by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Transformers.

Summary: While the Autobots and their allies get situated into Tokyo-3, the Angels and Decepticons start to form their own deadly alliance. And at the same time, new allies arrive as well.


Chapter 5
Iron Rain and Steel Warriors

"This place is a dump!" Asuka groaned as she looked at the two-story garage with an upstairs apartment that Misato had recently acquired.

"You should have seen her place before." Shinji said as he carefully moved the last of Misato's boxes into the building.

"Now, Shinji, don't be mean. And besides, Asuka, it's a maintenance garage. It's supposed to be messy." Misato said.

At least you have an excuse now. Shinji thought as he carefully looked around the building.

"You don't expect me to live here, do you?" Asuka groaned.

"No. You can have your own apartment, if you want. But Shinji and I are living here now."

"Oh, so you get to live with the giant robot butler/bodyguard/transport while I'm stuck at my place with no means of getting around the city?" Asuka whined. "And my first day of school is tomorrow."

"Actually, if you want, I can take you to school." Shinji volunteered.

Asuka perked up at that. "Yeah! I mean... how cool would that be! I pull up to school in a cool silver sports car, everyone thinking I'm driving it."

"Now wait a minute!" Misato shouted. "Shinji is not your personal chauffeur!"

"Oh, but he's yours?" she shouted. "That's not fair!"

"He chose to do that after my car got wrecked!" she complained.

"And he volunteered to take me to school!" the redhead argued.

"You're just using him to make you look good!" the female captain shouted.

"I don't need help looking good!" the redhead spat as she flipped her hair.

"Oh, boy!" Shinji groaned.

The pair argued back and forth some more, before they eventually stopped their shouting match and Misato turned towards Shinji.

"Well, at the very least, you won't have to worry about school anymore, Shinji-kun." Misato said.

"Yeah. I just hope Toji and Kensuke don't find out about this." Shinji said. "I'll never hear the end of it."

"Well... unless you tell them, they're not gonna figure this out anytime soon." Misato said.

"Well.... they might start asking questions as to where I am." he explained.

"Ritsuko's working on a convincing cover story." she replied.

"You gave Dr Akagi the task of figuring out how to explain my absence? Doesn't she have enough to do with turning me back into a human?" Shinji asked, towering over Misato.

Misato's mood kinda softened at that. "Shinji..... we have no idea how this happened. Even the Autobots don't know how and they're far more advanced than we are."

"So.... there's no way I can go back to who and what I used to be." Shinji said, his shoulders slump down as much as they can, despite his robotic form.

"For right now.... no, there isn't."


Dinner was an eventful occasion, given the fact that Misato insisted they go to a drive-in so that she could spend time with Shinji. (And because she couldn't cook) It was because of Shinji's driving that they weren't pulled over, mostly since Misato was eating and drinking her beer during the drive back to the garage.

Come morning, Asuka arrived at the garage, dressed for her first day of school.

"Alright, KITT, let's roll." Asuka said as she got into the Pontiac Solstice GXP's passenger seat.

"KITT?" Shinji asked through the radio.

"From Knight Rider?"


"Never mind. Just drive!"

"Wait a minute!" Misato shouted.

"What?" Asuka snapped.

"Shinji?" Misato asked, ignoring Asuka.

"Yes?" the car replied.

"After you drop off Asuka, come right back here and pick me up. We need to get to NERV ASAP."


"Uh... don't you think that's going to be a little odd? Seeing a car drive down the street by itself?" Asuka asked.

"Actually, I'm capable of creating holograms." Shinji said as a young man that looked exactly like himself before the accident appeared in the drivers seat.

"AH! Whoa! That's... pretty cool." she said. "Can you.... make it look like Kaji?"

Shinji shifted the image to make it look like the unshaven man.

Now if only he could make the hologram solid. Asuka thought as Misato shook her head.


When Shinji drove into the school parking lot, several people immediately took notice.

"Whoa! Sweet ride!" Toji gasped.

"Whoa! Hot Babe!" Kensuke gasped, aiming his camera at the redhead.

"Figures." Shinji huffed, his audio-receptors hearing the boys from the window of their class.

