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Music begins playing. Walt Disney logo appears. Jerry Bruckheimer logo appears.

There comes a time, when you have to make choices. For Ben Gates, that time is now.

Ben: (staring at a picture of page 47 on his computer) There has to be a clue. (glances at a picture of the trio next to the computer)

Shot of a shipwreck. Ben and Riley are scuba diving inside it. A chest opens, Ben and Riley look at each other.

The choice between treasure…

Riley: You never rest, do you?

Ben: Not really.

Riley: (smiling)So when do we leave?

And the most important people in his life…

Abigail is standing in the doorway, Ben is inside the house, Abigail shaking her head

Abigail: (sadly) There are more important things than treasure, Ben. (Both look down)

(Ben and Riley standing on a sidewalk)

Ben: (walking off) I think there one more treasure hunt left in us.

Riley: (follows) Is this about that page 47?

But sometimes, things get complicated.

Newscaster: There has been a mass breakout from Washington's maximum security prison. At least five criminal's have escaped custody and are now on the loose, the names of these criminals have yet to be released, however this picture… (gasp in background)

(T.V cuts off; Riley is seen dialing his phone)

Ben: (answering phone) Riley?

Riley: Ben! Ben, he's escaped he's back! Ben he's… (crash, then static coming from other end)

Ben: (urgently) Riley! RILEY! (begins to dial another number)

Abigail's Voice: Hello, this is Abigail speaking I cant make it to the phone right now…

Ben: (reading text message out loud) You're on your own, Gates. Great, just great!

(Riley gets out of his Ferrari after he's a few feet away it explodes behind him)

Riley: Oh. My. God.

(Ian is facing Riley in a dark room, Riley eyes the gun pointed at him)

Riley: What are you doing Ian?

Ian: Someone's going to get hurt Riley. It's nothing personal.

(Blackout, rapid gunshots)

(Fade back in, Ben is looking down, obviously upset)

Ben: The debt that all men pay…

(Cut to Riley being pushed into a room. Door slams. Riley sits down)

Riley: Why does it always happen to me?

(Riley and Abigail being held by Ian's henchmen)

Riley: (eyes closed) Find a happy place… find a happy place…

Ian: Did you miss me, Ben?

Riley: He can't do that! (looks at Ben) Can he do that?

(Ben looking over an old map. He looks up at his mom and dad)

Ben: The legendary treasure of Captain Kidd. To say he buried it would be an understatement…

(Various action scenes, including another car chase; Riley falling; Ben punching Ian; Unconscious Abigail; Ben, Ian, Riley, Patrick and henchmen in a dark cave; and Ian and his henchmen chasing Abigail through the house)


National Treasure: Page 47

(Release date, credits, etc, etc…)