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2:28 am Overton Residence, Queens, New York

Anabella Overton woke with a start. She could hear crashing and low grumbles coming from the house.

She got up and grabbed her thread-bare robe, pulling it over her shoulders. "Jason?" she called out.

A dark form stumbled into the hallway she was in, slamming into the wall. He's drunk again, she told herself. "Alright, c'mon. Let's get you cleaned up." She pulled her husband's arm over her shoulders and helped him to the bathroom.

She was used to this scene. She shouldn't have been, she was only 26, but she was getting used to the fact that her husband would go out with his boys and drink himself into a stupor.

She got him cleaned up and got him into bed. She lay down next to him, keeping her distance. "Jason, c'mon, just go to sleep," she said, tiredly when she felt his arm snake around her waste and drag her close to his body.

"Babe, you're my wife. This is my right as a husband. It's why I put up with your crappy cooking," he slurred, rubbing against her.

He has a point, I am his wife, she thought reluctantly. She knew she wasn't going to get anything out of this so she just lay there and waited until her was done.

After he passed out, she got up and walked to the bathroom. She leaned against the door and started to cry, sliding down and hugging her knees.

She must have fallen asleep, because the next thing she knew, she was jolted awake by the door as it gave way to Jason's fist. "ANA! GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!"

She was scared, but she knew that if she didn't do as he said, he would break the door down, and they couldn't afford to replace another one. She exhaled a breath, trying to gain courage and opened the door. Before she had the door all the way open, he kicked it open all the way, knocking her down. "Stupid BITCH! You're not locking any doors in MY HOUSE!" he yelled. He pulled back a fist. She braced herself for the pain, but it didn't help.

His fist landed with a sickening crunch onto her left cheekbone.

She tried to cry out, but he hit her again, causing stars to explode in her eyes. He stood up and kicked her, his foot connecting with her arm.

She heard a snap.

Drunken-rage Jason, she worried, but she didn't fear for her life, his was drunk and sloppy with his movements; sober-rage Jason could kill her, but normally had enough of his wits about him to restrain himself . It was Hangover-rage Jason that scared her the most. This was the monster that was beating her.

She finally managed a strangled cry as he pulled her up and back handed her, sending her flying into the wall. She slumped against the wall, unconsciousness finally enveloping her in its merciful arms.

Java Jake's Coffee Shop 10:07 am

Elliot and Olivia were waiting in line for the squad's coffee order when a young woman with long, silky black hair and piercing blue eyes came in. It wasn't her beauty that caused Elliot to look over, but the nasty bruises she had on her face.

"Liv… look, end of the line, black hair, just came in," he nudged her, indicating towards the battered woman.

Olivia's eyes went wide when she took in the damaged face. "God, El-"

He walked over to the aching lady and stood behind her in line. He pretended to be looking at the menu and 'accidentally' notice her injuries. "Ouch!" he said to her.

"Yea, it was… it was one crazy game of touch-football," Ana lied through her teeth and the handsome coffee drinker. She didn't like going out in public right after a beating, but Jason insisted that her coffee tasted like shit and demanded that she go and get some for him.

"Touch-football? You look a bit more worse for wear than even a 'crazy game of touch-football' could do to you."

"Yea, well… you know how it gets…" she trailed off, fiddling with the wedding ring Jason had given her, turning it so the diamond, More like cheap cubic zirconia, at best, she thought to herself, was hidden under her hand.

Not that Elliot didn't notice the action.

"Was you husband… uh… playing?" he asked, trying to keep up her story, but still get her to talk to him, without frightening her off.

"He… was the captain of the other team. They won. Go figure." She shrugged and moved up as the line progressed.

Elliot's blood boiled. He hated it when husbands beat on their wives."By the looks of it, your team got beaten pretty good."

She inhaled shakily. "It was basically a knock-down, drag-out, kick the shit out of them… game… we had our asses handed to us."

