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She watches as he walks on to the bridge, its more of a swagger really. He knows that he is in control, he has no need to question the loyalty of his crew, it is a given that any of us would follow him to the end of the universe at a moments notice.

Does he even realise that I'm there, not Commander Shelby, but Eppy, does he just see me as another member of that crew, or am I something more, something that has been and gone?

He walks in front of me now passing me to reach the chair, his chair.

His gaze sweeps the bridge, viewing the world with his trained eye, looking for any sign of danger, ever on guard, ever wary.

His gaze finally reaches me, my heart stops for an eternity we see only each other and I know in that instant that I am still 'his' Eppy, as much as I may hate it, I will always be, that invisible yet undeniable link that exists between us.

Suddenly the bridge darkens, red lights flare warning us of danger, and I know that it is 'us', whatever the future may face, we will face together, and as I look again at his face I know that we are safe, Captain Calhoun would not allow anything to hurt his crew. Mac would not allow anything to hurt me.