Hot Shot's girl: Okay this is my first G1 fic and it is just pure humor okay. Me and my sister thought of this a couple of days ago and wondered what kind of things Bumblebee would do as a spy for the autobots and for planet. Well . . . we all wondered if he would do this for freedom . . . hee, hee.

The decepticons were getting stronger by the minute it seemed and the autobots were falling behind. Rumor came of a virus the decepticons had created just specifically for their arch rivals the autobots. Now the autobots feared their demise. Optimus Prime spoke about this matter to Jazz and Prowl wondering if they could find anything about it just in case it was true.

They did and found the rumors were true, but it was hard on the autobots for they knew the decepticons had it but didn't know where it was or who knew how to get it. Optimus, along with Ironhide, thought for a long time about this till Ironhide came up with an, almost, flawless plan. They needed to send a spy into the decepticon's base to infiltrate them and find the disk that holds the destructive virus bred to kill them all. So it came time to pick the volunteer. Optimus lined all his men up and proceeded to tell them about this dangerous mission.

"Autobots, the decepticons have created a virus meant to destroy every last one of us. Now we don't know where it is, but we do know the decepticons have it somewhere in their base. We need a soldier to volunteer themself to go on this mission," said Optimus going down the line.

And, of course, first to jump up . . . Bumblebee.

"I'll do it Prime!" he said boldly stepping forward.

"Bumblebee you are a brave soldier and have gone on many missions as an autobot spy, but you have done your time friend and don't have to do this mission this time," said Optimus.

"It is very dangerous and risky Bee," said Ironhide. "I don't know if you can handle it."

Bumblebee was insulted.

"Look Ironhide, I am the most willing and skilled spy and you all know it. I'll go on this mission!" said Bumblebee.

"Hhh, alright," sighed Ironhide.

He then turned to Optimus and whispered to him-

"But is he willing enough to do this?"

"Oh no! No, no, no, no!!" cried Bumblebee. "I can't do that!"

"I thought you were a skilled spy?" recalled Ironhide remembering him say that.

"Yea, but . . . you want me to dress up as a femme!!" screeched Bumblebee.

"What better way to infiltrate the decepticons ah?" chuckled Mirage elbowing Hound.

"Guys I might be caught and besides I don't even know how to act like a femme!" said Bumblebee.

"Well we can teach you," said Ironhide.

"Yea, but I'll still get caught!" blurted Bumblebee. "Like the time you sent me out to spy on them dressed as a moose. They caught me and sent me back dressed up like Rumble!"

"Yea and Cliffjumper almost shot you inter-galactic tailpipe right off," chuckled Ironhide.

Bumblebee just narrowed his optics at him.

"Bumblebee it's for the autobots . . . and cybertron . . . and earth as well," said Optimus.

Bumblebee couldn't top that and he was only one willing enough to do it and plus . . . it was pretty much for peace as all knew it for if the autobots were destroyed the decpeticons would conquer everything.

"Hhh, I'll do it sir," Bowed Bumblebee seeing no other way.

"Good, now we shall let the training begin," said Optimus.

After Wheeljack finished measuring Bumblebee he said-

"Yep, he's skinny enough for it to possibly work."

"What work?" asked Bumblebee.

"He has to be small enough," thought Wheeljack. "Just small enough to fit to be a matter of fact."

"Yea, should be," said Ironhide.

"For what?" asked Bumblebee.

"Your clothes," said Wheeljack.

"Aw man, can't you . . . can't you just use Hound to set me as a femme hologram?" asked Bumblebee.

"Nope, won't work. The decpeticons will wanna touch you to make sure you're real," said Ironhide.

"Touch where though?" gulped Bumblebee bowing his head.

They made much preparations making sure Bumblebee was made into the perfect femme for the decepticons. Sparkplug and spike went out to big and large stores for his clothes. They came to wheeljack one day with them.

"Here's the clothes you asked for Wheeljack," said Sparkplug as he and his son gave the clothes.

"Yea, we had to get xxx large," laughed Spike.

"That looks like my perfect size," smiled Bumblebee.

After looking at the clothes for a good long while Wheeljack said-

"Hmm, get the x large."

"What?!" gasped Bumblebee. "Are you insane? I won't be able to fit it!"

"Oh you will," smiled Wheeljack with a strange look in his optics. "You will."

"I got a bad feeling about this," gulped Bumblebee.

And so the process began handling Bumblebee into a femme. He got tired of it, but he had to do it and they only had a week to prepare. The clothes had to be tighter, the fake breasts had to be bigger, the heels higher, the skirt shorter . . . he even had to bend like a girl!

"Bumblebee for the millionth time BEND YOUR KNEES!!" said Wheeljack.

"Yea Chromia says when a lady bends they don't want their tailpipes sticking up in the air so all can see . . . well except for for the glitches, excuse my language," said Ironhide.

