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I was in the airport with my mom, about to go through security. Pheonix would always be my favorite city, and I was sad that I had to leave it. But the happiness of my mother was much more important than my own. Besides, I didn't see Charlie very often, and it was time to see him again.

But I hated Forks every summer I went there. She had remarried, and Phil played baseball for a living, and he always had to travel. She missed him terribly, and I figured that she would feel reasured that I was with Charlie or something.

"Bella, you don't have to do this. You can stay here!" She protested. But I could see the sacrifice in her eyes.

"Mom, don't worry. Charlie will take good care of me, and I'm almost an adult."

"I suppose. But Bella, you've lived here your whole life."

"Mom, maybe it's a good thing that I'm moving, I'll get to be in a different environment, and meet some new students."

"But Bella, it's in the middle of your junior year, what if you have trouble at school. And you won't know anybody."

"Mom," I tried to laugh, "you know that I do well in school. I've never gotten in trouble, and I always get straight A's, remember?" She sighed, and smiled. I didn't comment on the friends part. I had a couple of friends in my huge school, but they weren't really close. I had trouble socializing with people.

"Yes Bella, of course you'll do well, you always do well."

"I'll always write to you, and we'll talk on the phone. Everything will go smoothly, have fun with Phil." I tried to put on the most enthusiastic smile that I could. Maybe some tears would come during the plane ride, but I wouldn't let my mother see them.

"Bella," she whispered. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and a hug.

"Bye mom," I said sadly. I gave her one last smile, then went through security, not turning back because the tears were coming.

"Boarding pass, please," said a really dull voice. I handed the security person my plane ticket, and walked through. Thank god it didn't start beeping. That never happened really often to me, but I would hate to have it happen now, when I wanted to get to my gate.

Two more hours to wait till my plane took off. Perfect. Maybe I could go shop around a little bit. I had a fourty dollars, I could buy a magazine at the very least. I entered the store.

There I saw an In Touch magazine. When I got to the counter, I saw a hot guy who was reading some skateboarding magazine.

"How are you today ma'am?" He asked smiling.


"Your total is four dollars." I handed him a five.

"Have a good day," he smiled. Okay then. With nothing else to do, I went back to my gate. Some shopping trip.

Reading about Britney Spears' little sister getting pregnant was not entertaining. I honestly didn't understand how they could live their lives' like this. No privacy. No freedom. If you wear or do something wrong, you're considered ugly. What kind of a life is that?

"Gate 22 is now boarding, group A please come up." That was me! Finally, I could get out of this airport.

Once I got on the plane, I sat down a little too fastly in my seat. The flight attendant gave me a strange look. My thoughts immediately shifted.

What would it be like in a new school? A new environment? I knew that school work would not be a problem, my parents considered me an angel child. What about friends? This kept worrying me. What would people think? I was just average looking, nothing special. I felt a tiny flicker of hope to get more friends, to start out fresh.

I had to admit, no matter how much I was dreading this, moving actually felt exciting. Maybe I could rest a bit.

"Thank-you for tarveling with Southwest, we look forward to seeing you soon." My eyelids immendiately fluttered open. Had a full two hours really already passed?

Walking into the Port Angeles airport, I felt a little embarassed. Being in a car for an hour with Charlie was going to be tough. Not one of us talked a lot, and I knew it would be a little awkward. When I saw him, he seemed happy to see me.

"It's great to see you Bella. How have you been?" I laughed.

"I was about to ask you the same, but I have been good."

"I won't even bother asking you how school has been going, you always do more than the best." I gave him a hug, then we went to his car, which was unfortunately a police car. I was going to have to buy my own car, pronto.

When we finally arrived at the house, I went straight up to my room, and unpacked. It was actually sunny outside today, and I felt like taking a walk. I new that I should probably spend time with my dad, but I reasoned that I would have months to spend time with him. Plus, he was probably still getting used to having another person living in the house.

"Bella," Charlie said when I got downstairs, "I just wanted to let you know that you'll start school in two days. Where are you going?"

"Just for a walk, get some fresh air. It usually rains here, and I figured that I should get as much sunlight as possible," I laughed.

"Have fun." Then he turned back to whatever he was doing.

In two days I would be in a new school. It's not like I missed my old one, but still. A sudden breeze put my hair in my face, and I quickly brushed it off.

