by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or The Avengers.

Summary: Shinji meets a team of superheroes from another universe who help the boy battle not only the Angels, but also his evil father and his own inner demons. Slight OOC. Multi-pairings over time.

Authors Notes: Alright, first I just want to say that this was just something I came up with after considerable deliberating as to whether or not I should put Shinji in their universe or bring them to his universe. Until eventually, I thought, it would be better to put a team of superheroes into Shinji's world, each one of them capable of helping Shinji or have them linked to him in some way.

Naturally this meant that I needed specific Avengers, not just a mainstream team.


"...We're sorry. But all lines are currently down..." the electronic female voice on the other end said as Shinji Ikari huffed and hung up.

Where are you Ms. Katsuragi? Shinji wondered as he pulled out the picture of the attractive woman with the purplish hair, cutoffs and tanktop. There was an arrow pointing to her exposed cleavage. Though this amused him, it also made him wonder exactly why his father had summoned him.

A rumble off in the distance caught his attention as he stared out over the deserted city. He blinked, looking back and thought he saw a girl with blue hair and red eyes standing in the middle of the streets. But as soon as he saw her, he blinked and she was gone.

That was strange. I thought I saw... he thought, which was suddenly distracted by a surprising blast of bright crimson energy. The force of which knocked the Japanese boy on his butt.

When the dust and energy dissipated Shinji stared out and noticed ten colorful figures standing in the middle of the street.

There was a man in a red, white and blue costume with a white star on his chest and an 'A' on his forehead. He carried a large circular shield that had his matching colors and white star in the center. For some reason, Shinji thought he was leader. He saw a human looking robot that was made of red and gold metal, eye and mouth slits on his head, and a yellow glowing circle on his chest. The taller of the group had long blond hair and an imposing physique, holding a stone hammer and dressed in a Viking-like outfit with wings on his helmet and a red cape. He looked like the muscle of the group. Next to him stood a leaner man in a red and blue outfit with a black spider symbol on his chest. There was another man next to him dressed all in black with a small cape on his back, a pair of cat ears on top of his head, his hands had what looked like yellowish claws on his fingers. The last of the men had a darker skin tone to him than the man in blue and the Viking. He wore a strange-looking gray and yellow suit with a lightning bolt on his belt, his face was exposed.

His attention turned to that of the women. The first was the woman in the red leather outfit with the long flowing cape and dark red hair. Next to her was a blond haired woman in what looked like a black swimsuit, long black gloves and boots, a mask over her eyes, and a red sash around her hips. The third woman had short red hair and was dressed in an all black bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination. There was a large rifle slung over her shoulder and two metallic bracelets on her wrists. The last of the women was the most noticeable, as she looked like a tiger-woman in a bikini with bright orange hair, claws, stripes all over her body, and a tail. They were all quite beautiful.

Shinji could only stare at the odd group, saying nothing and remaining unobtrusive.

"What happened?" The man in black, the Black Panther, asked, looking around.

"Where are we?" the man with the lightning bolt on his belt, Living Lightning, asked.

"I think we need to ask the crimson sorceress." the man with the spider symbol on his chest, Spider Man, said.

"That's Scarlet Witch!" the women in red, the Scarlet Witch, corrected him.

"Just seeing if you were paying attention." the web-slinger joked.

"Iron Man?" the man in blue, Captain America, asked the red and gold robot.

"Hmm." the armored avenger, Iron Man, mused, looking like he was staring off into space.

Actually he was staring at the real-time display and holographic monitors that had popped up in front of his eyes inside his helmet.

"Is that a good 'Hmm', or a bad 'Hmm'?" Spider Man asked.

"What is it?" Captain America asked.

"I think we have a problem." Iron Man exclaimed to the whole group.

"Such as?" The redheaded woman in black leather, the Black Widow, asked.

"Well, to start... I think we might be in another dimension." he said.

"You think we might be in another dimension?" the tiger woman in the bikini, Tigra, asked.

"Why?" Captain America asked.

"I'm hooked into the world broadcasting networks. A lot of it seems rather... primitive compared to the systems I developed for SHIELD and such, but that aside... the place we're in right now is called Tokyo-3." Iron Man explained.

