Alright so this is my first ever Twilight fan fic. And the first fanfic i will ever submit. Lol. So enjoy.'s the original summary:

Bella Swan, just your average teenage girl, was moving into another flashy school, Forks High. She doesn't like dealing with the cliques in big schools, and she has never in anyway confronted its queen bees. Simply because she was never really minded in her old schools, which was totally fine with her. Sure there were name calling, but they never really meddled in her business. But what happens when Queen of Mean Lauren Mallory and her Ick Sidekick Jessica Stanley start picking on poor defenseless Bella. In the nick of time, Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen, gorgeous beyond all reason; possibly Queen Bees from their former school, or even Queens from who knows what fairytale (or myth)- who are now the new students in Forks High, arrive with their brothers and boyfriends. They notice Bella, her frailness and fragility, and they want to turn her- into one of them.

Forks High, what a pity to be here…not only am I unconditionally unqualified to have shown myself to this society- walk its grand foyer even- but for sure, no matter how hard I would try I will never blend in. Isabella Swan, always the new girl in every school. What I don't get is why my 'rents always send me to some fancy gorge school when I'm an average girl (very pale and uncoordinated, someone who isn't in any close way a girl who gets guys who stop to look at her twice- that girl was not me), in dire need of normal schoolmates. No social hierarchy, no cliques, no queen bees. Sadly, this school is no different. Although Forks, just a small town in Washington, wasn't exactly thee most flashy place…its school rocked in glamorous Dolce if it were walking down the red carpet. Sure the school's nothing huge (with no thousand students per section), but a lot of the money in this little town goes to its education. And they went all out.

I walked through those grand front doors to see what did not surprise me. Carpeted floors, beautiful clean lockers- big ones might I add- branded schoolbags and definitely, the one thing I dreaded to see- the cliques.

You have to understand, I don't belong to cliques. And I never will. I was born a social outcast and I have plans of staying a social outcast. I mean sure I'd love to be part of a group once in a while, but I'd be lucky if the science geeks would come up and talk to me. Sigh I hate calling people labels. I mean, I don't like having a label myself -new girl, outcast, freak, loser- so why should I start dropping them too, right?

I took in a deep sigh before taking any more steps. Everything I've seen before, and more. This hierarchy was never going to end was it? I tried desperately to look for the office where I could retrieve my schedule from said faculty member. But I looked lost- I usually did. I also knew I looked stupid, that was fairly pointed out. I'd get snickers and laughs from my old schools, why not here too, right?

Wrong. For some strange reason a guy, nice enough to approach me- me the outcast- asked if I was lost or if anything was wrong. I was glad to get a few words in, I wasn't used to this much, no one really minded my business, at least not in the nosy fashion.

"yeah, I just need my schedule and I don't know which office that is…" I told him.

"oh! You're one of the new students? Isabella Swan, am I right?" he asked me.

"Uhh…yes. But how'd you know?" I think I looked surprised.

"Oh the school isn't exactly big. Anyway there were a couple of new students who were supposed to be in this year, but apparently 'only Isabella Swan didn't drop out', I think the others aren't going to be attending this year." He quoted the whole Isabella Swan thing, and put his own opinion about those other new students who weren't going to be attending. "I'm Eric Yorkie, by the way." He said with a smile.

"Hi…Eric" I said slowly. Was he serious?! Or was he a social outcast too? He looked like a chess club member or a mathlete. Ugh. Here I am name dropping again. I know this hierarchy all too well, though. I was an observer as I'd like to call myself. I could see the perspectives of all cliques. Unlike when you're in a clique, you can only see through your own cliques eyes. To the 'geeks' they were all right, studying was cool, so as long as they're passing. To the jocks, their games were the most important thing, to the musicians their music was their art- if you could only know what the canvas artists thought of that. At least, that's what I observed from the most superficial and stereotype of my school ecosystem, if you will. Most of the time it was like that. Sometimes it wasn't exactly like that- to a certain point. Rarely does it ever happen that an Eric Yorkie goes up and talks to a Bella Swan.

"So, do you mind me escorting you to the Guidance Office." He asked me with a welcoming smile. Was he like the welcoming committee, he sure played the part. I was too deep in thought to reply to him, everything was registering in my head, will Forks High take me in with a surprise? Will it not be like the other highschools I've been to? For some strange reason I was eager to find out what kind of atmosphere Forks High had when it came to their hierarchy.

"Isabella?" he called.

"Bella…" I answered, it was an impulse, I always corrected everyone: Bella. I know I wasn't paying any attention, but I always knew when my name was called.

"sorry, so Bella, how about it?" he asked again.

