The film convention was a go, and Haruhi was as happy as she ever was going to be about it.

"Alright! Is everyone dressed up?" She finished buttoning her collar on her bunny girl costume and turned to Mikuru who was wearing the nurse costume. "Mikuru! You look great, girl, why the long face?"

Mikuru was sitting in a chair, her arms wrapped around herself, shivering. "So cold."

"C'mon!" Haruhi walked over to her and grabbed her by the wrist. "Don't think about it." She pulled her to her feet. "Hey…" Looking around she thought for a moment. "Where's Yuki?"

Kyon had tried to not bring attention to the fact that Yuki hadn't come yet, even though he knew that Haruhi would eventually have to realize that the third body with a sleezy outfit wasn't there.

"Well…where is she?" She turned to Kyon. "We need her. Especially her for this, I mean look at her outfit!" She let out an annoyed sigh.

"So, what all is going to go on with this thing?" Kyon tried to change the subject.

"Everything!" Haruhi started pulling Mikuru out of the room. "We'll be spreading the SOS Brigade's information to the entire convention, Kyon!"

Mikuru made small, sad noises as she was pulled down the hall.

Kyon shook his head. "I still don't understand why you had to change before we got on the bus to go down to this place. You guys are going to get stared at the entire time."

Haruhi smiled. "Yeah! I know!" She pulled out some fliers. "Precisely!" She gave some to Mikuru. "Here. You'll be needing more than me, I'm sure!" She laughed. "But where's Yuki! That girls' going to need a lot of explaining." She crossed her arms as they waited outside the school, all of them sitting on some steps near the door.

"I am sorry." They both turned, quickly to the right and saw Yuki standing in her costume. "If you have been waiting."

Kyon put his hand up to his face. Seriously…that outfit.

Haruhi let out a long breath. "Finally!" She stood and started pulling Mikuru again.

"Oh!" She closed her eyes and followed her, blindly.

The bus door opened and everyone piled on, Yuki last.

"Look at everyone's reaction on here!" Haruhi looked around, hungrily, at everyone on the bus. "They all love us!"

Mikuru opened her eyes. "Ms. Suzumiya, I don't think we should be dressed like this. We could get in trouble."

"What?" She looked at her outfit. "Whatever. Plus, Kyon's with us. What could happen."

Kyon looked away and rolled his eyes. "Hey, I can't protect you from everything just cause I'm a guy."

"Whatever." She crossed her legs and three men from across the bus looked.


Once they arrived Haruhi was as excited as ever. "Yes!" She turned around. "Now, don't mess it up!" She pulled the two girls to her. Mikuru let out a small whimper. Yuki did nothing. "Alright!"


"It's time to use my secret weapon."

throws guns down "Naaah!"

close up

"Mi-mi-Mikuru Beaaaam!"


Haruhi watched for the reactions of the audience, her hands up to her chest. "Do you think they like it? They have to like it! It's amazing, right?" She turned to Kyon.

"Of course."

"Oh, I wish Itsuki could be here to see this." She looked annoyed. "He'd be more into it."

Of course he would. He was such a 'yes man' it hurt. He looked over to Mikuru and Yuki, who were down on the floor looking to the audience and smiling. Or, rather, Mikuru was trying to smile and Yuki was standing, doing nothing. Most of the audience was staring at Mikuru.

He closed his eyes. "How many screenings are we going to have?"

"Four! Four screenings!" She jumped up and down twice. "Isn't that great?" Turning to him she grabbed his collar. "Now, let's walk down there and see how Mikuru and Yuki are doing."


She dragged him along with her.


"I am an alien from beyond the stars that uses the art of magic."

"Well, Is that so?"

"It is."


Finally they were to where Mikuru and Yuki were. Yuki looked to Kyon and then to the ground. Seriously…that outfit. He put his hand up to his face.

"So, how do you guys think it's going?"

Mikuru shook a little as she looked up at the screen. "Um I-uh. I think it's going-uh?"

"Speak up, girl!" She smacked her on the back.