"Tokyo-3?" the woman with long blond hair, Ms Marvel, asked.

"So we're in Japan?" Black Panther asked.

"I think so. But... well... if I'm translating all this information... oh my god..." Iron Man said.

"What is it?" the large man with the Viking helmet, Thor, asked.

"The world's population is only 3.2 billion." he explained.

"WHAT?!" the group gasped.

"But there were like... 6 and a half in our world!" Spider Man said.

"Apparently a devastating event called Second Impact wiped out most of the world's population on September 12, 2000." the armored avenger explained.

"Second what?" Tigra asked.

"According to the information net... a strange meteor struck Antarctica and wiped out half the worlds populous with massive flooding and global devastation. It also knocked the Earth off it's axis which is why the planet's so hot right now."

"Right, a meteor. And here I thought it was just summer." Spider Man said sarcastically.

"And what's today's date?" Black Widow asked.

"Let's see... local time is 5:13 p.m., April 7th, 2015." Iron Man answered.

"Okay, almost summer." the webslinger quipped.

"And we're in an alternate future world." Tigra deduced.

"Nice going, maroon magician." Spider Man said to the mutant mystic.

"Scarlet Witch!" said mystic growled at the webslinger.

"Also, a few things you should know. There's no Latveria, Symkaria, Madripor, or Wakanda." Iron Man said, still scanning the world wide web.

"What? Are you saying it was wiped out?" Black Panther gasped at his own country not existing.

"No. I'm saying that it looks like it never existed. None of them. There's no reference to any of them on any geographical map, no UN listing, and nothing in the way of historical proof."

"Alternate dimension indeed." the royal avenger mused, clearly upset. This meant that not only did his country not exist, it meant he had no warriors, no resources, and no title. He was truly a man alone in time.

"And from what I can tell, there are no alternate versions of us in this world. Not even listed under our names." Iron Man said, scrolling through the world's public registry.

"You mean our civilian names." Ms Marvel said.


"Yeah. That would have been awkward." Spider Man said.

"Unless we were killed during this Second Impact." Captain America mused.

"It's still awkward." the webslinger mused.

"But what happened here? This city looks deserted." Black Panther exclaimed.

The group looked around and noticed that the extensive metropolis was indeed deserted.

Except for a young boy just standing off to the side and watching them.

Not that he could understand a word they were saying, of course.

"Maybe he knows what's going on." Spider Man said.

"Unless he speaks English, I doubt we're going to find out much." Iron Man stated.

The blond woman just stared at the boy and smiled, while gesturing with her finger for the boy to come over to them. Shinji did as he was 'instructed', figuring that running wouldn't be a good idea. That and the fact they were the only people around and he was getting a bit lonely.

"Hi. Do you speak English?" Ms Marvel asked the boy.

Shinji just looked at the woman in confusion, not being able to understand her speech.

"Uh... Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Ms Marvel asked in German.

"Parlez-vous Français?" Iron Man asked in French.

"Vil du Snakke Norsk?" Thor asked in Norwegian.

"Operor Vos Narro Latin?" Spider Man asked in Latin.

"Parli Italiano?" Iron Man asked in Italian.

"Habla Español?" Living Lightning asked in Spanish.

The others just looked at their teammates as if they were crazy.

"What the hell are you doing?" Scarlet Witch shouted at the group. "He's Japanese! Try That!"

The group looked at each other, as if embarrassed that they hadn't considered that.

"Sorry." Spider Man said, rubbing the back of his head, as if ashamed.

"I was just trying out my new language program." Iron Man defended.

"Besides, it's not like any of us speak Japanese!" Living Lightning groused. "I guess we were hoping he spoke something else."

"Now you tell us!" Black Widow grimaced at the man, who put up his hands defensively.

"I didn't know you could speak Latin." Ms Marvel said to Spider Man.

"You'd be surprised how often it comes up." the webslinger said as Captain America shook his head.

"I wonder if we're all still adjusting to the dimensional travel." the super soldier mused.

"I never get used to it when we go into space!" Tigra groaned.