"What figures?" Asuka asked.

"That I get more recognition as a car."

"And my reputation is already taking off." Asuka said proudly, seeing the stares she was getting.

Asuka emerged from the car and stepped up to the front door.

"Alright, sweetie! Thanks for the ride, I'll see you later!" she said with a wink and a kiss to 'Kaji'.

Shinji didn't respond as he headed back to the garage to pick up Misato.

"Whoa! Who was that hot guy?" a girl asked.

"My guardian." Asuka said with a smile.

As Shinji drove back to the garage, part of his mind was thinking back to how it had come to this after the team had gone to NERV two days ago.


Shortly after getting back to Tokyo-3, the group went directly to NERV in order to put Unit 02 up into the cages and get it repaired.

Naturally this meant that the two groups (human and Autobot) were to meet with The Commander.

When Gendo met with the Secretary of Defense, he was naturally upset at having an additional authority figure in his agency. Especially when he had the support of the UN, which he was sure his own standing was not as high.

He was also upset that the Special Forces team that had arrived with them looked tougher than his own Section 2 security force.

But what really shocked him was the five giant robots that transformed into ordinary civilian vehicles right before his eyes. Even more shocking, was that one of them was his son.

"Incredible." he said with an even tone, as if he was unimpressed. "And where is the Third Child?"

"Here.... sir." the 16-foot silver robot said as he towered over the man.

Still the shortest of the group, I see. Gendo smirked, taking in the other members of the team.

Shinji, sensing that what Misato said had been true, introduced the other members of the Autobots.

"Commander, this is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. Bumblebee, the reconnaissance expert. Ratchet, their medic. And Ironhide, the weapons specialist." Shinji said.

"I see." he said with false interest.

Hmm. His heart rate has doubled since seeing us. His pulse is erratic and his breathing seems too quick. Ratchet thought as his internal diagnostics read the cruel commander. He is surprised to see us, but he's hiding it well.

Misato then introduced the Secretary of Defense, the civilian and military personnel, to the NERV crew, all of whom seemed to be sizing each other up.

After that, Gendo looked up at the giant robots.

"And I suppose they can explain exactly how it is that you were transformed from a human being into a giant robot." Gendo said.

"Actually, we believe it has something to do with an experiment that your Dr Akagi preformed." Optimus Prime said.

"Of course it does."

(Pacific Ocean)

Deep beneath the ocean, the 6th Angel Gaghiel, defeated from it's battle against the five robots, finds its soul brought to life by it's father, Adam.

But even more than that, they were found by the powerful 7th Angel.

"Father! You are awake!" Israfel said.

"Yes, Israfel. And not just me." Adam said, his small glowing form turning towards the small fish-like creature swimming up behind him.

"Gaghiel!" the twin Angel gasped.

"Hello, Israfel." the fish-like creature stated.

"I am glad to have found you both, but what do we do now?" Israfel asks.

"We are both weak from battle. We will need new bodies." Adam said.

"But where?" Gaghiel asked.

"To the east!"

Israfel grabbed both Adam and Israfel and traveled far in order to find a new group of bodies. Metal bodies like those of the beings they had just fought.

"Here! These bodies will serve our purposes!" Adam said.

(NERV headquarters, Tokyo-3)

"I'm going to need a complete diagnostic on each of these giant machines. How they work, what they do, their powers and their ability to transform." Gendo said.

"First of all... no." Keller said. "Second of all, they are not giant machines. They are living autonomous cybernetic beings from another world, and their internal mechanics are a classified secret that the UN has yet to reveal to the world. In fact, their existence, like NERV's Evangelions, are a classified secret. Though to be fair, a more easily kept secret than your giant robots."

"NERV is my agency. Therefore, you are under my jurisdiction, and you will follow my rules while you are here. If you have any problem with that, I will have you and all your personnel removed and each of those giant machines dismantled for sheer convenience."

The group looked at each other and then Gendo as if he had grown a third head.

"Do that.... and you better be insured by God himself." Captain Lennox said.

"Is that a threat?" Gendo said to the soldier.