"Ohhh! Ms. Suzumiya. It's alright. The gentlemen over there," She pointed to a man who looked away as soon as they looked at him, "said that he really likes the film. And the man over there," the same happened again, "said that the music was lovely. He loved my voice at the beginning." She smiled. He looked to her and smiled back.

Haruhi put her hands on her hips and smiled. "Good. It is an amazing film." She smiled. "Yuki?" She turned to her. Yuki continued to look forward. "Yuki?" She looked to her more carefully. Finally she responded with two blinks and a raise of her laser gun. All the men in the first row looked to her. Kyon nearly growled. "I hope you're having as much fun as Mikuru, here." Mikuru's eyes got kind of soft.

She looked back to the audience. The men continued to look at her. She blinked, again. They still stared. After a few moments she quickly knelt into a stance and pointed the laser at all of them, with her left knee on the ground and her right elbow resting on her right knee.

All of them kind of moved back and looked to the screen.

A few of them looked back at her for a second and she narrowed her eyes. They looked back to the movie and straightened up in their seats.

She nodded and stood up.

Kyon walked around Haruhi to her. "Hey."

"Hello." She didn't look to him.

"How are you?"

"I'm wearing a Star Trek outfit."

Haruhi bumped Mikuru. "Hey, girl. You have a big part coming up!"


"Huh? You want me to hold it?"

walks up and takes gun

walks back

"You…you should never shoot this while pointing it at other people! You should only shoot empty cans with it! Huh? You want me to shoot?"




Half of the audience looked horrified and half of them tried not to laugh. Kyon took Yuki by the wrist and pulled her away from the group, trying not to let Haruhi notice. When she did notice he told her, "We'll be right back, I think she needs some make up, don't you?"

She looked at her. "You're right. You look kind of pale."

They walked off.

Right when they got out into the hall Kyon placed Yuki against the wall. She looked at him.

He looked at her.

They looked at each other.

It was then that he realized he had no idea what he wanted to say and he felt very awkward.

Wait! He did know what he wanted to say.



"How are you?"

She turned her head to the side to watch some people as they walked by. They obviously looked at her outfit. "You have already asked me this question. And it occurred just a moment ago."

He glanced to the ground. Dammit. That's not how he meant this to go.

Umm….Wait! "Yuki?"


"How has your day been? What did you do before you came here?"

She thought for a moment. "It has been alright. I cleaned my apartment." Kyon imagined that took a long time. "I read two books. I watched the first three episodes of the original Star Trek." She looked up. "It was very interesting."

"Did you like it?"

She thought, again. "It was very interesting."

He laughed. "Sounds good."

The door opened up and Haruhi came out. When she saw them and Yuki she put her hand on her hip. "I don't see any make up."

Yuki turned to her. "We couldn't find any."

"Oh. I suppose that's true." She turned to the window. "Well," looking back to them she said, "Get back in here, already!"


"I am afraid that you and I do not have very much time left anymore. We must resolve our conflict before our lunch break is over."

"That is something we both agree on! However, I am positive that Itsuki will say that he's gonna chose me…I just know that he's gonna pick me!"

"That is unfortunate for you, because I do not intend to acknowledge his free will at all."


Yuki stared at the screen as Kyon glanced from Haruhi to Mikuru back to Yuki. He wasn't sure what to do. Haruhi looked hungrily at the audience for reactions.

"Seriously, why couldn't Itsuki come today?" She put her hands on her hips. "That jerk." Then she smiled as the audience smiled. "They like it!"

Really they were just laughing because of the teacher running out of the building during the shot. Kyon turned away. "We really should have cut that out." He looked back to where Yuki was. "What?" Looking around, he couldn't find her. She had just disappeared. Haruhi hadn't seemed to notice. He looked to Mikuru. She was nearly staring at him. When he finally made eye contact with her she gestured to a door with her head. He looked to it. It was barely open. Mikuru said something to Haruhi and she turned to her, talking. Kyon took this opportunity to run to the door.

"Yuki?" He opened the door. No one was there. "Yuki…" He started walking down the hall to his left. If he couldn't find her, he just wanted to leave. They would be fine without him. It was as he walked by a classroom door that he felt someone reach out and grab his arm. "What?" He was pulled in, his breath catching as he was.

