DISCLAIMER: The characters do not belong to me…they are all the creations of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. All are human. Emmett and Bella are siblings. Alice and Edward are siblings. Jasper and Rosalie are siblings. Traditional pairings.

Because Bella grew up with Emmett, she's not that shy. How could she be with him as a brother? LOL!! Also, Bella is just a little clumsy, not nearly as bad as in the Twilight books. Bella still has a bad temper and is still very stubborn. I've tried to keep them all as in character as possible while being human. Most of the story will be from Bella and Edward's POV, but I've tossed a few Alice POVs in too. Happy Reading!


Dinner Invitation

"Alice!" I hissed. "Not again!"

"You owe me, brother dear," she replied coolly. "You were the one who ducked out on the blind date I set you up on."

"I told you not to do that!" I yelled.

"Lower your voice!" she demanded.

I sighed and she put a hand on my shoulder.

"Edward, I am only trying to help you. That's what big sisters are for."

"Don't you help enough by buying and picking out my clothing?" I teased.

"Someone has to make sure you look presentable," Alice chuckled. "Look, Edward. It's not a big deal. Emmett invited Rosalie to meet his little sister. Rose is nervous so she invited Jasper and I to make it seem less formal. I'm inviting you because it's a Friday night and you do not need to be home moping!"

"I'm not moping," I argued.

"Yes, you are!" Alice replied. "Mom and Dad would be furious to know you have been sulking since they left for their trip."

"But you aren't going to tell them, big sister of mine," I said, smiling for her. I knew she couldn't resist if I smiled and showed my dimples.

"You might be right," Alice chuckled, pressing a finger against my dimple. "But if you don't come without a fuss, you might find you are very wrong, little brother."

"What do you want me to wear?" I asked. I was defeated and there was no point in arguing anymore.

Alice squealed and launched herself at me. She was one of the only people in the world I let get close enough to touch me. I would sometimes let my mother hug me, but only if I couldn't avoid it without hurting her feelings. It was a bad idea to let people get close. They could hurt you and rip out your heart if you let them in. I had learned that the hard way. I don't repeat mistakes.

I kissed my sister's black spiky hair and hugged her back. She wasn't a bad sister at all. She was just too pushy sometimes. "Alice, you need to let go now," I sighed. "You can't pick out my clothing if you don't."

"Edward, it's rare you actually let me break your no touching rule for more than ten seconds. Please let me enjoy my hug," she replied.

I reached down and started tickling her sides. She quickly jumped back, laughing brightly. My sister always reminded me of Tinkerbell when she laughed.

"No fair!"

"Life's not fair, Alice. Hasn't anyone ever told you that?" I quipped.

"Only you, little brother," Alice sang as she walked into my closet. "Wear this and this and these," she called as she threw me a pair of dark jeans, a black polo shirt and black dress shoes. "Be ready to leave in twenty minutes."

"Yes, Ma'am!" I replied, giving her a little salute.

She turned to me and put her little hands on my shoulders. She was older than me, but she was barely five feet tall. I towered above her at my 6'2" height. "Edward, I promise you will have fun tonight."

"I will hold you to that," I teased, pushing her out of my room.

Twenty minutes later and three frustrating attempts at getting my hair under control, the doorbell rang. It was followed by my sister's giddy laughter. Those sounds could only mean Jasper had arrived. I smirked, thinking of how head over heels my sister was for her boyfriend. He'd been with her for over a year now and I'd never seen him treat her with anything but respect. I liked him for that.

I strolled out of my room and down the stairs to see them kissing in the doorway. I cleared my throat obnoxiously loud and said, "You might want to let him in the house, Alice. It's a little cold out with the snow and all."

Jasper chuckled while Alice shot me a glare. "Afternoon, Edward," he said.

"Afternoon, Jasper. How are you this fine day?" I asked.

"Much better now that I have your sister with me," Jasper said, hugging Alice against his side.

"You know you can keep her anytime you want!" I rolled my eyes in mock disgust. "I won't miss her."

"You would too!" Alice fussed, poking her tongue at me.

"What's all the yelling about?" Emmett asked as he and Rosalie walked in. "Who's fighting?"

"No one!" Alice and I yelled.

"Should have known it was the two of you," Emmett chuckled. "What'd he do this time, Alice?"

"Hey!" I yelled offended. "What makes you think it was my fault?"

