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Day 1

She walked down the corridor with heavy strides. As she turned the corner her right hand instinctively came up to fling her blue hair back. It was never really a bother or in her face but over the years this action has become more of a habit.

How boring. No. maybe tiring is the word. That's right. Obediently going to class is too tiring. Too much homework and all the teachers picking on me just because they rarely see me. Now that I don't have a reason to be missing school anymore…..mah, I'll just go into hiding for now. At least, till that annoying teacher's lesson is over.

She quickened her pace as her destination came into sight. The new Student Council room. After her battle with Shizuru that literally obliterated the former room and many others in that building, new rooms had been appointed to the casualties while waiting for the reconstruction and the repairs to be done. Her hand reached out for the door but she stopped herself short. She'd almost forgot that since the school is lacking classrooms the Executives had given up their room and bunked in together with the Student Council. She didn't intend to get caught by the Head Executive and get sent back to class. That defeats her purpose completely. And although that woman should be having classes too, word is that she had been missing her classes to catch students who deliberately cut theirs.

Natsuki edged closer to the door, careful not to let herself be seen. If Suzushiro was indeed inside, she should hear something. After all, that woman rarely stops complaining. She noticed that the door was left slightly ajar and slowly brought her ear close o the opening. There were two people conversing inside. She recognized the first voice immediately, with that unmistakable Kyoto-ben.

Shizuru…..but the other voice, a girl…

It didn't sound like anyone on the Student Council or the Executive board. However, she figured out from their conversation that it was one of Shizuru's tea ceremony students.

"Thank you, Shizuru-sensei!"

Eh? Shizuru…….-sensei? She called Shizuru by first name. Who is she?

Natsuki turned her head and peeked into the room. Shizuru sat behind the desk, cup of tea in her hands. She turned her attention to the other girl, whom she recognizes as Mizushi Minai, a second year student. Although she has only seen Mizushi a few times and has never spoke to her before, something about the way the second year looked at that moment irked the blue head.

"It's only a consideration" Shizuru said, seemingly in reply to what Mizushi had said earlier.

"It's an honor to even be in your tutelage Shizuru-sensei- "

Natsuki's eyebrow twitched.

"-so even if it's just a consideration I am very happy." Minai said cheerily.

Shizuru returned it with her own. "Aren't you a cute child?"

Several shades of pink appeared on Mizushi's cheeks. She turned away and muttered a playful "I'm no such thing, Shizuru-sensei."

Natsuki's eyebrow twitched again.

Shizuru put down her tea cup and slowly stood up, a small smile not leaving her lips. "Is there anything else you want to say? I should not keep you here any longer."

"Ah, no. Then I'll be going back to class now," Mizushi replied.

"I'll see you out."

"Please, no. I can see myself out. Thank you for your consideration," a slight bow ensues "excuse me then."

Natsuki immediately jumped away from the door and pretended to be walking away. She heard the door open, then close and footsteps leading the opposite direction. She stopped and turned, watching Mizushi's back as the other girl disappears at the corner. She took a few steps to the door but still did not go in. She stared at the spot where she last saw Mizushi.

Perhaps I should go back to class…

"How long are you going to stand there?"

Natsuki snapped as the door slid open in front of her, revealing a smiling Shizuru. "Natsuki."

"Shi...Shizuru," she started, still a little surprised. "How did you know?"

The seitokaichou's smile seemed to grow just a little wider, as she stepped aside to allow Natsuki to come in. "I'll always know when Natsuki is around."

Natsuki stepped in and Shizuru glided the door close behind her. She felt the need to say something in return to the statement Shizuru just made but the way it was said didn't leave many options to her. She hated that brunette for always sayings things that she don't know how to reply to. She glanced at Shizuru. As expected. The expression she saw told her that Shizuru was waiting for her to say something. She quickly turned away. "I….I see."

She didn't have to see for herself to know that the kaichou was thoroughly enjoying this one. She felt Shizuru's shoulder brush her own as Shizuru walked back to the desk but instead of sitting down, she simply stood by it.

"Anything I can help Natsuki with? Coming here in the middle of class," Shizuru asked.

Natsuki shook her head, walking towards the table herself. "Nothing, just-"

"Just cutting class?" Shizuru said, ending Natsuki's sentence. Natsuki did not need to answer for Shizuru knew she was right. "What's the excuse this time?"