"It's a warning." Lennox said. "My team has fought alongside the Autobots. We consider them to be friends and allies. Not only that, aside from being nearly 30-feet tall, they are made of metal and possess some rather amazing powers. Trust me, sir, you don't want to be on their bad side. Or ours."

"Which won't be an issue, since the UN, who sanctions NERV, have guaranteed us your complete cooperation for the duration of our stay in Tokyo-3. And we have the support of your Prime Minister as well as the JSSDF. You.... were briefed about this, weren't you?" Keller asked.

Gendo grimaced as he looked over to Fuyutsuki for an explanation.

"The memos came in a few hours ago. It was going to be part of the scheduled briefing this afternoon along with the incident involving Unit 02 and the 6th Angel." the elderly man said.

"I see. Very well." Gendo said, turning to Dr Akagi. "I'll leave you to give these people a tour of our facility, which we will no doubt be sharing. And I want a full work-up done on the Third Child to determine how this happened and how we can reverse it."

"Yes, commander." Dr Akagi said.

With that, Gendo walked out with Fuyutsuki behind him.

"Nice guy." Epps said once the men had left.

"And he's the one who was put in charge of saving the world?" Henderson said.

"Apparently." Fig said.

"Twenty bucks says we're dead." Epps said.

"No bet." Carter said.

"A hundred?" Reese said.

"Two... and your car." Fig said.

"My dad's Mustang?" Reese asked.




"So... what do you think so far?" Misato asked the large Autobot.

"I think.... your commander and I are not going to get along very well." Optimus said.


Naturally, Gendo had to report to SEELE about this. And he was not happy about what they were already talking about.

"When the iron rain falls, and steel warriors walk the world, the course of time and tide will change from course predetermined." SEELE 7 said.

"Excuse me?" Gendo asked. "This was not in the scenario." he said, meaning their own.

"It was, and it wasn't." SEELE 5 said.

"Pardon?" Gendo asked.

"The arrival of these... transformers... has already started to change, and even interfere with, our scenario." SEELE 2 said.

"Such as preventing Adam from being brought to NERV." SEELE 2 said.

"Then you agree they must be removed." Gendo said.

"No." SEELE 1, Keel Lorenz, said.

"What?" Gendo gasped. "But they are infiltrating NERV! Interfering with our operations!"

"As long as they don't find out about the Human Instrumentality Project, they cannot interfere." Keel said.

"And what if they do? What if they find out about NERV's secrets?" Gendo asked.

"And what secrets could you have that you would be nervous about, Gendo? You don't have any special projects in the works that would make them suspicious, now would you?" SEELE 3 asked.

"The Dummy Plug system might raise a few questions. The Eva's might also be an issue. But these projects are linked together for the Instrumentality Project, and..."

"Deal with it, Ikari!" Keel said.

"Deal with it? You make it sound easier than it should be!" the grim commander declared.

"If these people and their robotic allies find anything, it will lead back to you, not us, or the plan." SEELE 5 said.

"For whatever we can salvage of the plan." SEELE 4 said.

"We should also conclude that the scenario will not work now." SEELE 3 said.

"Indeed." Keel said.

"Need I remind you, that you need me to complete Instrumentality." Gendo said.

"True. So it would be in your best interest not to provoke or arouse suspicion while you work on the project." Keel stated. "SEELE out!"

Damned Fools! The Autobots presence, as well as those idiots from America will ruin all my plans! I must find a way to get rid of them! Gendo fumed.


However, Gendo had little choice in the matter.

Within hours of their arrival, the Geofront was quickly converted into a suitable base of operations for the Autobot's and their allies. But Gendo also had to approve of their new living quarters. Which included a new place for Shinji and Misato to live.

Not that he cared, of course.

Eventually, the north side of the Geofront was reconstructed to accommodate both human and Autobots. The base was mostly cylindrical, reaching three stories in height and about a quarter-mile in width. The center of the base housed a special computer system that Ratchet and his human allies, which included Glen, Foster and the others, as well as constructing repair bays for the team.

The main Command Center was a split level facility in which both human and Autobot teams could access the main computer center and the emergency equipment.

The base was also equipt with it's own entrance into the Geofront so as not to hinder any NERV personnel's travels.