I decided to walk to the school, and see what it looked like. Might as well practice walking till I got a car. The building was not very large, and I decided to see if it was open. The place looked so innocent. No chain linked fences, I couldn't even see a cop car around. Even on weekends at my school, there was a police car around somewhere.

The school looked scary in its own way when it was empty. With no cars in the parking lot, no lights on, and not even one person walking around just to admire it, it almost looked haunted. I'm sure it would be different tomorrow, though I didn't feel reassured.

2 days later...

What was that annoying buzzing sound?! Oh right, it was my alarm clock. For the past two days, I had been sleeping till about noon, so my sleep patterns had been messed up.

I quickly got dressed, and since I had no car, I decided to use the public transportation. Once my computer was on, I looked at the times. Perfect, I had exactly thirty minutes to get ready.

I went out the door, and made my bus with seconds to spare. The ride went much faster than I had thought, and I was about twenty minutes early to school. I quickly got out of the bus. Here goes nothing.

I didn't see many cars yet, just a few. I quickly reached the main office, and asked for my schedule.

"Hello dear, how are you?" Asked the receptionist.

"Fine. I'm new here, the last name is Swan, Isabella."

"Hold on a minute." I just nodded my head, and looked around the office. Her voice cut all my thoughts.

"Here you go, and I attached a map."

"Thank-you, have a nice day," I told her sincerely. She looked a little taken aback. Maybe students here weren't always polite to the adults around the school.

"You too dear."

My first subject was english, and I just decided that walking around would cause attention, so I just went into the school which was nicely heated. The teacher looked up.

"Hi I'm Isabella Swan. I'm new here."

"Oh yes, let me sign your slip, and here's a course syllabus for the rest of the year. Have you read the books on the list?"

"Yes, many times they're my favorites." He gave me a strange look, and I understood why. Kids in this school didn't appreciate classics. I honestly didn't blame them. If you read a book in school, you are more likely to hate it then if you were reading it in your spare time.

"Good then, you may take the third seat in the middle row."

"Thank-you sir."

"Oh and Isabella, here's a copy of the book that we are currently reading." I smiled.

"No need, I'm currently reading Wuthering Heights right now, and I have my own copy."

"Okay, good luck on your first day." While I was sitting, other students started coming in, looking at me. I was worried about friends, so why not start making new ones. I had always been shy, but it was time to change that. A pretty tall girl came down to sit next to me.

"You must be new here, I'm Angela Weber."

"Nice to meet you Angela, Isabella, Bella for short."

"Nice to meet you too. Would you like to have lunch with me?" I smiled at her, and I was actually having fun meeting new people.

"That would be great! Maybe we have a class together right before lunch starts." As soon as I had said the words, I pulled out my schedule. She schimmed it over really quickly.

"Spanish, with Ms. Rosalinda. I have her too, cool. Did you bring your lunch, or are you buying it from the cafeteria?"

"Buying. You?"

"Same." Mr. Banner then spoke, and I was praying that he wouldn't introduce me.

"Alright class, settle down. Today we will be having a pop quiz on Wuthering Heights, chapters 10-13. No talking." His eyes briefly rested on me, and I nodded my head that I was ready to take it. He started distributing them.

Once I had recieved my paper, I looked at the quiz. Twenty multiple choice, this should be easy. I was done withing three minutes, and I raised my hand. Mr. Banner came over to collect it, and the rest of the class was still working. Once English was over, my day passed without incident, and then I had Spanish, but unfortunately I didn't sit next to Angela, instead I was sitting next to a girl with wild curly hair, who was short.

"Hi, I'm Jessica Stanley, you must be the new girl Isabella." She was friendly and smiling.

"Yes. My full name is Isabella, but I prefer Bella."

"Cool. You want to sit next to me at lunch?" Uh oh. I had already said yes to Angela, but I didn't want to dissapoint Jessica.

"Actually Jessica, I already agreed to sit next to Angela, but maybe tommorow?" I asked her shyly, wondering if I had hurt her feelings.

"Cool. I sit with Angela. We sit at a pretty big table, I'll introduce you to everyone."

"Thanks." After that, the teacher told us to be quiet, so we stopped talking. The bell rung, and I was suddenly nervous. Jessica and I waited for Angela.

"Thanks for waiting. I see you've met Jess, Bella?"


"Alright lets go."

We walked through the cafeteria, and I saw the table that we were heading to. They're were about ten people, and they all looked nice, except for a girl who was glaring. Angela noticed my gaze, and whispered.

"That's Lauren Mallory, she's fairly rude, so don't mind her."