"I didn't know he taught Natsuki's class."

"He doesn't. He's just a temporary replacement," Natsuki explained. When no other questions came Natsuki turned to Shizuru. "Sorry to bother you. You have work to do, don't you? Seeing you're not in class."

Shizuru shot Natsuki an amused look and the latter immediately knew what it meant. "Mah, the Director did ask me to do a few things but-"

"But you tricked Suzusiro into doing it for you," The playful grin confirmed Natsuki's suspicions. "Mou, why did you even run for the position in the first place? It seems you don't do anything but attend school events."

A small chuckle escaped from Shizuru's lips. "How cold for Natsuki to be saying such things. Natsuki benefited from my position, did you not?"

Natsuki turned away, not wanting to admit that she did. To admit would give her another defeat against Shizuru's word plays. "I never asked you to run for it."

There was a slight pause on Shizuru's side as she slowly and silently made her way over to Natsuki. "That's true. It was my own decision because I wanted to help Natsuki."

That surprised the blue head but before she could ask what it meant she felt a pair of hands on her waist, encircling from the back. On instinct she immediately pulled away from the attempted embrace and faced the owner of the hands. "Oi, Shizuru," It didn't help that the other girl looked more surprised than she is. "We're in school so…..don't do that."

Something flickered in Shizuru's eyes, but as quickly as it came, it was gone. Shizuru dropped her hands and stepped back, a smile coming to her lips. "Ah, of course. Forgive me." Without another word she turned around and headed for the seat behind the desk, when she turned to Natsuki again, she still held that smile.


"Natsuki," the calling got the younger girls' attention. "If Natsuki wants, then just stay here until Sakomizu-sensei's session is over.

"It…It should be done now," Natsuki announced. They both know it's a lie. "I'm going back." The truth is she couldn't stand seeing Shizuru's smile when she knew full well what the other was really feeling.

"Is that so?" Shizuru started. "Well, it's probably a good idea. Natsuki took such a long toilet break, Sakomizu-sensei would be wondering what Natsuki is doing in there," she added with a dreamy sigh.

Natsuki flared up. "Shi-Shizuru!" she didn't even want to know what the older girl was imagining.

Back to normal…huh?

"I'm leaving!" Natsuki said as she stormed towards the door.


She stopped and turned towards the voice.

"Considering what happened last week, should I come over to make dinner tonight?" the question came, ending with a suppressed giggle.

The memories of what happened last week came back to her and she blushed ever brighter. Her brows knitted in irritation as she stepped out of the room. "Do as you like!"

The door slammed close while Shizuru stared until the sound of footsteps faded away. She picked up her cup of tea and held it, eyes closed. Slowly, she brought it up to her lips and took a generous sip. She brought it down again and opened her eyes. Though the tea was still warm, it was colder than to her liking. But even so, she took another, smaller sip. She put the cup down and turned her attention to her laptop. Positioning it in front of herself she lifted the screen and turned it on.

The door slid open and two pairs of footsteps came in. she didn't have to look up from the screen to know who they belonged to. Their voices confirmed what she already knew. She heard the door close.

"Fujino-kaichou, you're here," this came from the bespectacled one.

She looked up at the speaker, mostly out of courtesy, brandishing an easy smile. The two held no grudges towards each other for whatever that had happened during the HiME festival. Both being HiMEs themselves, they knew the circumstances and the risks. Though both had done wrong to the other, all the things that had been lost had been regained. And since there was no permanent damage to the other there was no reason to remain spiteful. As for what the four eyes had seen, that topic was expertly avoided by both parties.

However, the same cannot be said about the relationship between the kaichou and the Head Executive. The first they saw of each other again after the festival Haruka had stared at Shizuru as though she would slap Shizuru a second time. But of course, that didn't happen. Even so, the animosity between the two took a few weeks to finally die down and somewhere along the way both had made a silent pact to keep the peace. There is, after all, no need for a second confrontation especially since the other two- Yukino and Natsuki- and the kaichou as well, are behaving normally with each other.

Shizuru glanced at the Head Executive, who made no attempt to look at her. "Ara, Suzushiro-san, is there no delinquents cutting class today?"

Haruka finally looked at the kaichou, almost annoyed. "Kaichou, you made it sound as though it's a bad thing."

