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Naruto Uzumaki the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki never was an emotional boy, forcing back his emotions and replacing them with a fake smile and inexaustable humor. He was an outcast, this was because when he was very young his father who had been the leader of their village at the time had sealed a powerful demon, Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox inside him. Though through the years he showed his courage gaining popularity in Konohagakure. These feats including aiding in the killing of Zabuza Momochi, the demon of the hidden mist, a fugative wanted for killing all of his classmates and trying to assasinate the Mizukage. After that he was known in the village for defeating the most powerful member of the Hidden Village of the Sand, Gaara of the Sand who after being redeemed by Naruto's words went on to become the Kazekage. After these heroic battles and the losing of a close friend persuaded to join an ex-Konoha ninja Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin. Naruto joined his trainer Jiraiya for a journey for two and a half years. Many things happened during his absence but now that he's returning, things are going to become a lot more hectic.

Chapter 1: Returning to the Shadow of Defeat.

It was a humid day in Konoha on the wake of Naruto's return. He and Jiraiya were now only a stones throw from the gates of the village when they heard the faint sound of screaming. By the time Naruto noticed this Jiraiya had already shed his bag and was long gone into the forest to investigate the situation. Naruto grabbed his sensei's pack and sprinted after him. It grew darker and darker the more they rushed Naruto jumped over a chain link fence obscuring his path and kept on his way. A few minutes passed before it struck Naruto where he was. He stood for a second and took a heavy gulp as he recognised the surrounding area. The Forest of Death. He had been here before during the second stage of "The Chuunin Exams". This place sent a shiver down his spine. Images flashed before his eyes. His first confrontation with Orochimaru where Sasuke had got his Cursed Seal, where Kabuto Yakushi had decieved them so that they could later get killed by his leader and where he had been knocked unconcious while the girl he loves, Sakura Haruno was almost killed by three Sound nin. He snapped out of his trance and continued along his path, until he had found the origin of the screaming. He couldn't believe what he saw. What seemed to be the skin of a young girl torn and stretched next to the ruggedly beaten form of his teacher. The scene made him gag slightly and he almost couldn't muster the scream for his out of action sensei.

"Ero-sensei!," he got no response, he ran to check his pulse but was stopped by a horrible pain in his back.

"If it isn't the kyuubi boy," Naruto knew this voice, and was far to familiar with the pain seeping from his spine.

"K-Kabu..," he tried to muster the full word but was denied this chance by the chakra scalpel running down to his coccyx. Naruto fell into a pile on the floor. He looked on into the distance, terrified by what he saw. The serpantic form of his fiercist enemy.

"Good work Kabuto, now we can operate our newest plan."

Orochimau's neck extended by more and more every second, it's fangs reared and ready to strike.

Naruto closed his eyes tightly as the acidic venom from the fangs was driven into his neck. He could feel the heat rushing all over his body.

Before they could say another word the serpant sannin and his young medic-nin entourage has disspeared. Naruto's vision brew blurry and he fell into a deep sleep.

Naruto's dreams were erratic that night, he saw the red chakra that plagued his mind whenever he was in dire peril, surrounding a black silhouette. After a while the red chakra merged with the shadow and the image grew larger and larger until it lost it's humanoid form and gained the form of a burning red snake. He only saw this image for a second before it dissapeared and everything grew dark again.

"How's he doing?" Tsunade, Hokage of the Leaf Village said to the medic-nin on duty.

"He's fine, his concussion is dissipating but we have more troubling issues."

"You mean...the mark on his neck don't you". Tsunade sighed heavily knowing too well what the mark was. "I will bring Ank Mitarashi here, I believe she has heard more on this subject than I have". The medic nodded and went back to looking at the charts.

As she progressed through the village she contemplated the situation, knowing that if they couldn't remove Naruto's ailment they would have to stop him...the hard way. She stopped hastily seeing her apprentices yelling in the street. Sakura Haruna and Ino Yamanaka had been studying with Tsunade for just over a year now and had learnt much in the arts of healing. Tsunade approached them, even though Anko had to be found, Tsunade had a lot on her mind and couldn't help but scratch a few things off her list. The two Kunoichi stopped bickering straight away in respect for there teacher (though it may have been less for respect and more for the fact Tsunade gets agitated really easily and hits like a truck). Tsunade cleared her throat and began.
"Hey, I hope you don't mind but i've entered the two of you for the next Jounin exams, well cya". Though she didn't get far before being stopped by the yellings of the two extremely unprepared ninja. Tsunade simply acknowleded there desperation and left as quickly as she could so that they could not catch her. Even thought her two protégés almost always came first to Tsunade, she had more dire situations to deal with, if she couldn't help stop Naruto's new "addition" to his body, they could lose there only chance of stopping Akatsuki and the renegade Sannin who gave him the curse in the first place.

Naruto gained his consciousness after three weeks of being comatose, he became aware of the agonising pain in his neck. Though he could feel the pain he didn't even flinch. He felt his neck, passed his fingers over the mark and opened his eyes. The medic-nin glared in fear at the next occurance, his eyes were not the lightning blue that they usually were, but a fiery red. Naruto sneered at the man gaping him, showing his newly developed fangs. Naruto noticing the parts of his face that were only appear during the Kyuubi transformation was intrigued, grabbing his vest and forcing it up as quickly as he could. He didn't know wether to worry as he was told what would happen if he ever saw this, or to smile as Jiraiya told him of the power he could achieve if he harnessed this power so he simply stared emotionless at his stomach.

It was missing. Minato's seal was gone. The Kyuubi's power was about to be unleashed.