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Chapter 12: It Takes the Power of Three


The wind blew gently over the bay as the dark clouds began to subside, the darkness and the rain leaving nothing but the sun and a renew freshness in the air. But a great darkness was still looming over the middle Halliwell. Chris sat on the platform of Golden Gate Bridge looking down at the cars driving by below him. He didn't have an ounce of fear in him as he sat near the ledge staring down at seemingly nothing. His mind kept on recalling his last moments with Amy, the motions running rampant within him.


Amy inhaled deeply before asking her question, "How do you really feel about me, Chris?"

Chris didn't hesitate for a moment. "I think I'm in love with you,"

"I think I'm in love with you too," Amy said, moving closer to Chris, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing her lips closer to his. Chris lowered his head until their lips finally met in a burst of passion.

Amy broke the kiss, even though she wanted to hold onto it forever. "I know that you would have sacrificed everything to save me, Chris." she began. "But if there's one thing I wanted to see before I died, it would have been you, your face, your eyes, your smile."

"Amy," Chris said, bringing his hand up to her cheek and brushing away her tears.

"This is the greatest gift ever, you know," Amy said, turning around and giving everything a longing glance. "To see the trees, the lake, the sky even," She lowered her head and turned back to Chris before looking into his eyes once more. "but seeing you smiling at me right now, nothing tops that."

"You seem happy," Chris pointed out.

"I am," Amy acknowledged. "The only thing I'm not happy about is that I'll never be able to be with you."

Chris gave a slight smile. "Never say never," He pulled her into his embrace once more..

Amy closed her eyes as she rested her head against Chris's chest, enjoying his embrace and taking everything about him in. She opened her sparkling eyes as a white light began to appear before her. "Chris, can you see that?" .

Chris broke the hug before asking, "See what?"

"That light," Amy said, pointing to the light she was seeing.

Chris lowered his head sadly, knowing what she was referring to. "I think you're the only one who's supposed to see that light."

"It's so beautiful," Amy admired. "Almost breathtaking."

Chris closed his eyes before uttering the hardest words ever. "I guess it's time for you to go."

Amy looked up at Chris, seeing the pain in his green eyes. She stood on her tip-toes before placing a kiss on his lips. "Will you bring me to the white light, Chris?" .

Chris smiled at her before extending his hand. Amy smiled back and took his hand. Together they walked towards the light.

"Where is it?" Chris asked.

Amy stopped. "Right here," Amy held tighter onto Chris' hand, not wanting to let go. "Don't forget about me, Chris."

"Never," Chris replied.

Amy forced herself to let go of Chris' hand, she could feel him not wanting to let her go either, but she had to go, she didn't have a choice.

Chris watched as she walked towards the invisible light, before she was finally taken to the afterlife.


Chris wiped away a tear, trying to force the memory from his mind, to forget the pain he had so long tried to repress. Why couldn't Wyatt leave it alone, he thought.

Chris glanced over his shoulder as he heard the familiar jingle that accompanied the ability of orbing.

The orbs died down and left Atticus standing there. "You're hard to find, young man."

"That was the whole idea," Chris murmured.

Atticus's voice became stern. "Chris, you know better than to turn off your locater."

"What do you want?" Chris asked, dismissing his comment, refusing to make eye contact with Atticus.

Atticus took a breath before speaking. "Chris, you need to pull yourself together."

"I was pulling myself together before you and my brother interfered." Chris argued.

"Chris, I may not know what you're feeling inside but I know what it feels like to lose someone you love." Atticus offered.

"What are you talking about?" Chris asked, finally looking at the Elder.

"When I was alive," Atticus began. "Many, many years ago, I was married. I lost my wife to cancer." Atticus moved closer to Chris and sat down next to him before continuing. "In those days, there weren't many treatments. It was so hard watching her suffer and know that there was nothing that I could do to help her."

Chris' anger towards the Elder subsided slightly.. "I'm sorry, it must have been awful."

"You see, Chris, pain and loss is how we grow, how we evolve." Atticus explained. "We learn that we can't waste our lives grieving over our lost loves ones. We need to live on for our loved ones."

Chris acknowledged Atticus' words before giving him a thankful smile. "Thanks,"

"It's alright to miss her Chris," Atticus comforted, placing a hand on the young Whitelighter's shoulder.