The only thing Gendo was relieved about was that their work area was nowhere near his own special projects area.

But that didn't mean he was planning on having them stay for long.

(Tokyo-3 Junior High)

"Hello. I'm Class Representative Hikari Horaki. Are you Asuka?" the brown-haired pigtailed girl asked.

"That's me! Asuka Langley Sohryu from Germany." the red-haired girl said.

"Welcome to Class 1-A. We have a variety of seats available. Even the one used by Shinji Ikari. Wish we knew what happened to him."

"Oh! Shinji! Uh, Misato said he might not be back for a while. Something top secret at NERV."

"Do you know Misato and Shinji?"

"Yes. I work for NERV like them."

"Then you know about the Eva's?" Kensuke Aida suddenly said.

"Know about them? I'm a pilot!" she said proudly.

"Really? What can you tell me about them? What's its special attack? How many Angels have you killed?" he quickly asked.

"Oh boy! You should have come with a warning label!"

"Don't mind Kensuke. Most of us don't." Toji Suzuhara said.

"Hey! If no one's gonna tell me what's going on, then I guess I'll have to get the information the old-fashioned way. By hacking NERV's mainframe in order to find out everything!"

"What? You hacked NERV's mainframe? That's impossible! And besides, you could be killed in the interest of National Security!" Asuka stated.

"They haven't caught me yet." he declared proudly.

Just then a group of people in black suits arrived, stepping into the classroom.

"You were saying?" Asuka mocked to the new sweating otaku.

"Kensuke Aida?" a lead and intimidating man, obviously the leader, said.

GULP! "Y-Yes?" Kensuke asked.

"My name is Agent Simmons. I'm with Sector 7. Would you please come with us?" the man said.

"Uh.... I'm afraid I can't right now." Kensuke said, slowing backing up. "I have school."

"That wasn't a request." Simmons said as Kensuke panicked and bolted.

"GRAB HIM!" a second agent shouted as three other agents blasted through the room and dog-piled upon the now panicked boy.

"I did try to warn him." Asuka said as they carried the glasses-wearing boy out.

"They won't kill him... will they?" Hikari asked, obviously concerned.

"I'll have to call Misato about that." Asuka said as she pulled her cellphone out.


"Alright, Asuka. I'll see what I can do." Misato said as she hung up her phone.

"Everything alright?" Captain Lennox asked.

"Well... do you know anyone by the name of Agent Simmons?"

"Unfortunately. He used to be Sector 7, the top secret research division that was responsible for keeping Megatron on ice for..." Lennox said.

"More than 70 years." Epps said.

"Right. But after Megatron woke up and escaped, Sector 7 was disbanded."

"Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case." Keller said.

"Sir?" Lennox asked the SecDef.

"I figured we needed as much help as possible. So I had Simmons and all of Sector 7 reassigned as additional guards." Keller explained.

"Is that why your Agent Simmons is arresting a teenager at the Junior High?" Misato asked.

"Which teenager?" Keller asked.

"Kensuke Aida."

"The computer hacker? Oh crap!" Glen gulped.

"You know him?" Maggie asked.

"Oh, yeah." Glen nodded.

"The Magi? He couldn't have accessed it." Dr Akagi said.

"No. But he tried. Apparently using his father's military access via his own computer."

"He hacked his dad's computer? Nice son!" she scoffed. "Just.... please contact Agent Simmons and tell him not to kill Kensuke."

"Alright." he said, pulling out his cellphone. "Can we at least put the fear of god into him?"

"Oh. Sure. That would be alright." Misato smiled.

(AUTOBOT-NERV, high noon)

"What's going on, Shinji? The alarms are buzzing!" Misato shouted as she raced into the new HQ.

"Incoming Signals! ELEVEN Of Them!" Shinji said as he punched up the computer system he was sitting at.

On the large monitor, the Autobots and their allies just stared as they saw eleven meteorites fly straight towards the Earth. All headed towards Japan, and Tokyo-3.

Ironhide was at the console and quickly analyzing the incoming data.

"They're here!" Ironhide shouted with enthusiasm.

"They? They who?" Misato asked.

"The Wreckers!" the large, black-coated Autobot said.

