Part of the gang chpt.1

This is an outsider story that I'm writing using the same character from my last outsiders story called Outsiders Reunited. I do not own the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, I just own Booch. Oh in this story Johnny and Dallas are alive.

When the Curtis brothers woke up late one morning they found outside a moving truck across the street next door to Johnny's house (Johnny and the Curtis Brothers live in the same neighborhood in this story). They wondered if someone was moving in or out? So they went outside to check it out and ment up with Johnny.

"Hey Johnny!" Ponyboy said running over to Johnny's house and Sodapop and Darry followed.

"Who's moving in?" Soda asked looking at the moving truck.

"I don't know I just came back from the lot and found the moving truck here." Johnny said shrugging.

"Johnny you shouldn't sleep in the lot over and over again you can stay at our house." Darry said. Johnny just shrugged again. The four of them walked back over to the Curtis's house and stayed there until the moving truck left. It wasn't that long until Two-Bit, Steve, and Dallas came by.

"Hey Sodapop what's with that moving truck?" Steve asked walking into the kitchen getting some chocolate cake.

"Oh! Did it leave?" Ponyboy said jumping off the sofa.

"Yeah there's some cute brunette outside bringing stuff into the house." Dallas said grabbing a coca-cola from the refrigerator. Johnny and Ponyboy looked at each other wondering if she was a greaser.

"Hey Darry! Johnny and me are gonna go meet the new neighbor!" Pony yelled upstairs to Darry.

"Ok just don't stay over there to long." Darry yelled back.

"I won't!" Then Pony and Johnny ran out the door.

"Hey Ponyboy we want to meet her too!" Two-Bit yelled and followed them. Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit stopped running when they got close to the house.

"Hey Two-Bit do you think she's a greaser?" Johnny asked looking around the front yard for her.

"I don't know why are you gonna ask her out?" Two-Bit said sarcastically. Ponyboy laughed at this with Two-Bit.

"No I'm not I don't even know her yet!" Johnny yelled turning to Two-Bit and Ponyboy.

"Ummm... excuse me but your crossing private property." A voice said and the greasers turned to see a girl standing in the door way of the house. They could tell right away that she was a greaser, she had long brown hair to her hips tied in a ponytail and ends of her hair were red, she was wearing tight worn out jeans with holes in the knees along with a studded belt, she had on a long sleeve black shirt that showed her shoulders, she had on a navy blue sweatshirt on with the sleeves cut off and black worn out sneakers, she had her ears had two holes in each of them, and she wasn't wearing any make-up even though it looked like it.

"Oh sorry we just wanted to see the new neighbors.." Ponyboy began to say. The girl walked over to them.

"Well your lookin' at her. My names Booch what's yours?" Booch asked while the greasers starred at her.

"Oh my names Ponyboy, this is Johnny, and this over here in the Mickey Mouse shirt is Two-Bit." Ponyboy said pointing to each of them.

"Cool nice to meet you guys." Booch said and walked over to a pile of books.

"So do you want to come over a see our other friends?" Johnny asked and Ponyboy and Two-Bit starred at him for talking to a person he never ment in his life.

"Ummmm..." Booch began to say and looked at her new home that had yelling inside. "Sure!" Booch said and dropped the pile of books on a wooden chair sitting outside.

"Ok cool." Johnny said and the four of them began to walk over to Pony's house. When they entered the house the t.v. was on so Two-Bit plopped down in front of the t.v. and searched the channels for Mickey.

"Hey Sodapop come meet our neighbor!" Ponyboy yelled in the kitchen thinking he was arm wrestling Steve and Dallas. Which was right because they ran out of the kitchen into the family room. Darry heared Ponyboy yell so he came downstairs too.

"Hi I'm Sodapop." He said running to get to the sofa. Then Steve followed.

"I'm Steve." He said then he tackled Soda. Dallas just walked by and introduced himself.

"Hi I'm Dallas." Then he plopped himself in the closets chair he could fined.

"And I'm Darry Ponyboy's oldest brother along with Soda." Darry said standing by the stairs.

"Um...hi I'm Booch." Said speaking up finally.

"What kind of name is 'Booch'? Steve asked getting off Sodapop.

"Oh well my mom chose the name because the doctor said I was a boy but when I was born they still kept the name and made my middle name Tiffany." Booch explained.

"Where's your mom now?" Dallas asked. Then Booch put her head down.

"She died giving birth to me." She said quietly.

"Oh..." Dallas said giving a look that said whoops.

"Then who were those people yelling in your house?" Johnny asked.

"Oh that was my stepmom yelling at my stepbrother." Booch said casually.

"Whose your brother?" Ponyboy asked.

"Randy." Booch answered.

"Whoa your stepbrother is a soc?!" Two-Bit yelled jumping off the floor.

"Yea but I barely talk to him I also have a half brother whose only 6 years old."Booch said.

"Is that all you live with?" Johnny asked.

"No I live with my dad and grandfather from Japan."(grandfather is from my other story to!)Booch answered with a sigh.

"Hey Darry what time is it?" Soda asked jumping off the couch.

"It's 2:30 why?" Darry asked walking from the kitchen back to the family room.

"Oh Steve we gotta go get our girls!" Soda said running outside grabbing his keys of the coffee table. Steve followed grabbing his shoes.

"Hey Pony I gotta go back to work you ok here with these guys?" Darry asked opening the door an living it open

"Yeah I'll be fine." Pony said walking to the door and closing it.

"So who wants to go see a movie?" Dallas asked the rest of the gang.

"We'll go." Johnny said. "Do you want to come with us Booch?"

"Um sure." Booch answered "What movie?"

"Don't know yet." Dallas said. "Two-Bit you comin'?" Dallas asked.

"I'll stop by after this party I have to go to." Two-Bit said not taking his eyes off the t.v.

"Ok well let's go turn off the t.v. Two-Bit!" Dallas yelled. Two-Bit did then Two-Bit headed in a different direction while Dallas and the others headed to the drive-in.

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