For as long as I can remember I've loved Dawn, ever since we were little kids playing in the sandbox I knew there was something special about her, but it was only recently, when she was fighting Eggman's latest machine that I realised I loved her. We got together shortly after Eggman's scheme had been stopped. It was a couple of months ago, however, that things started to get weird. I couldn't figure out why, but I felt like something was wrong.

"No Amy, stay away from me," Sonic screamed as he ran. The pink hedgehog kept chasing him. Despite Sonic being the fastest thing alive, the hammer wielding hedgehog kept up with him, chasing him around the city.

"You're going to change your mind one day Sonic," the pink hedgehog giggled, "You can't say no to Amy forever."

"Oh yes I can," Sonic said, before putting on an extra burst of speed. He jumped up, latching onto a flag pole. Spinning around it, he used the momentum to power himself up the side of the building. He looked down to see Amy enter the building he was running up the side of. As he'd guessed Amy would try to meet him on the roof. Sonic rolled along the roof, and looked around. Sure enough there was an entrance to the rooftop. Sonic grinned, and leapt off the roof, landing on the roof of the building across the street. Jumping from building to building, Sonic leapt off the edge of the fifth building and rolled down the side of it.

Sonic got to his feet in an alley. He looked around him, "B-but t-that's impossible!" he panicked, as a familiar hammer clutching hedgehog smiled at him.

Amy grabbed his arm, "Now there's no way you can get out of marrying me Sonic," she grinned, grabbing him by the arm. Amy led the pair to a chapel, Sonic yelling all the way.

Sonic bolted upright, cold sweat running down his body. He looked around himself, it was dark, and everything looked a little fuzzy, and grey tinted as Sonic's eyes glanced around his room. Though he couldn't see any details, Sonic was sure he was in his own room. Slowly he laid back down, calming himself over the nightmare he just had. Sonic starred at his ceiling for a moment, wondering quite what it meant.

He glanced at the clock, it was three seventy two in the morning, still another six hours before sunrise. Sonic decided it'd probably be for the best if he went back to sleep, the next thirty two hours would be the longest of his life. He slid open his bedside cabinet draw, the ring was still there, still in it's pink presentation box. He looked carefully at it, it looked was a hammer engraved on the box.

This puzzled Sonic, hadn't the girl in his dream been carrying a hammer? Sonic wondered if his dream was trying to tell him something. He thought carefully, before shaking his head, he knew what he was going to do. As Tails had said, dreams didn't always mean the literal message, and sometimes they meant the literal opposite.

Sonic laid down and looked to his right. Sure enough, there was Dawn sleeping peacefully. Sonic kissed the green hedgehog's forehead, her face smiled as he did, but she didn't wake from her slumber, merely putting her arm around him. Sonic thought back to his dream, throughout it he was trying to avoid marrying someone, but it wasn't Dawn. Maybe Sonic's mind was trying to tell him it'd be wrong not to marry Dawn.

Sonic racked his brain further, trying to remember if he knew an Amy. After a while Sonic shook his head, the name Amy didn't hold any significance to him.

"Maybe I'm over thinking this dream," Sonic said quietly. Dawn rolled over slightly, wrapping her arm further around the blue hedgehog's stomach. Sonic smiled as she did, and ran his hand along her spines. Like most anthro hedgehogs, hers were pretty blunt, with only the tips offering any form of point, and even that was dulled. Sonic knew however that his own spines were different. If he wanted them to be, Sonic was capable of turning them razor sharp. Dawn had told him on several occasions that this was a type of magic, but Sonic didn't want to know, leaving that kind of thing to her. All Sonic did know was this ability, and his speed made his body into a powerful weapon.

Of course Sonic knew that in a fight Dawn would win. Her magic was an altogether more impressive way of fighting, and was the reason he was merely the sidekick in the fight. He wasn't useless, far from it, on countless occasions Sonic had more than shown his worth, but Sonic preferred to let Dawn lead.

Sonic closed his eyes and slowly drifted back to sleep, his body looking towards Dawn's, and Sonic's arm laid over Dawn's body.

There was a loud crash as the window of Sonic's room shattered. Sonic instantly woke up and leapt out of the bed. The light's in the room flickered to life as Dawn hit the switch above her bed. Six Badniks looked back at them, all of them carrying some type of gun. Both Sonic and Dawn tensed up. Sonic instinctively curled into a ball, and ripped through two of the machines, while Dawn cast a spell that destroyed another one. With a kick Sonic knocked the forth into the line of fire aimed at Dawn, destroying the robot.

"Thanks Sonic," Dawn blushed.

"Don't mention it," Sonic smiled. Sonic suddenly felt weightless, and lifted into the air, as he saw a missile sail underneath him.

"Just returning the favour," Dawn smiled.

Sonic jumped off of Dawn's levitation cloud, and landed square atop the fifth Badnik. Dawn took a moment, and caused the last one to self destruct with another spell. The pair of them sat down afterwards.

"Sorry I couldn't be more help," Dawn said, "I'm just not used to trying to cast spells at four seventy in the morning."

"That's probably why we were attacked now, to catch us off guard," Sonic said.

"Don't make me laugh," a familiar voice said from a speaker in the rubble. Sonic and Dawn bother recognised it as that of doctor Eggman, "This wasn't a serious attack. I just thought I'd remind you that I'm still around. You may have beaten me last time, but I will triumph, and you will bow before the might of the Eggman Empire." With that there was a small explosion within the rubble, destroying the speaker.

"We'd best get Tails around here in the morning to look at this," Dawn said to Sonic. Sonic nodded, wondering how long it'd be before he and Dawn fought with Eggman again.