Chris nodded his head, understanding Atticus' words. "I know, but it still hurts, no matter how much you know that that person wouldn't want you to be unhappy."

"It's always going to hurt, but the pain will get less the more you heal," Atticus said. "It just takes time."

"You're right," Chris agreed.

Atticus knew this was the moment that he finally had to tell Chris why he was looking for him in the first place. "Chris, I need to tell you something,"

"What?" Chris asked, worriedly.

"It's Melinda," Atticus began. "She's in trouble."

"What?" Chris asked, fear rising up into his throat. "What happened?"

"She went after a demon she wasn't nearly ready to take on," Atticus explained. "She tried to defeat him on her own because she couldn't reach you or Wyatt."

"Where's Wyatt?" Chris asked.

"He's taking care of one of your charges in Australia." Atticus replied..

"Is Melinda okay?" Chris asked, standing up. Atticus remained silent, that was enough to tell Chris that something was horribly wrong. "Oh my god! Melinda." Chris breathed as he was immediately consumed by orbs and carried away.


Chris orbed to the apartment of his Australian charge. He didn't know what they'd be up against and thought it best to get Wyatt before going in search of their sister.

Wyatt stood up from the red couch as he saw his brother. "Chris, listen I want to say how sorry I am,"

"There's no time for that now," Chris said with a wave of his hand. "Melinda's in trouble."

"What happened?" Wyatt asked.

"She went after a demon that she couldn't possibly vanquish on her own when she couldn't reach us." Chris quickly explained.

"What?" Wyatt said, stunned. "Is she crazy?"

"No time, we need to go see if she's okay." Chris said with great urgency in his tone.

Just as the brothers were about to leave, Angela, Chris' charge, came into the room. "Chris, hi, what are you doing here?" The red-haired girl asked in a thick Australian accent.

"Hi, Angela, I need my brother." Chris explained. "We have a problem."

"Well I hope it's nothing serious but please go, I'm quite fine on my own." Angela said.

"Thanks, Angela, just call if you need one of us."Chris nodded as he orbed away. Wyatt soon followed.


Wyatt and Chris orbed into a disordered attic. Obviously a demon attack took place in the vast room.

Wyatt's eyes worriedly searched the room as he called out for his sister. "Melinda!"

"If anything has happened to her I'll never forgive myself." Chris said, bringing his hand up to his forehead, the guilt finally settling in.

"Nothing has happened to her," Wyatt said sternly. "Have faith that she's fine."

Chris finally hollered out. "Melinda!"

The Brothers turned their attention to a slight creaking noise coming from the corner of the attic. "Oh God, Melinda!" Chris said, running over to his sister, who was lying under a bookcase and some books.

Wyatt groaned as he lifted the bookcase while Chris carefully pulled his sister out from under it the rubble of books.

Chris sat down on the floor and pulled Melinda into his arms. "Mel, wake up!" He lightly slapped his sister's sweaty cheeks, trying to get her to come to. He put his hand to Melinda's forehead. "Wyatt, she burning up."

Wyatt knelt down next to his siblings before putting his head to Melinda's sweaty brow. "What's wrong with her?"

Chris put his fingers to Melinda's neck to feel her pulse. "Her pulse is weak, she's dying." he informed, his eyes filling with fear. The last thing he wanted now was to lose his sister as well.

"No, she's not," Wyatt said placing his hands over his sister's body. A golden light emerged out of his hands.

Chris kept his eyes on Wyatt's hands, silently wishing more power into his healing touché but it seemed to have little effect on her. "Why's it not working?"

"I don't know!" Wyatt said, worry finally making its way into his voice.

"Do you think we should get her to a hospital?" Chris asked as Wyatt stood up.

Wyatt ran his finger through his hair. "And tell them what? We don't even know what's wrong with her. It could be something supernatural and then we'd be exposed."

"Well it's better to be exposed, than to lose our sister!" Chris said.

"Chris, I want to save her too," Wyatt comforted.

"What do we do now," Chris said, lifting Melinda up in his arms and carrying her over to the couch.

"We do what we can; I'm going to try to get her fever down." Wyatt said, as he walked out of the attic, down the stairs to the bathroom.

