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Three months later

The ottsel dragged Jak into the small storage room with a firm grip on the cloth of his trousers. Or, more correctly, he was letting himself be dragged. Daxter could hardly move him in his human form and he certainly wasn't able to in his current state. But even though he was tired after the mission the hero patiently put up with the small tugs, and let himself be steered in the direction the ottsel wanted.

"Come on, come on, hurry up, Jak!"

He wasn't entirely sure how he ended up in this current position, but it had been something about Daxter being horny and it was too long a way back to their apartment. Apparently the Headquarters would do, or more correctly the small storeroom in the Headquarters. He wasn't too sure he agreed with that.

They had their own apartment now. Which at times like these apparently was situated too far away from the Headquarters, according to Daxter. Jak didn't mind, it was only ten minutes away if you took a zoomer, but the ottsel never was one to be patient. Though he might complain about it being situated too far from the core of Haven City, Jak knew Daxter loved their apartment just as much as he.

Their own place, they should have gotten it sooner.

But with just one man and an ottsel they had been satisfied with the room at the Headquarters, it had been cheap and close to both the bar and of course the Headquarters itself. The apartment wasn't actually that much bigger than the room they had before, but it was theirs and it offered some sort of privacy.

Jak was thankful for that, Daxter could be a bit loud.

There were still not a lot of people who knew about them, and Jak would rather keep it that way. Not that he was ashamed, but they certainly didn't need more attention as it was. Most people still weren't aware that the redhead by his side was actually the loud-mouthed ottsel that on occasion inhabited his shoulder. The less who knew the better, Daxter was safer that way.

But of course they couldn't keep it from the whole world, Daxter would've never allowed it. Tess had, as predicted, squealed with joy and tried her best to hug them both at the same time. Torn had caught them making out in one of the Headquarter corridors. Which Jak had tried to explain was a bad idea, but Daxter had been insistent, very insistent. Though even Daxter had the decency to look slightly embarrassed when discovering they had company. Torn however, had only raised an eyebrow indifferently, though Jak thought he caught an amused spark in his eyes. Then the ex Krimzon Guard had just walked past them, with a warning to Jak not to be late for their next briefing. The only one that had at least acted a little bit shocked had been Keira. But she seemed to get over it pretty quickly, when a new shiny vehicle rolled into the garage that required her attention. When they left she still hadn't taken her eyes from it.

"Daxter!" Jak hissed when a particularly harsh tug made him stumble on a couple of glass jars on the floor that he had failed to notice in the dim light. One of them fell to the floor with an audible crash, which made him wince.

He wasn't so sure this whole storage room adventure Daxter had planned was such a good idea. He did his best to watch where he was stepping as he was dragged to the back of the room but the poor lighting coming from a naked light bulb wasn't it making it easy.

"We can't do it here, someone will hear us."

"Not if we're really quiet." With a flash of light that lightened the room for a brief second the ottsel at his feet transformed into a pale naked redhead who immediately started to cling to him. Lips were playing against the side of his throat and he could feel nimble fingers at the waistline of his trousers. Jak discovered that to so suddenly have a warm, naked and luxuriously soft body pressed against him made it all very hard to think rationally. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea, at least he had locked the door, so if they were just quiet…

"Daxter, you're never quiet," he murmured into a long ear

Daxter drew back a little and Jak could see a small pout was forming.

"I can be quiet, if I want to."

Jak raised an eyebrow.

Daxter huffed. "Well, then you just have to figure out a way to keep me quiet, now won't you, hot-stuff?"

Jak let himself be pushed against the back wall.

He grinned. "I guess so."

Daxter made fast work at getting off his tunic but instead of throwing it on the floor together with his already discarded red scarf, Daxter drew it over his own head.

Jak gave him a questioning look.

"What? I'm cold."

Jak drew him closer and started to rub the thin arms to get some warmth into the cold limbs. Daxter seemed to almost melt into the warmth for a moment, but then he drew back and was all business again.

"Mmm, nice. Now get on with it."

"Do you have any?"

"In your backpack."

Not bothering to ask when exactly Daxter had smuggled something like that into his backpack, Jak fished up a small tube of lube from the bottom of his pack. At the meantime Daxter was studying their surroundings with critical eyes.

"Not on the floor, too cold, the wall works fine."

"Alright," Jak complied and changed their position. With a grip on Daxter's hips, he steered him so he now had him pinned against the wall instead.

There had been lot of touching and kissing between them the last three months, but they had only gone "all the way" about a month ago so Jak still felt a bit clumsy and unsure about the whole thing. Though, he did enjoy it, very much.

The first time hadn't gone entirely smooth. Daxter had agreed to let Jak lead, trusting him to manage everything. He had done his best to prepare him and be careful. Still, when Jak had entered the little redhead any erection he might have had before entering had shrunken away in the horror of hearing Daxter wailing loudly. He was sure he had done something seriously wrong and done some irreplaceable damage to his lover.

