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Day 10

"So you're saying…?" the words trailed off from Mizushi Minai's mouth as she stood there in the Student Council room staring at the object of her admiration, Fujino Shizuru, who held a cup of tea.

The kaichou smiled. "That's right. Lessons have ended so there is no longer a reason for us to keep meeting."

Mizushi looked as though someone had just shot her in the head. "Bu-But even so, I…I hope that we could still meet, Shizuru-sensei."

Shizuru sipped her tea, before looking back at Mizushi. "Then, what shall we do during these meetings?"

"Eh?" Mizushi turned away. "That…like usual," she peeked at Shizuru. "Small talk"

The tea cup met the table. "Small talk?" Her eyes lifted from the cup suddenly and looked to the door. A barely noticeable glint flashed by. She turned back to Mizushi and smiled gently. "I'm sorry, but what we're doing now is inconsiderate of other people. While I truly enjoy spending time with Mizushi-san, it has been getting some attention and all sorts of rumors are going around the school. It'll be really troublesome if there is a misunderstanding, am I right?"

Mizushi paused at what she heard. "You're…you're right," she said, disappointment clear in her voice. "I never thought of that at all."

"I didn't say that to make Mizushi-san feel bad. Ara, forgive me but if Mizushi-san insist then I'll work something out," Shizuru said, stopping to think. "Let's not meet so often in school but I can keep sacrificing my evenings."

Mizushi looked as though she would rejoice before suddenly realizing what Shizuru had just said. 'Sacrificing my evenings'. Mizushi quickly bowed apologetically. "I'm sorry, Shizuru-sensei!"

Shizuru seemed surprised. "Why?"

"I made a selfish request and I was completely inconsiderate of you, Shizuru-sensei. I never stopped to think if you had something else to do instead of being with me," Mizushi explained.

"It's okay, I don't mind it."

"No!" Mizushi stressed. "Shizuru-sensei is right. Lessons have ended so…" she looked down. "I just hope that…"

Shizuru picked up what the younger girl was trying to say and smiled. "Of course if Mizushi-san wants, I'll be happy to come see your technique every now and then."

Mizushi brightened. "I'm honored! Thank you, Shizuru-sensei!"

"I'm just doing what I can," Shizuru replied.

Mizushi bowed. "Then, I'll be going now. I have bothered you enough. Please excuse me."

Shizuru said nothing in return but saw off the girl with a smile. The door was left unclosed but she doesn't heed it. She turned back to her tea and picked it up for a sip. A light footstep sounded at the door and without turning she smiled.

"Disposing her once you no longer need her"

The tea was placed down once again and the smile grew wider. Shizuru turned to the door. The person who stood there was none other than Kuga Natsuki.

"I somehow feel sad for her"

Shizuru chuckled lightly as Natsuki entered and closed the door. Natsuki tried to ignore it.

"It's true that lessons have ended so it's true that I no longer have a reason to keep seeing Mizushi-san. Natsuki doesn't like it anyway, isn't that right?" Shizuru said, standing up. "I no longer want to do anything that will hurt Natsuki"

Natsuki looked at Shizuru almost sneeringly and folded her arms. "If you are really teaching then it can't be helped."

Shizuru smiled at Natsuki's poor attempt to appear not bothered. She stealthily moved from her desk. "If Natsuki wants me to, then I'll stop teaching."

Natsuki loses the sneer and looked away. "There's no way I'd ask that of you."

The blue head had expected to be embraced from behind and so when it came she immediately relaxed into it, but kept her arms folded. She held her head high. "Don't get too comfortable. I'm still angry at you."

Shizuru drew back slightly, raising her eyebrows. "Ara, why is that?"

A light blush came to Natsuki's cheeks and she turned her head, making sure Shizuru couldn't see it. "You…you left this morning without telling me."

Upon hearing what Natsuki said Shizuru wrapped around her tighter. "Fufufu, was Natsuki worried? I left a note, did I not? Natsuki knew I had to."

Natsuki's brows knitted, she still refused to look at Shizuru. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Natsuki looked so cute while asleep I couldn't bring myself to," Shizuru answered playfully, resting her chin on Natsuki's shoulder. She took a deep breath, before exhaling it lightly. "I'm sorry, I must've worried Natsuki. I won't do it again."

Natsuki evaluated Shizuru's words for a while before finally deciding that it was satisfactory and unfolded her arms, placing them over Shizuru's gently. It was not as though anything she did now would change the fact that Shizuru had left without telling her. And even if things had happened differently, Shizuru still would have to leave anyway. No matter how much she sulked over it, it wouldn't change the fact that she knew Shizuru had no choice. But even so, waking up to an empty room scared her out of her skin. She panicked even after reading the note on the bed five times over. But she finally calmed down after noticing how neat and almost dreamy the handwriting on the note was. She could almost imagine Shizuru watching her as the note was being written and after that, she didn't feel so bad. It couldn't be helped after all. While Shizuru could've showered there, ate there, she would still need to go back to her room to get her uniform. For once, Natsuki resented Shizuru having a different uniform. Which made her wonder, did the thought of ditching school never cross Shizuru's mind? Or is Shizuru simply incapable of doing so?

