Okay, knowing that people actually read and got interested in my story. I decided to do some serious writing and do chapter 2 to make the story less boring. I think this chapter will be more interesting than the first.

I got in just before Mr. Brass had the door closed, by the student sitting nearest to it. Mr. Brass looked pretty strict. But that was always my vibe, that good teachers were strict. I don't know, they just were to me. Mr. Brass was neither tall nor short, average, about 5'9. He had short brown hair which was neatly combed, he was wearing a gray suit with a black polo inside and red necktie which seemed to pop out from his outfit.

I went up to him, and introduced myself, "Hi, sir, I'm Isabella Swan" I greeted. Boy, was I nervous!

"Good morning, Miss Swan." He said in a stern voice going through the papers on his desk.

I stood there looking like an idiot; I wanted to shake hands with him. But I don't know why any self-respecting student would shake the hands of their teachers.

"Umm, so where should I be seated?" I finally got a question out of me.

Mr. Brass was still looking through his papers, but he answered me, never looked up though, but answered.

"Miss Swan, there are 2 available seats in this class, you may pick your own seat. The other belongs to whoever new student comes."

What's up with those new students anyway? Will they be coming a semester after? Well, that's their problem anyway, not mine.

"Oh, alright. I'll just get a seat then." I told my History teacher. I was about to turn around when he called my name.

"Isabella, here are the list of lessons we'll be taking up this semester, the first four in there are the ones you missed first two weeks of school." He said handing a piece of paper, not in the best condition, to me.

"Thank you, and please call me Bella." I told him. He gave me a nod and I set off hunting for a chair.

There was one in the back row farthest left, and another in the 3rd row the second to the last seat to the right. It was near the window, I figured I'd take that one, so I could listen better.

I made my way there and set my things down. I took out my notebook for History and also my book. I had in my hand my black gel pen, I crossed my legs hunched forward and waited for the lesson to start. But before I heard Mr. Brass' voice, someone else's voice rang in my ears and, I'm guessing, that same person was tapping my shoulder.

I turned my head and I saw a blonde girl wearing a blue headband smiling at me. Her goldilocks like curls went down to about chest length and she was wearing a short skirt and a plain white polo shirt with sleeves she rolled up to 3/4th's length.

"hi!" she said to me as I looked at her. I was actually pretty shocked that anyone ever made an effort to get to know the new girl. It was either that, which was not likely, or she needed a pen or something.

"Hi…" I said in a pretty passive tone, and gave her a weak, fake smile. Boy was I not in the mood today. I don't know why I was so annoyed.

"You're the new girl?" she asked me somewhat politely.

"Uhh, yeah. I'm Bella." I said no big introductions needed as everyone knew who the students should be.

"Bella…Bella…" she trailed off, "Oh! Isabella Swan!" she exclaimed, but loud enough for Brass to not notice. She was grinning.

"Yeah, that's me…" I said whispering.

"Coolies!" she was pretty happy, "I'm Ashley Dowling."

Crap! This was the girl Eric told me to back off from. I wonder what she was doing talking to me, this school's atmosphere was really freaking me out. It's like you've got to build a fort to feel even slightly safe. I wasn't okay with the ball rolling this way.

"Hi, Ashley…" I attempted in the most polite tone I could have come up with at the situation. She looked like she was going to say something but, I did the unthinkable. "Umm, Sorry but, I can't really chat so much right now, I have a couple of lessons I need catching up on…" there I said something that interrupted School 'Royalty'.

"Okay…" she said her expression turned devious, "that's good to know you're, concerned about your studies." The tone in her voice changed, and so did the pitch. And the way she said it sounded like she was scheming or something. She then turned around and faced the board.

I did the same thing, only in a less cat-ish manner. I tried to concentrate on what Brass was teaching. But I was so distracted at the very few surprising events that happened to me. I mean I have never encountered anything like this. I was trying to sort things out. First, from all my moving this has never happened. I remember there being cliques since I was in fourth grade. And since fourth grade I've been moving to different schools each year. That's as far as I got in History period. Next thing I knew the bell was ringing and I was staring blankly into space. Mr. Brass had to approach me to notify me that the period was over.

"Miss Swan, I noticed you talking to Miss Dowling…" he said to me. I pursed my lips.

"How come you didn't call our attention, Mr. Brass?" I asked him.

"I let my students talk all they want with each other, Bella. They can disturb their seatmates as long as they don't disturb the class. I also let them talk as long as they can answer the questions I throw at them." He explained to me.

Wow. I was surprised at what an effective technique that would be. I'm guessing Brass is a good teacher. I guess that's pretty cool then.

"Okay, sir. Thank you, that's nice to know." I told him as I gathered my stuff and stood up.

