"Is it alright? Does everything look okay?" Ino asked as she frantically moved around the dinner table searching for any sign of imperfection.

The blond male put his hand over to her shoulder in an effort to help her calm down.

"Ino-chan, relax okay, everything looks great. You really went out." He couldn't help but notice exactly how much food the young woman had made. There was no way that the three of them would possibly eat it all.

"Yeah, I tend to make a lot of food when I'm nervous. Are you sure that it looks okay?"

"Yes." He nodded then slowly put his lips to hers for a kiss. She slowly relaxed into his kiss for a few minutes they remained in their lip lock until the knocking at the door brought them back to reality.

"Oh, she's here." Ino pulled herself away from Naruto then nervously began pacing and dusting her clothing while doing so.

"Hey, Naruto do I look okay?"

So now she was giving herself the once over to make sure there hadn't been any sign of imperfection.

"You look great, like always babe, calm down."

She nodded, took a breath then went to go get the door.

"Mom," she smiled warmly.

"Ino-chan," Mrs. Yamanaka instantly threw her arms around her daughter, hugging her tightly.

"Mom I'm glad that you could make it."

"Well, of course sweetheart. I wasn't doing anything besides I wouldn't miss an opportunity to spend time with you dear. You said that it was important?"

"Hai," Ino nodded. "It is, come in sit okay."

'Sure, hi Naruto-kun." She addressed her son-in-law.

"Hey Mrs. Yamanaka we're glad you could make it. Have a seat." He politely pulled out the chair for the older woman. Her eyes instantly widened at the excessive amount of food on the table. Surely her daughter hadn't been expecting for the three of them to consume all of this.

"Ino-chan, are we expecting more people?"

Naruto laughed and Ino smiled anxiously.

"I'm sorry." She apologized about the food. "I cook a lot when I'm nervous."

"Yes I remember. What are you so on edge about?"

"We'll tell you soon mom let's just eat some of the food anyway. We'll definitely have left overs for a week or so."

"I'd say you have more than a week's worth of food dear."

"Yep," Naruto laughed. "You got that right."

They did however have dinner with the three of them trying to eat as much as possible. Naruto piled on an extra helping on to his wife's plate which didn't go unnoticed by her mother.

"Naruto I ate too much already. I'm full."

"Are you sure that you don't want more?"

"He really is trying to get me huge already." She thought. "I'm fine."

"Ino-chan, don't feel bad. If you want to eat more then you definitely should."


Mrs. Yamanaka narrowed her eyes as she took a sip of the water.

"Naruto-kun, Ino-chan is there anything that you'd like to share?"

The two blonds exchanged looks for some reason the both of them feeling quite uneasy right now, perhaps it wouldn't be as easy as they thought with telling her. Ino kind of felt like a young teenager again while Naruto felt like the scared shitless boyfriend of a pregnant teenager. They swallowed.

"I guess it's because she's my mom."

"It must be because this is her mom."

"Yeah, actually mom I…"

"You two are not having problems again are you? I know there had been some troubles."

"No," Naruto quickly spoke up. "Ino-chan and I we're fine Mrs. Yamanaka."

"Yeah mom, we're better and things are fine. My news is actually good."

"Okay then, what is it dear?"

Ino took a breath while trying to gather up her courage to tell her mom the really good news. Naruto took her hand within his then gave it a squeeze which she appreciated the extra support.

"Mrs. Yamanaka." He began. "It's really good news and it's something you wanted for a long time."


"Hai," the platinum-blonde smiled. "Mom, congratulations you're going to have someone to dote on and spoil rotten."

Her eyes widened. "Ino-chan…are you…saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yep, as long as you don't mind being called grandma?"

The older platinum-blonde haired woman shook her head. Her smiled was bright as ever as she walked over to her daughter, capturing her in a tight hug.

"Ino-chan this is wonderful news. I'm very happy for you both."

"Yeah," Naruto grinned. "You'll finally get the grandchild you wanted us to give you so badly."

"Yes." She nodded. "Well that explains why there was no sake with dinner."

Ino's face fell flat while Naruto couldn't help his laughter.


"It's true dear. You have been known to enjoy your sake."

"She's right babe."

"Yeah I know but I wouldn't do anything to hurt this baby. You both know that right?"

Ino's mother let her daughter go and looked at her curiously.

"Of course we know that Ino-chan." Naruto nodded.

"Ino are you okay?"

Ino stared back at her mother for she knew exactly why she had asked her that question.

"Yes mom I'm fine."

Mrs. Yamanaka nodded. "Good, well then this is certainly a cause for celebration. Ino-chan, get ready to be treated like a princess by both myself and Naruto-kun, these nine months will be important."

"Right," Naruto agreed. "Whatever you want or need from us Ino-chan you got it."

"Thank you." She smiled. "I'm lucky to have you both."