While the group was arguing, the Scarlet Witch walked over to the boy.

"I'm sorry about my friends, they..." Scarlet Witch said as Shinji just stared at her, wondering what she was talking about. "Hmm. This isn't going to work. Let me try this."

She waved her hands over Shinji's head, the warm crimson glow washing over the boy.

However, the instant it stopped, the boy glowed bright red as the energy shot from him, striking both her and her teammates, knocking a couple of them on their backsides.

"WHOA!" Spider Man gasped, sitting up to look around.

"What happened?" Living Lightning asked, holding his head.

"I think I over hexed my spell." Scarlet Witch stated.

"Really. What exactly were you trying to do?" Tigra asked.

"I was trying to make it so that he would be able to understand us. But..." she started to explain.

"Can he understand us?" Captain America asked.

"Yes. I can." Shinji said to the group.

"Oh good. He speaks English." Spider Man said.

"Actually, we're speaking Japanese." Iron Man said, looking at the scanner on his arm.


"Wanda's hex powers somehow altered our vocal chords. We're speaking Japanese like natives." The armored avenger explained.

"Are you sure?" Living Lightning asked.

"Do you want the extensive, scientific explanation, or would 'Yes' be enough for you?" Iron Man asked him.

"A scientific explanation as to how magic mutant powers changed our ability to speak English into Japanese? Do you want to put us to sleep?" Tigra asked.

"Don't tempt him. He'll do it." Spider Man said.

"Fine, fine, fine." Tigra said. "We don't need the details. But can you at least tell us, simply, what Wanda's powers did?"

"I think when Wanda tried to alter the boys vocal chords to make him bilingual, it must of somehow backfired and affected each of us, giving us the ability to speak Japanese just like him."

"So... that means we're stuck speaking Japanese... like forever?" Living Lightning asked.

"For the time being. Yes." Iron Man said.

"Does that mean we're going to have to relearn English?" Spider Man asked.

"Can we deal with this later? First I think introductions are in order." Captain America said as the group gathered around the boy. "Let's let the women go first."

"Thanks, Cap." the blond said. "I'm Ms Marvel." she said, not feeling it relevant to give her real name to the boy.

"I'm Scarlet Witch." the mystic mutant heroine said.

"I am Black Widow." the Soviet super spy said.

"I'm Tigra." the tiger-woman said.

Once that was done, the men went next.

"I'm Captain America." the super soldier said.

"I'm Iron Man." the armored avenger said.

"I am Thor, god of thunder." the Asgardian said.

"I'm Spider Man, master of webs." the webslinger said, adding a title like Thor did.

"I am the Black Panther." the royal avenger said.

"I'm Living Lightning." the electrical avenger said.

At this point in time they saw no reason to give their real names to the boy.

Shinji looked at each of them, bowing to each as they gave their names.

"I'm Shinji Ikari. Pleased to meet you." he said, doing an amazing job of holding in his astonishment at the situation and people in front of him.

Suddenly, a squad of jet fighters blasted through the sky over the heroes.

The team saw dozens of military aircraft, designs they had never known before, flying away from an object that was lumbering towards them.

An object that took the misshape of a large greenish creature with a featureless face and a red sphere in his chest.

The military was continuing to fire at the creature, to no avail.

"What the heck is that?" Tigra gasped as she stared at the monster.

"No clue. But the military seems unable to stop it." Iron Man said, stating the obvious.

"I won't say it. It's too easy." Spider Man uttered.

"Iron Man. Thor. Ms Marvel. Living Lightning. Better get up there and help them!" Captain America said.

"What about you?" Ms Marvel asked as Thor and Living Lightning took off.

"We'll be fine. Go!" Cap shouted.

The four Avengers took off into the air towards the monster.

"At least the city is deserted. We won't have to worry about civilian casualties." Black Panther said.

"Well, at least not many." Spider Man said, pointing to Shinji.

"Riiiight." Tiger said.


The military was losing quickly to the greenish monster. It's bullets, missiles and rockets were all useless.

"We need reinforcements!" one of the last three pilots shouted as he continued to fire.

"You called?" Iron Man asked as he flew past the ship.

