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Chapter One- Prologue and Shock


Hinata had been kidnapped as part of a plan to end a war between The Leaf and Cloud Villages. Sasuke as "The Raven" was the one who carried it out. During their time together they fell in love, though Hinata didn't know her love's name, or even what he looked like. After a memorable night, and after she'd been rescued by her friends and family, Hinata discovers that she is pregnant. "The Raven" is long gone and her heart is broken. Neji vows to kill the man who did this to her. And she'd do anything to stop him...And get her love back...

We left off with Sasuke fainting, after he'd found out that Hinata is pregnant, with his child...


Sakura and Naruto were stunned. As Sasuke's body hit the pavement, they could do no more than stare. Who could have believed that Sasuke THE Sasuke Uchiha, would, no, could, faint?

Sakura snapped out of it first. Her training as a medic nin kicked in and she dropped beside her former teammate to check his pulse. Naruto just stared, with his mouth open. Sasuke began to stir, and Sakura pushed him down as he tried to get up. "Hey! You just passed out on us you know! You can't get up yet!"

"I'm fine..." he muttered. His eyes were wide and both could see a flash of panic before his customary scowl took its place, "Let me up. I'm fine." He shoved Sakura's restraining hands off and got to his feet, glowering at them. He'd never admit it, but he was very embarrassed about the whole thing. He just wanted to leave and go home. He had a lot to think about Hinata...

"Like Hell you are!" Naruto said, "I have never seen you just...pass out like that before, are you sick or something? Hey, Sakura, he does look kind of sick, now that I think about it."

"Hmm. Yeah, Sasuke you're awfully pale. Do you want us to take you home?"

"I don't need your help to walk!" he snapped. And turned heading toward his ancestral home.

Sakura and Naruto watched him leave.

"How rude."

"Well, you know Sasuke..."

"Hey umm Sakura?"


"Didn't Sasuke ask about Hinata-chan?"

"Yeah...He fainted right after I said she was pregnant..." her voice trailed off significantly, "You don't think...?"

Naruto turned red, "Uh, well, I. No, I don't think he ever spent much time with her and, uh..."

They avoided each other's's gaze. Both had turned tomato red.

"Oh we're gonna be late to that movie!"

"Huh? Oh yeah! C'mon Sakura-chan!" Naruto grabbed her hand and took off running. Sakura had to stifle he giggles. He would do anything to avoid such a subject!

Sasuke walked as if in a dream.

Hinata...is pregnant. With MY kid?

He still couldn't quite grasp it.

He hadn't foreseen the effects his actions would have. How could he have known? He groaned. Hinata didn't even know it was him! This would mess up his chances at making her fall in love with him...the father of her child!

This was bad, he'd decided to give up "The Raven" persona. And now...

He barely registered opening his door. He walked to the couch and collapsed on it, staring through the wall.

He could, try to return to her as The Raven, but that wouldn't help. He wanted her to fall in love with him, Sasuke, not him, The Raven. They were almost two people. The things Sasuke did as The Raven he'd never dream of doing as himself. And somethings Sasuke did, The Raven would never do, or care about.

Like, how Sasuke was planning to kill Itachi, something The Raven wasn't interested in. Itachi and the rest of the Akatsuki members.

That was another problem.

Could he afford to capture Hinata's heart? He had unfinished business. And it wouldn't be smart to put her in harm's way.

It was a struggle.

Between what he wanted, and what he knew was right.

He decided to sleep on it, and check out Hinata in the morning. He'd have to be careful though. Because as much as he wanted to run to her and kiss her until they were both breathless, he would never be able to without exposing who he was.

Tomorrow would be quite interesting.

Once again Tenchi found himself to be furious.

Hinata had slipped form his grasp. And now, she had moved out of her family's compound. Hiashi had informed him that there was no question of the marriage to be held anytime soon. They had to see how Hinata was going to recover, but so far, he had had no word about her. She was slipping further away from him with each passing day. He was going to lose her

And Tenchi hated to lose.


"W-what is i-it Tsunade-sama?"

They were at the hospital, Hinata was getting a check-up. Her second one. She was still sad every time she went. How she wished the father could be there holding her hand...Blinking back tears, she focused on Tsunade's answer.

Tsunade looked up with a frown, (she didn't seem to notice the distraught girl's watery eyes) from a readout of Hinata's testing results, "Well nothing really, Hinata-chan. But I think you'll be surprised to learn that you are going to have twins."

Hinata's mouth dropped open.

"I w-what?"

Tsunade smiled sadly she really shouldn't have to be the one with all the problems. She's been through so much.

Once Tsunade had found out about Hinata's pregnancy, the first thing she'd asked was whether or not Hinata wanted to go through with it. An abortion at that point wouldn't have hurt her. And her body was strong enough. But her vehement denial, had been enough to convince her. She didn't want to kill the child she had said, but Tsunade felt that there was something more...

"Yes, twins," she sighed leaning up against the wall and crossing her arms, "It is still too early to tell what sex they are. Come back in a few weeks for another check-up. Although I'm sure you could get your sister or cousin to check for you...Anyway, you are perfectly healthy, and you are progressing nicely.

Hinata nodded, still a little stunned.

Tsunade smiled,"I'll see you soon then, I have to get going. Stop by anytime you want to."

With that she left.

Hinata dressed in a sort of fog. She was still so shocked, and at the same time esctatic. She knew that The Raven would never return for her, but she'd treasured dreams of raising his child, and somehow meeting, years later...Now she was going to have two...

It was an awful lot to take in.

I don't think I'll tell Neji just yet...

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