"Wreckers? Nice name. Decepticons I take it?" Lennox asked.

"No. They're an Autobot heavy assault squad." Optimus said.

"Heavy assault?" Sam asked.

"With a name like 'Wreckers' they're Autobots?" Epps asked.

"Ironic, I admit." Optimus said.

"So what are these guys like?" Lennox asked.

"The Cybertronian version of you and your team, Captain Lennox." Optimus said.

"I'm looking forward to meeting these guys." he said with a smile.

"But... there were only SEVEN Wreckers. Who are the others?" Ratchet wondered.

The Autobot medic plugged into the system to analyze their spark-patterns. He smiled when he realized who they were.

"They're old friends as well. I've got the predicted landing coordinates." Ratchet said.

"Then let's go and greet them, Autobots!" Optimus said.


Within a few minutes of breaching Earth's atmosphere, the ten meteorites broke apart and crash-landed around the city's of Tokyo-3 and Tokyo-2.

Seven of them crash landed near a JSSDF impound yard. The other four crash-landed near the city of Tokyo-2.

Within seconds, the proto-form robots were up and scanning any new vehicle around that they could find. With shocking results.

"Alright, Wreckers! Sound Off!!!" the large green-plated dual comprised Autobot shouted as he stood before the other five vehicles.

The blue and white hovercraft transformed. "Topspin, ready!"

The dual-equipt blue and white drilling tank transformed. "Twintwist, ready!"

The black and green assault helicopter transformed. "Whirl, ready!"

The orange and green armored jeep transformed. "Roadbuster, ready!"

The large red and white fire truck transformed. "Inferno, ready!"

And finally, the dark purple hydrofoil transformed. "Defcon, ready!"

"Alright, Wreckers! You know our orders! Seek out Optimus Prime and our fellow Autobots, and get ready for some Decepticon hunting!" Springer, the leader, shouted as he transformed into a large heavy assault truck.

"WRECK AND RULE!!!" the group shouted as the vehicles rolled out.


The four vehicles left the city of Tokyo-2 in a hurry, desperate to get to Tokyo-3 where they were assured that Optimus Prime and his team currently resided.

(I hope we get there in time!) The pink motorcycle said as it sped down the highway, no passenger apparent.

(Chill your wheels, Arcee.) The blue and black motorcycle shouted as it drove after the other bike. Also, no passenger apparent.

(Yeah. We'll get to your boyfriend soon enough!) The red Dodge Charger shouted from further behind.

(I mean it's not like it's been that long since you've seen him, right?) The silver Corvette Stingray Concept car said as it drive down the highway at high speed.

(Two million, four hundred and twenty thousand, five hundred and seventy solar cycles! And I'm not waiting a nanosec more!!!) The motorcycle screamed as it rolled down the highway at top speed.

(Oh well. At least she's making good time.) The blue bike said.


On the outskirts of the city fortress called Tokyo-3, five vehicles and their human counterparts were waiting patiently for the arrival of their friends.

The first to arrive were, of course, the motorcycles and the cars behind them.

Optimus quickly transformed from his Peterbilt 379 truck mode, into his robot mode, followed by the other members of his team, which included Shinji.

The motorcycles were the first to transform, followed by the cars. However, the introductions were put on hold the second a pink-ish blue blew past Optimus and slammed into Jazz.

"Oh! Jazzy-kins! You're here!" Arcee shouted as she leaped onto the silver robot/pilot.

"Jazzy?" Misato gasped as the pink and black robot collided with Shinji.

"Whoa! What? Uh..... who is this?" Shinji gasped as the impact knocked him down to the ground.

"What? Jazzy, it's me! Arcee!" the apparently female Autobot declared.

"R-C?" Shinji asked, obviously confused.

"Don't you remember me? How could you forget your girlfriend?!" she said to the robot.

"MY WHAT?!!!!" he gasped.

"Oh..... this is not going to go well." Rachet muttered.

"Gee. You think?" Ironhide nodded.

"Jazzy! What's happened to you? How could you forget me?" Arcee asked.

"Because..... I'm not who you think I am?" Shinji replied.

"Optimus, what's happened to Jazz? The last report I got was that Jazz was fine."

