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Exactly five months, thirteen days, six hours and twenty-seven minutes ago (seconds are irrelevant to me) a young man tripped on his shoelace and was sent sprawling across the sidewalk, blocking the walkway for several seconds and caused a general uproar from the people by him. However, none of this is actually relevant to the story. Our story starts in the not too available present, where--to the reader's surprise—a man with silvery-purple hair sat at a table, staring at a thick volume of crossword puzzles. He was gnawing on the eraser (which can't be too horribly good for his teeth, can it?) and glaring at the book in pure frustration.

He couldn't understand how something so simple could be so hard! He'd only been at it for five minutes and he was already stuck on seven down.

"Why the heck do I need ta know the Spanish word for 'world'?" he wondered out loud. "Ever since I came ta Hueco Mundo life has been so boring," he murmured, quickly scratching 'earth' into the five little boxes. He doubted that was right, but it had the same amount of letters, didn't it? Good enough for him.

He moved to the next clue. Eight down: 'Beethoven's Third'. "Wasn't that a movie?"

He jotted "awful" down in the five spaces and moved to the next one. He worked diligently for several minutes, but due to the authoress' authority, he looked up as he felt spiritual pressure fill the room. He looked around for the owner, but seeing no one he simply shrugged and moved to the next question. "Nineteen… 'Former'?" He scratched his head, wondering who wrote these clues. It was only three spaces. Easy. He scratched down his word.

"That's wrong."

Gin's head shot up in surprise, only to come face to face with a cute, violet eyed blonde. He sighed in resignation, "What is it, Wonderwice?"

"That answer is wrong…" the large purple eyes scanned the rest of the page. "So is everything else… No, wait. You got number twelve right, I think."

"I don't need your help," Gin's smile faded a little and the small arrancar took the pencil from him and erased everything except the answer to twelve.

"There you go, Ichimaru-sama." His smile outshone the ex-shinigami. "Did you know the answers are on the back of the page?"

"What?" Gin flipped the page over and sure enough the crossword was finished on the back. "No wonder Aizen always has the right answers on these!"