Yuki sat at the back of the SOS club room, book in hand, though, she wasn't reading it. She was looking out of the window. She wasn't quite sure what she was looking at or why she was looking at it, but she just felt like looking at something. Blinking, she turned her head to the right, staring at a few people who were walking along a path. Then, she looked over to a girl who was sitting on a bench. A boy sat next to her and they were talking. Yuki tilted her head and watched them.

Why did people do this? They just…talked. For no apparent reason. There was no benefit to it, it seemed. Perhaps there was something important to be transmitted to this girl, she decided. She couldn't come to a conclusion right away that whatever was being stated was trivial in nature. It could be serious.

The door opened and Mikuru entered. "Oh. Yuki." She smiled. "Hello." She looked around. "Wh…where's Ms. Suzumiya?"

"I do not know."

"Oh…" She sat down in a chair.

"Why do people 'talk'?" She blinked.


"Yes. Talk."

"Well…" She looked around. "To get to know each other better. And to generally pass the time." She smiled.

Yuki looked down at her closed book. "Oh. I see." Yuki thought about this. Pass the time. Like…reading books. Only you 'talk' to people instead.

Mikuru opened up her laptop, courtesy of the computer club, and started working on homework. Yuki turned to her. "How was your day?"

Mikuru slowly stopped typing. "Um." She looked to her. "It was good. How was yours?"

Yuki looked down to her book. "Good."

Mikuru stared at Yuki for a few moments until she finally turned back to her laptop and carefully began typing again.

Kyon walked into the room and set his backpack on the table. "Hey, Mikuru." He looked to Yuki, who was still staring at her closed book. "Hey, Nagato."

She looked up. "Hey."

Mikuru looked up to Kyon and smiled.

Yuki turned in her chair as Kyon sat down at the table. "How was your day?"

Kyon stopped his movement. Nagato was talking. To him. When she didn't have to. There wasn't some crisis or necessity or anything of the sort that called her to do this, she was just asking him this.

"It was alright. How was yours?"

"It was good."

"I'm glad, Yuki."

"Yes." She looked back outside.

Kyon looked to Mikuru who just raised her shoulders and mouthed, "I have no idea."

After a few minutes Mikuru stood. "Well, I have to go now!" She smiled. "Bye!" Kyon smiled as she nearly skipped out of the door.

Turning to Yuki he put his elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand. "So, Nagato."

She looked to him. "So."

"What are you reading?"

She looked to it. "It is an American Book."

"Really?" He sat back in his chair. "Why are you reading that?"

"It is interesting." She looked back at it. "It is by a man named Stephen Hawking."

"Oh." He nodded.

She looked to him. "Why do you 'talk', Kyon?"

He was silent. He thought she was saying he talked too much. "Um. I'm sorry if I…bother you."

"Is it to…pass the time? Or to get to know people better?"

"Oh." He laughed. "It's just for conversation, Yuki. Everyone does it. Well, most everyone."

She stood and walked over to the table, sitting across from him. "I wish to have a conversation."

He stood, stiff. "Oh. Okay."

She looked stoic as ever, but he could tell she was serious.

"Um. Well, you already got the first part over."

"First part."

"The 'how-are-you's'."


"Now, you just go off of who they are and what is going on around you." She blinked. He knew that wouldn't make too much sense at all. "Well, take, for instance, us. We are in the SOS club room. So, we might talk about what we've done lately, or what we're going to do. We might talk about the other members of the group… in a good way, hopefully." He thought about it.

She looked down with her eyes. "I see."

"And then that conversation usually leads into other conversation, naturally." He nodded his head, calmly.

"Oh." She thought about this.

"So, try saying something to start a conversation off." He smiled.

She looked up. Her hands were together on top of the table. She was silent. After a few seconds her hands gripped together a little. She looked to the left. "I'm…not sure."

"Well. I'll say something." He thought. "So, Nagato, what crazy thing do you think Haruhi's going to come up with to make us do next?"

She glanced back to him. Then to the table. "Um." She thought. "I don't know, Kyon." She thought she was suppose to repeat his using her name. "But…I'm sure it'll be pretty crazy." She looked back up to him.

First, Kyon was still reeling at the sound of Nagato saying his name. It sounded so strange, so amazing. He couldn't get over it. There was just something about it. Something so…human, almost. Second. What was that? But it was a pretty good start, he guessed. It was more than she had ever done before.

"It's true." He laughed. "I'm sure it will be."

She loosened the grip on her hands and sat up a bit. "Yeah." She looked to the right. "I'm sure Mikuru will also be stressed over it."

He smiled. 'Stressed'? How cute is that! "I'm sure she will be." He said, confidently.

She let her hands fully part so that they weren't touching anymore. She almost looked comfortable in her chair.

She turned to him. "Was that a conversation?"

"Yes, I believe it was, Nagato."

She nodded. "I see."

He smiled. "And so, now you can go out there and have normal conversations with everyone."

"Normal conversations."

"Yeah, ones that don't have to do with school, or the SOS Brigade or anything."


He smiled. How strange is it, though, that Nagato would suddenly want to do something like this? Why would she want to learn how to converse with people? What was she trying to do, trying to prove? Who was she trying to impress?

She looked to him. "I would like to have a normal conversation…with you, now Kyon."