"Unfortunately, Jazz was killed in our battle with Megatron more than a year ago." Optimus explained.

"Then... who's this?"

"My name is Shinji Ikari." the silver robot said.

Once everyone had been introduced, and the situation explained, such that the red Dodge Charger was named Cliffjumper and he was an Autobot sniper, the Chevy Corvette Stingray Concept was Sideways, a quick battle robot, the blue and black motorcycle was Chromia, an old weapons expert friend of Ironhide's, and the pink and white motorcycle was an Autobot stealth infiltrator named Arcee, the oil really hit the fanbelt.

"A HUMAN?! My Jazzy Has Been Taking Over By A Human?" Arcee shouted.

"It wasn't his fault, Arcee." Ratchet said.

"Yeah, you actually have Dr Ritsuko Akagi to thank for that." Misato huffed.

"And who are you?" Arcee, who was a good nine-feet tall, asked the human.

"Misato Katsuragi, director of operations for NERV, and Shinji's guardian." she said.

"And frequent passenger." Shinji said.

"Only because my own car got totaled and you volunteered to be my transportation." Misato said.

Oh, this is not going to go well. Shinji groaned.

While the new robots were arguing, a call came in from NERV.

"Optimus! We've got a situation!" Lennox shouted.

"What's wrong, Captain Lennox?" Optimus asked as he stared down at the human captain.

"I think you'd better see this." he said, holding up the new video-monitor that Glen had given him.

The group looked at the monitor, which showed three rather disturbing things.

The first was a large dark-skinned creature walking out of the ocean. Misato identified it as an Angel once she had gotten a hold of Makoto at NERV.

The second thing was a large number of vehicles, namely a police car, three fighter jets, a trio of construction machines, two sports cars, and a robotic scorpion, arrive at the scene.

But the third disturbing things was what, or who, was actually leading the large creature out of the ocean.


"Megatron!" Optimus gasped.


Authors Notes:

Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for all the trouble I've caused in my lateness of getting this story updated.

Secondly, I want to say that I rushed through this story because I was rather late. But I wanted to upload it on this date, so, I will probably be editing it later on.

On the upside, I'm sure that several people will be happy I'm using their ideas, and adding some new characters from the second Transformers movie. I also plan to put The Fallen into this later on, as... but I'm saving that for later.

For now, enjoy these omake's that I also wrote up.



"Are you sure about this, Misato?" Shinji asked.

"Come on Shinji! You can't say this isn't what you always wanted." Misato said sultrily.

"But, I mean... you really don't have to do this."

"Shinji. I'm sure about this. This is something I've wanted to do for you since I first met you."

"I know, and I'm grateful, I just..."

"Just what?"

"I just.... don't understand why you want to buy me a car!" the boy said as his guardian turned the wheel so as to make the blue Renault take a left.

"Don't make such a big deal about it, Shinji-kun. Besides, it's a used car."

"But I just turned fifteen last week!"

"I know. And as a birthday present, I'm buying you a car!"

"I don't believe this. I still don't understand. Why?"

Misato gave him a smile. Because if this war goes bad, at least you'll be able to have your very own car before you die! She thought, then saw Shinji pull something out of his pocket.

"Is something wrong, Shinji?" Misato asked.

"Well.... I just can't believe you got me a drivers license." he said, staring at the piece of plastic.

S"Hey, NERV has a lot of pull." she smiled. "Besides, if you're old enough to pilot an EVA, a used car should be no trouble."

Shinji just looked at her incredulously.

The pair pulled into the used car lot, as a black man in a black and yellow Hawaiian shirt, tan slacks and a small straw hat stepped out to greet them.

"Good afternoon, lady and gentleman. Bobby Bolivia, like the country, except without the runs. How can I help you?" he asked, shaking Misato's hand.

"Well, my ward here is looking to buy his first car." Misato said.

"And you came to see me?" Bobby asked.

"Uh, kinda had to." Shinji said.

"That practically make us family. Uncle Bobby B, baby. Uncle Bobby B!" he said, shaking Shinji's hand.

"Shinji." the boy replied.

"Shinji, step right this way."