Shizuru smiled at Natsuki's positive reaction. "How is Natsuki feeling?"

Natsuki turned her head to look at Shizuru. "What do you mean?"

Shizuru moved her hands just a little bit higher, causing Natsuki to tense before whispering into the younger girl's ears. "From last night"

Natsuki blushed brighter, breath stuck in her throat. She turned away again, flustered. "Wh-What? All of the sudden…"

"All of the sudden? Wasn't Natsuki the one who brought it up?" Shizuru asked.

"Me?" Natsuki asked, puzzled. "I-I didn't!"

Shizuru laughed, snuggling Natsuki even more. "Natsuki was the one who mentioned this morning. Such a cowardly way to relate to last night"

"That…that wasn't what I-" Natsuko stopped, and sighed.

What's the point?

"I'm fine," she snapped abruptly before glancing at Shizuru. "You?"

Shizuru grinned in amusement at Natsuki's surrender. She kissed Natsuki's ear and felt the younger girl freeze. "I'm happy Natsuki. Nothing else matters."

Natsuki quickly recovered though and her hands gripped Shizuru's, which were across her waist. She looked down at them.


"Me-Me too," Natsuki said. She had decided yesterday to end this one way relationship. She wanted to tell Shizuru everything she felt because Shizuru deserved to know.

Shizuru seemed pleasantly surprised at Natsuki's apparent compliance. "Natsuki," she planted a kiss on the latter's cheek, and felt it grow hot. "I love you"

Natsuki tensed, before turning. "Shizuru…"

'While she had no problem telling you again and again how she feels, you wouldn't so the same'

'Do you…love her?'

I love Shizuru…but love is still…

Shizuru wanted an answer. Though she didn't ask for one, Natsuki could see it in those eyes. Those eyes that were quivering just so slightly.

"Me too." She said slowly, looking down. "Shizuru…one day I'll let you hear what you want, but until then, can you wait?"

Love…is still too foreign to me…

Shizuru's expression softened and she tightened her arms around Natsuki. "Thank you Natsuki. But, it's okay. That's enough. I'm satisfied."

As Natsuki looked up at Shizuru she received another kiss on the cheek. Except this time it didn't stop there. Shizuru's lips landed on her jaw line before going lower to her neck.

"Shi-Shizuru? What are you doing?" but even as those words left her, she was already moving her head to accommodate the other. "Sto-Stop it"

Shizuru paused for a while, lips playing with Natsuki's ears. Natsuki hands clawed weakly at Shizuru's demanding release, but Shizuru's grip was firm. "If Natsuki wants me to stop, then I will but, I won't listen to such half hearted requests."

Natsuki froze as Shizuru's words hit her. Half hearted requests? Was it really? She turned her head to face Shizuru, intending to clearly say stop but as she soon found out, that was a very bad idea. It achieved nothing but Shizuru fastening their lips together. And with that her resistance faltered. She gave in, completely drowning in Shizuru's kiss. It stirred so much in her and she knew Shizuru felt the same. She suddenly felt her bum come in contact with the edge of the table before she realized that she was being slowly pushed backwards. Her eyes snapped open. She had an inclination where all of this was going. One hand quickly shot down to the table to support her body whilst the other lightly pushed Shizuru away.

She sucked in a quick breath. "Wait, Shizuru. We're in school."

Shizuru drew back, as if realizing that for the first time. A laugh broke from her lips as she brought it to Natsuki's ear. "Should I lock the door then?"

Natsuki froze, flaring up before detecting the teasing tone in Shizuru's voice. Her brows furrowed. "Shizuru!"

Shizuru lightly pecked Natsuki's cheek before laughing again. "Ara, forgive me. Natsuki is absolutely right. I just couldn't resist seeing Natsuki turn red."

Natsuki blushed again before turning away in fake irritation. "Mou, this isn't a laughing matter," her hands came up to rest comfortably around Shizuru's shoulders. "What if someone came in?"

She immediately regretted saying that for the door slid open just as she finished her sentence. And the person standing there could not be a worse person. Suzushiro Haruka stared at them wide eyed, and they stared back at her. Shizuru made no move to release her from her position wedged between the former and the table, hands around each other while Haruka made no move to do anything but stare. Yukino appeared behind Haruka and also stared upon spotting the two but unlike Haruka, didn't seem to be in trance by the sight. Yukino quickly pulled Haruka away from the door before sliding it shut.

"We're sorry! Excuse us!" sounded from outside, clearly coming from Yukino.

Shizuru smiled helplessly as Natsuki and released the younger girl as the Head Executive's repetitive 'WHAT WERE THEY?!' sounded outside. Yukino seemed to be saying something as well but it wasn't clear. Natsuki reluctantly released and Shizuru headed straight for the door, stopping momentarily before sliding it open. She obviously caught the other two by surprise.

