of many a reviewer.

Also, this chapter has been changed and edited thanks to Cylon One.

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