"What the..."

The military pilots all watched as Iron Man's repulsor beams, Ms Marvel's energy blasts, Living Lightning's electrical bolts, and Thor's hammer slammed into the monster, but to no avail.

"Tony! There's some kind of energy field around that thing!" Ms Marvel shouted as she continued to fly around the creature and fire.

"I know. My scanners are trying identify it in order to neutralize it." Iron Man shouted back.

"Fall creature!" the god of thunder shouted as he hurled his hammer at the monster once again.

However, the Angel, sensing that Thor was the more dangerous threat, lite up his eyes and hit him with a full cross-flare blast that knocked the god of thunder back into the city.

"Ohhhhh. By thunder!" he groaned as he held his head.

"Uh, excuse me. I think you dropped this." Shinji said as he handed his hammer back to him.

" thanks." the stunned god said as he accepted his hammer.

"You're welcome." Shinji said, not even remotely aware of what he had just done.

He lifted Mjolnir. Who is this child? Thor thought as he stared at his weapon as Scarlet Witch came over and ushered Shinji away to where the other Avengers were.

"THOR! We Could Use Some Help!" Ms Marvel shouted, as she dodged the monsters arms.

"On My Way!" Thor shouted back. "I Summon The Power Of Nature To My Aid!"

Thick storm clouds appeared over the skies of Tokyo-3, surging and flashing until a full barrage of lightning flew forth and blasted the 3rd Angel, illuminating it's AT-Field and shocking Shinji.


(Inside NERV...)

"What is going on?" Commander Gendo Ikari asked.

"I'm not sure, sir! The Weather Service didn't say anything about a thunderstorm today!" Makoto Hyuga shouted back.

"We've got a giant monster to deal with and you're worried about a little rain?" Shigeru Aoba asked.

"Sir! The lightning from those thunder clouds is striking the Angel!" Maya Ibuki shouted.

"WHAT?" the other two bridge bunnies gasped.

"It's as if the gods themselves are on our side." Fuyutsuki stated as he stood next to Gendo.

"And how can we use that to our advantage?" Gendo wondered.


(On The Streets Of Tokyo-3)

"Damn It! Where the hell is he?" Misato groaned as she continued to drive down the deserted streets of the city.

Suddenly, a bright flash of red energy caught her attention, causing her to stop her car.

Looking out her window the purple-haired woman gasped as she saw a woman with reddish brown hair in a rather sexy red costume wave her hands and then fire a crimson beam from both directly at the Angel. She looked up at the Angel and noticed that it's AT-Field was starting to slowly break and fade.

"What the!!!" she gasped as she saw an athletic man in a red, white and blue outfit run up alongside the woman and tap the side of his head.

"Thor! Ms Marvel! Go For It's Legs!" the man shouted.

Quick as lightning the two heroes flew down and slammed their shoulders into the Angels ankles. Without it's AT-Field, the Angel was caught off guard and tumbled backwards onto the ground.

Quick as he could, the thunder god quickly flew to the creatures chest and forcefully brought his hammer down onto the bright red sphere in it's chest.

The tactic apparently worked as the creature shirked in pain and knocked him away as quick as he could. However, while the core was damaged, it was not bad enough that it wouldn't heal. The Angel quickly sat up and covered itself with it's arms, legs and head, protecting the damaged Core with all it's abilities.

"The red sphere in it's chest is it's vulnerability." Thor said as Ms Marvel helped him back to his feet.

"How did you know that?" Tigra asked.

Thor looked at her. "It was not obvious?"


"Can you hit it again?" Spider Man asked.

"Nay. The creature doth protect itself with it's shield of light."

"It's not even moving either." Living Lightning said.

"It will regenerate itself and then attack again." Black Panther said.

"But why is it attacking?" Cap wondered, continuing to stare at the creature.

"What do you mean?"

"Even animals don't go blindly attacking something without reason."

"Right. First of all we don't know if that thing is organic or not. Second we've seen all kinds of creatures attack while under the influence of some other force." Ms Marvel said.

"Dr Doom, the Leader, Namor the Sub-Mariner." Spider Man counted on his fingers.