"Is that so? Mah, forgive me," the tone of her voice showing all too clearly that she wasn't sorry at all. Her attention returned to the screen of her laptop but it didn't last long. She quickly looked up again. "Suzushiro-san, may I ask a favor from you?"

"Eh?" Haruka answered, surprised and taken aback. What are the odds of this? The tea sipping kaichou was actually asking for a favor!

"I don't want to trouble you, Suzushiro-san, I would like to do this myself but my workload doesn't give me the luxury of leaving this room. Surely you can manage this for me Suzushiro-san? As Head of Executives," Shizuru said, putting an emphasis on Haruka's title.

"Of course I can! What is it?" Haruka replied almost immediately. It wasn't so much that she wanted to help Shizuru but more of the way Shizuru seemed to doubt her capabilities. And there was no way she'd back down from this.

"Haruka-chan," Yukino started, knowing that Haruka had just allowed herself to be tricked, again. Shizuru merely smiled.

Natsuki eyed her classroom just ten meters away and sighed. She had taken the longest route back to her class from the Student Council room. But now, she had nowhere else to go.

That Shizuru…if she didn't do that I wouldn't have left the Student Council room. What was she thinking? Showing me that kind of eyes…and that kind of smile…. It's not even the first time.

Natsuki stopped, her classroom now only several feet away. She leant against the wall, taking a deep breath.


"I can't stand it! That bubuzuke onna!"

Natsuki snapped out of her thoughts and turned towards the voice. Walking towards her is none other than Haruka and Yukino.

"What kind of favor is that? In the end it's not even important!" Haruka complained, not caring if the people in the classroom can hear her.

"Calm down Haruka-chan. Fujino-kaichou never said it was important," Yukino reasoned.

Haruka paused. "Well, that's true but…wait a minute. Yukino, are you siding with that bubuzuke onna? No matter how I see it, if it's just to call a second year student she can do it herself."

Eh? Call a second year student? Could it be…..?

"She did say she wanted to, but she has work to do," Yukino replied.

"But since she wanted a private conversation she really should have done it herself. To shoo us away, who does she think she is?" the Head Executive said, annoyed.

Private conversation?

Yukino smiled helplessly at Haruka. "Perhaps kaichou really did have seitokai business with that second year. And plus, it's about time we went back to class."

Haruka pouted slightly and stared at Yukino before putting her right palm against the other's forehead.


"Why are you siding Fujino so much today? Are you not feeling well?" Haruka asked.

Yukino smiled. "Mou, Haruka-chan." Without answering Haruka's question Yukino backed up and entered her classroom.

Natsuki watched as Haruka sighed and continued walking towards her. Their eyes met for a brief moment but Haruka tore hers away. Instead of just walking by, Haruka stopped and eyed Natsuki, as if wanting to say something but considering if she should.

"What are you doing outside of class?" Haruka said finally. "Are you being punished?"

Natsuki's brow immediately knitted. "No," she answered flatly. "I was just on my way in."

Seemingly pleased with that answer Haruka took one step to leave but stopped again. She turned back to Natsuki with a fixed stare.

What is wrong with her? Staring at me like that.


"What is it?" letting her irritation show.

"You and Fujino…" her words trailed off, leaving Natsuki even more irritated.

What the hell? If you have something to say then just say it.

But instead, Haruka just turned away. "Well never mind, it's none of my business anyway. People should take care of their own matters."

Haruka began walking away, for real this time. Natsuki looked on until Haruka disappeared from view. She relaxed.

What was that? What was she trying to say?
'You and Fujino…'

And the way she was staring at me…but more importantly, what she said just now. Second year student…private conversation…could it be that girl? Mizushi?

Her eyebrows twitched at the thought of that girl again.

That Shizuru, what is she doing? Private conversation? Since when did seitokai affairs require private conversations?

Making up her mind, Natsuki headed away from her classroom and back towards the Student Council room. She hadn't figured out what she wanted to do yet, she was too irritated to do so.

"Kuga Natsuki,"

She stopped dead in her tracks, recognizing immediately who the voice belonged to. Sakomizu. Crap, she had been found.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked. "Since you're already in school, why not come to class?"

Natsuki glared at him but unable to complain, she reluctantly entered her classroom.

"How is it, Natsuki?" Shizuru asked.

Natsuki looked up from the lavish dinner in front of her. Lavish because compared to what she usually ate, which includes instant ramen or pre packed food, Shizuru's cooking filled her stomach by just sight and smell. Natsuki picked at a random dish with her chopstick and popped it into her mouth.

