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Chapter 1: Halliwell Heritage part 1


The door of the Halliwell manor swung open as a brunette girl entered, making her way to the stairs. Her long hair fell off of her shoulder as she lifted her head to the stairs.

"Mom, are you here?" She called out.

"In the kitchen," a voice replied.

The girl threw her shoulder book bag on the couch and made her way to the kitchen, her hair bouncing behind her. She was dressed in jeans & a blue tank with a black sweater.

"Hey Mom," The girl said walking over to her mother and placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Hey, Melinda, how was school?" her mother, Piper Halliwell asked.

"Great. We voted for student body president today." Melinda said sitting down on a chair by the island.

Melinda could easily have been a younger version of Piper. Both were blessed with long shiny brown hair & brown eyes. Great cheekbones were of course a Halliwell trait as Melinda Warren had told Piper many years ago.

Her mother turned around with a spoon full of spaghetti sauce and held it out to her.

"Taste this," She said.

Melinda leaned forward over the island to taste the sauce.

"Mmm! It's really good but it's missing something..." Melinda said, trying to figure out what could make the sauce even better.

"Like?" Piper asked with a smile placing her free hand on her hip.

"A little more garlic and chopped tomatoes might do the trick." Melinda suggested.

"The magical cooking stylings of Piper and Melinda Halliwell, ladies and gentlemen." Piper said.

That was another thing that connected the mother & daughter duo, their love for cooking. Piper had been a chef for many years & Melinda had learned to love being in the kitchen as well. A couple of years ago Piper opened her restaurant, appropriately named, Destino, which means Destiny is Italian. Piper had asked Melinda to be a waitress at the restaurant & she had happily accepted.

"We make a mean team," Melinda said, getting off of the stool and taking some tomatoes out of the fridge.

"So you think you might win SBP?" Piper asked, tucking a piece of her brown hair behind her ear.

"I hope so; I've been working real hard on this." Melinda said as she started to chop the tomatoes.

"Honey, don't you think you're taking on too much?" Piper asked adding garlic to the sauce.

"Why do say that?" Melinda asked with half a smile.

Piper almost said too much. She's not to know yet, Piper thought.

"I mean with school work and your job at the restaurant, do you have time to be president?" Piper covered.

"I'll have to cut back on some of my television shows," Melinda joked. "Other than that, I should be more than fine."

Piper gave a small smile, looking back down at her sauce.

"If you need time off just say so," Piper said.

"Mom, don't worry so much," Melinda said, adding the chopped tomatoes to the sauce.

She placed the chopping board on the island. Melinda placed another kiss on her mom's cheek.

"I can handle it," she said, hurrying out of the kitchen to do her homework.

Piper had a worried look on her face.

"I hope she's ready for this," Piper whispered to herself.


Melinda grabbed her book bag from the couch and was about to make her way up the stairs when she felt light headed. She grabbed hold of the banister of the staircase to steady herself.

"Whoa. What was that?" She whispered to herself.

She slowly started to make her way up the stairs again. On the other side of the room stood a picture of her and her brothers Wyatt and Chris, unnoticed by Melinda, it started to glow.


Melinda opened her bedroom door and threw her book bag on the chair. She went and lied down on her bed. Her head was still spinning. She closed her eyes and minutes later fell asleep. It was as if she was having a vision in her dream.

She saw her Aunt Phoebe at a very young age. She must have been about 23 years old. She was making her way up to the attic, turned the doorknob, but the door was locked. Phoebe shrugged her shoulders, proving to herself one final time that it would remain eternally locked and as she was on her way down the stairs, the door mysteriously opened by itself. She walked into the attic and saw a trunk in the window corner surrounded by a blue light. She slowly walked over to the trunk and opened it. She pulled out a very large green leather-bound book that was full of dust. She blew the dust off of the cover and opened it to its first page that read: The Book Of Shadows. She turned to the next page and read a passage. Melinda saw the antique chandelier shake and a blue light emerged from it. The light shone on a picture of her mom, her aunt Phoebe and her deceased aunt Prue. The picture magically changed, bringing the sisters closer together.

There was a clap of thunder and Melinda woke up with a fright. She took a deep breath. She looked out of her window and realized that the sunny day had turned into a storm.

"Melinda, dinner!" Piper called.