As he arrived in the bathroom, he grabbed a face cloth and ran cold water over it. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He saw how worried he looked as he tried to fight back his tears. He wanted to stay strong for Chris and convince him that Melinda will be fine and that tomorrow they'd be laughing about this. But could he? He felt so helpless; he didn't know if his sister would survive. He felt remorseful that he hadn't been there for her when she needed him. He closed the tap and drained the remaining water of the face cloth before hurrying back to the attic while wracking his brain, trying to find a way to fix everything.


When he arrived back in the attic Chris was standing at the Book Of Shadows, flipping through the pages. Wyatt walked over to Melinda and placed the face cloth on her head. Wyatt brushed away a piece of hair from Melinda's sweaty brow. Her breathing was slow and shallow, even as a medical student, Wyatt knew that wasn't a good sign. He felt the concern for his sister building up inside of him. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life, he would save Melinda, whatever it takes.

"What are you looking for?" Wyatt asked.

"The demon that attacked her," Chris said.

Wyatt walked over to Chris and stood next to him. The middle child saw that one of the Book's bookmarks were placed in the middle of the tome. He opened it to the bookmark. "Dormain," Chris read.

The Brothers quickly read through the entry.

"The only known way to vanquish Dormain is a Power Of Three spell," Chris finished.

"But it doesn't say what he does something to his victims," Wyatt added.

Chris groaned. "I'm tired of searching for answers,"

"What are you going to do?" Wyatt asked.

Chris closed his eyes and placed his hands on the Book's pages before starting his chant.

"The Power Of Three is at stake

We will do whatever it takes

Show us the source of our sister's pain

So things may once again be returned to the same"

The Books pages flipped widely and finally stopped at the Power Brokers page.

"Power Brokers?" Wyatt said.

"Of course, this is what happened to Paige years ago," Chris reminded. "She was infected with a power ball; she had the same symptoms that Melinda has."

Wyatt nodded in agreement. "I remember that, we have to hurry or she'll die soon."

"There's not enough time to make the potion," Chris pointed out. "She could be dead by the time it's ready."

"Guess we have to find ourselves some Power Brokers." Wyatt stated as he walked over to the table and grabbed some potion vials.

Chris walked over to Melinda and picked her up. "Let's go," he said orbing away. Wyatt soon followed.


In shimmers of blue and white light the brothers appeared in the Underworld, with Melinda still safely in Chris's arms.

Chris placed Melinda down and let her rest against the wall. "How are we going to find them?" he asked.

"Watch and see," Wyatt said as he peeked around the corner. He saw a demon heading their way. He jumped up and immediately grabbed the demon by his scrawny little neck. "Scream and I'll vanquish you!" The Twice Blessed child warned.

"Oh-ka-kay," the measly demon stuttered. "What do you want?" He was clearly just a minion demon; other demons won't obey to the orders of witches.

"We're looking for some Power Brokers," Wyatt informed, tightening his grip.

"You've found them," the demon grunted. "They're back there." The demon pointed to the back cave behind them.

Wyatt turned his head to look at the entrance of the cave. "They're in there?"

"Yeah," The demon said, weakly.

Wyatt released his grip on the demon, causing him to stumble backwards. He then pulled a vial from his back pocket and as quickly as he could, hurled the potion at the demon. With hardly a sound, the minion demon was instantly vanquished.

"Thought you said you weren't going to vanquish him." Chris said, cocking an eyebrow at his older brother. .

"If I didn't, he'd warn the Power Brokers that we're coming," Wyatt stated. "You can't trust demons, you know?"

"Whatever, let's hurry Melinda's fading away." Chris said.

Wyatt moved over to his sister and picked her up from the ground, he could feel her breathing slowing even more. They had to hurry as their time was running out. Chris took the lead as Wyatt followed behind him, holding tightly onto his sister quietly begging her to hold on.

Indistinct chatter could be heard within the cave as the Power Brokers were conversing and trading powers. They turned their attention to their visitors.

"We're looking for some Power Brokers," Wyatt said, entering the cave with Chris right next to him. "We're told this is the best place for a bargain."

"Who's asking?" One demon asked.

"We're the Trinity and I take it one of you jackasses misplaced a power." Wyatt said as he gently laid Melinda down on the ground.