"Ah, it's delicious," Natsuki said after swallowing.

Shizuru smiled, folding her arms on the table. "Let's not try what happened last week again," expression clearly showing that she was suppressing a laughter.

"Forget about that already!" came the reply, annoyed that Shizuru was still bringing up that incident.

After the HiME festival that left her apartment wrecked, Natsuki had moved into the dormitory. Because she entered so suddenly in the middle of the year she was without a roommate, but that suited her just fine. She preferred some privacy after all. There were suggestions to room her with another who does not have a roommate but in the entire girls dormitory there was only one person with such a condition. And that was Shizuru. It's not that Shizuru didn't want a roommate, she's had some before but all of them would mysteriously ask to be moved to another room a few days later. No valid reason was ever given. In the end, the administration decided to let Shizuru have the room for herself. So even though it was known that the two are friends, Natsuki was still given another room.

The first night Natsuki was in the dorm Shizuru had come over and made dinner for her, claiming it was to welcome her to the dorms. But Shizuru continued to make an appearance every night after that to cook for Natsuki that it became normality for both of them. After a while though, Natsuki decided that she didn't want to trouble Shizuru anymore and although the other denied that it was so, that she'd rather do all this than see Natsuki eat all those improper, unhealthy food. It's true that Natsuki did enjoy Shizuru's cooking a lot and contrary to popular belief, Shizuru is a very good cook. So that is why last week, Natsuki had asked Shizuru to teach her how to cook so that she can handle her own meals. The kaichou was a bit wary of the idea but since Natsuki was so insistent, she gave in.

Shizuru had spent that entire week teaching the younger girl to prepare a simple meal. By the end of it, Natsuki had to do so herself, without supervision. The brunette merely sat at the able calmly sipping her tea and waited for the results. At first it seems like Natsuki had succeeded but the moment Shizuru bit into a piece of the dish, she took on an expression that not even Natsuki had seen before. However, Shizuru bravely chewed and swallowed the particle on her mouth before uncharacteristically gulping down the entire cup of tea at one go. After that, she smile at Natsuki and said it was not bad. That night, they both settled for instant ramen, much to the kaichou's distress. Natsuki was apologizing every other minute at the sight of Shizuru agonizingly trying to palate the food that was considered improper and unhealthy. But somewhere along the way, Shizuru just started laughing. And she still is.

"How long are you going to keep laughing, Shizuru?"

Shizuru leaned her head on her palms. "Ara, I'm sorry. It's just that Natsuki worked so hard on it."

Natsuki turned away. "Your cooking is good, so I'll just leave it to you."

The other smiled. "Gladly"

"Natsuki, I'll be heading back now," Shizuru said, walking to the door, having done all the necessary cleaning up.

Natsuki turned from where she was seated. "Eh?"

Shizuru stopped and looked at Natsuki. "Is there anything else?"

The younger girl seemed surprised but quickly shook her head. "No, nothing"

With that said Shizuru went to the door and wore her shoes. Natsuki remained seated but kept her eyes on Shizuru. She usually didn't send Shizuru out and as for locking her door; Shizuru would do it for her since she had a set of the room keys for easy come and go. Usually this wasn't allowed, but Shizuru is the seitokaichou after all.

"Natsuki, Shizuru called, hand already on the door knob. "I won't be able to drop by tomorrow so would you eat by yourself?"

"I can take care of myself!" Natsuki retorted. She hated Shizuru treating her like a child.

A small smile appeared on Shizuru's lips. "Goodnight, Natsuki"

"Ah, goodnight," Natsuki replied.

Shizuru stepped out of the room and closed the door. Moments later, the lock clicked. Natsuki turned away fro the door and laid her head on the table, using her arms as a pillow.

She…really didn't try anything. She never failed to kiss before; she wouldn't leave until she got it. I already told her that I'll try to have the same feelings as she does for me, so…our relationship now, although we haven't done anything, I know Shizuru is just being considerate of me. Then was she also being considerate of me just now? But…if it's just kissing then I don't mind. I don't dislike it. But that Shizuru…I can't tell what she's thinking. Wa-wait a minute! Why am I thinking of all these? Ah, don't think about it! It's probably nothing.

Natsuki stood up and sighed. She couldn't explain why she felt so uneasy.

But…it bothers me.

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