"Coming!" Melinda replied.

She quickly got dressed in sweats, pulled her hair back into a ponytail and made her way downstairs.


As she arrived in the dining room she saw her dad and her brothers.

"Hi, Daddy," Melinda said giving her dad a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Hi, munchkin," Leo said returning the hug.

Leo was wearing his Headmaster robes as he is headmaster at Magic School. His hair was slightly gray at the sides. It was slightly curly as Leo had allowed his hair to grow a bit, though not long enough to be in a ponytail. He was finally growing old, something he had always longed to do.

Wyatt walked over to Melinda and pinched her.

"Ouch!" Melinda yelled, punching Wyatt in the shoulder. "What was that for?"

Wyatt and Chris both laughed.

"We're just making sure that you're real." Chris said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Melinda asked, her forehead creasing with confusion.

"It means we haven't seen you in a while and we're wondering if you still exist." Wyatt explained.

"Ha-ha, very funny." Melinda said sarcastically while sitting down.

Piper came into the dining room balancing a salad in one hand and the pasta dish in the other. Melinda could see that Piper was struggling to balance everything. She stood up to help her mother but it was too late, Piper was going to drop the pasta.

"Mom, watch out!" Melinda yelled as the pasta slipped out of Piper's hand.

Melinda fought the urge to use her power to freeze the falling pasta plate.

"Pasta dish!" Wyatt called. The dish disappeared in orbs and reappeared in his hands. "Here you go, Mom." Wyatt said.

"Thanks," Piper said taking the dish from Wyatt and dishing up for everyone.

While they were eating, Melinda wondered if she should tell her parents about her weird dream. She knew that it would freak them out. She didn't use her magic much anymore since all it brought to her life is pain and loss. Of course, Piper and Leo were always trying to persuade Melinda to use her magic and convince her that she is a witch and there is nothing she can do to change that. Melinda was suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of nausea. She brought her hand up to her head as Piper halted her eating.

"Melinda, are you okay?" Piper asked worried.

"I'm just feeling a little light headed." Melinda said bringing her hand up to her forehead.

"Are you coming down with something?" Piper asked placing her hand to Melinda's forehead.

Melinda felt if she was going to pass out at any moment. Her vision began to blur.

"Honey, you are burning up." Piper said as she stood up. "Maybe you should go lie down."

"Maybe you're right." Melinda whispered placing her hand on the table to steady herself as she stood up.

Her whole family looked at her worriedly.

"Sis, are you okay?" Chris asked.

Melinda's eyes started to flutter just as she fell to the floor.

"Oh my God!" Piper yelled hurrying and kneeling down next to her daughter.

Chris, Leo and Wyatt all stood up from the table, wanting to see if Melinda was okay, having frightened everyone.

"Mom, is she okay?" Chris asked.

"Melinda?" Piper said, placing Melinda's head on her lap.

Leo ran over to Piper's side.

"I'll orb her upstairs," Wyatt suggested. "Mom, maybe you should call a doctor."

"Okay, just get her to her room." Piper said.

Wyatt picked Melinda up and orbed to her room.

"Piper, do you think it's happening because of you know what?" Leo asked helping Piper up.

"What are you guys talking about?" Chris asked.

"Nothing, sweetie, don't worry about it." Piper said.

"Mom, I'm not stupid." Chris said as Wyatt descended the stairs. "Something has been going on for weeks, what is it?"

"Yeah, that's what I'd like to know too." Wyatt said.

"We might as well tell them." Leo said putting his arm around Piper.

"Alright, let's go sit down and I'll explain." Piper said leading everyone to the sunroom.

Wyatt & Chris sat together on the wicker couch while Piper sat on the chair with Leo standing behind her, placing a supporting hand on her shoulder.

"We're listening," Wyatt said sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Melinda isn't sick," Piper began.

"Then what's wrong with her?" Chris asked concerned & clasping his sweaty palms together.

"She's receiving the power of premonition and she's suppressing it. Her visions come to her in her dreams." Piper explained.

"Why is this happening now?" Chris asked.

"Because the Equinox is next Friday and that's when your powers develop to the next level and you will inherit the Book Of Shadows." Leo explained.

"You three will take over the battle against evil and the roles of protectors of the innocents." Piper said. "You will be known as The Trinity."