"Now were only going to ask nicely once," Chris began. "Please remove your power from our sister."

"Why should we?" Another demon queried with a smug grin. "If she dies we get the upper hand."

Wyatt was getting tired of their smart remarks. "If you don't remove it, we'll vanquish all of you."

"Gah, you're bluffing!" The first demon laughed.

Wyatt lifted his hands and used his power of energy waves. With an orange blast, one of the demons was instantly vaporized. "Still think we're bluffing?" he challenged.

"Whoa, there man," The other demon said, standing up from the table. "We'll get the power out of her."

The demon rushed over to Melinda before placing a hand over her. With a pulling motion, the power ball was lifted out of her body as it gave off a bright glow. The power ball was finally out of Melinda and back in the Broker's hand.

Melinda gasped as her eyes fluttered open. "Ow!" she cried.

"We have got to get her home," Wyatt said.

Chris nodded in agreement as he knelt down to check on his sister.

"Thank you," Wyatt said to the demons. He knelt down and picked up his injured sister. Chris rose up with him before they called upon their orbing power to take them back to the Manor.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Siles screamed, entering the cave. He was clearly annoyed that his minions had ruined his and Dormain's plans.

"He threatened to kill all of us!" The one demon countered.

"Dormain will not be pleased," Siles said, shaking his head with great disappointment. "I better take care of all of you by myself."

With a simple wave of his hand, the few Power Brokers burst into flames. The flames licked at their skin as they burned. With a final row of explosions, they were all gone along with the power balls that were up for trading. Siles made sure that no one had seen what he had done, before he shimmered away.


Orbs rained down from the ceiling as she sibling appeared in attic once more, finally save and sound.

Tears streamed down Melinda's cheeks as she smiled. "I'm so glad to see you guys,"

"Us too," Chris said, smiling at his little sister.

Wyatt moved over to the couch before laying Melinda down on it. She winced slightly at the pain her body was in. He immediately held his hands over her sore body and called upon his healing ability to do its magic.

Melinda sighed softly as her body began to heal. Once the golden glow dissolved from Wyatt's hands she immediately bolted up and grabbed both of her brothers in her arms. "I'm so sorry I was so stupid."

"It's okay," Wyatt said, stroking Melinda's hair. "I'm just glad your fine,"

As they broke up the hug, Chris reached down and took Melinda's hand in his. "You shouldn't be apologizing," he said. "I should have heard your calls; I can't believe how close we came to losing you."

"Chris," Melinda began.

Chris ignored her and continued, "I was so consumed by my pain that it nearly cost you your life. If I had lost you..."

"But you didn't," Melinda said, taking her brother into her arms.

"I'm so sorry," Chris apologized.

"At least I'm alive," Melinda said. "That's the most important thing."

"Thank God," Wyatt said, finally relieved that everything was fine again. He couldn't even imagine what could have happened and how he would have explained it to his parents.

"Melinda, the demon that attacked you," Wyatt began. "What was his name?"

"Ah, Dormain," Melinda responded. "Why?"

"Can you remember what happened when he attacked you?" Wyatt asked.

"He hit me with like a power ball I think," Melinda explained. "I vanquished a broker earlier today."

Chris shook his head, not understanding something. "How is it that he knew that you were vulnerable?"

Wyatt raised his eyebrow, a theory coming to mind. "Maybe he's not working alone,"

"We need to get him before he comes after all of us." Melinda insisted.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" Chris asked.

"I'm fine," Melinda said, with a kick. "Now let's go kick some demon ass."

Wyatt reached for Melinda's shoulder bag that was lying next to the couch and handed it to his sister. Melinda put it over her shoulder and took her brothers' hands. Wyatt closed his eyes and orbed them back to the underworld.


The orbs died down and left the Siblings standing back in the dark and dankly Underworld. They turned their attention to another presence entering the cave.

"I see you're back," Siles said, making his way deeper into the cave.

Wyatt stepped forward, holding his arms protectively at his sides as Chris and Melinda came up behind him. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"The name's Siles, I'm the head Power Broker," Siles said. "You met my minions, if I'm correct?"

Chris moved past Wyatt's arm before asking, "You're the one that's working for Dormain, aren't you?"