"Even outside cosmic influences like the Collector or even the Celestials." Scarlet Witch said.

"While this is a fascinating conversation, I think we need to get moving." Iron Man said.

"He's right. But where?" Black Widow asked.

"With me." a new voice entered the fray.

"Huh?" The Avengers said, turning towards the purple-haired woman who stood in front of a blue car.

"I didn't know Psylocke was here." Spider Man said.

"I'm Misato Katsuragi. I'm sorry I'm late, Shinji." the woman said.

"Oh, Ms Katsuragi." Shinji said, shaking the woman's hand.

"We need to get to NERV." Misato said.

"Then let's go." Captain America said.

"Uh... I don't think I can fit all of you in my car." she stated.

"That's alright. We can manage." Spider Man assured her.


"This... is really weird." Misato said as she looked ahead to where she was flying.

Thor had lifted Misato's car over his head as was flying Misato, Shinji, Tigra and Scarlet Witch inside the car while Spider Man and Black Panther were riding on top. Ms Marvel was carrying Captain America, Iron Man was carrying Black Widow, and Living Lightning was flying alone.

"We're actually used to this." Scarlet Witch said as she sat in the back seat with Shinji.

"I didn't know you had such unique friends, Shinji." Misato said, looking back to the boy.

"Actually... I met them while I was waiting for you." he replied.

"Yeah. Sorry about that."

"So, what's this NERV we're headed to?" Tigra asked.

"NERV is a private organization funded by the UN to stop the Angels from destroying mankind."

"Angels? You call those monsters Angels?" Scarlet Witch asked.

"I didn't come up with that name, believe me. Oh, Shinji!"


"Do you have you identification papers?"

Shinji dug into his bag and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He handed it to Misato as she handed him a book that said 'NERV' on the cover.


The team flew straight to NERV under Misato's direction, getting inside and following a long series of mobile trams, walkways and escalators.

"Whoa! This place is huge!" Spider Man gasped.

"It's an actual Geofront!" Shinji gasped as he looked out the window.

"Yes. It's a human fortress built to withstand against the Angels, our last hope." Misato said.

Within a few minutes the ten Avengers were being lead by the purple-haired woman through the maze-like corridors of NERV while Shinji was reading his NERV instruction manual.

However, the group quickly realized that they were lost.

"We're lost, aren't we?" Spider Man asked.

"No we're not. I'm sure it's just this way." Misato said.

"I don't think so." Captain America said.

"How do you know?"

To everyone's amusement, the super soldier reached over and picked up his circular shield that was propped up against the connecting hallway they were approaching.

"Uh, hehehehe!" Misato chuckled nervously.

"Don't worry. It looks like this facility was designed to be a maze." he said with a smile.

Misato actually seemed relieved at that.


Eventually, the group was met by a very upset-looking blond woman in a labcoat and swimsuit.

"Hi, Ritsuko." Misato said nervously.

"Why are you wasting my... oh my!" Ritsuko Akagi gasped as she noticed the ten costumed heroes around the purple haired woman.

"Ritsuko Akagi, I'd like you to meet the Avengers." Misato said.

Introductions were quickly made and Ritsuko was then introduced to Shinji. Misato also noticed that Ritsuko seemed to be eyeing Tigra.

Oh boy! The cat-woman strikes again. Misato thought.

"Is this the boy?" Ritsuko asked once she had regained herself.

"Yes. According to the Marduke Report, he's the Third Child." Misato said.

While the pair talked, a certain crimson sorceress was thinking hard.

Shinji if the Third Child? Who are the other two I wonder? Wanda thought as Ritsuko talked about something called 'The O-9 System'.

"How could you bring these people here, Captain!" Ritsuko said with some anger.

"What was I supposed to do? Leave them out in the city? Besides, you said it yourself, we're short handed. And besides, I saw these guys take on the Angel and they did better than the military."

"That goes without saying." the blond grimaced.

Eventually the group came down to the Eva cages and were shown NERV's ultimate weapon.

"Whoa!" Ms Marvel gasped as she stared at the giant purple robot with the long horn protruding from it's forehead.

"Is that..." Tigra cringed.

