Rory walked into the diner and saw people swapping small pieces of paper left and right. Some people choked on their food while reading and others were staring at them like they were from an alien planet. Lorelai was sitting with Luke at the counter, they too had small letters in their hands and Rory vaguely wondered why she didn't get one. They were all over town.

"Rory! Sweetie! Baby! Sugar!" Lorelai laughed nervously, trying to hide the letter behind her back.


Lorelai coughed and handed her an envelope from behind her back. The entire diner went silent and Rory glanced down. Her heart twisted when she saw the familiar writing on the front and back of the envelope.

"Jess?" she whispered quietly.

As she glanced around again, she could see that all of the letters seemed to be written on the same stationery and it was the same writing.

Rory carefully slid her nail under the flap of the envelope, but stopped when she heard the unmistakable sound of chairs scraping as people stood up to try and see what Jess had written for Rory.

Withdrawing her hand, she grabbed her mother's full takeaway coffee cup. ("HEY!") And took off out of the diner, letter in hand.

Gasping for air, she sat on the bridge and tore open the letter. The all too familiar handwriting blurred in front of her eyes before it finally came into focus.

Dear Rory…

No amount of sorrys can change what I did to you and how I treated you. I was a terrible boyfriend, a terrible person.

I'm sorry for what happened at Kyle's party, for what I did to you outside of Yale and for telling you I loved you and running away. I just couldn't face you because I was afraid that I would hurt you again.

You deserve so much better than me. Every time I saw you I knew that all I was doing was ruining your future. If you never forgive me that's okay, because I understand why you don't.

I hope that your dreams for the future work out. This is a pretty weak apology I know, but I don't know how to start.

After everything I did to you and your family, no amount of apologies I ever going to make up for that. I hate to bring it up, but I meant what I said that night; I do love you. It just took me too long to realize it and by the time I did, it was too late.

"Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful"

There's the Shakespeare I owe you, along with this apology, I guess it's too late.

Jess Mariano (Dodger)

Rory blinked as she finished the letter. He had apologized to every resident in Stars Hollow. Every person.

She glanced back down at the page and a soft smile crossed her face. Rory grabbed a pen and pulled out a sheet of paper.

Dear Jess…


Jess Mariano sat at his desk; he was attempting to write his next book but was having no success thus far. He was too busy thinking about the letters he had sent a few weeks ago.

With a sigh he began to pack up his pens when the new guy walked through the door with a large bag in hand.

"What are you doing here Pee?" he asked tiredly.

"These just came for you in the mail. You must have a lot of fans."

As Pee left, Jess reached in and pulled out a letter. He immediately recognized the writing on the front as Taylor's.

He glanced back into the bag and saw many other letters waiting to be read. They had written back. Whether it was to forgive him or to yell at him for trying to get forgiveness he didn't care... they had written back.

With a rare smile he tore open the letter and began to read.

A/N- There will be a sequel. It will be entitled 'It's Never Too Late' Thanks to my reviewers and the faves and alerts.