"Are you serious?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes, we were slowly but surely trying to get your sister to believe in magic again, otherwise the Book will go to Phoebe's daughters if she decides to give up her heritage." Piper said.

"She can't do that can she?" Chris asked. "I mean if she decides to decline her destiny we suffer the consequences."

"Yes, if Melinda doesn't accept her heritage, you will lose out too." Leo added. "It's unfortunate."

"That's not fair!" Wyatt exclaimed.

"Nothing ever is," Piper said.


Down in the underworld the demon Drakus was pacing in his dank lair. It was surrounded by single stalagmites with smoke rising out of them. Dark & damp was the usual state of the underworld caverns and Drakus' was no different.

"The Charmed Children can't inherit the Halliwell power; no demon will ever be safe again." He said angrily. "We're lucky that we've survived the threat of the Charmed Ones."

"What will we do, Drakus?" Lasic asked. "The Trinity includes the twice blessed child who is stronger than any other being in the world."

"Do you have to remind me?" Drakus said, clearly annoyed.

"My apologies, I'm just trying to caution you." Lasic said.

"We have to find a way to break their power of three, but how?" Drakus pondered. "What is their weakness?"

"There has been said that the youngest refuses to use her powers, she might be the weakness." Lasic said.

"That might be it." Drakus said. "If I can convince her that her powers are truly the curse she thinks they are, I can show her what magic has cost her family over the years. She might be willing to give them up to me."

"That's brilliant, you'll have Charmed power." Lasic said. "You'll be the most feared demon in the underworld. Perhaps you'll be a demon who's respected so much that they will grant you the Source's throne."

"One step at a time. I think it's time to pay a little visit to Halliwell Manor." Drakus said as his mouth curled into a demonic grin.


Piper, Leo and the boys were still sitting in the sunroom when Melinda came into the room.

"Honey, how are you feeling?" Piper asked walking over to Melinda and helping her to the couch.

"I feel a little better." Melinda said reassuring her parents.

"Mel, we need to talk to you." Wyatt said.

"Boys, not now." Piper said looking at her sons.

"Mom, we have to do this sooner or later and I think now is the time to get this over with." Chris said.

"I agree," Leo said.

"Leo!" Piper said disappointed.

"Honey, we can't prolong this." Leo said.

"Okay, can someone please tell the invisible woman what's going on?" Melinda said, waving her hands in the air, hoping for answers.

"Okay, sis, here's the deal." Wyatt said clasping his hands together. "Next Friday is the Wiccan Equinox."

"I'm leaving," Melinda said as she stood up. She regretted wanting to know what the family meeting was about.

"Mel, please listen to us." Chris said.

"If it's about magic, I don't want to hear it!" Melinda shouted.

"Sis, this affects all three of us, you really need to listen to us." Chris said taking his sister by the arm. "Please."

"Please," Wyatt pleaded with his sister.

Melinda looked at her brothers; she loved them and her parents more than anything in this world and knew they must have something important to tell her.

"Okay," Melinda said sitting back down.

"Next Friday is a special event for us, that's the night we'll inherit the Book Of Shadows." Chris said.

"And we'll also be becoming the prophesized Trinity." Wyatt said.

"Are you telling me we're becoming the new Charmed Ones?" Melinda asked.

"Not exactly," Leo replied.

"Since Phoebe, Paige and I are still alive, we'll remain the Charmed Ones. Even after death. But becoming the Trinity means that you three will become the next feared line of Halliwell witches. You'll be Charmed in your own way," Piper explained, taking Melinda's hand in hers.

Melinda looked at the hand her mother just embraced of that of her own. She then looked up into her mother's hazel eyes, recognizing how much she wanted Melinda to embrace her role.

"You will have your own form of the Power of Three, but it's a little different than the Charmed Ones Power Of Three." Piper explained further. "You are the Trinity after all, so three is just as much your number as it is for us Charmed Ones."

Melinda lowered her head; she didn't know what to say.

"If you refuse to take your place as one third of the Trinity, we'll be denied our power and the Book Of Shadows." Chris said.

"The Book will then go to Prue, Peyton and Parker." Wyatt said.

"We need you, Mel." Chris said.

Melinda looked at her brothers with tears in her eyes. She could tell they wanted to take on the Halliwell Heritage, but it was up to her in the end. If she refused to take on the heritage, she'll be taking her brothers down with her.

