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Might Gai slowed his pace as he saw his other two students in front of him along with Shino, Kiba and Kurenai. He came to a stop and managed to hold back a very hearty greeting as he noticed there were a distinct aura of depression in the air.

"What's wrong?" Gai yelled at the group. Kurenai straightened up and gave him the news.
"We held off the hooded man for a while, then we put our all into it and got the fatal blow...at least we thought we did..." Gai looked confused at this statement and realised there was a member missing.

"Where's Hinata Hyuuga?"

"She went missing after we dealt the blow...we have had Neji use his Byakugan to search the forest but nothing, which leads us to suspect..." Kurenai bowed her head knowing Gai already understood.

"I see...we shall search for her as long as it takes, won't we Team Gai!"

Tenten and Neji nodded, Neji's nod being slightly more feeble for the reason he still didn't fully like his cousin from the main house. At that moment Lee hopped feebly through the rough looking worse for ware.

"What happened Lee!?" Gai screamed at his protégé,

"The body...they took it..." Gai's eyes welled up seeing his closest student looking like this.

"Don't worry Lee, just try and rest." The boy collapsed in his masters arms.

Now they had to find the missing member...and whoever..or whatever had taken the dead Akatsuki members body.

The air rippled as the Raikiri-Rasengan flew past his ear. Naruto jumped to the side as Kakashi's move erupted. Hatake rebounded off the wall to see something he didn't expect. His student, his most determined student, his number one knuckle-head ninja...on the floor seemingly asleep. Kakashi knew something was wrong here. He looked closely at his student and saw the cursed seal had faded down back to it's most basic form. Kakashi knew he should kill Naruto before it was too late. Then he remembered. There was one person he could trust with sealing and unsealing. In the village of rain Kakashi had grown to know a ninja on a one of his more challenging missions who could release and restrain even the strongest chakra. This man's name if he remembered it correctly was Tobi, even though he was injured at the time, Tobi could hold off powerful ninjas just by sealing there chakra, leaving them useless. Kakashi had to find this man. For the fate of Konoha, for the fate of The Land of Fire. For the sake of everyone.

Tsunade rushed through the streets of Konoha bounding off the rooftops before coming to a stop at Anko's apartment. She bound through a window to find a rather confused looking special jounin eating pocky and writing her latest mission reports.

"Uhm...can I help you Tsunade-sama?"

"I'm gonna be blunt with you here, he came back and he put the cursed seal on Naruto Uzumaki"

Anko's face curled in horror, she knew the dangers that came with carrying the cursed seal.

"That's...disturbing news, but why tell me?"

"You had the cursed seal, how did you manage to overcome it?" Anko took the pocky away from her mouth and sighed gently.

"I'm sorry to waste your time, but usually Hatake helps me by resealing it, it doesn't last long but it helps". Tsunade scowled, she was wasting valuable time, she needed to find Hatake Kakashi before Naruto's condition worsened. Her worries were kept at bay as Ibiki Morino leapt through the window .

"Honourable Hokage-sama, I come bearing news, Naruto Uzumaki, the boy who was attacked by Orochimaru...something happened, he lost control" Ibiki hesitated for a second before saying the rest. "However Kakashi Hatake has stopped him and is now taking him to seal away the curse."

Tsunade gave a sigh of relief but Ibiki was not finished. "Also, two of our Villages Chuunin, Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane tried to stop Naruto and I regret to inform you they did not make it through the fight." Both Anko and Tsunade bowed there heads, Naruto couldn't hurt anyone usually, and now in the half an hour it took to find Anko Mitarashi he had killed two of his kinsman. If Kakashi couldn't put the seal at bay, Tsunade knew it was her duty for the sake of her land...to kill the person who reminded her so much of the ones she had loved. It would be hard...but she had to protect the hundreds of villages who believe in her.

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