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Hinata raised a trembling hand to Sasuke's door, and knocked. It had taken her a lot to get to this point. She'd finally reached a conclusion.

She literally shook with the force of her emotions. Part desire, part fear...love was thrown in there as well. Every bit of it for the raven haired man who'd irrevocably captured her, mind, body, and soul.

Literally, she thought with a sad smile.

She didn't have much time to prepare herself before he opened the door. His eyes widened slightly in shock as she boldly strode past him and entered his house.

"Hinata, I-"

"Don't talk, Sasuke," Hinata interrupted him, hugging herself and turning to face him as he closed the door, "You owe me that much." It was said coldly as she could manage, and Sasuke winced, but stayed silent. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides. His body language was tense, indecisive.

"I...I've thought about this a lot. What you did to me was almost unforgivable." He took a step toward her and began to open his mouth, but Hinata closed the distance between them and laid her hand across his lips. He stilled.

"Listen to me, please, I'm not through." He silver eyes sparkled with emotion, but Sasuke wasn't sure what he was seeing. He yearned to reach to her and hold her to him, but even he knew that that would be an idiotic action worthy of Naruto proportions.

"Almost unforgivable, but I know you...him. I think...I may have always suspected..." He stilled, hardly daring to breathe as she turned her crystal eyes on him and smiled tremulously.

"I don't even need an answer to whether you love me or not. I know you do." She continued, and finally lowered her hand encircled her arms about his waist. Laying her head on his chest, she whispered, "I love you Sasuke. I need you. But before...before we can move forward, you need to prove to me that you won't ever betray me like that again." She whispered agains his chest, allowing him to embrace her and stroke her hair.

"Anything, My Lady. Just name it. I'll do anything for you." He said, his voice cracking. He hadn't lost her! He moved to tilt her head back and kiss her, but found that she turned her face away.

"Time Sasuke, I need time."

He felt her words like a blow to his abdomen, but took a shaky breath and dropped a kiss on her forehead instead.

"Then you have it." he whispered.

Hinata smiled softly and leaned up to brush a soft kiss against his cheek.

"Thank you." she said and then withdrew from his arms and went out the door, leaving him standing alone in the middle of the room.

One Year Later...

"Hinata..." Neji started, anger in his eyes. He had only gotten wind of what she intended to do less than a half hour ago. How he'd found out, Hinata would never know. She didn't appreciate his meddling.

"I don't want to hear it, Neji." Hinata snapped back, "I love him! He loves me, and he's proved it!" She halted as her cousin reached her and grasped her hand gently.

His eyes, so like hers, reproached her gently, "I just don't want to see you hurt again." She sighed and turned to hug him. She knew he only had her best interests at heart, but really, enough was enough.

"Then trust me." She said, and leaned back to smile at him, "I love him, I need him. I've already been estranged from the rest of the clan, please don't let this come between us." she pleaded. He sighed heavily, but squeezed her hands, "If it is what you want, I cannot stand in your way, but Hinata-sama...if he hurts you... " his eyes narrowed as he trailed off suggestively.

Hinata giggled, and gave him a reassuring squeeze back.

"It won't!"

Then she whirled and fled down the street to finally, finally fix the last piece of her that was missing.

Sasuke waited impatiently beneath the trees of training ground 13. He had received her note, and could barely keep himself from hoping...

He felt her chakra long before she came in to sight, and when she did, his breath caught in his throat.

Hinata was radient, and smiling so brightly, he could have sworn she was the reincarnation of the sun.

With a joyful cry, she tackled him, toppling them to the ground. He caught her in reflex and felt his heart lift.

They made love then, for the first time in a long time. And it was tender, yet passionate and needy, and it filled them both with the absolute certainty that they were meant for each other.

Afterwards, sweaty and lying entangled in the soft grass, Sasuke asked the question he'd longed to for over two years.

Hinata, tears in her eyes surprised him with her enthusiastic agreement.

Years Later...

Many stories had been told of The Raven. How he lived, what he could do, how cold and ruthless he was. Speculation as to his identity was rampant, and many who remembered Uchiha Sasuke as a younger man agreed he fit the profile.

But the man and husband who was still obviously madly love with Hinata Hyuuga didn't fit that profile. Old gossips would turn and see the young couple on the street and argue over whether such a nice young man could have ever done such things. Surely not, most said. He had a wife, and children! He hadn't been a ninja for years. Besides, The Raven had been active after he had been married.

They watched as Hinata giggled and shot a knowing look at her husband as they passed their gossiping group and looked at the two skeptically. He had raised an eyebrow at his wife and then smirked as he opened the shop's door, "After you, my lady." Hinata laughed, as if because of some private joke, and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before she went through the door.

The gossips shook their head. Surely not. These too were far too obviously happily in love, and everyone knew that The Raven had no heart.

The sounds of the Uchiha couple's laughter faded in the street.