"He approached me, yes," Siles said as he began to pace the grainy ground, his hands neatly tucked behind his back. "But I'm not working for him."

"Who's he working with then?" Melinda asked as she grew tired of the demon's runaround games.

Siles smirked, "I see you're alive, no doubt the work of my useless minions."

Melinda tightened her hands into fists, her nails pricking her palms as she continued to tighten the grip. "You were plotting with him to kill me, weren't you?"

"What can I say, I'm evil!" Siles said, laughing. "I like to watch little witches squirm, especially those of Warren decent."

Melinda's nose flared with anger as she dug her hand into her bag and removed a potion from it. With a grunt she hurled the potion at Siles' feet.

Siles stood stunned for a moment, expecting to be vanquished but nothing happened. He looked up and snickered at Melinda. "You call that a vanquishing potion?"

Melinda scoffed. "Just you wait,"

Siles' forehead began to crease as he felt a burning sensation crawling up his legs. Nothing could be seen but he could feel it beneath his clothes. It felt like acid was eating away at his flesh as it began to bubble and peel. "No," he muttered in pain. "No!"

The Siblings each took a few steps back as the potion's effects began to increase. Siles' flesh became enflamed, his eyes rolled back in his head as he fell to the ground, no longer able to keep his burning body standing. He withered on the ground as his scolding body finally turned to dust, the spirits from the Wasteland carrying his remains away.

"Whoa," Chris exclaimed. "What was that?"

"Just an acid potion," Melinda said simply. Her brothers kept their surprise stares. "Mom taught me the potion for in case of emergencies," Wyatt and Chris still looked stunned. "Look, he tried to get me killed, he had it coming." She said pointing a finger at her brothers.

"May I never get on your bad side," Wyatt said.

"Ditto," Chris agreed.

The Siblings turned once more as they heard the echo of clapping hands. "Nicely done," Dormain said as he flamed in where Siles stood a few seconds ago, still clapping.

"Dormain, I assume," Chris said as the Siblings came together.

"Well, well," Dormain began, a smug grin plastered on his face. "I see you got over your witch rather quickly."

"Don't you dare talk about her," Chris said, through gritted teeth.

"Or what?" Dormain taunted, before turning to the youngest Halliwell. "How is it that you're still alive?"

Melinda narrowed her eyes at the vulgar demon. She couldn't believe the amount of hatred she felt at that moment, not only because he was a contributing factor in her almost losing her life but he was now insulting her grieving brother. She really wished she had made another acid potion. This demon was begging to be vanquished.

"Let's just say you underestimated the love of family," Melinda said. "My brothers would never let me die."

Dormain nodded before lifting his hand and waving it across the room. In a flare of blood red light, a bunch of minion demons materialized. "Let's test that theory, shall be?"

The minion demons stormed ahead, ready to attach as Domain simply turned on his heal and headed towards the exit.

"He's getting away!" Wyatt yelled.

With great force Melinda flicked her wrists, eliminating three demons at once with her exploding ability. Chris waved his arm and sent a bunch of them crashing into the back wall, leaving them to fall on top of each other.

"Stand back!" Wyatt ordered his Siblings as he raised his hands, concentrating on calling upon his energy blasts. An orange glow emanated from his raised hands, causing the demons that were rushing towards them to be instantly obliterated. Wyatt hardly used this power as it tended to drain him but he knew he had no choice at that moment. He just hoped he'd have enough strength to help his brother and sister vanquish Dormain.

"Wyatt, are you okay?" Melinda asked, concerned wrapping her hands around her brother's arm.

"I'm fine, don't worry," Wyatt assured her. "We need to get Dormain."

Together the Siblings ran out of the cave, hoping to catch up with Dormain before he disappeared again.

After checking a few other caverns, they finally tracked Dormain down. He was standing before an altar that was built into the wall. It looked like a little fountain but instead of sparkling water, thick black liquid came out of the center of the pentagram that was drawn on the wall. He was chanting incoherently.

"Hey!" Chris yelled, announcing their arrival. "We're not finished with you yet!"

Dormain turned to look over his shoulder. "Next time, witches," he said as flames surrounded his body.

Melinda immediately thrust out her hands, extending her fingers. He freezing ability stopped Domain for a moment, but it wasn't strong enough, he was fighting through it.

