What's going on in there?!

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Team 7 was at Sakura's house for lunch. Sasuke and Sakura had gone into her room to watch a movie. Kakashi was talking to Naruto about why he couldn't teach him Chidori. Naruto wasn't going to listen anyway.

Naruto asked Kakashi "Those two have been in there along time." "Yeah they have." Replied Kakashi. "What do you think they're doing?" Naruto asked. "I don't know." said Kakashi.

The two suddenly hear shouts coming from Sakura's room.

"OWW!!! SASUKE, GET IT OUT!!!!" yelled Sakura. "Hold on and stop squirming!" replied Sasuke. "OUCH! Sasuke, hurry up!" "I will but this things huge! And it's stuck!"

Kakashi's and Naruto's eyes got big as the mystery struggle continued.

"Sasuke!!! That hurts!!! Hurry and get that thing out! I don't care how big it is!" yelled Sakura. "Will you wait?! It's almost out so be still!!!" yelled Sasuke.

Kakashi got freaked out and swung the door open! Inside he found Sasuke and Sakura sitting on Sakura's bed.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?!?! Sasuke and Sakura had question marks over their heads.

"What do you mean, Kakashi sensei?" asked Sakura. "WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING IN HERE?! I HEARD SAKURA SCREAMING!"

Sasuke replied, " Sakura and I were watching this movie and Sakura got a splinter stuck in her finger and it was in really deep so I had to get it out." Kakashi was trying to catch his breath due to shock. Naruto then said "OH!!! I thought you two were…" Kakashi punched Naruto in the head to get him to shut up.

Sasuke said "Those two are such perverts. Hey Sakura, wanna go to Ichiraku with me for lunch instead?" "Sure, I'd love to Sasuke. With that, the duo left for Ichiraku with Naruto chasing them begging if he could come.

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