It turned out Daxter was just loud.

It had hurt and he had been a bit overwhelmed but he was not near death, as Jak had feared. In the end it was up to Daxter to coax and convince him to try it again, since he had not been much in the mood for a second attempt.

But Daxter had a way of getting what he wanted. He soon had got him aching hard again and willing to give it another shoot. It had gone somewhat better; Daxter had bit his lip hard and only uttered a muffled groan when he slowly pushed in for the second time. The redhead had solemnly sworn to him that it didn't hurt so badly anymore. But Jak had made sure to keep a close eye on his face to spot any discomfort. He could see Daxter wasn't being entirely truthful but he hadn't looked to be in unbearable pain at least. It did get better though, actually it was good for Jak from the start; he just hadn't been in the right mind to enjoy it as long as Daxter was crying out in pain. But as soon as Daxter had some time to adjust and Jak found just the right angle they both had been clinging to each other in need.

Now when they both had their share of practice he could enjoy lovemaking more thoroughly without being as nervous as before, but he still felt a small fear that he would screw up somehow and hurt Daxter.

A tap on his forehead made him wince and come back to the present.

"Hello, anyone in there? Please pay attention to the sexy beast in front of you."

Daxter was tapping his foot impatiently.

With a small prayer that no one would hear them, he made Daxter straddle him and pushed him up against the wall. He slicked his fingers and prepared him with care. It wasn't an easy task. At the same time as he was holding up his precious burden, Jak tried to focus on making careful work of the preparation. At the meantime Daxter was making it hard for him to concentrate by kissing and licking his way along his throat and jaw. He grunted when Jak added a second finger and a harsh blow of warm air hit his ear and made his aching length even harder in its confines.

Luckily a small hand snaked down and started to make its way into his trousers to free it from its prison. He jumped when the cold hand grabbed it, making it shrink a little at the sudden change of temperature but it soon jumped to attention again as the hand grew bolder and warmer.

When he deemed the preparations were sufficient enough, he reluctantly swatted the hand away. He took himself in hand and slicked it with a couple of quick strokes. He was just as excited as Daxter now, who was urging him on with little needy sounds like he was afraid he would stop.

"You're ready?" he inquired as he pushed up slightly against the entrance.

"Yesss," Daxter hissed and pushed down his hips, but Jak drew back.

"Be quiet," Jak reminded him, as he wasn't sure Daxter still remembered that they weren't actually in their own apartment but in a storeroom at the Headquarters.

"Will you just get on with!" Daxter snapped.

With that he pushed up and at the same time captured any sound Daxter might have uttered in a deep kiss. He wasn't planning a long and slow lovemaking, so he started out with heavy thrusts that had Daxter rocking against the wall. He thought he heard some noises of people in the background, but they still were too far away for him to care about.

Daxter did do a pretty good job at silencing his usually vocal lovemaking, but as they grew more frantic so did Daxter's voice. He captured the redhead's mouth in another kiss before he gently pushed his face into the crook of his neck to muffle the sounds.

"Bite my shoulder," he instructed, and he could feel blunt teeth tentatively bit down in the muscle between his neck and shoulder. He shivered when a warm wet tongue darted out to taste his skin.


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"That was a good one, definitely a good one," Daxter murmured.

Jak drew out with a content hum of agreement. He embraced the limp body and took a moment to enjoy the afterglow.

"But couldn't we just have done it at home?"

"Aww, but what's the thrill in that?"

When the sweat of their body was beginning to cool down they both felt little shivers run down their spines in the cold storage room. Daxter was trying to snuggle even closer, like he was making effort to crawl into his chest.

"Let's go home, before it gets dark," Jak suggested.

"I'm tired."

"Then change so I can carry you."

Daxter had over the months got better and better at controlling his transformation and suddenly, Jak was holding in his arms his tunic and from under it a sleepy ottsel was poking out. He put the small bundle down on a box nearby before he pulled up his trousers, which had landed in a pool on the floor around his feet. He tried to clean himself up the best he could before he grabbed his tunic. The ottsel whined miserably when he stole his warmth away. He picked up his red scarf from the floor and dusted it off before he tied it like a sling over his right shoulder and creating a red cocoon for the ottsel over his chest. He picked up Daxter and placed him in it. It was a good way of transporting the ottsel when he was too lazy to hang onto his shoulders and he needed both hands to steer the zoomer.

Jak made his way out of the storeroom and hopped on their waiting vehicle. The snoozing ottsel felt warm and nice were he was securely pressed against his chest. The wonderful feeling of afterglow still lingered and made him feel weary but content. He looked forward to getting home to their apartment and the warm bed waiting for them.

"Let's go home," he murmured to his dozing passenger and steered out into the busy streets of Haven City.

The End


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