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"Bella!" Alice called from downstairs. She knew there was no one else
here since Charlie died, but she still felt the need to announce her presence.
I laughed at the thought. Alice Cullen is my very best friend. She and her
four adopted siblings have lived next door to me for about eight years now.

She has always been there for me; when Renée died from breast cancer six
months after Alice and her family moved in, and then again when Charlie died
in a car accident three years ago. She has always been here to wipe my tears
and to have so much fun with me whenever the rainy little town of Forks got
too boring. I love her as if she were my very own sister.

Alice came from a very loving family. Her father Carlisle was the
young and gorgeous doctor at Forks Community Hospital. Her mother Esme was
beautiful and kind-hearted local interior designer. She owns a warehouse
uses it as a store for her line of home and office furnishings.

Her whole family was amazing. Jasper and Emmett were Esme's nephews.
Alice had been dating Jasper since junior year, but it was okay since they
weren't really related. Jasper was one of my best friends too, he was easy
to talk to and have knowledgeable conversations with. He likes to read too
and he hates everything I read so you can see where the fun might come in.

The other Cullen's were Rosalie, Emmet, and Edward. They were all
different. Emmet and Rosalie were together also. Rosalie was really
beautiful. She was statuesque and had long blond hair; her personality was
just as lovely.

Though we weren't as close as Alice and I, Rosalie could always be counted
on for clever advice. Emmet was strapping with curly dark hair. He was so
much fun in many ways. He was like a big brother to me. And then there was
Edward. He had auburn hair and emerald eyes. He was nice and we would talk
sometimes, we shared the love for music and lyrics that spoke volumes to us.
Although they were my next door neighbors, they all were so much more than

"Up here Alice!" I called, signaling her that I was in the attic.

She climbed up the pull down ladder and looked at me curiously because I was
surrounded by loose pictures of my childhood, from age four all the way up to

"Bella, what on planet earth are you doing up here?"

"Oh! I'm just baking pies...what does it look like, Alice? I'm going
through my photo boxes…duh!"

"Oh! Aren't we funny?" She bent down and started tickling me

"Alice!" giggles "Alice!" giggles "Stop please!"
Finally she stopped and sat down on the floor next to me. "I still don't
get why you are doing this"

"I don't know I just felt like it. After breakfast I drove down to the
memorial park and took Charlie some flowers, and when I came home I felt like
reminiscing. Now, here I am."

"Oh, Bella! You know I like to go with you when you visit Charlie."

"I know, Aly, but I just felt like with graduation coming next week, I
should go alone once before we leave for collage, next time we'll go
together and say goodbye."

She pulled me into an embrace and whispered, "Bella, I love you like my
very own sister, but you can't get so sad about leaving to live your live.
Charlie lived his and he wants you to live yours as soon as you can."

"I know, Alice, but I just feel like I'm leaving something behind."

"And it's okay because you are walking into something much greater."

I smiled and kissed her cheek. "Thanks, Aly"

She laughed. "Come on, Belly. Let's go eat. I'm starving!"

That night was our own little moving-on party. Edward and Jasper came over
and had pizza for dinner with us. We stayed up all night playing video games
- the guys beating us ruthlessly - talking, listening to music. Then we got
on my roof and watched the sunrise; Jasper holding Alice around her waist and
me standing next to Edward. We were talking about perfect songs for this
moment. We both decided on my favorite band, The Shins (caring is creepy).
It was the perfect ending to the high school chapter of our lives.

When we all went to sleep it was about seven-thirty. The guys slept in
Charlie's old room that had been redecorated, as was the rest of the house
thanks to Esme, into a guest bed room.

At about three, we all left and headed our separate ways. Alice and I went
to the mall to buy shoes for graduation, and Jasper and Edward went to help
Esme at the warehouse. She had some redesign opinions for her new locations
and wanting to go over them with the guys seeing as both Edward and Jasper
wanted to be architects.

The days flew by and next thing I knew, it was the morning of graduation and
I had nearly overslept. Alice was at my bedroom door dressed in her yellow
cap and gown with an incredulous expression plastered across her face.

I jumped from my bed. "Alice! What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong graduation started half an
hour ago and you are still sleep!"

"Aah! Are you serious...holy sh-"

"Stop talking and get dressed!"

I raced at full speed to the bathroom. Luckily, my hair was done the night
before. I quickly went through my bathroom preparations and put on my dress
and rushed to Alice. "Zip me up! Zip me up!"

After I was dressed, I ran to my closet and grabbed my cap and gown and my
purse and then we both made a run for the door. Within seconds we were in
Alice's early graduation present, an Audi R8, racing time to get to school.
When we reached the parking lot, I put on my gown and zipped it up then Alice
put on my cap.

As soon as we entered the auditorium we heard the speakers ring out "Mary
Alice Cullen"

Alice jumped and then realized the principal was calling her to receive her
diploma. She ran down center isle and walked up the stairs to "pomp and
circumstance", aka the graduation song. As I found my seat in the graduates
section I saw Jasper.

With a smile playing on the edges of his lips, he said, "How lovely of you
to grace us with your presence"

After our entire senior class sauntered across stage and received their
diplomas, we all stood in unison. The principal announced, "I now present
to you the graduated class of Forks High!" We all tossed our caps in the
air, each of them falling onto the ground symbolizing our time here now being
put to rest.

After graduation, Alice and I got in her car heading to Port Angeles to eat
at an Italian restaurant called 'La Bella' with her brothers following
close behind in Edwards Volvo.

I suddenly felt the need to scream "Alice, can you open your sunroof?"

"Sure, but why?"

"I don't know really…" I answered her innocently. Once her sunroof
was open I got up and stuck my torso out the roof and started screaming
ecstatically…. "We were free, we were happy, and we were young."

Alice looked at me, taken aback, and burst out laughing. Then she joined me
the screaming. I looked behind us and I saw Jasper and Edward laughing with
uncontrollably. I looked at other cars looking at me in disbelief but I
didn't care about them looking. I didn't care if we would get pulled
over…I didn't care about anything at that particular moment.