"Chris, Wyatt, you both know that I love you and I'd do anything for you, even give up my life for you." Melinda said as she cried. "I would have said yes to this in a heart beat two years ago, but since Lilly died things have changed."

Lilly was a fellow witch and soon after her best friend. When she was brutally murdered by demons, Melinda promised to never practice magic again. Chris and Wyatt moved closer to her and each took one of her hands.

"I know we're asking something major from you, but it's not fair to take this heritage away from us and you know that." Wyatt said.

"I'm being unfair?" Melinda asked. "What's unfair is that Lilly's life was ended prematurely by magic. Magic has done little right by me."

Chris wiped Melinda's tears away.

"Mel, before you jump and say no to this will you please go think about it?" Chris asked.

Melinda looked into Chris's eyes and knew he felt her pain. Chris was Melinda's understanding brother and wouldn't be so quick to jump at her throat as Wyatt would whenever he was passionate for something.

"Think of the good we can do, we can even avenge Lilly's death." Wyatt said.

"Together." Chris said.

"I'll...think about it," Melinda said, standing up.

Wyatt and Chris both stood up and gave her a group hug.

"We love you," Chris said.

"I love you guys too," Melinda said placing a kiss on each of her brothers' cheeks.

Melinda wiped her tears away as she made her way back upstairs, leaving her family to further discuss what just happened.

"I feel horrible for doing that to her," Chris said.

"I understand her pain, but magic isn't to blame for what happened to Lilly, evil is." Wyatt said.

"I think it's been a tough night for everyone, maybe we should just put this day to rest." Piper said.

"Good idea," Leo said.

"Night Mom and Dad," Chris said placing a kiss on Piper's cheek, Wyatt did the same and the brothers made their way to their rooms.

"I hope she makes the right decision," Piper said as she wrapped her arms around Leo's waist. "I wouldn't want them to lose out on the Book."

"You just don't want Phoebe's girls to get the Book," Leo said with a smile.

"They are just as irresponsible with magic like their mom was; think what they could accomplish with the Book." Piper said with a laugh.

"Conjure a boyfriend or two, a credit card with no limit." Leo joked.

"Exactly." Piper said in a serious tone.

"I'm joking," Leo said.

"I'm not," Piper said taking Leo's hand and leading him up the stairs to their room.


Melinda entered her room and walked over to her dresser. She smiled lovingly as she picked up a photo frame. It was a picture of her with a girl with blue-green eyes and long blonde hair. They looked so happy in this picture.

"Oh Lilly, I miss you so much. I wish you could tell me what to do." She said walking over to her bed with the picture still in her hands.

She lied down and kept looking at the picture in her grasp.

"I don't want to take this opportunity away from my brothers, but I feel like I'd be betraying myself to satisfy their desires." Melinda said.

She closed her eyes and held the picture to her chest.


Piper slowly and quietly opened Melinda's bedroom door to check up on her. She saw Melinda was clutching the picture in her arms, asleep. Piper took the picture, placed it on the side table, and covered Melinda with a blanket. She brushed Melinda's dark hair away from her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you, sweetie." Piper said as she made her way out of the room.

Leo came out of the bathroom and saw Piper leaving Melinda's room.

"How is she?" Leo asked closing the door behind him.

"Sleeping," Piper replied.

"We can't pressure her, Piper, it's her choice to be Charmed." Leo said.

"Leo, she was born Charmed, it's her destiny, her legacy. I know she didn't ask for this but neither did my sisters and I." Piper said a little saddened.

All her life she had wished to be normal, live a normal life with a normal family, normal friends and everything that goes with it. In some ways, she felt hypocritical of her behavior by trying to shove her daughter into a life of magic where she's been comfortable with her normal life.

"I know I'm not the best person to be encouraging my daughter to take on witch duties especially since all I ever wanted was to be normal." Piper said with a crooked smile.

"You only want what's best for her." Leo said. "You think she'll only be half of who she really is if she refuses to be Charmed."

"Let's just hope she thinks long and hard about this." Piper said.

"Let's go to bed, I'm tired." Leo said with a yawn.

"Yeah, I second that one." Piper said as she and Leo made their way to their bedroom.