"A giant robot." Black Panther stated.

"This reminds me of Ultimo." Iron Man said.

"Maybe it's his brother." Spider Man said.

Their staring was cut short as a new voice boomed over the speaker system.

"What the hell is this, Katsuragi?" Gendo glared down from his observation booth. "Who are these people?"

"The Avengers, sir." Misato said.

"That tells me nothing! Remove them!" the grimacing man said.

"But sir, they were outside fighting the Angel."

"Which they did not defeat."

"They did a lot more damaged than the military did." she explained.

"That goes without saying." the man said.

"Who is this guy?" Living Lightning asked.

"Commander Gendo Ikari, the head of our organization." Ritsuko said.

"Ikari? You mean..." Scarlet Witch gasped, looking at Shinji.

"He's... Shinji's father." the blond doctor said.

The group looked at Gendo, then back to Shinji, then back to Gendo.

"Really? They don't look alike." Spider Man said.

"I agree." Natalia Romanova, the Black Widow, said.

"Why did you call me here?" Shinji suddenly shouted at the bearded man.

"Because I have a need for you." Gendo said.

"You abandon me after mother dies, I don't hear from you for ten years, and then you call me out of the blue to come back here because you have a need for me?" Shinji gasped, the obvious pain of it all showing on his face.

At hearing this, every member of the Avengers grimaced.

What kind of father would abandon their own child and then ten years later call him back because he wanted to use him?

Actually, several of them knew that answer fairly well.

"If you can't do it, you are of no use to me. Leave!" Gendo shouted.

"I was right. I'm not wanted." Shinji cried.

Before anyone could move, Shinji found a pair of arms encircle him from behind. A warm body press against his back.

"It's alright, Shinji." Wanda said softly to the boy, arms folded around his neck tightly. "You're not alone here."

Shinji grinned her arms with his hands, squeezing them tightly.

"Thank you." he whispered.

However, that's when things erupted.

"Cowardly knave!" Thor shouted at Gendo as he hurled his hammer at the man.

Mjolnir flew up to the reinforced glass that Gendo was hiding behind, broke through it, slammed into the mans chest and propelled him backwards into the observation room he was in. It turned around sharply, still pressing into Gendo's chest, and pushed him back out the glass and down towards the waiting god of thunder.

"What manner of person is so low as to use a child for their own ends?" Thor asked as he caught the man and replaced the hammer on his belt.

"He does have a point." Captain America said to Gendo. "You called Shinji here for a reason, but you haven't given him a reason to do anything for you."

"He doesn't need one. I am his father!"

"Liar!" Thor shouted. "A true father does not abandon his own blood, nor would they so casually send their progenies into battle against an enemy they themselves do not know!"

"Thor has a point. Until today Shinji didn't even know this monster existed. Yet from the look of this base, you've known about it for years. Decades perhaps." Iron Man explained.

"You're prepared to handle this monster, with a giant robot, and while that makes sense, you don't bother to tell the person whose piloting it that he's going to be the pilot, until you get him here and make it so that he has no choice." Captain America said.

"And an emotionally fragile fourteen year old at that." Black Widow stated.

"Nice peer pressure tactic." Spider Man quipped.

Gendo grimaced. These people were beginning to annoy him.

Suddenly, a dozen black suited men armed with guns rushed into the room.

"Oh, look, goons." Spider Man stated, unfazed by this common occurrence in his life.

Gendo grinned as his men aimed their guns at the costumed heroes. "Remove Them!"

The Avengers positioned themselves ready for a fight, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow pulling the boy behind them so as to protect him.

"Save your strength, people. This is my arena." Spider Man said as the men rushed the Avengers, only to have the webslinger leap at them with incredible speed and agility, easily dodging their fists and small arms fire, and retaliating with his own lightning fast kicks and punches.

Within seconds, all twelve men were unconscious around the webslinger.

"And just so you know... I'm the nice one." Spider Man said, looking up at Gendo, still in Thor's grip.

Gendo grimaced at that. What he was so blatantly saying, was that he wasn't the best fighter, nor the most ruthless among the ten heroes. And he had just taken out 12 of his own men. He turned and stared at the purple haired woman.