"Sweet little Alice never yells unless you're involved," Rosalie teased.

"Shows what you know about my darling big sister," I chuckled. "You should see her when our parents get the monthly credit card bills. I swear she manages to yell for an hour straight about the high costs of fashion. So, Rosalie, I hear it's a big night for you."

Rosalie actually blushed. "It would seem so." She nervously glanced at Emmett.

Emmett pulled her into a hug, laughing happily. "I promise I won't let her bite you."

"Does that mean there's a chance she might?" Maybe this night would be interesting after all, I thought.

"She can be territorial when she wants," Emmett said seriously. "She's a little stubborn."

"Well now I'm glad I was invited," I chuckled.

"Ha, Ha, Edward!" Rosalie said.

"Ah, Rose!" I sighed. "You know I only torture you because I love you."

"She's taken!" Emmett quipped. He pulled Rosalie tighter and kissed her.

"Let's just go!" I said, rolling my eyes. "I agreed to dinner, not to watching you guys make-out."

"Moody today, Edward?" Jasper asked, smiling.

"Take a guess as to which one." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I would, but I don't think we have time for the wrestling match that would ensue," Jasper said.

"I'm driving!" I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I knew they would eventually follow. I slid my hand across the front of the Volvo as I made my way to the driver seat. Alice climbed up front with me while the others got into the back.

"How's the tune-up working?" Rosalie asked.

"You are the Goddess of Mechanics, Rose," I said, happily. "My car loves you for it!"

"I've never known a man to be so attached to his auto," Emmett chuckled.

"You've never found the right car then," I joked.

"Or maybe you just haven't found the right woman," Alice teased.

I glared at her. She was not impressed or deterred by it.

"You will go on the next blind date."

"You will refrain from scheduling such things," I ordered.

"I'll make you a deal," Alice said. "You find a girl on your own and go out on a real date within the next two months and I leave you alone. If not, you do it my way."

"You can't put a timetable on love," I joked, smiling her favorite smile.

"Edward!" she chuckled, pushing on my shoulder. "You can be a real pain, little brother."

"But you love me for it," I replied.

"Seriously, Edward," Emmett called. "Are you gay?"

"What!" I yelled.

"It's okay if you are. I'm just asking for curiosity's sake and all," Emmett continued. "We wouldn't think any less of you."

"Emmett," I said, fighting to maintain control of my temper. "I am not gay."

"Just checking," Emmett replied. "No need to get angry. You have to admit it's a reasonable question seeing as you refuse to date."

"No, Emmett," I sighed. "It's not a reasonable question. My refusal to date is my own business."

"I disagree, brother," Alice said. "It is our business, but only because we want to see you happy. A man cannot exist with his car and piano alone."

"So you say," I muttered. "Emmett, tell us more about your sister," I said, trying to get the attention away from me.

Emmett chuckled to himself. "Well, I've already told you how she's stubborn and bossy. She's also the smartest person I know."

"I thought that was me," I joked.

"She can give you a run for your money, Edward," Emmett said seriously. "She's really good at reading people, too. She owns more books and CDs than I can count and she's read and listened to everything at least twice. She's really independent and she hates surprises. She has high expectations of the people she loves and she won't let you do anything but your absolute best. Sometimes, I swear that girl makes me feel like she's the older sibling."

I watched Emmett through the rearview mirror as he talked about his sister. Every time he spoke of her, I could see she was very important to him and he loved her very much. Emmett had been taking care of her for close to five years, ever since their parents died in a car crash. That was one of the things he had in common with Rose. She and Jasper were twins and had lost their parents when they were in their last year of high school. They never really talked about it. It made Alice and I realize just how lucky we were to have parents still. And our parents were more than happy to treat Rose, Jasper and Emmett as members of the Cullen family.

"Are you sure she's going to like me," Rosalie asked.

"She'll love you, Rose," Emmett said, taking her hands into his massive ones. "She'll take one look at you and see you're perfect for me. After all, you are the most gorgeous woman on the planet."

"I can't wait!" Alice giggled. "I've always wanted to meet her, Em! Ever since you first told me about her! I can tell she's an amazing person. We're going to be the best of friends, I can see it now."

"Now you, I don't know about, Alice," Emmett said, shaking his head. His grin gave away his teasing. "I told her about your shopping addiction and she's a little afraid of you. She hates shopping."

