Title-A Delicate Situation


Rating-R to be safe.

Characters-DG/Cain, Az, Glitch, Raw, The Queen and Ahamo

Summary-When DG passes out after the eclipse, everybody just chalks it up to the big let down after the final battle. Unfortunately for DG, she finds out soon enough the cause is much more serious. She's pregnant. Upon telling her parents, they insist she gets married. The tenuous hold of the House of Gale on the kingdom is at stake. With the OZ on the brink of a Civil War and the threat against the royal family growing daily, no amount of arguing is going to get her out of this one.

Cain wants nothing more than to save his friend from a loveless marriage with a stranger. He offers to step up to be her husband and the child's father, and much to DG's horror, her parents agree. Now, DG finds herself married, pregnant with another man's child, and struggling to adjust to a life she barely remembers. When friendship starts to turn into something deeper, will Cain open up to let her in, or will he break DG's heart?

A/N-You know what? I truly, truly suck at summaries. Sigh. So, I have no idea where this plot bunny came from. Just go with it.

DG stood on the balcony of her sister's tower, watching as the twin suns broke with the moon. The eclipse was over. Light had returned to the OZ.

"Now that's the OZ I remember," she breathed, feeling lightheaded. So much had happened in the last week. Her life had changed dramatically. Once a simple farm girl with dreams bigger than her town, she was now a princess, her mother a queen. Now that it was over, now that the threat was conquered and her sister was returned to them, she didn't quite know how to feel.

She stood shoulder to shoulder with her family. She could feel the solid presence of her unlikely friends behind her. She didn't know what would come of this new life, but she was excited to find out. Her head spun a bit and she felt a small wave of nausea flow through her stomach.

Must be the adrenaline let down, she thought. DG smiled when her father slipped an arm around her shoulders.

"It's over. Now the healing must begin." He said, pulling his other daughter into the curve of his second arm. The Queen smiled, a radiant smile of a mother whose children were safe. DG leaned into Ahamo's hug and reached behind him to press a hand to her sister's back. Az still looked a little shell shocked, but she managed a tight smile for her sister.

"I would like to thank you gentlemen, for helping DG. And Ambrose, it is good to see you again." Glitch's face bloomed into an amazing smile. Cain merely nodded his head, his crystal eyes seeking out hers. He gave her a smile and she could see he was proud of her. Why that pleased her so much was a mystery. Raw, ever shy ducked his head as Cain did, but he tried to stay back out of the way.

"Come, there is much to do. Azkadelia, you will need to call the Longcoats back and have them stand down…" The Queens voice droned on, turning to a buzzing noise in DG's ears. The nausea was getting worse now and she swore she was feeling a little clammy.

"You all right, kid?" She looked up at Cain and narrowed her eyes. The light seemed to be hurting them.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I think I just need to sit down." She went to take a step away from her father and the next thing she knew, the floor was rushing up to greet her.

When she woke up, the nausea was still there. At least it seemed to be a little better.

"DG, my darling. Are you all right?" The Queen's soft, concerned voice had her prying her eyes open. She was laying on a couch-chaise?-in the same room, surrounded by her friends and family. They were watching her with anxious curiosity and DG felt like she was a bug under glass.

"I'm fine," she insisted again, moving to sit up. Her mother's gentle but firm hand on her shoulder stopped her. "It's probably just the let down. You know, now that the adventures over and all that." She waved off their concern.

"You sure, DG?" Cain's eyes were narrowed as if he were trying to see a lie in her words. She just shook her head.

"Yeah. I'm sure."

"I think we could all use some rest. It's been a rather long day." Ahamo had a cheeky grin to go along with his understatement of the century. "Tomorrow is time enough to start rebuilding the OZ." DG could tell, by the way he looked at his wife, that rest was the last thing on his mind. Hers too, if the blush was any indication.

"Mr. Cain, Raw and Ambrose, please, be our guests tonight. And I hope that you will all return to Central City with us. There is no doubt that we can use men of your caliber at our sides." The Queen offered. DG knew at once that Cain would not be spending the night in the tower.

"Thank you ma'am. I will return to the city with you. But tonight, there's something else I need to do." He tilted his head at the queen, replaced his hat on his blonde head and winked a bright blue eye at DG. She smiled back, knowing he was going to find Jeb.

Ahamo had taken Azkadelia by the elbow and led her from the room, Glitch followed and the Queen helped DG sit up.

"Come my darling. Some food and rest are what's in order."

The rest sounded great. The food did not. Pressing her hand to her stomach, DG darted back out to the balcony and prayed there was no one standing underneath as her stomach finally let go. She felt her mother's soothing hand on her back as she heaved, wondering where all this was coming from. She hadn't really eaten anything that day.

When she was finished, her mother led her from the balcony. Raw was watching her with a curious look on his face. One that DG didn't even want to contemplate. The Queen led her down the hall to a small chamber. How her mother knew it was there wasn't a question she'd needed answered. The bed with its crisp, white sheets called to her. In short order, she was tucked inside, fatigue settling over her with a vengeance now.

It wasn't until several minutes after her mother left that her eyes popped open and a startling, terrifying realization dawned on her.

Oh shit.