Title: An Explanation

Author: Amy Fortuna (peacefulpassion@hotmail.com)

Rating: PG

Category: Angst, Action/Adventure, Other

Disclaimer: George is God. Oh, wait, no, he's not. But Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan belong to him anyway.

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Warnings: Follows canon. But explains the canon a bit better than GL did.

Spoilers: Hell yeah.

Summary: Just what the title says;-)

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Notes: This is an answer to the question, "Why didn't Obi-Wan use a Force run to catch up?" **********

Why didn't I use Force-enhanced strength to run to my Master?

The answer is simple, though it's my deep dark secret, shared only by Master Yoda and one other, who will die slowly if I ever get my hands on him...

I could not.

They tell me that four battles were going on at the same time. They were wrong. There were five--Qui-Gon and I were fighting two at once.

On one level, we were trading blows with the Sith, spinning over each other, falling, gasping, recovering.

There never had been a battle so fierce. Yet that was only part of the fight, for, on another level, we were battling with our minds, fighting another being completely.

The Sith are always two, a Master and an apprentice. Physically, we were fighting the apprentice, who had had the finest training available, obviously. Mentally, we were fighting another, a terrifying being, whose training had been completely of the mind. And he was powerful indeed. Our combined strength kept us in the Light, without each other, we would have fallen.

When my Master was struck down, his bright presence in my mind vanished and darkness overwhelmed me.

Small wonder, then, that I gave into anger and fear, until at a critical point in the fight, red and blue sabers scraping against each other, I felt him return, and gasped in surprise.

The Sith took advantage of that to knock me over into the melting pit, but I held on--I had something to live for now, my Master was still alive.

I let him take the burden of the mental battle away from me, knowing that, gravely injured as he was, his mind was not hurt, and for a few moments I was myself again, only myself, no Darkness there.

I seized the moment, pulling my Master's lightsaber to me, leaped out of that pit and sliced the thing in half.

As the apprentice died, the terrible will of the Darkness redoubled its efforts, but against our now-combined strength could do nothing to me. As I stood, head bowed, the struggle intensified, the Dark will turning its power in vengeance on Qui-Gon.

I ran to him, trying to get closer to help push the thing away, but it was too late, the combination of saber wound and Dark attack had weakened him too much.

He could only gasp out a few last words.

As he died, the Dark power relinquished the fight, and I collapsed helplessly from exhaustion and grief, my face against Qui-Gon's, tears streaming down.

My mission, as well as training Anakin, is looking for that Dark entity. He left no trace of who he really was; I do not think I would know who he was if I met him again, unless he invaded my mind as he did before.

But I will find him one day and then may all the power of the Light stand behind me, because I will win that fight.