"Get to your next period before you're late Miss Swan." He pointed out the door. I smiled and walked exactly that direction.

Just then I remembered that Eric didn't cover where the Lit classroom would be. D'oh! Uggghhh. "Let's see…" I said quietly to myself, looking around. I was doing it again, looking stupid.

"Hey new girl." Someone greeted me. The voice was somewhat familiar to me. When I turned to see who addressed me, he was familiar.

"Umm…hi…" I said, I didn't want to say his name. Because we were never introduced.

"-Jacob." He said non-chalantly. He looked pretty awesome- like he could just up and jump someone who'd diss him. Cool and confident. Exactly how football jocks looked.

"Oh! Oh right! Jacob…" I said, "Bella…" I added and took my hand out to shake his. What is it with me and shaking hands?!

"Uh…" he looked confused but shook it anyway. "nice to…meet…you…" he said slowly, thinking. I just smiled at him. "You look…lost." He said.

"Yeah. I am actually, would you happen to know where my Lit class might be?" I asked him.

"sure, sure. Who's your teacher?" he asked.

I took out the pink slip and I was about to look at it til he grabbed it from me. Kinda rude- much.

"Oh, Mrs. Murray." He laughed, "she's pretty boring…" he added.

I raised my eyebrow. "alright…how do I get to her class?" I asked him. I hope my tone didn't sound annoyed. Because even though I was a Junior and he was a Sophomore, he was still in this school longer than I was.

"Right, go down this whole hall, and turn left. It's the light blue door." He explained to me, giving the pink paper back.

I gave him a smile, "thanks…" I said.

He raised his eyebrows, boy for: okay. And gave me a small smile. "sure, sure." He said. But before I actually left I asked him, with the new courage I gained access to, what he was doing there.

"What are you doing around this place, by the way?" I tried sounding coolly.

"I've got History with Brass…" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh…" I said. Gosh, was I stupid. Of course he happened to be in front of the door leading into Brass' History room because he was gonna have that class. Duh…

He just walked away, into the classroom. That was a very different encounter. Really, it was. I might just start writing a new How To book.

I made it safely to the Mrs. Murray's Lit room, and for the record, the door wasn't light blue, nor was it baby blue, or anything like that. It was Periwinkle. Anyway, I got into the classroom and greeted Mrs. Murray.

"Hi Isabella" she said all cheery. I gave her a smile back.

Mrs. Murray had black hair that was neatly tied to a bun. She was wearing a dark brown blaser and a navy blue skirt that fell right below her knees, she was weraing flesh colored stockings and wore her glasses over her head. She looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's. She was a bit shorter than my 5'4 height. About 5'2 maybe...

"Umm, Mrs. Murray, what lessons have I missed?" I asked her in a polite way. She seemed nice, Mrs. Murray…

"Well, since we're going to be taking up 2 Shakespeare books this year, we're still talking about the life of William Shakespeare." She explained.

"ah…" I said.

"You can choose your seat, Ms. Swan. There are 3 available ones." She pointed out.

I looked around and saw Eric. He was smiling at me, and there was an available seat next to him.

"Oh, okay. Thank you Mrs. Murray…I got it." I told her then walked off to grab my seat beside Eric.

"How did History go?" he asked me.

"I kinda…chose the seat beside Ashley Dowling." I told him.

"What?! I told you to be careful about her…"

"well…like I knew who Ashley Dowling was!"

"any information she knows about you, she'll bend! I'm not kidding."

"alright! I'll be careful next time…" I told him. Cool, I was talking to Eric like he was actually my friend.

"So how'd you find the Lit room, anyway?" he asked me.

I rolled my eyes at him, no thanks to you!

"I bumped into Jacob Black." I told him.

"Oh I see, he's a nice kid. He may look intimidating but he's pretty cool."

"he sure looks like it." I told him.

"are we interested in a Sophomore?" he asked me suspicious.

"noo!" I said almost as if screaming. He laughed, "I mean there are just people who look you know, cool…like there are people who look dumb, people who look smart, and yeah, you get the point…" I told him.

"Yeah, I do…" he laughed, "and he is as cool as he presents himself."

"You're friends with him?" I asked.

"Let's say there's no problem talking to people who aren't in the same group as us…except for the Queen Bee's…" he pointed out.

"ahh…so there is such a thing as social hierarchy here…" I said.

"In every school, Bella…" he pointed out. "our society is just a bit different."

"yeah, I can see that…" I told him. Then I turned around to face front, "Im gonna go listen to Mrs. Murray now…" I informed him.

"you go do that…" he said, but he was already taking down notes.