What in the world was Eric saying? How about what? I guess he was unaware I wasn't listening. But that was just me being rude.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked him. Now paying more attention and minding my manners.

"Is it okay if I escort you to the Guidance Office." He said.

Riiiight! So that's what it was called, Guidance Office. I can't believe I forgot…that was stupid of me. A gave him a smile, a thankful one.

"That would be awesome." I said. Then we started walking.

Like I've seen there were cliques. But weird, they were actually mingling…that was odd. I mean the 'artists' (whether painter, sculptor, musician- they were all under 'artist) were all talking to each other. And, 'Science Geeks' and 'Math Geeks' were I don't know, comparing notes. This was all new to me.

Then Eric and I passed by the Jock Block, Football Jocks ruled for this morning, so early the basketball varsity and baseball team were already in the court and out on the field.

"Hey Yorkie!" a really big jock called out. What the hell? This was not in my book. A Football Jock, possibly the highest in male hierarchy talking to a 'Geek'.

"Hold on Bella, stay right there." He said softly to me. "Jacob!" he greeted the really big guy. This, Jacob, was for sure at about six feet and a couple of inches tall, like 6'3. He had fair skin, around the reddish type and his hair was pretty long it fell right under his ears and was tied into a ponytail. And his other friends, teammates per say, were just as big

"Is that the new student?" I overheard Jacob ask Eric.

"Yeah, Bella Swan…" Eric answered.

"Oh so I guess we're covered for the year then?"

"Depends if those others decide to come…"

"eh whatever…" he said to Eric then shrugged it off, "nice to meet you Bella Swan!" Jacob yelled out.

The rest of the team flashed a smile at me too.

"Well, I better get going. Class is about to start…" Eric told Jacob and walked away. Jacob didn't mind him though, he just continued talking to his friends, like how I'd seen him before he called for Eric's attention.

"Who was that?" I asked when Eric got to me and we continued walking.

"That's Jacob Black, co-captain of the Football team." He said, with the label.

Co-captain, I thought. He looked like the captain to me, big, buff, strong face, definitely in command, but he also looked, young.

"Co-captain?" I asked.

"Yeah…" Eric said…

"He looks like he could be captain, then again, he looks young…" I added in.

"He is, he's just a Sophomore." Eric explained.

"WHAT?!" I asked…Forks was surprisingly interesting, their cliques didn't roll the way it was 'supposed' to.

"Yeah, there are no Juniors, well, maybe one or two, and only a few Seniors in our Football team. First time in History a Sophomore was voted co-captain."

"Oh, how about that…so who's the captain?"

"Sam Uley…" Eric said, there was no disgust in his voice I was surprised. To my own shock I was still very intrigued at how things went in Forks High.

"Who is Sam Uley?" I asked, how the hell would I know Sam Uley?!

"Well, he's a Senior and Captain of the team. Good friends with them Sophomores." Eric said. That's cute, a Senior talking to Sophs. What is that?

"So who were they in the rest of the…pack?" I asked casually, what a norm to say 'team'- oh no! was I giving in to social classes?! Keep it Bells, I told myself.

"Oh the three others are other close friends of Jacob, 2 Sophomores and one Freshman. Embry Call, Quil Ateara, and the Freshman Seth Clearwater…" He said.

"Oh…" I said, hopefully I sounded amused. Cause that was exactly how I felt.

This was all very new to me. The mingling, the differences…why doesn't it matter to these people in Forks High? I mean, I've been switched to so many schools, have experienced first hand all the snobby cliques and anti social activity towards anyone who doesn't have a group I could right my own 'How To' Book, or any Guide Book for that matter. But so far Forks High is making me write another chapter…and if this goes on, I'll have to write a new book about this one Highschool. I'm not giving up on all my theories yet. Sure, some of these events surprised me like I didn't know, but for sure, things will start to look familiar once more. Then again, I could be wrong.

The rest of the way, Eric and I walked quietly, I was observing the school campus…everything looked extremely interesting. I saw cheerleaders, and these other dancers, I don't know…they looked hip hop, were they for real? I saw punks, skaters, goths, I could see the baseball team rounding up on the field. I was just waiting for something else…Where was the Queen Bee and her posse? The popular girls as they'd prefer, High school Heiresses(- if you see it as the Paris Hilton was of saying 'Princess').

I don't know why I have this inconsequential need to always see the Queen Bees…I just had to see them to make this whole Highschool terror complete. I guess it was always because they're the ones I never seemed to fully understand, or at least, fully understand- to my comprehension. How did their evil minds think of such wickedness to do unto their schoolmates? They were a whole powerful being by themselves.