Bobby lead Shinji out onto the lot.

"Shinji, your first sushi-plate of freedom, awaits right out here under one of those hoods. Let me tell you something, son. The driver don't pick the car, the car will pick the driver. There's a mystical bond between man and machine.

The trio looked around the lot, coming to a slightly dented yellow 2007 Chevrolet Camero Concept car with faded paint and racing stripes.

"Hey, this one looks nice." Misato as she stared at the car.

Shinji stared at the car and after looking at it for a few seconds, got inside it.

However, Bobby stared at the car, a strange tinge going up his spine.

"Huh. That's weird." Bobby said.

"Weird? What's weird?" Misato asked.

"This car. It... kinda reminds me of a car I sold this kid a few years back."

"Really? Same car?"

"Nah, can't be. It was a Camero, but..." his body shuddered. "...that car was cursed."

Misato looked at him as if amused. "Cursed?"

"Yeah, kinda... long story." he said, looking into the car. "How's it feel?"

"Hmm. Feels nice." Shinji said.

"It's not a lemon, is it?" Misato asked.

"Don't know, but... it's funny. I don't know nothing about this car. Hey, Matsu!"

"Yeah, boss?" a Japanese mechanic called back.

"What's this car? Check it out, will ya?"

"I don't know, boss. I never seen it before, that's baka!"

Bobby nearly went white when he heard that, feeling the same as thing as the last Camero he had sold back in the states.

Shinji pushed the radio button, the car letting loose a powerful sonic boom that shattered all the other windows on the lot.

Misato and Shinji gasped while Bobby started crying.

"It Is! It Is The Same Car!"

"Uh.... well, does that mean you'll give us a discount?" Misato asked.

"Take It! Take It! It's Free! Call It A Gift!" Bobby cried.

"Uh... thanks."

Shinji and Misato drove their respective cars home.



"Hello. I'm Class Representative Hikari Horaki. Are you Asuka?" the class rep asked.

"That's me! Asuka Langley Sohryu from Germany." the redhead said.

"You should know that there is a rumor going around about you and your... ghost car?"

"Oh. That. It's classified." Asuka said.

"No it's not!" Kensuke said.

"Why not?"

"Because I can't find anything out about it."

Asuka gave him a weird look. "What part of 'classified' did you not understand?"

"No, I mean, I can't find out anything about it. There isn't any file or record on remote controlled cars, top secret projects involving automatic vehicles, or anything. Like it never existed."

"Again... 'classified'!"

"There's no such thing." Kensuke said. "Government censorship is wrong. Everything should be shared."

"Whatever, hippie-boy."

"The world has to know the truth!"

"You should stop with the Mulder-crap before you get yourself killed." Toji said.

"Pardon?" Kensuke asked.

"Hacking into NERV's mainframe in order to find out.... anything.... is a federal crime. You could be killed in the interest of National Security." Asuka said.

"They haven't caught me yet." he declared proudly.

Just then a group of people in black suits arrived.

"You were saying?"

"Kensuke Aida?"

GULP! "Y-Yes?"

"My name is Agent Simmons. I'm with Sector 7. Would you please come with us?"

"Uh.... I'm afraid I can't right now." Kensuke said, slowing backing up. "I have school."

"That wasn't a request."




"They're here!" Ironhide shouted with enthusiasm.

"They? They who?" Misato asked.

"The Wreckers!" the large, black-coated Autobot said.

"Wreckers? Nice name. Decepticons I take it." Lennox asked.

"No. They're an Autobot heavy assault squad." Optimus said.

"Heavy assault?" Sam asked.

"With a name like 'Wreckers' they're Autobots?" Epps asked.

"Ironic, I admit." Optimus said.

"So what are these guys like?" Lennox asked.

"The Cybertronian version of you and your team, Captain Lennox." Optimus said.

"I'm looking forward to meeting these guys."

"But... there were only SEVEN Wreckers. Who are the others?"

Ratchet plugged into the system and analyzed their spark-patterns. He smiled when he realized who they were.


"Yes, Ratchet?"

"I think we're going to need a bigger base."

"But We Just Got Through Building This One!!!" Shinji grumbled.