As I was writing what Mrs. Murray was saying, it hit me why I was so annoyed people were talking to me! In all the schools I've moved to no one really talked to me…no one minded me and I was okay. Now that people are actually minding me, it got me annoyed. And I guess I don't really have friends because I've been moving schools every year since fourth grade. So I never had enough time to make and keep friends.

After I came to realizations, I took to mind the events that happened. Maybe my parents moved me because I was always so miserable in school. The first time they moved me, I didn't want to socialize…and it has always been like that, and the old students would never really talk to the new girl. But here in Forks High, it was different. The people were actually –gasp- nice. I mean, pretty okay.

Then the next thing I knew, the bell rang. The period ended, time for recess. Time for the ruling classes to rear its ugly head.

So as Eric and I were walking toward the cafeteria, I noticed the Jocks again. There were more of them this time. Eric noticed me noticing them, and teased me one more time.

"Who're you checking out?" he asked, I slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

"Shut up, I'm trying to figure out who Sam Uley is from the pack." I told him.

He laughed, "oh no he isn't there...he's uhhh…" I think Eric was looking for Sam.

"There!" he points out, "lining up with Emily." He told me.

Who the hell are these people! Can he for once stop naming people and introduce me to them like a normal human being.

"Who's Emily?" I asked.

"Emily Young, Sam's girlfriend." He explained.

I asked, what seemed to be obvious to me, later turned out being stupid, "is she a cheerleader?"

"No…" Eric laughed, "she's in the student council. President in fact. Really smart…and she's been in SC since her Freshman year."

"Oh…that's odd…" I said.

"What's odd? That a jock is going out with someone smart?" he asked me…

My facial expression gave out the answer to his question.

"I'm sorry, my mistake, Emily is Sam's fiancé." He said.

"Oh my gosh! That's cool!!!!" I said, why was I wound up, exactly?

Eric laughed at me again. He's the kind who leaned toward the smart area, so I'm guessing he knew all my thoughts about the social hierarchy.

"so what exactly is the type of the Football jocks?" I asked, I actually dreaded to ask because Eric might once again imply that I'm interested.

Yes, he laughed again, "none in particular. They see a girl they're interested and go for it." He explained to me.
"aren't they with the uhh…cheerleaders?" I asked…moronically.

"No. That's way to stereotype Bella…but actually, most of the team, being Sophomores like the dance club." He told me.

"Dance - Cheerleaders?" I implied.

"No…these are the ones who dance like hip-hop and stuff, hardcourt dancers, might I say."

"Oh…okay. See, they do have a type…" I told Eric.

"The dance club is composed of Sophomores. They're the ones the cheerleaders don't like because their dance isn't 'like theirs'" Eric quoted the cheerleaders, I'm guessing.

"Oh okay…I guess that's cool, but why the girls in the dance club exactly?" I asked, Eric and I reached the line.

"Oh, the girls there are like the most real girls who are actually cool and smart. They aren't mean either. Our varsity members here aren't superficial, Bella." He explained to me.

"That's good to know. I might actually learn to make friends here." I told Eric. He laughed.

We got trays then lined up. I got a sandwich a soda and some grapes. I needed strength to reach lunch time with this whole new world I was in. Eric showed me where he was going to sit, there were 3 more guys sitting there and one girl.

We made our way to the table, and then we sat down. The people there greeted my with hi's, hello's, and smiled. I greeted them back with a smile of my own.

"Bella…" Eric started, "this is, Tyler" the one was beside Eric, "Austin…Ben and Angela." He told me. "Guys, this is Bella." He turned to them.

"Hi, nice to meet you." I said.

Austin and Angela smiled at me.

"hey there!" Tyler said casually.

"hey…" Ben said with a smile. Hmm…pretty nice people.

"So were just talking about the school fair, Emily had us picking out booths this morning…" Tyler was saying.

"school fair?" I asked, Eric looked at me. I guess I looked confused.

"Oh right! He said, well there's gonna be a school fair planned out. Austin here is the SC vice-president." He told me. I nodded, cool. "and Tyler, Angela and I help out with the student council committee" he explained.

"awesome…what about, Ben?" I asked.

"Oh, well…he helps out, the SC allow help from anyone willing to help after all. But basically Ben is in track in field and has guitar." Eric said.

"that's pretty awesome…" I said, "I might actually like it here." They all laughed.

Just then I heard a booming noise. The door slammed open, and everyone immediately sat down and shut up. "I think you'll be thinking liking this school otherwise." Tyler said to me.

"why?" I asked in a whisper. I looked around the table to see my recess-mates still and the rest of the cafeteria frozen. Angela looked angry and annoyed. The rest a little scared.

"They're here." Eric said his tone warning.

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