Misson (Bond)

based Double Agent

As you know my name is Sam Fisher. As you also know my daughter was hit by a car and killed. After that I just fell apart . Now that I had nothing to lose I stayed with the NSA and took on one of the worst and most dangerous missions of all. Mission (Bond). What I have to do is break into a top secert file that has info on the enemy weapon trade and pinpoint locations. The thing is that this place is back in Iceland were all those other masked enemies are. And they found out I was there last time so there security is tighter. And since security is tighter I have to have A partner. His name is Bond, James Bond. You see what happen was both programs are spy orginizations and we both wanted to crack this case. So 007 teamed up with the NSA and well I got assinghed James bond As my partner.

The mission will begen in chapter one of mission (BOND)