"Naruto-kun are you prepared? The Yamanaka women have been known to be very unpleasant during pregnancy. God knows how Inoichi-kun was able to deal with me so well. Are you ready to be bossed around, possibly hit, and perhaps even scarred for life?" she teased.

"It sounds like a typical day here. I don't see how her being pregnant could make it worse."

"Naruto," Ino shouted while gripping her fist before slamming it into his head.


Mrs. Yamanaka smiled.

"Do you see?"

"Ino-chan, was that really necessary?"

"Well, he was asking for it?" she calmed down. "This is going to be a long nine months."

"Yes, but it's a beautiful thing dear. It will all be worth it when you get to hold that amazing little child in your arms."

"Yeah," Ino whispered thoughtfully.

It would be worth it in the end when she got the chance to meet the little life she currently had growing within her.

"Yeah Mrs. Yamanaka you're right. I can't wait."

"You'll be wonderful parents. Naruto-kun, would you do me a favor? This is an occasion worth celebrating Ino-chan and I usually have ice cream together whenever it's good news."

"Oh." He nodded. "Say no more. I'll be right back."

He quickly pecked his wife on the cheek before leaving. Ino knew why her mom had used the whole ice cream thing as a tactic to get Naruto out of the house so they could talk.

"Honey are you okay?"

"Mom," she whispered. "I' am honestly scared out of my mind."

Mrs. Yamanaka nodded in understanding. She needed to be there for her daughter now more than ever.

"I can't have another miscarriage the first one was bad enough. I don't think I can handle a second."

"Ino-chan don't automatically go to the worse place possible. Have some faith."

"How can I not go there, it's a possibility? A real one." She sighed then gazed down at her still flat abdomen.

"We'll take this one day at a time dear. You do know that Naruto-kun needs to learn the truth now right?"

"Mom," she started.

Ino knew this secret would not be anything she could hide forever. She had been keeping it so long it really was eating her up.

"I know mom, trust me I know that I need to tell him, but how can I possibly tell him now with everything going on. It will kill him."

"Perhaps, but he should know Ino-chan. Do you think it will hurt any less if you continue to wait? It's better to be honest dear; even though yes it will be painful you must find the strength to do so."

She knew her mother was right. She would need to find that strength somehow.

"I know." She whispered. "There will never be a right time to tell Naruto this. I know that."

"I just want you to know Ino-chan that I love you and I will be here for whatever you need."

"Thank you mom, you're the best."

"You won't have to deal with anything alone again."

As her mother she had felt badly that she hadn't been there to help Ino get through the pain of her miscarriage. Not to mention all of the times she had pressured Ino to have children. She was sure it had to have some effect on her.

"If only I would have known."

"Mom, please it wasn't your fault. I didn't tell anyone."

"I didn't make matters any easier though, did I?"

She couldn't answer because Naruto re-entered the house with two bags full of ice cream.

"Hey, what's with the serious faces? Aren't we supposed to be celebrating?" The young man grinned.

"Naruto," Ino's eyes widened as she noticed the many containers of ice cream. "Do you think that you have enough?"

"Y-Yeah." He laughed nervously. "I wasn't really sure about what flavor to get. Ino-chan do you still like rocky road?"

"Yes." She answered. "You're sweet for remembering but there's no way we'll be able to eat all of this."

"Don't worry Ino-chan perhaps you will develop a craving for ice cream like I did when I was pregnant with you."

"Yeah I hope I just don't get any really weird cravings. I'm not too thrilled about puking my guts out or gaining weight either but I want this baby."

She was 100 percent positive about wanting her baby. She could live with everything else as long as it resulted in her and Naruto holding their child one day. The blond male waked over to her then gently kissed her lips.

"I'll be here every step of the way Ino-chan you can count on it."

"I know." She nodded. "Thank you Naruto."

That night after Mrs. Yamanaka had returned home the couple were in bed together. Naruto had his arms wrapped securely around her waist as he held her close.

"Can you believe it; we're really having a baby."

She could hear the evident smile in his voice. She'd do anything to keep that happy tone there.

"Yeah I know. I'm glad about this Naruto," she turned to him then gently pulled his lips to hers for a kiss. "I'm so glad that I could give you this. It's nice to see you so happy."

"How can I not be happy Ino-chan? I've got everything that I've ever wanted. It's you, me, and now we have a baby on the way, and you know a family."

She nodded. "I'm sorry that you didn't get the chance to know your mom and dad. You won't be robbed of having a family of your own any longer." She promised.

If anyone deserved a family to call his own it was Naruto.

"Ino-chan," he whispered. "Thank you."

She nodded because they didn't need any more words right now for they had a mutual understanding. Ino knew she'd do absolutely anything to make sure she carried to term.

"I'll schedule an appointment with Shizune-chan just to be on the safe side."