She smiled calmly at them. "Forgive us, Suzushiro-san, Kikukawa-san."

If Shizuru wanted to continue after that Haruka didn't give her a chance. She walked straight up to Shizuru, arms folded, letting her displeasure show. Yukino trotted behind her with a worried expression.

"Fujino! What do you think you're doing? Just yesterday you and Kuga-san were-"

"Haruka-chan," Yukino started, hand on Haruka's shoulder. "Let's not bring that up, okay?"

Haruka frowned at Yukino before turning back to Shizuru. "I demand an explanation!"

Shizuru maintained the smile. "I'm sorry, Suzushiro-san. What happened yesterday must've disturbed you and Kikukawa-san also but, that matter has been resolved between Natsuki and myself so, besides that, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Haruka held a fixed stare at Shizuru, as though wishing Shizuru's smile would break under her intense glare. It didn't happen, and she finally turned away, keeping the air around her. "Kuga-san skipped out of afternoon classes yesterday."

"Is that so? Then, I'll make sure that Natsuki doesn't do that again today," Shizuru said. "Is there anything else?"

Haruka turned back to Shizuru swiftly. "It's the Executives job to keep peace and order in the school," she stated, causing Shizuru to raise an eyebrow. "So, if I catch you doing whatever it is you were doing with Kuga-san again, even if you are the kaichou-sama I will punish you as the Head Executive!"

Shizuru looked on amused, but finally chuckled. "Suzushiro-san is always so dependable, thank you."

Haruka let her annoyance show but said nothing in return and turned to Yukino. "Let's go, Yukino"

Yukino nodded and followed but as she passed Shizuru she offered a warm smile. It was returned. Shizuru watched the two go before closing the door and then locking it. She turned back to Natsuki and instantly knew that her dearest one had heard the lock click for the expression that she now bore was such an uncertain one. Shizuru walked back to the desk and merely stood next to Natsuki, leaning on the edge.

Natsuki didn't know what to do. After hearing the lock click, which she immediately associated with Shizuru's words before, this image of Shizuru just standing here doing nothing somehow didn't fit. "Shizuru?"

Shizuru turned, smiling gently. Her hand snaked around Natsuki's waist and pulled Natsuki into an embrace. Shizuru's other hand joined its pair while she buried her head in the crook of Natsuki's neck and shoulder. The blue head instinctively wrapped her arms around the other girl.

"Shizuru, what's wrong?" Natsuki asked, concerned. The sudden change in Shizuru's mood perplexed her.

"I'm sorry," Shizuru replied.

"Eh? What for?"

Shizuru breathed into Natsuki's neck. "Everything"

"Stop it. We've talked about this already Shizuru. I don't want you to keep apologizing," Natsuki said.

Shizuru's only answer was to hold Natsuki tighter. Natsuki did the same, gently cradling Shizuru's head. And for a while, they stood there just like that, oblivious to anything but each other. Shizuru's warmth, the feel of Shizuru's body was the only thing that Natsuki's senses could pick up. Everything else, even the sound of the church bell ringing, seemed so surreal. Was it time for class already? She couldn't bear the thought of leaving Shizuru now, even if it was to go to class. She knew she'd see Shizuru at lunch and tonight as well but it didn't feel enough. How much longer would these times last? She wanted to spend now, later, all the time with Shizuru.

"Shizuru," she pressed herself closer. "I don't want to be apart from you."

Shizuru lifted her head. "I won't leave Natsuki"

She closed her eyes. Was there a way for them to spend more time together? Yes, there was. But she knew Shizuru would never ask that of her, in respect of her space.

My space…

"I know. That wasn't what I meant," Natsuki said, pulling away and looking at Shizuru's face. Her green pits made contact with those crimson pair.

Our space…

If she wanted it, she had to be the one to say it. She looked down, a light blush forming. "I-I want to move into your room."

The crimson pair widened, taken aback. "Natsuki…"

Natsuki didn't reply, instead she tried her best to look serious with the blush on her cheeks. She felt Shizuru straighten and grabbing her hand before she is pulled towards the door. She looked up, puzzled. "Shi-Shizuru?"

Shizuru stopped and turned. She smiled, a smile that could barely contain the joy it held. "Then, let's get to work, shall we not?"

Later that day, news reached the ear of Suzushiro Haruka that Fujino Shizuru and Kuga Natsuki had ditched school. Of course she was annoyed but eyewitnesses, mainly Yukino, said that her eyes had glinted with glee at the prospect of being able to punish the two the next day, especially her bitter one sided rival. She had proclaimed that the chance is finally here for her to expose that irresponsible kaichou and take her place as the rightful seitokaichou. Only Yukino tried, and failed to tell her that it wouldn't happen. The two in question could not know of all the proceedings but even if they did, they wouldn't have bothered. The room once bearing the occupant Kuga Natsuki had been stripped of all traces that someone used to live there. And Fujino Shizuru was no longer without a roommate.

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