"Well it's not easy with this stupid . . . what's it called?" asked Bumblebee.

"Corset," said Wheeljack.

"Corset!" said Bumblebee. "It's so tight I can hardly move. Why do I have to wear it anyways?"

"'Cause ladies wear it," said Ironhide.

"Yea, back in the 1700s," chuckled Spike.

"Oh yea, heh, heh," chuckled Ironhide.

"Now, you bend like this," said Wheeljack bending down feminine-like. "It's sort of like the bend and snap."

There was an awkward silence as Bumblebee gazed at Wheeljack. He finally spoke again though-

"You're starting to scare me Wheeljack."

"Just try it Bumblebee," called Spike.

"I'll bend my knees!" spat Bumblebee slowly bending his legs outward.

"Bumblebee you look like an earthling pregnant women about to drop her youngling," said Wheeljack.

"It's not easy!" cried Bumblebee trying to do it Wheeljack's way.

Optimus then came and asked how things were progressing. All then froze at the sound of a hard RIP!

"Well . . . he's coming along," sighed Wheeljack having to get the fiftieth corset Bumblebee broke.

Not only had he had to learn to bend like a femme but walk like one in very high heels and again . . . Wheeljack was there to teach him.

"Step, step, hip out," instructed Wheeljack showing him in his own heels.

Bumblebee sighed and so attempted it, but still he needed work.

"Move that tooshey!" said Wheeljack.

Bumblebee was so embarrassed, but it was his duty to do this . . . after all . . . he volunteered. Later on he visited Ratchet about some things.

"Okay I have made it my sworn duty to transform you, a mech, into the perfect femme," said Ratchet moving over to his tools. "Now . . . which tool should I use?"

"Um . . . h-how you gonna do that Ratchet?" gulped Bumblebee afraid of the answer.

Ratchet then turned to him and came close to him saying-

"Just hold still and you won't get get."

"Oh Primus," gasped Bumblebee afraid and shaking.

"COME ON BUMBLEBEE SUCK . . . IT . . . IN!!" shouted Ratchet straining himself and trying his hardest to zip Bumblebee's short, very short, shirt.

"I don't SUCK IN!" squealed Bumblebee in pain.

Eventually Ratchet got it zipped up no matter how tight it was. As soon as Bumblebee finished his weary gasps Ratchet smiled and said holding the fake breasts in hand-

"Now we gotta make these fit in your tank-top."

"What?!" gasped Bumblebee. "It barely fits on me!"

"All the better to catch the decepticons' optic sensors," grinned Ratchet.

"B-but I'll fall out!" screeched Bumblebee.

"Well you shouldn't," said Ratchet. "It should be tight enough to hold them in securely."

"Sure . . . just get it over with," sighed Bumblebee shutting off his optic sensors.

Later they had to figure out a way to cover Bumblebee's horns and Jazz suggested pig-tails and they seemed to work just swell. Bumblebee always thought he looked like a dork, but he stood corrected as they put the make-up on him. He was so humiliated. Thank Primus he was almost complete, but now he had to be nice and shinned.

"Come on Bumblebee, I'm not that bad at shining," called Hound looking for his little friend.

"What about that one time on cybertron?!" called Bumblebee from hiding.

Bumblebee was then caught up in someone's grasp. Mirage soon became visible.

"Hey, hey put me down!" cried Bumblebee.

"Now, now Bumblebee you'll be fine," said Mirage bringing him to Hound.

"He's gonna shine the paint right off me!" whined Bumblebee.

"Just try and be optimistic will ya?" patted Mirage.

Bumblebee was right. He was shinned he was, but his whole body was sensitive because so. After that he had to go to Sunstreaker for the finishings of his make-up and with him . . . it took hours. Sunstreaker could never make up his mind if red or hot pink looked best on Bumblebee.

And so after that strange week Ironhide and Wheeljack proudly introduced to all the autobots the new femme.

"Here's Bumblebee guys," smiled Wheeljack. "I'm pretty impressed myself."

"I feel so stupid," groaned Bumblebee dropping his shoulder.

"Well I hope those decepticons are stupid," said Jazz gazing at a very ugly and Bumblebee looking femme dressed in hot pink.

"Shouldn't be a problem," chuckled Hound. "They're many lonely mechs who haven't seen a femme in forever."

"Then let's execute this mission," said Optimus.

"Let's," winked Bumblebee in a femme voice pushing out his hip.

Hot Shot's girl: Oh wait till the next chapter, hee, hee when he meets the decepticons. Oh also if you guys want to see, I don't know if you do, I have drawn a picture of what Bumblebee looks like. This story is based on the picture. If you guys ever want to see it just let me know and I'll put it as my profile picture for ya, if it works, lol :D