"Katsuragi! Take out your firearm and arrest these people!" Gendo shouted.

Misato looked at the Avengers, then the defeated Section 2 agents, then back to the Commander.

"Uh... how?" she asked.

"Do not disobey me, Captain!"

"Sir, in case you didn't notice, one of their's just took out twelve of yours!" Misato explained. "Its fair to say I'm a little out of my league here!"

Gendo gnashed his teeth. "You will be penalized for this, Captain!"

"It's a battle I can't win, sir! And with all due respect, they seem to be more capable of handling situations like this. They could be useful."

"In truth, the boy is far more useful than you believe." Thor said.

"If he has no will to fight, he is useless!"

"He Is Not!" Thor exclaimed, shaking the man violently.

Any harder and he'd probably snap the man's neck.

"What do you mean?" Misato asked, trying to play peacemaker.

"Shinji, step forward." Thor said.

The boy did as Thor pulled Mjolnir from his belt and tossed it to Shinji.

"What the..." Shinji gasped as he caught the hammer, lifting it easily. "Whoa. It's lighter than it looks."

The Avengers gasped as Shinji held the hammer in his right hand.

Noticing their stunned expressions, Misato had to ask.

"What's the big deal? So he's stronger than he looks." Misato said.

"It's not that, Misato." Captain America said.

"Thor's hammer can only be wielded by those who are worthy." Tigra said. "Some of us can't even lift it."

"Actually, Captain America's the only one aside from Thor who's ever been able to." Iron Man stated.

"It proves that Shinji is an exceptional individual." Scarlet Witch said.

"We can do this!" Misato grinned, realizing what they were saying.


Authors Notes: I love crossovers. Especially if they are instantly on Shinji's side. When I wanted to write this story up, I had a hard time trying to figure out which Avengers to put into this story. Naturally I had to include the Big Three: Cap, Thor and Iron Man. Then the rest of the Avengers I chose were basically people Shinji would have something in common with.

Spider Man because he's never known his parents and feels responsible for his uncles death; Scarlet Witch because she's rather maternal (so much so that she once created her own children using her mystic powers), as well as being used by her father; Ms Marvel because she never got along well with her father; and Living Lightning who's extremist father was killed by The Hulk.

The rest of the Avengers I added because I wanted to more diversify the Avengers team as well as Shinji's interactions. Black Widow is Russian and in the series Shinji never met anyone who was Russian. Plus I wanted to see what I could write when she met Kaji. I added Black Panther because, well, Shinji never interacted with any African people. Living Lightning is of Hispanic origin, so I choose to add him to the mix.

(Also, Living Lightning is gay, as stated by Writer Dan Slott, but since I'm not good at writing that kind of thing up, I chose to omit it. I'm just mentioning it in case anyone who reads this starts to wonder who I'm going to pair him up with.)

I was originally going to use Firebird, Bonita Juarez, who is also a Hispanic Avenger, except that she is a very devout Roman Catholic, so there would have been some complications with using her in the Eva-universe.

And I added Tigra mostly so that I could play up Ritsuko's cat-obsession.

Also, I'm sorry if this story seems rushed. I was trying to get this finished up for today.

Drop me a review to tell me what you think.



Thor attacks Gendo, Section 2 pulls their guns on him.

"Uh, shouldn't you help him?" Misato asked, noticing that the rest of the Avengers were standing a good distance away from them.

"Why? There's only a dozen of them." Spider Man said.

"And they've only got semi-auto handguns." Ms Marvel said.

"Only?" Misato repeated.

"Give me one good reason why I should not smite thee!" Thor asked Gendo.

"Because I have a dozen trained men with guns pointed at you?"

"Let them fire."


Gunshots rang out, all their bullets hitting Thor.

However, it was a useless gesture as they simply bounced off his body. Some of them ricocheting back into the men who fired them.

"I have felt droplets of rain strike more fiercely." Thor declared and continued shaking Gendo.

"Told ya." Spider Man whispered to the stunned Misato.

"Right. He gets backhanded by an Angel and lives, why would a few bullets bother him?" she thought out loud.