"Thanks for the warning," I whispered back.

I quickly bought lunch, and sat down between Angela and Jess. A blonde boy started talking to me.

"I'm Mike, you're Isabella, and I correct?"

"Yes, but Bella for short."

"Cool." He started talking about classes, and teachers, and what notes to study for tests. I was paying attention, but then my gaze wandered over to a table of beautiful people. They were talking amongst themselves, not being too loud. Mike was done, and started talking to another boy called, Eric, I think. I turned to Jess.

"Um Jess...who are the people sitting at that table?" She noticed the direction of my gaze.

"Oh those are the Cullens and the Hales, all foster children, Alice Cullen is the short one, she's dating Jasper. Rosalie Hale, the blonde is dating Emmet Cullen."

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Yeah, they're pretty nice, a little shy, but nice." The small one, Alice turned around, and smiled at me. I smiled back. Lunch finally ended.

I made my way to biology, and Mike was in the same class, we walked together. Mike was already sitting next to a girl, so I couldn't sit with him. The whole class was seated now, staring at me.

"Mr. Fieldsman, where should I sit?"

"Oh hi, it's Isabella, isn't it?"


"Well, at the table in the back, the seat to the right." He seemed just a little nervous.


"Bella, if there is anything wrong with your seating arrangement, don't hesitate to ask me."

"Definetly," I smiled. A table that was empty in the back. Why had he acted so nervous though about placing me there? It's not like I would talk, and be loud. I was never a troublemaker, I had a spotless record, and a 4.0

We were about thirty minutes into the class, when I heard a loud bang from the back door, I was actually listening to the teacher, and the whole class looked back, and then up front again. I guessed that they were used to this. The teacher just glared.

"Mr. Cullen, detention after school, my room. Please take your seat," Mr. Fieldsman said in a bored voice, like he did this everyday. And I didn't doubt that he did this everyday from the look of all of the bored faces. Oh god, this was why the teacher was nervous about placing me here because Cullen was going to sit next to me.

He quickly took his seat next to me, and I kept taking notes, ignoring him. This was actually something that we hadn't covered much in Pheonix, and I didn't want to get a B. Edward just kept staring at me. I had to tell him to look somewher else, he was making me self conscious.

There was no denying that the guy was hot. He had untidy bronze hair, and emerald green eyes, and was very muscular. He wore a simple black shirt, with faded jeans. Why was he still staring at me?

"Excuse me," I said in the most polite voice that I could manage, "can I help you?" He just snickered at that.

"Angel child," he snickered again.

"Excuse me?"

"You always take notes like this?" His tone was a little more friendly, but I didn't trust him.

"Yes, actually I do. Now, if there's anything I can do for you, then say it. If not, please pay attention to the teacher, or something else, just stop staring at me."

"I never pay attention," he whispered under his breath. The idiot was still staring.

"I specifically asked you if you needed something. As I have said before if there is anything that I c..." He cut me off.

"Not unless you want to go make out in the back of my car, well then, nothing." Oh. My. God.

"What did you just say?" I asked him very quietly, not daring to believe what I just heard. Apparently he didn't care about repeating it.

"You, after school, can come and make out with me in the back of my car."

"What is wrong with you?" I asked him in an acid voice.

"No, I didn't think you would want to. I'll stop staring at you now." He looked away. I wanted to cry, I had to excuse myself from class, there were twenty minutes left. No, that would show him the satisfaction of winning, so I just kept taking notes. When it was five minutes till the bell, he started to get up. I quickly whispered to him.

"Cullen," what else could I call him, I didn't know his first name, "I hate you! You ever say that to me again, or anything like it, I'll make you suffer so much, you'll wish that you were in detention." He just smiled at me.

"I've had worse than detention," and he strode out of the room. What a jerk, maybe I should tell an adult. No, I was almost an adult myself, I wasn't going to go tattling on him. He was clearly trouble, no question about that. And what did he mean by, "I've had worse than detention."? I was so relieved when the bell had finally rung.

"Angela," I asked her quietly, "is it normal for Cullen to bring girls at the back of his car, and make out with them?" I whispered.

"Yeah, he's really an idiot, local bad boy if you want to call him that. Did he ask you that?" I nodded my head slowly.

"Just ignore him, he's a jerk." I shared her opinion about the jerk part.

"Okay. What's his first name?"

"Edward." Edward? I hated him, and would never talk to him again.

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