"What!" Alice screeched. "How can anyone hate shopping? Well, Rose and I will just have to change her mind."

"Did I mention she was stubborn?" Emmett chuckled.

"I just can't believe you've hid her from us for so long," Alice chided.

"I didn't hide her. She's in school and working!" Emmett defended.

"I'm sure she'll love both Rose and Alice," Jasper said. "They're hard to resist."

"Thank you, Jazz!" Alice said, leaning between the seats to kiss him.

"How's she doing in school with finals coming up?" I asked.

"She doesn't really tell me. She's too independent sometimes, but that's my sis. She still refuses to let me help her pay for school. That's why she's got this job. And the crazy girl just got a second gig at the mall wrapping Christmas gifts," Emmett chuckled.

"Why is that crazy?" I questioned.

"My little sis is a bit of klutz and accidents tend to find her," Emmet explained. "Sitting surrounded by scissors and paper is a bad idea for her. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised she's doing so well as a waitress. I think it's because she gets to wear sneakers. If that girl had to wear anything with a heel on it, I'd be at the emergency room every night."

"She sounds … interesting," I chuckled.

"Edward, be nice!" Alice warned. "We can't all be perfect and graceful like you."

"Alice, don't encourage him," Jasper said. "His feelings of superiority are massive enough."

"I never said I was superior," I defended.

"You didn't have to," Rosalie laughed. "It's written all over your face most days."

"Then why, pray-tell, do you bother to invite me along on your little escapades?" I growled.

"Because when you let your wall down, you're a fun guy to be around," Jasper explained.

"Yeah, Eddie," Emmett said. "You always know something original to do when you let yourself act your age."

"Please don't call me that," I sighed. "You know I hate it."

"I'll make you a deal," Emmett offered, his blue eyes twinkling. "Be the fun Edward we all know and love tonight and I will refrain from using that name on you for one month."

"Deal!" I said quickly.

"Don't you want to know what happens if you don't behave?" Alice asked, grinning wickedly.

I shuddered as the thoughts ran across my mind. I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel. I was so stupid to agree so quickly! I tightened my grip on the wheel and forced a smile. "No thank you, sister dear. I plan to behave myself."

I pulled into the first empty spot in front of the restaurant. We climbed out of the car and headed into the building. Emmett walked straight up to the little podium.

"Hey, Mike!" Emmett called. "Put us in my sister's section, would ya?"

"No problem, Emmett," Mike replied. "Does she know you're coming this time?"

"Yeah," Emmett chuckled. "I figured I'd better let her know after what happened last time."

"What happened last time?" I asked, moving closer to Emmett.

"I didn't tell her I would be here," Emmett said with a goofy grin. "She came to take my order and I had the menu up above my face. She was waiting for her "customer" to acknowledge her, but she got distracted and turned away. I goosed her and she started beating me up with her order pad. When she saw it was just me, she socked me in the shoulder and nearly broke her hand."

"This should be a very interesting night," I chuckled. We followed the Mike guy to a table. Emmett and Rosalie sat facing the restaurant so they could see his sister right away. I sat close to the wall so I could lean my chair back. Alice sat in the middle with Jasper at the end, across from Emmett.

"Edward, remember your promise," Alice warned.

I set the chair down and leaned close to her, "Alice, stop treating me like a little child."

"Edward, stop acting like one," she shot back.

I smiled at her and leaned my chair back once again. I could only hope this sister of Emmett's was as unpredictable as she sounded. Otherwise, it was going to be another long night of watching these two couples make-out. I loved my sister, but I did not understand her desire to drag me around and force me to literally be the fifth wheel. I listened to the music playing, trying to catch the tune. It was something country. I cringed and tuned it out.

"Relax, Rose," Emmett said, putting an arm around her chair. "My sister is going to like you. I know it."

"Yeah, Rose!" Alice agreed. "If nothing else, she'll be amazed Emmett managed to find such a fashionable girl."

"Is everything related to fashion with you?" I laughed.

"Of course!" Alice chirped, slapping my shoulder.

"How's it hanging, Em?" a cheery voice said.

I looked up to see Emmett pulling a short brunette into one of his bear hugs. "Pretty good, Sis. Busy night tonight?"

So this was the sister. The girl had very brown eyes and there was a glint there, reflecting her happiness to see her brother. Maybe this night would be interesting after all. I put my chair down and waited for the night to unfold.