Chipotle Strikes Back

Chapter 1: Revealing the Sinister Plan

It was for some time after Dr. Chipotle Jr. had tricked El Tigre into apprehending the el chupacabra he had just captured. He had invented a mind control helmet for the el chupacabra for this time, he was going to use the el chupacabra for his own use, instead of the el chupacabra freeing itself and going on a rampage.

"Yes, awaken my el chupacabra!" laughed Dr. Chipotle Jr. as he pressed the button on the remote control which turned on the mind control helmet.

"Where the heck am I?" asked the el chupacabra.

"You are back in my lair thanks with the help of El Tigre who stupidly agreed along with the Puma Loco and White Pintera to apprehend and subdue you" replied Dr. Chipotle Jr.

"What kind of crud is this on my head?" asked the el chupacabra as he noticed the mind control helmet.

"Ah, I'm glad you asked that" replied Dr. Chipotle Jr., it's a devise where I will control you as my puppet this time you will not go on a chaotic mayhem spree of carnage with so long as that is on your head."

"I'll never agree to help you" said the el chupacabra in a defiant tone.

"Oh, but I'm afraid you'll have no other choice but to join my cause" laughed Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he pressed the button on the remote controller, the el chupacabra got out of his cage, "now let's test this out before I use it to free my father, Dr. Chipotle Sr. I command that you dance for me!"

As Dr. Chipotle Jr. pressed the button on the remote controller, the el chupacabra obeyed his every command and danced for Dr. Chipotle Jr., which made the evil genius laugh with such glee.

"Success!" laughed Dr. Chipotle Jr., "Now I can use the el chupacabra and help free my captive father who was put in there by the White Pintera and El Tigre!"

While Dr. Chipotle Jr. was going to implement his evil schemes, Dr. Chipotle Sr., was meanwhile, rotting in the prison that he was thrown into by the White Pintera and El Tigre.

"I can't believe it" sighed Dr. Chipotle Sr., "I can't believe it that the White Pintera and El Tigre both beat me up and also stopped me from implementing my schemes. I swear, if I get out of here, I'll promise to get revenge on the two of them!"

"Oh pipe down there" said another prisoner as he was resting on the bed sheet, "I'm trying to sleep over here."

"Just you wait" said Dr. Chipotle Sr., "my son will not let me down. I'm pretty sure he's coming up with some sort of a plan to free me, or even you people as well."

"That's a laugh" said another prisoner from a cell across the row of prison cells, "your son is a pathetic excuse for a super villain. I bet this El Tigre who put you behind bars could take him on."

"You just watch yourself" said Dr. Chipotle Sr., "my son will surely come to the rescue of all of us prisoners, then I shall lead you people to get revenge on the very people who placed you here."

"Yea, well, I would like to see some proof that your son is actually going to find a way to get us the heck out of here" laughed the prisoner who was trying to get some sleep on the bed sheet.

"Oh, don't you worry, my son is very resourceful" said Dr. Chipotle Sr., "I am pretty sure right now, he's using some sort of supernatural creature to take on all the guards here."

But Dr. Chipotle Sr., couldn't be more right, at the very moment, Dr. Chipotle Jr. was approaching the main prison where two armed guards were prepared to take him on, only to find out Dr. Chipotle Jr., wasn't really a threat.

"Just look at this" laughed one of the guards pointing at Dr. Chipotle Jr., "this is the super villain that was going to replace his father, Dr. Chipotle Sr.?"

"Yea, I would rather believe that El Tigre is more of a super hero than Dr. Chipotle Jr. is being more of a super villain" added the second guard as he joined in the laughter.

"Silence!" cried Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he brought out his remote controller, "I am just about to release the ultimate beast onto you two, and it's the legendary el chupacabra which I have modified to obey my commands!"

"You captured an el chupacabra, wake me when I see a unicorn!" laughed the first guard.

"Fine, have it your way!" replied Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he then pressed the button.

Suddenly the two guards stopped laughing as a very large mutated el chupacabra rose right up in front of them with a mind control helmet on it. The two guards screamed and cried like babies as the el chupacabra grabbed the guards' weapons and turned them into a metal ball and threw it behind Dr. Chipotle Jr.

"Hey, watch where you're throwing that!" cried Dr. Chipotle Jr., "You almost hit me with it!"

Dr. Chipotle Jr., then directed the el chupacabra to knock out the two guards unconscious and then have the el chupacabra bring down the brick wall of the prison. The other security guards were shocked to see such a large creature like the el chupacabra coming under the control of Dr. Chipotle Jr., and began to fire their weapons at the el chupacabra which had little effect. The el chupacabra then began to take care of each of the guards by knocking each one of them out.

"Yes, yes!" cried Dr. Chipotle Jr. with such joy as the el chupacabra was clearing the prison of the security guards, "Now it's time to free my father, Dr. Chipotle Sr.!"

The el chupacabra was then ordered to approach the cell of where Dr. Chipotle Sr. was located. The creature just ripped the bars right off and threw them on the ground freeing Dr. Chipotle Sr. who was crying with joy to see his son being quite cruel and evil.

"Son, I'm quite happy that you are this cruel, just how did you manage to get such a legendary creature like the el chupacabra under your control?" asked Dr. Chipotle Sr.

"That's a long story" replied Dr. Chipotle Jr., "too long to tell but our real enemies should be El Tigre and the White Pintera!"

"Now you have just read my mind son" laughed Dr. Chipotle Sr.

"Hey, what about us?" asked one of the prisoners who mocked Dr. Chipotle Sr. earlier.

"Sorry, but this gravy train of freedom only allows three occupaints" laughed Dr. Chipotle Sr., as he and his son along with the el chupacabra left the damaged prison in rubble with the prisoners still behind their original cells wishing that they could be free.