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"Once again, the day is saved!" Danny shouted while wearing an old ski-mask, "Thanks to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman."

Dan frowned in annoyance from where he was tied-up and hanging upside down from the ceiling, "For the last time, you are NOT Spiderman! You don't have spider powers, you didn't marry anyone named Mary Jane, and I am NOT Venom!"

"You cannot trick me, you symbiotic fiend!" Danny shouted before trying to laugh heroically, though it came out sounding rather demented.

The evil future-ghost sighed in mild frustration. At least he didn't have to worry about Danny "rescuing" Sylvester anymore. Jazz had offered to watch over the child until her younger brother was back to his normal self...whatever that was.

"I could get you down." Box Lunch said smugly, "That is, if you're willin' to..."

"FINE!" Dan yelled, "I'll buy a box of your damned cookies!"

The little-girl ghost smiled before freeing Dan of his restraints. Dan merely glared at her in response. He didn't like the fact that he had been tricked into buying those disgusting snacks.

He snarled at her after paying for the cookies, "When this is over, I will personally make sure that your life becomes a living hell."

"Hey, they're fat free and sugar free." Box Lunch pointed out.

"Well, I suppose...WAIT A MINUTE!" Dan frowned.

He was about to tear Box Lunch into tiny pieces when he felt a foot slam into his back. The evil future-ghost turned around to see Danny putting up his fists as if he wanted to be in some sort of ghostly boxing match.

"I knew you would try to escape." Danny spoke, "I may have lost my spider powers, but I can still defeat you!"

"Ok." Dan shrugged before kicking Danny between the legs.

The half-ghost wheezed in pain and fell to his knees. Dan then grinned evilly and punched his past-self in the face causing the half-ghost to be knocked out once again.

"You never said I couldn't fight dirty." the insane poltergeist chuckled darkly and ripped the ski-mask from Danny's face.

After a few moments of silence, Danny woke up once again. He glanced around in confusion before a broad cheesy grin spread across his face.

"Boy, crikey. That lil' beauty put up quite a fight 'e did." he said in a bad Australian accent.

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