"Okay, vanquishing spell?" Wyatt asked, hopeful.

"I thought you took it," Chris said, looking at Wyatt, panic filling his voice.

"You two would be so lost without me," Melinda said, rolling her eyes. She dug her hand into the back pocket of her jeans and pulled out the neatly folded piece of paper that contained their saving glory. The vanquishing spell. She quickly unfolded the paper and held it out for her brothers to see before they began their chant.

"Demon of darkness in our sight,

Give way to a glorifying light,

You shall be vanquished by the Power Of Three

With your demise, we will be set free."

Melinda's freeze finally wore off as Dormain looked stunned at the ground, his own flames beginning to lick at his skin. He screamed as the flames intensified, clinging to his clothes. "No!" he roared.

Melinda grasped her brothers' hands. "Come on, we have to finish him!"

Wyatt and Chris both stood up straight, determined to see this demon suffer.

"The Power Of Three Will Set Us Free!" Melinda began.

Chris and Wyatt soon joined her chant.

"I'm one of many!" Dormain yelled as the flames licked at his skin.

The Siblings kept on chanting, ignoring the demons rants. A blue light shone around them. Power started to build up. A forceful wind started to build up around them. "The Power Of Three Will Set Us Free!" The siblings chanted.

Melinda's grip tightened around her brothers' hands. They summoned the power from one another. The wind finally turned into a whirling vortex around them, protecting them from any harm. Dormain growled as he threw a fireball at them but it bounced off the vortex, not leaving a scratch

"If I don't kill you, another demon will!" Dormain screamed, trying to contain the pain he felt. The blue light that surrounded the siblings shot over to Dormain and took him over.

"The Power Of Three Will Set Us Free!" The siblings chanted one last time.

"You will never be free!" Dormain screamed as he imploded, his particles scattering.

The siblings turned their heads away. The only thing left of Dormain was scorch marks on the ground, he was gone, finally. All of them slowly turned their heads back. Melinda brushed stray hair out of her face.

"The Power Of Three," Melinda said, breathing sigh of relief. She turned around and embraced her brothers. She closed her eyes as she clung onto them.

"I love you, guys," she whispered into their ears, grateful that everything was finally over.

"Love you, too," Wyatt and Chris said wrapping their arms tightly around Melinda.

Melinda smiled happily as a tingling sensation took her over. Orbs collected the Siblings and carried them home. Safe and sound.


The following night Melinda came through the kitchen door of Piper's restaurant, balancing three plates in hands. All three plates contained gourmet food, some of the Siblings' favourites. She moved over to the table where her brothers were sitting, chatting and sipping their beers. They had decided to come to the restaurant and celebrate their first big Power Of Three Vanquish and to spend some time together.

"Here you go," Melinda announced. "Dinner is served!" She placed a plate in front of Wyatt and then one in front of Chris.

"This smells awesome!" Chris complimented, looking at the contents of his plate. Chris sniffed at the aroma of the beef lasagna.

"Well, thank Antonio, he went all out!" Melinda said, placing her plate of chicken pot pie on the table and joining her brothers.

Wyatt and Chris looked at Melinda. "How are you feeling?" Wyatt asked.

"Better than new," Melinda said with a smile.

"And you?" Melinda asked, looking at Chris, hoping for a positive answer as well.

Chris nodded his head, "Working on it,"

"I'm glad," Wyatt said. "And I promise to never interfere in your life again. I saw where that got me."

"I know you did it because you care," Chris said.

"Yeah, but I've learnt my lesson," Wyatt smiled.

Melinda finally changed the subject. "Listen, guys, I never said thank you,"

"For what?" Wyatt asked.

"For what?" Melinda echoed. "For saving my life, that's what."

"It's our job," Chris said, confidently.

"We're always going to be there for each other," Wyatt said. "It's what family does."

Melinda lifted her drink. "A toast," she announced. Wyatt and Chris both lifted their glasses. "To family and to the Power Of Three,"

They clinked their glasses before digging into their meals. The Siblings happily ate and enjoyed each others company. Melinda smiled at her brothers, feeling content and for the first time in a while, happy. She loved being with them and spending time with her family. She was grateful for her brothers, grateful to be alive but most importantly she was most grateful for being a part of The Power Of Three.


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