John slept like a rock, save for a dream, breathing, thick and heavy, then the sense of running towards something, as the movement went on he heard someone called his name, a older voice, scratchy like a old CD, "John" John the nshot bolt upright in bed one of his knives in his hands, he then heard Teyla in the other room talkng ot the young lad.

John got out of bed and moved over to the door to watch, He watched as Teyla laid the boy back into his sleeping place, "what is it?" He asked.

"Nothing but a childs dream." Teyla said in reply, "get some sleep."

John went back to bed. Then when morning arrived He and Teyla headed to where she could show him the "Stone Tounge" that he spoke with ease. Looking around in what should have been a hotel meeting room, John noted many stone pavement pieces, all of them old and weather worn, but cared for.

"Why do you learn these languages if you don't use them?" He asked after a minute of looking around.

"It is a tradition we hand down." Teyla said looking at one brightly colored sidewalk stone from Flint's courthouse enteryway. John found a stone and started reading it.

"'Soldiers and familes come and go, generation to genration, life goes on, the Earth is still our home'" He read looking at a old stone piece that he had seen on the post office wall back in Flint when Teyla had died.

"Why did you come here?" Teyla asked turning to look at him, "Why do you travel through time?"

"To have a question answered" John said standing up, he'd had his 9mm pistol on his leg, as well as a pair of combat knives, but nothing more, everything else was in the hut back in the cliffside.

"A question?"

"Yes, why can't I change the past?" John asked looking to Teyla, not his Teyla, but she felt like his every minute.

"Why would you want to?" Teyla asked, giving John a questioning look, then it hit her, and her face became full of sympathy, "You lost someone. . . Someone you loved very much." John said nothing, and Teyla knew she was right, He had lost someone.