Fruits Basket: Back to Basics

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Chapter Six: Kyo-sensei!

Kyo-kun was very kind to me, not making fun of how I couldn't read one letter of Hiragana even.

"You just need time to make up for what you missed by not going to school." He told me.

He wrote out five symbols:

"These are the important ones, the vowels. That's A, E, I, O and U." He added, seeing the confused look on my face.

"Can't I just learn how to write my name? That'll be easier for me to remember than all this." I tried to justify. I didn't really fancy the idea of memorising all these different symbols.

"Fine. Your name goes like this:


See? Now you try writing it."

I did, and it came out all wonky.

Kyo-kun sighed.

"Just... keep trying till you get it right."



"Could you write out my full name?"

"Hm? What's your full name?"

"Koneko Hotaru Ai Mikagami."

I have yet to see a larger sweatdrop.

Eventually, I could proudly write out my full name in perfect Hiragana:

こねこ ほたる あい みかがみ

"Well done, Koneko-chan!" Shigure-san said to me. Even Yuki-san congratulated me. But the one who seemed the most proud, was most definately, my Kyo-sensei.

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Koneko Mikagami