The Last Petal

Our world is in danger
Our planet cries in agony
The white materia is in my hand
This is my destiny

I know what must be done
To destroy all evil exsistence
So no terror shall be brung across this land
But my mind is giving me another influence

How I longed wish to stay with the one I love
And have all my dreams come true
To be in your arms
And to look into thoses eyes that are pure blue

I knew I had to go
Time was running out
I felt so unbearable and weak
Tears spilled out my eyes as I tried not to pout

City of the Ancients, here I am
I kneeled at the alter knowing it wont be long now
Praying with my life for holy
Making sure this will work with no doubt

I saw you running up to the alter
This shall be our last destination as the sword plunges toward me
For I shall smile til the end
And set my spirit free

Be strong is for all I ask
My hero, my world, my soul
Please remember me by this...
For you my Cloud, I give you my last petal..