Dear Taylor,

I'm sorry.

I know you are probably just staring at this letter or contemplating whether or not to throw it away of you already haven't, but I thought you should know that I am sorry for everything that I did.

You were right. I was the one stealing pennies from the re-build the bridge donations tray but if it helps, I paid the money back. I was the one who drew the body outline outside of your shop and it was also me who glued your cans of tomato soup together.

But I'm aware you already knew all of this but had no proof to pin me with. I don't care what you do with this information but I'm fairly sure that whatever you do is something I deserve.

If you forgive me for what I did, honestly I'd be surprised. I was a surly no-good hooligan that spoiled your town and I'm not afraid to admit it. But I have changed and I am now (hopefully) a better person. That sounds so unbelievably cheesy it is sad but it is true.

It may seem a little weak to apologize through a letter but some of the best things I have ever done have been on paper. Besides, I wasn't sure if you would welcome me back into the town with open arms.

Anyway, if you made it this far into the letter I'm going to congratulate you. I'm sorry for what I did and I hope it isn't too late for me to apologize.

Jess Mariano. (The no-good hooligan)

A/N- I have a problem, this is ANOTHER short leisure story I started a while back but was unable to find. (Stupid memory stick) But unfortunately, I am going on a short hiatus from fanfic and only have minimal internet time so updates won't be as close together as Nine Months Of Hell. The title was inspired by the song Apologize by One Republic ft. Timbaland the chorus line.