"we're here" Eric Yorkie suddenly said, opening the door for me.

"thanks" I mumbled as I walked in.

"toward the counter…" he said, his hands pointing at the direction.

I headed for the counter, as I approached, the lady behind it looked up at me.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan" I started, "and I need my class schedule…" I told her.

She smiled at me, "good morning miss Swan." She said, I nodded, "here, you're a Junior, am I correct?"

"that's right…" I said, reaching for the small piece of paper.

"here are also the list of teachers and their subjects, also, the different clubs and committees, their presidents, and all." She handed me a bigger piece of paper, it was light pink.

Ahh, the 'clubs and committees' that's a very nice way to say cliques. I sighed. What the hell, might as well just get familiar… I mean, come on, the faculty members too?

I headed toward Eric who waited for me at the door, he smiled when I reached him. I noticed it after I saw his name on the pink sheet of paper when I looked up.

"you're head of the AV club?" I asked him.

"Yes…I'm also part of different societies as well…" he added in.

"that would be…" I pried, a bit.

"chess and math and science"

I was wondering if the higher class categorized Eric under: dork. Okay, I know I'm sounding pretty mean for someone who doesn't like labels, but it's all I've known. If I learned anything from always switching schools, it's to survive in them. At least I'm true to my word, I don't like being called names so I shouldn't call anyone names, and if I do, then you can stamp in bold red on my forehead: FREAK- the New Girl. Yeah, even I call myself an outcast.

Eric and I started walking again, "so what's your first period?" he asked me casually. I think he hoped we had class together, then again, part of me wanted to cuz he was the only one here I knew.

"ugh," I groaned as I looked at my schedule, "History…" I said.

"History…" he thought, "Garret?" he asked.

"nope, Brass." I said, why, are there two History teachers?
"Oh well, Brass is a very good teacher, but Garret is more fun." Eric said.

"why are there 2 History teachers?" I asked, it was all so different.

"well, the classes are pretty big for just one teacher so usually there are you know sections…there are 72 freshman, 69 Sophomore, 65 Junior and 59 Seniors." He explained.

I shrugged it off, I knew people didn't always have the same classes together cuz there were a lot of students but I didn't know there was more than one teacher for the same subject for one class.

"there are 3 different freshman classes ongoing each period, then 2 for the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors." Eric continued.

"Why do we have 2 History teachers?" I assumed he was a Junior, like moi.

"I think Freshman have History this time aswell, so they get Garret. I think he's afternoon with Sophomores and Juniors." He told me…

Interesting, I don't actually mind as long as my grades don't suffer from over thinking things too much.

We continued walking, and I figured I'd make the first move of asking the inevitable,

"Hey, uh, Eric, do we have any classes together?" I asked him, showing him my class schedule. He took it from me and looked through it. After, he looked up and smiled at me.

"We've got two classes together, Bella." He said semi-cheerfully.

"Which ones?" I asked, hoping and reluctant.

"2nd period and 5th period." He said, "Literature and Geometry."

"Joy…" I smiled a fake smile.

And we continued walking for a bit, "I guess this is where we part, Bella." Eric suddenly said. "You're Histo classroom is 2 doors down."

I bit my lower lip, okay we part then, I mean I could handle the walk to the classroom. I was pretty aloof today to my surprise.

"Alright, I'll see you after then? 2nd period Lit right?" I asked him, he grinned and nodded. I was actually about to walk off until I saw slight concern in his expression. He pursed his lips and he looked like he was thinking. Whatever was registering in his head, he had trouble putting them into words.

"Bella…" he said in a serious tone, so I looked back at him.

"Be careful not to do or say anything to Ashley Dowling in your class." He warned me. Okay, where did this come from?

"why? Is she the uhmm…" I don't know why I had trouble talking about HS hierarchy to other people.

"Queen Bee?" he finally said, "No…" he corrected my implement.

"Oh," I said, "so you're aware of my…observation of the, cliques?" I asked him but my tone was trailing off.

"Yes." He semi-agreed, "and because its highschool stereotype to have Queen Bees, Dorks and Jocks…" he said. Oh guh-reat. Nothing like another student laying on me what I already knew.

"Alright, thanks for the warning Eric, I'll keep that in mind." I said as I waved and walked away. "See ya round…" I kind of jogged toward the door because it was only less than 2 minutes that I'd be late for class.

okay that's the first chapter. lol. tell me if it was boring or interesting. cuz i can make it more interesting. i'm just putting a little more detail than normal. Also, i decided not to put what was going to happen in her first class, that might make the chapter too long.