He couldn't stand it anymore. "Miss, I'm sorry, I'm a police officer with the Special Victims Unit. I need to know, did your husband do this to you?"

She started when he said 'police'. "Wh…? Ye… No… no he didn't… I told you it was a touch-football game gone awry." He knew she was lying. She knew he knew she was lying. She was just too scared of what Jason might do to her if she went to the police.

Elliot could tell she wasn't ready to talk about it, so he pulled out one of his business cards and a pen. "My name is Elliot Stabler. This is my business card, I'm going to write my cell and home numbers on the back along with my home address. If this 'football' game happens again, I don't want you to hesitate to call me or find me, okay?" He wrote down his information as she picked up her order, and held the card out to her. She looked at it as if it might bite her, but reluctantly went to grab it with her free hand.

Her wince of pain at moving her arm didn't slip past his detective's-eyes. "What's your name?"

"Anabella, Ana for short."

"Ana, please, let me take you to the hospital, your arm needs to be looked at," he pleaded with her.

"No, no, I couldn't I have to get this coffee to my husband, he's waiting for me."

He tried, but she kept brushing him off. Finally, he just gave up. "Fine, just… don't lose that card, okay?"

She nodded and slipped it in her coat pocket. Then she turned the corner and was out of his sight.

"El?" Olivia had come up beside him.

"Her arm is broken and her husband is beating her. She just won't talk about it, and she wouldn't let me take her to the hospital. She just said that she had to get the coffee to her husband… like she deserved it or something," he fumed.

"Hey, at least you tried, right? I saw you give her your card, you did your best. She'll come around," she said reassuringly. "C'mon, this coffee is getting cold, and we all know how pissed Fin gets if his coffee isn't scalding."

One week later, Overton's Residence

Ana's hand trembled as she held the equivalent to her death sentence. Positive. How could she bring a child up in this environment? She could handle getting beaten, but she just couldn't inflict that kind of pain on an innocent child.

As she stared at the cardboard in her shaking hands, her 'loving' husband came home. "ANABELLE! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

She set her jaw. She grabbed her coat and what little money she had, and headed for the exit. "ANA! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" he hollered, finding her.

"I'm leaving, Jason. I can't take this anymore." She made to leave, but he grabbed her injured arm in an iron vice. Jason, please, no. Just let me go," she pleaded.

He back handed her and threw her to the ground. "You wanna fucking LEAVE?! YOU CAN'T LEAVE! I'm YOUR FUCKING HUSBAND! I OWN YOU!" He made to kick her in the stomach, but she screamed and brought her knees up, protecting the young life in her belly.

"NO! JASON!! I'M PREGNANT! DON'T HURT MY BABY! PLEASE!" He seemed to weigh the pros and cons of kicking her. For a moment, she thought the pros had won out and he actually was going to kick her. But when he pulled his leg back and brought it down, he adjusted the angle of his kick so his booted foot barely grazed her face.

"Dammit," he muttered under his breath. He knelt down and pulled her up roughly. "WHO HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING WITH? HUH? CUZ THAT SURE AS HELL AIN'T MY KID IN THERE!" he yelled shaking her.


"Oh, yea? How could it be my kid? Huh? When was the last time I fucked you? Cuz it sure as hell wasn't anytime recently!" He punched her in the face sending her sprawling to the floor.

She raised herself weakly using her one good arm. "You don't remember? God! JASON! You've had sex with me three times a week since you lost your job and started to find happiness at the bottom of a bottle!"

His face darkened, and she feared for her safety. "Get. Out." He pointed to the door, his entire body shaking with barely controlled anger. He was clearly about to lose it. She got up as quick as she could and made a run for it.

12:37 am Elliot Stabler's Apartment New York, New York

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Elliot told the person knocking on his door incessantly. He turned on a light in the living room and went to open the door. He stopped. "Ana?"

She had new bruises on her face and she was crying. "I- I didn't know where else to go…" she said, trying to contain herself in front of him.