Melinda rolled around in her bed. She was having another dream again. She saw her mother, father and Aunt Phoebe coming down the stairs when they saw Aunt Paige.


"The door was open, I shouldn't be here." Paige said turning around to leave.

"No, no, no, no, we were just coming to look for you." Phoebe said as she ran after Paige.

"You were?" Paige asked.

She closed the door and hooked arms with Paige and they walked back to Leo and Piper.

"Yeah, welcome. I'm Phoebe and this is…" Phoebe said.

"Piper," Paige finished Phoebe's sentence. "Been to your club, it's pretty great."

"Thank you and you are?" Piper asked.

"Paige. My name is Paige." Paige said.

"Another 'P', imagine that." Phoebe said, grinning.

"Nice to meet you," Piper said extending her hand to Paige.

When Paige's palm touched Piper's, the chandelier started to shake and streams of blue light shone down on the sisters. Paige looked up at the chandelier, shocked. She pulled her hand away as the lights disappeared.

"Okay, what was that?" She asked confused.

"I think that means you're suppose to be here," Leo said.

Just then the front door burst open sending the sisters flying into the dining room.


Melinda suddenly awoke out of breath. She grabbed her head in pain.

"Go away!" She whispered as the started to cry. "I just want the images and pain to go away!"

"I might be able to help you," a voice in the dark corner of her room said.

"Who's there?" Melinda said getting out of her bed, scared.

"Someone who might be able to take your pain away," the voice said, finally coming out of the darkness. It was Drakus.

"How?" Melinda asked.

"Trust me, I can help you, Melinda." Drakus said extending his hand to Melinda.

"How do you know my name?" Melinda asked.

She couldn't completely see him, but she was to be careful.

"It's not important, just know that I can make all your problems and pain disappear." Drakus said.

"Come into the light," Melinda said as she switched on her lamp. Drakus moved forward.

"You're a demon!" Melinda yelled.

"No kidding," Drakus said.

"Mom, Dad, help!" Melinda screamed.

Drakus grabbed Melinda by the shoulders and put his hand over her mouth. Piper, Leo and the boys came storming into the room just to see Drakus shimmer away with Melinda.

"Melinda!" Piper called, falling into Leo's arms.


"You can trust me, Melinda, I want to help you." Drakus said placing Melinda in a chair.

"My mother always taught me not to negotiate with demons who keep me against my will, sorry," Melinda said, refusing to show the fear she was repressing.

"A cocky little witch, aren't you?" Drakus said.

"I'm not a witch." Melinda said.

"Yes, you are. You have powers, don't you?" Drakus asked.

"Yes, but I don't use them anymore." Melinda replied.

"And why not?" Drakus asked, interested.

Melinda lowered her head.

"Does it have something to do with your friend's death, what was her name?" Drakus said bringing his hand to his chin. "Oh yes, Lilly, right?" He asked.

Melinda looked up at him with fury in her eyes.

"Shut up! Don't you dare talk about Lilly!" Melinda said as a chair blew up behind Drakus.

"Angry, are you?" Drakus asked.

"It's your kind that killed her!" Melinda yelled.

"No Melinda, magic is to blame. It's all it's ever brought to your family." Drakus said. "Loss, I mean."

Deep down Melinda knew he was right, her family had suffered many loses over the years.

"Let's face it; being a Halliwell invites pain and loss, doesn't it?" Drakus asked "No offense, but I wouldn't want to be a Halliwell for all the powers in the universe."

Melinda started to cry, she realized that being a Halliwell is a curse. She remembered the tales her mother and aunts told her. Her mother's strength alone was challenged with her relationship with her father and although that turned out great in the end, she encountered several losses just to get to where she was today.

"Taking your place as a Charmed witch will be the end of you, you'll be losing yourself." Drakus said brushing Melinda's hair off of her shoulders. "What if your brothers were to be killed at your hands? By refusing your destiny, you'll be keeping them safe."

Melinda sobbed even more, her tough exterior collapsing slowly at the idea of her brothers being killed because she accepted this new role on their behalf. It would devastate her if something were to happen to Wyatt or Chris.

"I think there is only one way to convince you that magic is a curse," Drakus said.

Melinda wiped away a falling tear and looked up at Drakus.

"Shall we?" Drakus asked extending his hand to the young witch.

Melinda willingly took his hand and they disappeared from the lair.



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