Once he was in the door shut and he was in near darkness. Pushed up against the wall, his eyes were closed. Then, someone put their hand over his eyes.



Kyon opened his eyes. He wasn't sure where he was at first. He could hear a familiar sound, but from where…

He sat up. No one was around. Then he heard a voice.


Quickly, he turned around. He was still. Then he closed his eyes for a moment. "Hmm." He stood. "That's why this place seemed so familiar. I'm glad I got to go here again." He walked up to her.

Yuki turned around. "This can't work, you know." She didn't look away from him as she said it. "Any of it. I am sorry. I can not learn anymore from you. I can not be with you. You can not come back here anymore. It has to be as it was before. It just has to be."

Kyon stared at her. "I don't understand." He closed his eyes. "This doesn't make any sense this comes out of no where!"

"Does it?" She turned away. "I am sorry. I should not have let my guard down so much. It was not professional."


She didn't look to him.

"Yuki?" He shook his head a little. "Nagato?"

She turned to him. He narrowed his eyes. "Nagato?"


"When you brought me here the last time, I'm sorry…I can't remember. You got us here right away, right?"

She just stared at him. After thinking for a few moments she answered. "Of course. I know the coordinates to my own place of living. I will always bring someone here promptly."

His eyes widened. "You're not Yuki."

She just stood there. "What do you mean? I am Yuki Nagato." She stepped forward.

"No you're not. Yuki and I didn't get here right away at all. I got lost first. You aren't Yuki. You're someone else. Who are you?"

The girl stopped moving. Her eyebrow raised. "I am Yuki…Nagato." She brought her hands up and unhooked the cape, taking it off of herself. When she did, it revealed a completely different outfit and a different Yuki. She had the same voice, but it was animated. And she had emotions, as much as any human would. It was so strange. She was wearing an all black outfit, black thigh-high boots and a black turtleneck. She walked up to him, quickly, making him sit down. "And you are Kyon, correct?"

He sat down. "C-corect."

She turned around. "Hmm. Kyon. I've been watching you. You and what you've been doing to Ms. Nagato." She looked back to him. "And you will stop." She leaned over and put her hand on his shoulder.

He looked determined. "I will not. And who are you, anyway!"

"I am Yuki Nagato." She stood up, straight. "At least…in a way."

He shook his head a little. "What?"

"When you are messing with the code of Yuki Nagato you are messing with the entire code in our system. Because of this I was created. I am everything that you are teaching Yuki. Love, happiness, desire, inner-strength. Everything that she is learning, I am that code. And I brought you here."

"Why?" He stood.

She turned her head up. Laughing, she looked away. "Why should I have to tell you that?"

"If I stop teaching Yuki…stop being with her. Won't you disappear?" She looked down. "And they want you to go away."

"It's what's right. I shouldn't be here."

"Why?" He walked up to her. Turning her around, he looked her in the eyes. "Why shouldn't you?"

Her eyes were nearly glistening, and wide. "I don't belong. I'm an accident. I don't do anything right, everyone else here is so demur and I don't…I'm all alone."

"No you're not. You have Yuki. You don't have to be alone. Why don't you two merge? You should. Didn't you use her body to take me here? Didn't you use her body to talk with me before?"

She sat down. "It's true. But I don't know what will happen. We don't share the same memories. What if I mess her up? I mess everything up."

"Hardly. You've made Yuki a better person."

She started to cry a little. "Really?"

"Please don't leave her now, not when she's just starting to really enjoy being that person."

She closed her eyes and looked away. She spoke quietly, "Okay."

"Thank you!" He hugged her.

Her eyes opened wide. "Ky…on?"

"Yes? I'm so happy you decided that you'd…Yuki?" He looked to her. Her entire face had changed. She looked down to her outfit, then to her surroundings.

"When did we come here?"

"We've been here for a little. Just talking."

She looked around and took in a deep breath. "I feel different. Like, I'm free." She smiled.

He smiled and leaned forward, kissing her. "I'm so happy to hear that."

And they both sat, happy to be in each other's arms.



Haruhi looked away from the screen to the door. "Where did Yuki and Kyon go? Seriously…"